Saturday, June 28, 2014

Stephelle’s Kitchen: T.G.I.F. Shopping

that’s basically my

weekly grocery supply which

I make sure I replenish

despite going off from work at 8 p.m.

weekly grocery


don’t ask me how I carried them

it’s actually quite heavy

I must admit

given the fruits, drinks


a colleague was surprised to

find out I went grocery shopping alone


he was like

where’s your bf

or you may ask Mr. XXX to go with you


I know I could have over react


I actually told him

hey or else you think

I have to go starving to death if

I don’t have a bf?


come on

I’m the powerpuff girl okay


and today he was so nice as to

offered to give me a ride if

I didn’t manage to catch a bus home


a rough calculation

shows that I spend around

1/4 of my salary on grocery shopping


how do you expect me to save money then

next life..


I am damn tired

can I go now?

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