Monday, October 31, 2011

adidas Originals X Swarovski crystals: Cambridge Watch’s Late Arrival

so finally

adidas Originals Cambridge watch (ADH2590) 


adidas Originals Cambridge watch (ADH2590)

This Nylon Cambridge watch is pure

fashion meets function.

This all-black style sparkles with

44 Swarovski crystals on the bezel.

adidas Originals Cambridge watch ADH2590


went to look around

the watch hunt since the

September Hunt

then spotted this one already

can’t make up my mind


but the sales person told me that

there is this member day on 28 Oct

with additional 10% discount

and they may reserve it for me for one week

till the member day

okay, deal


the long hunt and wait

is worth it after all


this is the first time

i have ever been to a Parkson/Bonuslink member day

  1. it always falls on Friday
  2. in my impression, it benefits the cosmetic customers only


happened to be a “skip-able class”

it was a long story

ended up that

i had a two days week

then Wed was a public holiday

Thurs was a school holiday

and Friday is a self-declared holiday then


spend RM 150 purchase for

a RM 10 cash voucher

RM 200++ i had already spent

therefore tried my luck

went around hunting

so that i can hit RM 300 for two cash vouchers


top up item #1

long blue blouse

long blue blouse 


then two days later

brought mom to go spend away the two cash vouchers

ended up almost spending RM 150

in order to qualify for the third RM 10 cash voucher

i was “forced” to


top up item #2

short baby blue blouse

short baby blue blouse


cash voucher scheme

top up and top up

never ending buying



now that i have got the watch

should take a long break from shopping

Peanuts X Halloween: got chocolate milk?

Peanuts Got Chocolate Milk Hallowen 2011Peanuts Chocolate Milk Frightfully Good Peanuts Chocolate Milk Howl with Delight Peanuts Chocolate Treat that goes gulp  Pick Up Some for Your Little Monsters



photos from

大精靈 X 細妖精: 我好驚

it has been a long time

a MV that i can keep on looping


Scary Monday blue, no way!!!

thank goodness he is back to the morning show, too

time to move on

30mething Scary


我好驚 / 林海峰


我好驚 / 林海峰

作曲:Edward Chan.徐浩.Randy Chow


編曲:Edward Chan.徐浩.Randy Chow

監製:Edward Chan@ novasonic


亂噏睡公主俾佢隻馬踩死 但佢隻馬都死 巫婆做你攬枕
大宅內彊屍俾我啜晒啲血 就快啜你啲血 當熱吻
其實攰到反晒眼 你夠鐘瞓
然後你嗌落床 嚇到落床 喊到地震

其實你 驚乜嘢 睡床有我一個
陪住你 孖舖瞓 話明驚就兩個
明日你 驚乜喎 未來你會點過
個天一跌落嚟 扶實我

核鬼突青蛙一錫變了青蛙 又錫再變青蛙 求其亂作呀笨
木屋內小豬俾隻螞蟻吞緊 但你嗌要開燈 腳在震
其實攰到反晒眼 你夠鐘瞓
然後你嗌落床 嚇到落床 喊到地震

其實你 驚乜嘢 睡床有我一個
陪住你 孖舖瞓 話明驚就兩個
明日你 驚乜喎 未來你會點過
個天一跌落嚟 扶實我

送你隻怪物 唔怕抱到實
奴隸獸 將你嚇大 搞吓破壞 怕佢有乜
危難到咪再落床 跳上睡床 送我鼻鼾

你重怕乜 驚乜嘢 地球有我一個
陪住你 孖舖瞓 二零一二約我
明日你 驚乜喎 未來你會點過
其實我 驚乜嘢 未來會有一個
陪住你 講魔戒 劇情驚慄過我
隨便笑 驚乜喎 任由你笑死我
怕乜天跌落嚟 其實我
重有乜嘢好再驚 我諗最驚你冇諗起過我 我 我 我

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

World Outlook X Attitude Hook: News Scrapbook

two days of isolation from blog and iPad

supposed to produce a scrapbook of

different types of news

but all my news clippings are taken online

so that I can get different sources all over the world

then what’s the newspapers for?

newspaper all over


it’s time to play

paper cutting


the end-product

News Todayeconomic growtheconomic pyramidSyrian affairthe tensionfarmers are using social mediaa good home cooked meal is all he needsMessi named European best playerMessi 10poor TerryVideo Music Awards highlightsVideo Music Awards red carpetstudent stabbed to deaththe flower goes to those in heavenKate vs Princess Dianaif we can ever turn back time and see them togetherUN mass walkoutsay no to warrevival of Pulau Melaka projectget hold of your key to Pulau MelakaThe man behind the tea

tea time with Mr. Twinnings


Issue on Prostate cancer test



the very last page

thought I gonna find a column or opinion

but I don’t have the strength to anymore

just a simple public service announcement

done at 5.30 am on Monday morning

the green announcementKids go greenMake a difference today


final page

I felt it’s too empty

final page


then I inserted this in:

In any war, there are calms between the storms.

There will be days when we lose faith.

Days when our allies turn against us...

But the day will never come when we forsake

this planet and its people.

For I am Optimus Prime,

and I send this message to the universe:

We are here. We are home.

but I think my ugly handwriting

is ruining it all

my ugly handwriting

back cover

mix and match of two adverts

bank and housing

Horizon today


this is so far

the most satisfying assignment ever

front/back covers

Oil Soaked X Appetite Locked: Bad Hotpot

I am totally in love with hotpot

with loads and loads of veggie, especially

tomyam, herb soup, clear soup

any ingredients just bring it on

but not this time round


BBQ and Hoptpot

2 in 1 is not something new

but this is the weirdest ever


maybe just me being the weird one


the huge portion of red colour on

the whole three plates

are sending unfriendly signals to me


and I can’t believe

we are actually ordering more pork

on ala-carte

hotpot ingredientsall the pork.. are you kidding mewar & peace


and best of all

the base ingredient (the only one)

to heaten up the hot plate

are the two chunks of lard

and it dripped into the crystal clear river



oil spilling issues

finally I know

how bad the impact is

towards the environment


this part of the world

is way much more peaceful and harmony



my main course

ended up to be cabbage

cooked in plain water

no wait a minute

it’s more like

cabbage soaked in polluted lard water

instantly felt the oily discomfort



it’s a pleasant hang-out

next stop shall be Mid Valley I guess

and I pray for something better

C-1-10 girls


had a bite of green apple immediately home

yet it doesn’t help much in

curing my guilt consciousness 


back to the normal dinner

but doing with extra boost

  • tomato
  • potato
  • carrot
  • broccoli
  • lettuce
  • enoki mushroom
  • celery
  • pak choy

vegetable soup

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