Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Instant Nike Shopping

got these two shirts

ordered from Lukas

think it looks quite cool

to be worn in hostel

or take home

decided to go for oversized one

and unconventional color, red..

$ 7 eachNUSSU shirt 2009/2010 maroon


then after dinner

shopped at flag mini bazaar

shopped damn a lot


grab and go


1. Nike Sport Bra

how can i ever give up on stripy

omg, it’s so lovely

baby blue!! i like the logo.. which is not very obvious 

2. NIke Short Pants

at first took a light blue one

but this one seems more practical

for jogging etc

Nike short pants


3. Nike Water Bottle

i supposed i am very tired of my

orange bottles now

both very sticky

but i got no time to go brush them

the hook

this is the key point of buying this bottle

Nike 1litre bottle


4. FBT shorts

super short

but i think it will look cool

to wear with my oversized NUSSU shirt

FBT super duper short


i am broke

also i broke the vow

of not going to shop

till fall 10/11

going for sporty look

next season

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

When You’re Gone… Pt1

for everyone who is wondering

why for so long i never blog about anything

but Stephelle Kitchen

hello, i am back


i am pretty busy

working on KR Rag

from 2pm to 7am everyday

including Sunday


therefore i don’t have time

to do anything else,

just for cooking and blogging

on average, i sleep for 2 hours everyday


actually i was supposed to stay in this room

till 2nd Aug and move to PGP,

(another hostel)


but today something happened

i was supposed to empty my room

because the next tenant had checked in


i didn’t explode

because ultimately, sooner or later

i have to move house, why not earlier now


secondly, i had just received a call from

Create Talents,

a scheduled interview for me tomorrow


started to move at 12 a.m

but napped all the way

till almost 2am


obviously, this is not the right timing to move

especially when i just did painting

most of the things i touch

get some taste of the choc syrup

ew... even my Seiko is tainted and guess what.. it's real thick paints 

i was so efficient that

i managed to move everything

within 1 .30 hr

without trolley

everything was nicely packed


except my clothes

all in a trash bag


my MNG, Topshop, Benetton, Nike and all

in a trash bag


the water dispenser in our pantry

was leaking

obviously, saddened by my departure


my room on 17.07.08

our corridor my room  i like this feel the most i have spent almost a year on this bed the blinds


after i emptied everything

final clearance.. my letterboxyeah.. i am readyP7212305


where am i heading?

camping at Recreation Room, the Rag Office

my properties are all here got a mini corner for myself it's in between an office table and the sewing corner my living room cum bed whole view of my suite private corner food stash vanity chest i got loads bags huh


this place is not so bad after all

  1. air-conditioned
  2. fridge
  3. lots of power plugs
  4. sofa
  5. tv
  6. near to toilet & water dispenser
  7. distant away from my work place


so basically this is a studio apartment

but no bathroom

i will still shower at D block

my toiletries are will Siao Chuen

my printer, MR. Sam too

and some other stuffs

thanks a lot


kept thinking of these two songs


Goodbye & Hello / 蔡健雅


當你離開的時候 / 蔡健雅


Goodbye & Hello / 蔡健雅




我來自一個充滿灰色的地球 身上沒帶什麼的感覺好輕鬆
我聽說這裡是個美好的星球 充滿著色彩陽光溫暖的氣候
我想嘗試去探索 這個全新的感受
跟帶給我痛苦的人揮揮手 我告別了他們所有 跟那世界
say goodbye say goodbye say goodbye
我不回頭一步一步往前走 我找回了我的自由 對這世界
say hello say hello say hello


我來自一個充滿灰色的地球 身上沒帶什麼的感覺好輕鬆
我聽說這裡是個美好的星球 充滿著色彩陽光溫暖的氣候
我想嘗試去探索 這個全新的感受
跟帶給我痛苦的人揮揮手 我告別了他們所有 跟那世界
say goodbye say goodbye say goodbye
我不回頭一步一步往前走 我找回了我的自由 對這世界

say hello say hello say hello


跟帶給我痛苦的人揮揮手 我告別了他們所有 跟那世界
say goodbye say goodbye say goodbye
我不回頭一步一步往前走 我找回了我的自由 對這世界
say hello say hello say hello

我不回頭一步一步往前走 我找回了我的自由 對這世界
say hello say hello


say hello say hello say hello

當你離開的時候 / 蔡健雅




只能低著頭發呆 讓回憶滲透腦袋 漸漸變空白
把他當作個意外 但內心還想不開 因為我明白


我想起了遇見你的時候 想起你眼神中的溫柔
我想起了我們第一次牽手 我閉上眼
想起當時你懷裡的顫抖 似乎那麼害怕失去我
然而 到後來我什麼都沒有 當你離開的時候


我可以裝作已釋懷 他對我也算關懷 他看不出來
我知道這樣不應該 在他身上找依賴 算不算是種出賣


我想起了遇見你的時候 想起你眼神中的溫柔
我想起了我們第一次牽手 我閉上眼
想起當時你懷裡的顫抖 似乎那麼害怕失去我
然而到後來我什麼都沒有 當你離開的時候


我想起你親吻我的時候 想起你眼神中的沉默
我想起了我們平靜的分手 我閉上眼
想起當時你美麗的承諾 把你整個心都交給我
然而到後來我什麼都沒有 越是沒有你 越是心痛


我想起了遇見你的時候 想起你眼神中的溫柔
我想起了我們第一次牽手 我閉上眼
想起當時你懷裡的顫抖 似乎那麼害怕失去我
然而到後來我什麼都沒有 當你離開的時候

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Stephelle Kitchen – Pumpkin Rice? Rice Pumpkin?

i have been wondering

how to cook my pumpkin

after consulting my mom on Sunday

(the only chance to communicate now)

finally came out with idea…



  1. unprocessed pumpkin 300 mg
  2. rice 80g
  3. carrot
  4. seasoning

action time

  1. steam the rice till it’s half cooked
  2. add the seasoning
  3. pour in the sliced pumpkin and carrot

skin the pumpkinshredded pumpkin, in 3 designsit's more like a rice pumpkin, rather than pumpkin rice


the 2nd serving at night

the rice and vegie are not in proportion

too much of vegie, too little rice


gave some to my neighbour, Small Boat

it’s edible at least

wow!!! the lighter shade is baby carrot 






back to the days I didn't know how to use Macro mode

Monday, July 13, 2009

Stephelle Kitchen - Weekend Retreat

Project #1: Whollie Greenie BeanieWholy Green Bean

been hearing about ideas of

effective bean cooking

finally this post is out on 943’s blog

so decided to follow the method

steamed the green bean


it’s well-cooked

the bean is intact

and no hassle in washing Ms. Elle


Project #2: Yogurt Palette

Yogurt Palettebreakfast is always inspiring to

generate wonderful idea

especially on weekend

yogurt palette consisting of

oat, apple, whomeal bread

simple, soothing taste

yet it’s filling

reminded me much of

my ideal afternoon tea


Project #3: SeaweeveeSeaweed BeeHoon

just like the green bean

i steamed my vermicelli too

along with some seaweed

just “Keep Warm” mode

and it’s ready

there’s no need to

catch all the swimming, slippery vermicelli


Project 4 St. Wichoreo

Oreo Sandwich light dinner

yet supper is Nasi Briyani

sounded not right at all

nevermind, it’s okay

it’s weekend retreat

anything is possible

Friday, July 10, 2009

Stephelle Kitchen – Stephelle Set Lunches

tried out with

my first ever Stephelle set lunch

Muschilli Soup & Rice

it’s very very warm

the soup

mushi + brocolli muschilli soup & rice 


the bee hoon is so easy to cook

Ms. Elle used “Keep Warm” mode only

then there

the bee hoon was ready to be served


now only i know

one piece is for one serving

so the bee hoon lasted me till dinner

Vermicelli and Vegiessoothing smooth

Vegie Beanie

I don’t know what is this thing called

it’s call taoziam in Hokkien

roughly means.. bean sticks

bean sticks


instead of throwing everything in

i steamed the vegie instead

to retain the freshness

and i ate the carrot with its skin

main ingredients


after googled the nutrient value

it’s better not to overcook vegie

and best to eat vegie with the skin

but not sweet potato of course



four vegie for a meal

it really makes me feel good   steamed carrot and brocolli 

coming up next

vegie porridge

全食物營養 Whole Food Nutrients












  1. 全穀根莖類
  2. 豆魚肉蛋類
  3. 蔬菜類
  4. 水果類
  5. 低脂奶類及油脂
  6. 堅果種子類





























Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Experience India! Shopping Marathon

Guide to A Pleasant Shopping Experience

(1) pack light

ample luggage space 10.25


(2) keep your money at different places to avoid excessive spending

Kotex loaded with USD


(3) spare bag to carry your shopping loot back.  I had forgotten about this.  Ended up carrying my stuffs in plastic bag.  This is quite risky because i don’t know when will the bag break, or i may just forget to take the bag along.


(4) hire a personal shopping assistant

my PSA, personal shopping assistant he is not machine...

or a big bag allowing us to throw our items inloaded with girls' loots

My Treasures

can be classified into 4 categories

  • Fashionable stuffs
  • Indian flava
  • Souvenirs
  • Just for fun


(1) fashionable stuffs

i bought this pair of shoes

because i am just thrilled by white sneaker

my Adidas Superstar is retiring soon

and i am not satisfied with

an ordinary pair of Stan Smith


the bargain for this

is buy 1 free 1

Kenneth was trying out some shoes

hoping we can share the bill


unfortunately he couldn’t find any

so i was forced to give up the shoes

but when i was paying for the two tops

the salesperson offered to

sell it to me

at 50% discount


however SGD 100

is still not a very cheap price

to pay for a pair of sneakers


but then only i discovered

this is actually a pair of golf shoes

so cool

it’s worth the money i paid

puma jetsetter white sneakers vs dark legs


Puma top that doesn’t look too Puma

more like MNG

that’s what i am looking for nowadaysviolet Puma top the sexy back


never own any sporty spag top like this

SGD 10 is quite reasonable i guessOrange Puma Spag an Indian word printed on there.. Mahasumtin


celebrate the color

i was attacted by the colorful top

but it is supposed to be a girl dress

but i managed to fit in

rainbow top


these are actually from a guy

vending the clothes

by carrying it around the street



this is either a long skirt

or a tube dress

it’s pretty angelic

but not if it’s worn on me



hand made stuffs are always coolsoaked and washed.. prevent discolourization


a Nike watch i got at B’lore airport

for 50% discount

i was always looking for a sporty watch

can’t expect me to wear Seiko or Titus

to go jogging

Nike digital watch, on our flight to Delhi


finally this one

and it’s black in color

doesn’t it look a bit O.D.M.?

p/s to the guy who criticized i am wasting my money away

please compare and contrast the watches properlyMr. Chong's Giant


(2) Indian flava stuffs

wooden handdrawn bangles necklaces.. anklet.. wristlet... as you like it wat cha flava 4 dozens of thin bangles Punjabi suit the whole set: top, scarf, Aladdin pants shoes collection flora.. Anna like beige.. retro checkered typical Indian from Rajasthan ethnic print skirt peacock hairclips


(3) souvenirs

i like the house portrayed on this rug

the color combination is good too

somehow i sacrificed it

gave it to my uncle

because in my dad’s eye

this is not a collectible

it’s just any other souvenir

handsewn "Homecoming" 

a pair of peacock motif mini plate

it reminds me of the pair of peacock lamp

we have at home

i think they will be perfect match

bronze peacock platesthe prints are duo-sided


this is a hand-drawn elephant drawing

we were quite amazed by those

fine drawing similar to this

we saw else where

but they are way too expensive


i think finally Kenneth and Jia Loon

bought those fine drawing

ok lo, didn’t jio me


i brought this to Daiso

bought a frame

and presented it as a gift

to my rag teamP6261375


somehow dad is always looking for

a bronze horn

at flea market

so i got him this

but i got the feeling that

he will still get one of the

hand-pressing horn

bronze blowing horn


Siao B will always laugh

when i blow it

but her daddy said that

we shouldn’t blow it anymore

it will injure her ears



animal prints

can print my own shirt

or they are just fine

to stand on the shelf as decorationsP6261373


my dad was thrilled by this pair of elephant

he put it on his collection shelf immediately

my original intention for this pair of elephant

was back-up souvenir

just in case i miss put any V.I.P.

marble elephant book stands cum paper stoppers


and the price offered was too great

to be turned down

but the weight was something to be considered

and on my way back

i kept thinking of my dear elephants

whether they will break


luckily they were not hurt

otherwise i would be heartbroken

for being cheated


at first

i didn’t feel like buying

who would want to carry such heavy marbles

i casually asked him whether he had got

peacock print one

gosh, he managed to take one out

and they are so cute


since dad always complains that

we are spoiling his tables

by putting hot drinks on them

this is an ideal home improvement item


i have to admit that

i am a vain girl

peacock always attracts memarble peacock cup coaster she is so adorable


free gift from the shop

somehow i like the photos of Lord Krishna

hanging out with his GFs

may i be blessed

for …………………..

Lord and Lady of Love


(4) just for fun

Siao B likes to play with them

that day Min Wey and Teck Thye

were playing air ping pong

using these bats toomini baseball bats from Reebok


my lovely ferris wheel

look out for more photos

featuring it

coming up very soon

gosh, i haven’t named it yet

my ferris wheel


SIao B said this is a

noodle-making machine

……. swt


got this at the airport

how can i miss out M&M

whenever i am at an airport

M&M's Mr. Yellow clock


left it on the bus on my way

back to Melaka

waited for 2 hours

since the driver had gone for his lunch break


but so grateful that i found him back

that’s why this clock is precious, isn’t it?


i left it on my dad’s writing table

so that he can think of me

whenever he is working


Cases of Shopping Failure along the Journey


(1) Shrek from Macs… run out of stock 

envious of Kenneth who got the Hippo

Happy Meal Disney toy collections 

(2) Mango trees

innocently thought that i can transport some

Indian mango back to plant at backyard

go give it to my grandpa or uncle

basically our family enjoy planting mango trees

mango plants


the gardener kindly bought them for me

but they are so huge

forget bout it

left them at the hostel


(3) Reebok legging

i never own any legging

i fell in love with this pair of Reebok legging

it was purple stripes

with a mini skirt


my desire to own it heightened

when the dance instructor

who taught us Bollywood dance

was wearing something similar


but can’t find it at other Reebok outlet


(4) M&M figures

i like this

but it’s a bit ex

so gave up the idea

but i am happy

with the mr. Yellow alarm clock

the price is half of this

i want all of them!!!


(5) Vodafone sim card

it died out after a few days

stating that we failed to provide the address

there was still some credit in it

and the good thing about this sim card is

i couldn’t call sg number, but msian one worked

i could send smses to both countries,

but couldn’t receive smses from both


the packaging is nice

perhaps designed in UK

but the service provided

is still Indian standard

no choice

Vodafone campus pack

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