Friday, August 31, 2012

Gloomy Weather X Untimely Partner: Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower has been declared

the most valuable monument in Europe -

worth 435 billion euros (£343 billion) to

the French economy, a new study claims.

via Telegraph 


after three months later

I am still figuring out..

why is it so?


media portray is mind-poisonous

no, the fault is solely mine


my Manager said this is a romantic city

provided that you have the money to spend on


and provided that

only if,

you have the right person to spend with


probably because the weather ain’t that great

as you can see

Eiffel Tower in early May, Springthe weather is 70% of the time gloomyfinally, Eiffel Tower on a clear dayEiffel Tower Eiffel Tower vs the cloudy dayclose-up view: Eiffel TowerEiffel Tower on a rainy evening


probably, more probably because

my photography skill is simply miserable


#1 the stupid green box

and my lips looked terribly swollen

me against the Eiffel Tower #1


#2 looking too haughty

and a little too blur

me against the Eiffel Tower #2


#3 it’s the stupid green box again

and the not-so-Smart car

me against the Eiffel Tower #3


#4 people!!!

me against the Eiffel Tower #4


#5 shaky, or else it would look alright

I supposed

me against the Eiffel Tower #5


#6 yet another bunch of people

me against the Eiffel Tower #6


finally, all so finally


oh my,

I can’t bear the innocent look

me against the Eiffel Tower #7


I shall be back one day

only if, if only

I clear the rest of the items on the list

  1. Eiffel Tower, Paris: 343 billion pounds
  2. The Colloseum, Rome: 72 billion pounds
  3. The Sagrade Familia Cathedral, Barcelona: 71 billion pounds
  4. The Duomo Cathedral, Milan: 65 billion pounds
  5. The Tower of London: 56 billion pounds
  6. The Prado Museum, Madrid: 46 billion pounds
  7. Stonehenge, UK: 8.3 billion pounds

I hope that would motivate me to

get back to the piles of assignment

right now!!!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Essential Wardrobe X Shall Not Flop: Plain White Top

not something new,

almost one year old

but this is definitely not a spam,

nothing to do with my Eddiction 


but something worth sharing

all about white top

even 3 or 5 years down the road

it is still going to be there


for girls

we have the privilege of sheer white top

which goes with almost anything

including your colourful bikini top



as for guys

white shirt, something simple

can be made complicated by considerations like

bumping into dude with exactly the same one

looking more like a waiter or valet boy


oh no

simple item like a plain white shirt

can go totally wrong if

you are wearing a wrong belt,


tuck in when you are not supposed to

and tucking out at the wrong time,

eg: tucking-in when

you are wearing a pair of baggy faded jeans


oversized or “under”sized issue

and.. the list just goes on


alright cut it short

this gentleman right here is

too hot to be handled


Eddie Peng - White Top - GQ mag 01Eddie Peng - White Top - GQ mag 02Eddie Peng - White Top - GQ mag 03Eddie Peng - White Top - GQ mag 02Eddie Peng - White Top - GQ mag 03Eddie Peng - White Top - GQ mag 04Eddie Peng - White Top - GQ mag 05Eddie Peng - White Top - GQ mag 06



白襯衫的6種帥氣穿搭術 / 彭于晏

Mix & match of white shirts / Eddie Peng


full listing of the individual items


since he mentioned tank top

there are more

caution: it is just getting hotter and hotter

back to the movie 《Love愛》 again

apology for the poor quality images

promise to fix it 

Love 愛  - 阿凱 彭于晏Love 愛  - 阿凱 彭于晏 05Love 愛  - 阿凱 彭于晏 03


last year  at Cannes

the epic somersault video

(after taking off the white tank top)

which the Eurasians watched till their jaw dropped 

Eddie Peng - White Tank Top - Cannes


hey I am supposed to be writing report(s) right now

stop it.. please

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Baby Blue X Canvas Shoes: I’ve Got a Clue

from the previous post

Baby Blue X Oxford Shoe: I’m Glued!


Her Highness was saying

wait a minute

that’s like one of my typical looks

and I should wear it to campus tomorrow..

i.e. today


she came out with a name for this look


since this is like Eddie-inspired


alright let’s wear  it


she said

I was kinda high today

baby blue does the job, of course

baby blue x navy pants x Vans


we were hanging out at the verendah area

for more than 3 hours, gossiping

lovely weather after a heavy downpour


climax of the gossip

my dream last night

it’s funny yet not that ridiculous


part I

conducting a marketing survey with Eva

(we were in the process of planning an

outing over the weekend, actually)


she fell for this beige jumper

among the piles of items on sale

but decided to give up

since it’s not that great after all


then somehow

I ended up in this mass wedding ceremony

walking across the park or something

a random guy passed me a tiny bit of paper

then another one.. by another guy

and it kept coming in


when I put everything together

it’s a name card

and when I turned the card over

there’s some words scribbled in pencil




translation: can you be my girlfriend

oh weird Mandarin


I turned around and saw the sender of the message

kinda remember his features

tall, radiant smile,

white tee and beige pants 

(even in dream, I have to link person to clothes)


definitely not someone I know of in reality


then I tried to right “alright”

but kept mis-spelling the word

“aljight” “alrdite”…

kept crossing the words away

then I gave up

and wrote “okay!”


lame but never mind


clutching around my waist

we walked to the wedding ceremony together


and someone who looked like his sister

was shouting behind:

hey come back,

you haven’t introduced your girlfriend yet


but we just kept walking away

happy ending


are you coming for real

can’t wait


Monday, August 27, 2012

Baby Blue X Oxford Shoes: I’m Glued!

perfect look

baby blue x cropped chinos x oxford shoes

Golden Horse Film Festival 2012 Press Con - Eddie Peng  金馬在宜蘭 彭于晏 02


Golden Horse Film Festival 2012

which is going to take place at Yi Lan

which happened to be where Jump Ashin! was shot

therefore the ambassador..

Golden Horse Film Festival 2012 Press Con - Eddie Peng  金馬在宜蘭 彭于晏 01



he is going to be featured on the promotional campaign

(apparently that’s what an ambassador does, right)

please… do more somersault

or maybe no.. that doesn’t go with the theme

boy on a bike..

white sleeveless and straw fedora

Golden Horse Film Festival 2012 Press Con - Eddie Peng  金馬在宜蘭 彭于晏 03


49th Golden Horse Film Festival Press Con Interview / Eddie Peng

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Travel Diary X Lovely Dressy: Why Kitty?

grabbed this randomly from a newsstand

for my niece

anything with Hello Kitty will do

i hate been seen buying anything to do with Her, actually

Hello Kitty Globe Trotter: Holland


but it’s actually a pretty interesting toy

minus the fact that it’s a Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty Globe Trotter: Holland


the travel diary is quite informative

the mini travel diary


last page

is exactly what the figurine does

Hello Kitty facial expressionslots of luck awful day unluckyjust great


there are eight designs in total

i actually think of buying another one

Aloha looks fine to me

should I?

it’s not mine, it’s not mine

for my niece, alright

Hello Kitty Globe Trotter - 8 designs


happiness is buying something you dislike

for someone you think would like it

and make her does the same thing

sleepy angry happy sullky

Friday, August 24, 2012

Bizarre Sculptor X Honey&Clover: The Edvanced-Genius Character

(via Wiki)

Honey and Clover

a Japanese manga series

depicting the lives and relationships of

a group of art school students who

live in the same apartment building

Honey and Clover - original Manga series


animated television series

September 2005 and June to September 2006.

Honey and Clover - anime version


a live action movie,

released in theaters in Japan on July 22, 2006

Honey and Clover - movie version


live-action television dramas in 2008,

first one broadcast on Fuji TV from

January 8, 2008 to March 18, 2008 and

Honey and Clover - Japanese drama version


the other broadcast in Taiwan on

CTS beginning on May 25, 2008


Honey and Clover - Taiwanese drama version


which is the one I finished watching within 4 days



just like the recent one, My Sassy Girlfriend

it is an Edvance watching by

focus only on the scenes where

Eddie Peng is around,

fast advance when he is not


via Wiki, too:


Shinobu Morita / 森田 忍 /  任森田

(based on the manga)

A sixth-year art student,

age 24 at the start of the series,

a perpetual student,

unable to graduate because of

persistent absenteeism,

mainly due to his work, which

forces him to go missing for several days,

after which he sleeps for at least 48 hours.


Morita is considered mysterious by

the other students,

prone to bizarre behavior such as

creating a version of Twister with too many colors.

He is a perceptive person who

cares for his friends but

often expressing himself tactlessly, and

who is not generous with his money and food.


He also expresses his desire for

Hagu in quirky ways, such as

forcing her to dress up as a mouse because

he likes cute things.

Later in the series,

he departs for a year in America, and

eventually the others learn

he has been moonlighting as

an award-winning CGI artist.


Shinobu Morita 任森田

played by Mr. Eddie Peng 彭于晏


on top of the characteristics portrayed as above

one more things

he has lots of alter-egos,

just like Dr. Jekyll and MR. Hyde

which are like seriously hilarious

the giraffe which munches raw carrotthe art dealer from HK, with that Canto slangthe campus superstarMoses the shepherdan injured bear mascot Santa ClausMoscar CG winnerthe hospitalized Moscar winner in disguisethe Mama of the boys' hostelthe trash bin dinerthe return of the campus superstarTV program hosta liona monk/wise man/prophet/wizard.. among otherslooks like Dragon Ballthe rock-star in the opening MV


再出發 / The hilarious campus superstar / Eddie Peng


and he is a perfectly dramatic fellow

a joker cum a bully

翻白眼, rolling eyeshe was about to touch the asleep girl on her boobshe often got whacked for slips of honest words at times, he is quite gay towards his housematehow can he still looks so cute when he crashed into a carhe often borrowed these (pretty ugly) flora tops from his mate, without permissioneven his hoodies have to look dramatically colourfulPatrick.. is that you


he looks pretty okay, actually

when he is attentively at work

total silence

he even knitted a baby blue scarf for his girl

he specializes in sculpture artknitting a baby blue scarfsculpting a love bird badge


top looks

which all only appeared towards the end

Super Mario Wiid teei wish he could just wear white throughout the dramablack and white suit will never go wrong


on top of everything

in spite of the irritating hair

the ridiculous clothes

eg, flora top with track bottom

he retains the standard of cuteness


ya he should have just wear white the moo-moo king versus his girl, a mousehe has got that killing wink which is quite difficult to captureHoney & Clover 蜂蜜幸運草 / Eddie Peng 彭于晏 / Shinobu Morita 任森田


the rest (of the drama)

doesn’t really matter

Honey & Clover 蜂蜜幸運草 / Eddie Peng 彭于晏 / Shinobu Morita 任森田

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