Monday, August 28, 2017

Forced to Read X But Pleasantly: In-flight Magazine

8:00 AM

flight delayed :/


10:56 AM

are we there yet??

i have finished reading

the whole copy of

in-flight magazine


but seriously

it’s such a pleasure to read

AirAsia’s travel3Sixty

that i finish reading

every single issue

whenever i am flying with them



i mean these days

with interruption from the internet and

anything to do with the Internet

from social media, online shopping to

instant messaging


i find it really hard to concentrate

reading for long duration

so being stranded without Internet

actually forces me to read


not to mention

the content is pretty

relevant and helpful

so i don’t mind really


at times i even snap photos

of good articles from the magazine

e.g. photography, travel tips

and the city summary pages

Busan is on the list, now



it’s end of August

and i will get to read a new issue

on my way back, right?


oh no

suddenly disappointed by the fact that

i’ll not be travelling with AirAsia

on my way back during September


oh no

it’s only 11:04 AM

you mean only less than 10 minutes

has passed since i started writing this


the shortcoming of

flying on a Monday morning

i am too pumped up

to do something


what Monday blue?

me never suffer from that

i hope my boss is reading this

and will present me with an

employee of the year award??


i am my own boss now

so am i suppose to reward myself

with something??


i was busily snapping this

to send to a friend of mine

who is a Hello Kitty freak



i hope nobody caught me

doing this

because it’s damn embarrassing

of all things you could have snapped



11:15 AM

finally the captain is speaking



Bought Anyway X Not Knowing How to Wear’Em: Bikinis from H&M

10 AM

flight has been delayed

for 1+ hour

i hope it has nothing to do with

bad weather due to typhoon


or i would have touched down

or almost by now


is almost quite energetic to start the day

but kinda stranded here


so i would continue on to

blog about the things that

i am supposed to

over the weekend


Friday evening

walked into H&M

passed by there almost

every two days or so

but make it a habit

not to enter

unless i have something to buy


and the previous time

i entered was like 2-3 months ago

and i ended up buying child sneakers

pajamas and dress for the kids


by the way

good news for those with small feet



their shoes size

go as large as 38

even i can fit in

although it’s not comfy

so i ended up buying for my niece



in reality the place was like



so that was June 9th

and for more than two months

i have never stepped foot into H&M

despite passing by pretty often


then last week

my BFF showed me

the bikinis she looted from H&M


it kinda tempted me

because i have been wearing

the same pair of Roxy

over and over again for

my island vacations


and i lost a pair of Rip Curl

all black which deeply saddened me

left it on a train along with

some other stuff of mine

during last day of college


and i have decided that

i will never go for these surfing brands

for the time being

although i have been eyeing at

some Billabong on Zalora


simply because

i wear them like so little

so i’ll go for fast fashion


found this at H&M

super duper cheap

and i was thinking the

possibility of wearing it inside out



and even this way

if i can find a way

to fasten the knot in the middle

in the position

with a plastic tie, ring or

even sew it up with thread



as compared to the previous one

i fell in love with this piece

in spite of the fact that red is

not really my kind of color

because of the vintage design

and unlike bandeau bikini

this is super duper secure

like you can even wear it

as a cropped top, maybe



and this dark colour bikini bottom

which i thought go pretty well with the

bandeau bikini top

no? the symmetrical print?



and yeah

i have no idea i ended up buying this

when i saw it at the counter

was thinking to stuff everything in

in case they didn’t have paper bag

but they do have

H&M Conscious


looks like the completely bag-free

campaign doesn’t really work

because Cotton On used to make

buyers get their woven tote bags too

and bio-degradable plastic bag was for sale

for a minimum amount

but now they are offering

these plastic bags for free

without even asking


but first

i have to get my bikini body ready

before i can actually wear these out

without being body shamed


also found this pair of TRF denim shorts

mid rise, size 36

managed to fit in

with layers of muffin top though



i need to figure something out

i mean work something out

i mean work out something

so that these pairs of shorts, bikinis

and what so ever

will look good again on me



less than 3 weeks

from my Krabi trip and

i am heading to Canton

the province known for

food and more food for a week


and 2 weeks later

i finally found some

All Black X All Safe: More Bikinis from Terranova

to pair them up with yays

Bikini from Terranova & H&MBikini from Terranova & H&MBikini from Terranova & H&M


Watch’s Missing X Toiletry Bag is not Zipping: Last-Min Packing

3:20 AM

at the airport

less than 3 hours

until my next flight


decided to reserve

some blogging to be done

because i am not going to

sleep anyway


yet the weekend

seemed a bit busy

no i don’t mean busy

in the sense of working

in fact it’s the direct opposite

flying with zero workload


all pending work

has been cleared over the weekend

and all invoices up till now

have been drafted and

ready to be sent


so i actually had time

to do a bit of this and that

enjoyed a good night sleep

and usual evening walk and

grocery shopping


it seems busy

to clutter everything into a post

i probably should split them up

and write one at a time

not to mess things up

and i have the time anyway


packing has been smooth

since i did everything quite

last min as usual


but i got a whole afternoon to myself

whole family was gone

to settle my work, invoice and packing

and i even had time to

do some clothes altering

a piece of romper from H&M



never worn, not even once

was fine when i bought it last year

then i am not sure if it shrunk

it was getting shorter that

it was kinda awkward so

i chopped it off to become a long top

or short dress at least



i think this is one of the few times

that my stuff are so well organized

that i am actually impressed


like seriously

Watch’s Missing X Bag is not Zipping:The Last Min Packing


anyway this is so packed that

i have to actually put the

non liquid items such as

floss, cotton, toothbrush

in another zip lock bag


i used to throw everything

into one big bag

and i have spoilt 3 of those

within a year

the zip just couldn’t stand it anymore

and i realize the personal care store

i got it from is no longer selling them

so this is from their opponent


i guess it’s good that

i finally reduce and organize everything

but wait a minute

i realize i have more and more bottles

the maximum quantity is ten isn’t it


that excludes hair shampoo

which i thrown in my check-in baggage

as well as a Nivea spray which

i have decided to ditch


for the next trip

i am not travelling with

any check-in allowance

i.e. have to reduce the bottles


please understand the plight

of an ageing woman who is

doing her best not to

age as fast


guess what

two days in a week

that was last week

i had to work at a café

then only i realized

i have not been using a laptop case

since forever


like i just grabbed my laptop

threw it into a tote bag

like any tote bag and

there i go


and give my negative records of

water spillage

it’s a very dangerous thing to do


so i spotted this on Zalora

last week

boo… no voucher is allowed

or i would have checked out already

damn nice right


but during my last minute packing

while clearing some old clothes

i cleared more than 30+ pieces

ready to be sent away


i found this

a perfect 15” case

which was actually a

random free gift from

the personal care store i mentioned

i think it was some gift-with-purchase

by Clear under Uniliver group

but we were not even buying their products

i was really impressed with the quality

when i first got it

yet was never put into use

felt laptop bag, a gift from Watsons


and from the same wardrobe

i found a matching bag

used to be my daily bag and

have travelled with it too

3 years ago i think

no a 15” laptop can’t fit in here

but still i have decided to travel with them

Matching felt tote from Fred Perry


i got this real cheap

because this is simply a gift

that comes along with Japanese magazine

sometimes they call Mook

MagBook X With a Hook: MOOK


half of the time

people are buying for the

merchandise that comes along

and these merchandises are

actually sold separately as they are

by resellers out there


i have learnt my lesson

this time round

no more staying at the outer pocket

Frustrating X Fcking Frustrating: MISSING

Hello, little Birdie


and my mom was complaining that

how could you travel with a bag

with no zip and no nothing

it makes me stressed up

listening to negative ranting

before leaving


being a good kid

i actually put on a layer of jacket

for the zipless tote bag

like seriously… grocery shopping??

yeah i usually carry one of those

in my bag even when i travel

for grocery shopping

gosh... what happened to my felt bag


i know i gonna forget

at least one thing


thank goodness

i noticed it was my watch

3 minutes after we left home

so we actually made an u-turn



when you are so used to

wearing a watch

it actually will force me

into buying one at the airport

just saying : p



i realize i will go forever and ever

and i was supposed to

blog about the more interesting stories

which took place over the weekend


till then

see you

will be blogging from China

24/7 this week

because i have got a traveler SIM

a HK data SIM in fact

China Unicom data Sim for Mainland China and HK


so i would have no issue at all

assessing my Gmail (most importantly)

and so on


since i am now an Android user

i suddenly have this question

if Google services are not available

in Mainland China

so how does an Android phone

serve you as a Google product?

yes no??


but i nevertheless

downloaded Outlook and QQ Mail

for mail forwarding and

account linking

well in case


4:12 AM

let’s put a stop to this post

there’s another round of typhoon

sweeping across Southern China

hope everything will be fine



Tuesday, August 22, 2017

將就不搭 X 委曲求全:寧選不婚



















才越真實 懂嗎


放心 我從來






年少的時候 談戀愛
























沒有招惹誰 平安無事



















Shopping for Daddy : Like a Boyfie: Fred Perry

befriended a private seller

didn’t know since when we did

but frankly speaking


i am really into

guys who wear FP like

those who wear one

will significantly have a

more positive rating

as compare to those who don’t

other factors remaining the same


and i did dated someone like that

and and at the same time

did hang out with a so-called

skinny skinhead who

exposed me to more


yesterday morning

suddenly i made am impulse purchase

when these were on clearance

PM-ed the seller to ask if

these were still available

and made a transfer within a hour


it felt nice to deal this way sometimes

and usually people will address me

as bro and i make no attempt

to rectify them



so efficient

the parcel already arrived

when i was back from breakfast



there you go

Fred Perry Shirts


refused to tell them the price



3 weeks later

on 16 September

was on my way to the airport

then saw the seller posting about

clearance sales in conjunction with

Malaysia Day


best of all

they had all the

basic colors I have in mind

i mean i always wanted

to buy for my boyfriend


but too bad

i don’t have one

so i bought for my daddy

and why not another set

for myself


so i actually

did the payment transfer

in the airport train

and got these babies

when i got home days later

Fred Perry shirt


Shopping for Daddy X Like a Boyfie: Ted Baker Harvys

my dad needed a wallet

so i got him one from ASOS

because being in a

small city like that

i don’t think i have

much choices



i used the dummy method of

drawing the measurement

on a piece of paper

and take all the cash notes

and check how well they fit


i ordered on July 28

Ted Baker Harvys Bifold Wallet


and got it on

two weeks later

on Aug 11

Ted Baker Harvys Bifold Wallet


yeah it corresponds with

our expectation of a

simple, classy, no-frill wallet

Ted Baker Harvys Bifold Wallet


haha this immediately reminded me

of a friend of mine with the same name

in the delivery industry

Ted Baker Harvys Bifold Wallet


a little surprise

found in the coin compartment

don’t you think my Huawei P10 Plus

is awesome with these photos?

Ted Baker Harvys Bifold Wallet

and my dad actually likes the idea

and decided to retain it in there

because it symbolizes continuous prosperity

or along the line

well Chinese being Chinese

despite being not superstitious

Ted Baker Harvys Bifold Wallet


so two weeks into using the new

Ted Baker wallet i bought

my dad told me

how he likes it

as compared to his previous one

which was inherited from my late grandpa



Monday, August 21, 2017

Me & My Huawei P10+ 11: iOS Keyboard & Emoji

two weeks into using the phone

everything is quite fine

except the fact that

i tend to make typo

whenever I wanna type super fast

and i use less emoji simply because

i am not used to Google Emoji


so i was looking for an Emoji switcher

and came to discover this solution

that solve both my problems at once


firstly i downloaded this one

iPhone 7 Emoji Keyboard


then i was asked to download this

which is actually their main app

iMore Keyboard


from the app

almost everything is customizable

iMore Keyboard, turning your keyboard and emoji into iOS styleScreenshot_20170821-121553


including the Emoji pack, of course

iMore Keyboard, turning your keyboard and emoji into iOS style


then i downloaded a theme

within the app

iMore Keyboard, turning your keyboard and emoji into iOS style


and my Whatsapp emoji

will be sync

because previously

Whatsapp is using iOS Emoji

while the built in keyboard

is using Google Emoji

iMore Keyboard, turning your keyboard and emoji into iOS style


but then

this keyboard only supports English

but i still have to use Huawei Swype keyboard

for other languages

so the quick way is to remove English

as the default language for Swype

so that you can quickly change between the two

iMore for English and Swype for the rest

Huawei Swype input


Swype actually offers so many

downloadable dictionary packages

for their Simplified Chinese

Huwei Swype input


so comfortable to be using the good old

iOS keyboard and emoji again

to switch to Swype for other language input

just tap on the keyboard logo

at the bottom right corner

iMore Keyboard, turning your keyboard and emoji into iOS styleiMore Keyboard, turning your keyboard and emoji into iOS style


problems solved


Four Bralettes X Off-Shoulder: The Cotton On Shoppers

last Saturday with my dad

was at Cotton On

because I need some bralettes

for my upcoming trips


but didn’t manage to buy anything

because i actually realized

i left my wallet at home and

it felt kinda funny to ask from my dad


last Sunday with my fellow shopper

a long-awaited weekend routine


it’s funny how

these days when we meet up for shopping

half of the time we are actually talking

about online shopping


and i was telling her

how i always fail to order

from Cotton On online because

i find it hard to reach the

minimum spending at 200 MYR


and there are always

in-store sales and

you get to try things on


and i managed to find two

really nice one

from the one i bought last year

the variety offered has been improved

so there are more types

other than lace bralette


this is from Cotton On Body Premium

scallop design with racer back



we were having so much time

giggling in the fitting room

as i demonstrated to my

fellow shopper

on wearing a bralette

with boyfriend shirt

during night out at his place


yeah i have the picture

but i am not showing it here

well i just met a online love scammer

and my ex bf might be reading

because he asked me to

delete all the posts

to do with him

both happened yesterday

FML to the max


and how my fellow shopper

got mad when i fitted in L

while it’s too big for her


thank goodness

nobody was there

because these are actually

common fitting rooms

for both genders


with these bralettes

that look like crop top

i can finally stop wearing

another tank top under

my oversized top like this



since i am posting picture

i’ll just use the one

i found online

and of course

they look much better

on the models too


this Saturday with my dad

i didn’t forget about my wallet today

and so i went into Cotton On again

because 3 is a ideal quantity

for any travel

1 for wearing

1 for washing

1 for drying


oh man further mark down

individual item is for 30 MYR still

so i got two for 60 MYR last week

but this week 2 are for 50 MYR

well.. i actually needed one



so i ended up buying two pairs

and also this pair of top

i saw last week

but was too lazy to try



and also

this pair of off-shoulder dress

this is a two-way off shoulder

well.. again

hahaha i think it’ll look good

with the new bralettes



this Sunday with my fellow shopper

we were too tired to shop

spent hours sitting at a cafe

and Cotton On was the only

clothing store we entered

zero loot, though


to sum up the story

within 4 trips to Cotton On

over 2 Saturday and Sundays

i bought 4 bralettes


Scallop crop

Cotton On Luxe Scallop Crop 02Cotton On Luxe Scallop Crop 01


and this one

which corresponds well

with the purpose of me

buying bralettes

which actually looks

more like a bikini top

and it’s padded

Cotton On Vacation BraletteCotton On Vacation Bralette 2


and this one

i think this is the type

that can be worn with

a white top underneath

but that’s definitely not

something i am going to try

Cotton On Cindy Wirefree BraletteCotton On Cindy Wirefree Bralette 2


this is super duperly lacey

and i am still thinking if

i wanna trim the edge away

i probably will

Cotton On Lace Edge BraletteCotton On Lace Edge Bralette 02


end of story

time to go to bed

i was so tired today that

i arrived 30 minutes late

because i overslept


life is good

when you focus on

earning money on weekdays and

spending it the way you like

with the people you enjoy

on weekend

even if they have cooler kicks

than yours

Keds vs Puma Basket Heart

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