Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Sudden Bend X Upward Trend: When September Ends: ….

still having quite some

hectic workloads in front of me

yet insisting to finish this post

before the clock hits 12


September has been

neither hitting a new high like Aug

nor trapped in gap days like July


in other words

it has been smooth sailing

despite a minor incident which

landed me quite frustrated

Sickly X Raining: Frustrating!


towards the end of the month

not doing too bad but

things were pretty slow

that is quite an alarm for me

if everything is pretty slow

all the way…


October is going to be tough as

I am officially taking

2nd half of the month off for

“work and travel”


I spent my time

blogging and doing travel research

at “office hours”

until yesterday afternoon


got two projects of moderate volume

and one of minor volume

juggling among 3

I stayed up until 2am


and today

after submitting the minor project

settled to work on the other 2

deadlines are respectively in

1 and 2 days time

manageable.. I guess


got another minor project

and another two massive one

and then another minor one

coming in around 7 something



that would be 1, 2, 3…

I better create a chart then

that’s helpful for me too, isn’t it


my project list as of

11pm/Wed/Sep 30, 2015

  Industry Due date Volume Progress
Press release Housing 9am, Thu Small Done, waiting to be review
Survey Devices pm, Thu Medium Done, waiting to be review
Exhibition material Textile am, Fri Medium Pre-research
Survey Banking EOD, Fri Small-Med Zero
Survey responses Ad for a Mobile Device am, Mon Large Glance through..
Court papers Legal next Thu Large Glance through…


still quite manageable I guess

I love the feeling knowing that

I will be all occupied until

end of the week and even further


that’s pretty much the

sense of insecurity I suffer

as a freelance

whenever I have nothing in hand


another good news

guess what

today is the last day of September

since all the projects will be

delivered in October

they contribute to my sales in Oct

make sense, right?


in other words

I have actually hit

the monthly minimum target

for October even before the month started

a new record, for sure


and I can go on to

take my two weeks off

without much concern over sales


but feel free to disturb me

my beloved clients

24/7 at your service

from any part of the world


as you can see

I got projects across different industries

that’s one of the main reasons why

I enjoy doing translation more than

everything else I have ever done


knowing a bit more

about everything

across different industries and countries

as I hop onto a new project


by the way

September, 30 is actually

the International Translation Day

I just realized that not too long ago too

45 minutes more to finish this blog



on the personal side

life has been

I would say back on the track as


I found the motivation to

blog day and night


I found the way to

fit in my most skinny jeans again



I found the right time to

pick up the pencil to

start sketching a birthday card

from scratch in A3 size


looking forward to October

before that…

let’s get back to work

the project list up there



are called deadlines

for a reason..

if you don’t hit the timeline

you are so totally dead


until then,

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Maths Idiot X No Worries: Simple Accounting for a Freelancer

apparently as a person who

totally sucks at Mathematics

keeping a simple account is still a must


as a freelancer

you gonna manage everything

and that of course including your finance


1. Project Summary Sheets

which I updated whenever I obtained a task

the most basic yet important of all


to keep track of everything from

amount, date of project, payment status

basically everything is under control


I have one sheet for each and every major clients

since for the major clients

I have to send monthly invoice

therefore it’s better to split them 

and a sheet named OTHERS for the rest

which goes this way


Project Description

P.O. No
(if any)

Word Count


Invoice Status




the table is updated from time to time

based on availability of information

eg: some clients send their purchase order

from their sides much later

after the project is confirmed


approaching the end of the month

when it comes to issuing an invoice

will refer to this sheet for keywords

and search it in my mailbox to

to reconfirm the details such as

date, P.O. number

before the invoice is sent out


this project summary sheet is

definitely so important as

some clients actually

do not issue a P.O. from their side

so it’s basically

all up to you to keep track


at times

whenever I need to refer to

previously completed project

this would be my guide too

just to track back

when was it completed


2. Sales Performance sheet

from the project summary

I generate a simple sales performance sheet

which I just did


to keep track of monthly sales

the performance trend etc


it goes this way

everything in [] is basically auto-generated

from the SUM function available in Excel

and the additional AVERAGE function at the bottom


Client 01

Client 02

Client 03



Jan         [Monthly Total]
Feb         [Monthly Total]
Mar         [Monthly Total]
Apr         [Monthly Total]
Total [Total/
[Annual Total]


3. ……

still figuring out

probably a balance sheet of

income vs expenditure



thanks to my 6-month part-time job as

an admin with a noodle wholesaler

updating accounts for respective customers

were part and parcel of my daily routine

pay was definitely meager


but the skill picked up

stick for the rest of my life


How-to X Where-to: Use a Promo Code on agoda

despite there are quite a few

new (and perhaps better too)

accommodation booking website


I stick to agoda throughout

unless the specific hostel wanted

is not available


the reason being..

since this is the very first one I use

there’s no pull factors strong enough to

get me to hop somewhere


how to use your promo code on agoda

in order to use your promo code

first of all you have to

make the code entry field available

before you proceed to payment


therefore you have to enter via

a minor-site very similar to the homepage

dedicated to the specific collaborating partner

the logo of the partner clearly displayed on top

then only promo code entry is available


in my case

it’s Digi, my telco

they sent mass text messages

8% during birthday month

7% for all the other subscribers

since it’s only 1% difference

I didn’t make use of the 7% discount


just google for Agoda Digi

or any collaborating partner in your case

to land on the homepage dedicated to

the specific collaborating partner

How to use a promo code for agoda


proceed to search for your

hotel options as usual

the “Promotion Eligible” tag will be

displayed on the top left corner of the options

basically all options are eligible

How to use a promo code for agoda


when you proceed to step #2

Your Booking Details

How to use a promo code for agoda


there will be an extra

Promotion Code column

at the bottom

How to use a promo code for agoda


once a workable code is entered

the discount will be immediately reflected on

total payable amount on the right corner

How to use a promo code for agoda


that pretty much applies to all cases, isn’t it?

finalize your cash rebate/promo code etc

before making payment

Monday, September 28, 2015

✈ShenZhen X ✈Incheon: Seoul Random

officially taking 2 weeks off


for the second half of October


tickets to Shenzhen

booked 3 weeks ago

pretty well-planned

flying to Shenzhen for a transit

heading to some inland cities via

High Speed Rail


followed by Seoul

2 days later


my sis has been bugging me recently

I thought she was just joking

I mean ya sometimes

you told someone

let’s plan a trip together next time

you don’t actually mean it

who knows


but recent few days

looked like she is in for real

entrusted me for ticket booking and

some itinerary planning



I have no idea how

because Seoul has never been

on my travel list and


with my zero exposure to

Kpop, Kdrama etc

with the exception of Choi Siwon

thanks to his appearance in

Chinese movies and reality show  



as promoted by the Korean Tourism Organization

is somehow a tough exercise for me



if you are telling me

let’s plan a trip to

Tibet or even Dunhuang

I can name you some

must-visit places on my list


no matter what it’s

tickets have been booked 

to explore the city

way beyond my scope of imagination



information is abundant

either in English / Chinese

therefore research is not

so much of an issue


and I did ask around too

I bet those who were asked

were pretty surprised too

as the person who never goes

anywhere else but China


Mag who just came back

from a wedding in Seoul

was kind enough to

immediately send me an itinerary and

even some budget sheets in xls



however the other issue

remains unsolved

my sister and a friend

new travel partners

that’s something of

a bigger concern to me


What would they like to do?

What would they like to eat?

Where would they like to go?


Are they okay with public transport?

Apparently not very used to

Are they okay with youth hostel?

Obviously… NO


just go and have fun,

wouldn’t you?

Sunday, September 27, 2015

有幸一見 X 張大千:Chang Dai-Chien’s @ Sichuan Museum

fortunate enough to drop by

Sichuan Museum at Chengdu to

witness some masterpiece artworks by

Mr Zhang Da Qian a.k.a. Chang Dai-Chien

Chang Dai-Chien, Sichuan Museum 張大千 四川博物院


these were part of his work

during early 40’s

spending 2 years 7 months at

Mogao Caves, Dunhuang(敦煌莫高窟)

I hate to use the word “copy” the mural

is there a better / more technical term

in Chinese, it sounds way better, lin mo(臨摹)

Chang Dai-Chien, Sichuan Museum 張大千 四川博物院Chang Dai-Chien, Sichuan Museum 張大千 四川博物院Chang Dai-Chien, Sichuan Museum 張大千 四川博物院


these paintings were kept at his hometown

ever since he never return to mainland

it meant he parted with these paintings for

the rest of his life since 1940’s and

were donated to the nation as

told by him to his family

after his decease


his activities in Mogao Caves

sparked some controversies as

he was accused of peeling the

top layer away to reveal the one underneath

therefore causing some damage

to the original mural

Chang Dai-Chien, Sichuan Museum 張大千 四川博物院


one of the world’s top selling artists

his name is placed alongside with

Andy Warhol, Pablo Picasso


he is way beyond a legend

spending almost 40 years abroad

including in a small city in

Mogi das Cruzes, Brazil

where he bought a persimmon farm and

rebuilt it into a Chinese garden


it’s hard to imagine

throughout these years

from one countries to another

he was still painting

Chinese artworks all his life



Known for his landscape painting and his

unique ink-splashing technique

his paintings are a combination of

new techniques on traditional themes

across different genres of Chinese paintings


Lotus and Mandarin Ducks(1947)

was auctioned for 191m HKD(26.4 m USD)

by Sotheby’s HK on 2011 嘉耦图 1947年 1.91亿港元 香港苏富比 2011-05-31 Chang Dai-Chien Lotus


Aachensee Lake(1968)

was auctioned for 100.8 m RMB (14.76 m USD) at

China Guardian's Spring Auction on 2010

爱痕湖 1968年 1.008亿元 中国嘉德 2010-05-17


Lady with Flowers (1968)

was auctioned for 74m RMB  at

Beijing Polypm on 2010

天女散花 1935年 7448万元 北京保利 2010-12-03多子图 1945年 7458万港元 香港苏富比 2011-05-31


some minimalist’s

张大千国画玉簪花张大千 不丹少女


animals and minority group

张大千 番女掣厖图


over 100 self-portraits

assuming different roles

Chang Dai-Chien self portrait 02Chang Dai-Chien self portrait 01張大千 自画像与黑虎


even as Zhong Kui(鍾馗)

a ghost-catching role

张大千 钟馗进士像



he kept a monkey as pet

until he passed away at Taipei

at the age of 84

张大千 长臂猴


that marked the opening of

my journey in exploring Chinese paintings

where more interesting artists and stories

were gradually unfolded

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Friday Night X Working Tight: Whatever Feels Right

started work after 10pm just now

and decided to call it a day by 1am

but first, let me do some blogging


it has been a quiet day

that was why I was blogging about Liu Wen

in broad day light and

doing some flight ticket research as well


until 4pm there came a potential job

a press release of a concert event

something interesting to me

yet it was soon called off

quite a familiar thingy for us


therefore basically had spent 2 days

without any billable work at all


so even if work comes in after 10pm

and it’s due next Monday

decided to stay up and

managed to complete 2/3 of it


thank goodness

I have learnt the trick

do check your email on Friday night

because you will never know

and guess what

another potential job came in at 12:25am

that’s due to different time zone


however since it’s labeled as potential

chances are 50/50


and there I go

officially sailing into the weekend

neither too busy nor too idle


with capacity to take in more

anything is welcomed, of course

you do get job on Sunday morning

rare, but yeah

anything for the clients


ever since I become a freelancer

the demarcation between

weekend and weekday is

basically quite blurred


the good thing is

I never ever have to suffer from Monday blue

in fact, Monday is something to look forward to

if the workload over the weekend is pretty tight

eg: last week,

3 different projects due on Monday morning


Monday is more like my weekend

as everything is delivered by Monday morning

and there tends to be a small gap in between as

massive project usually doesn’t

come in on a Monday


the bad thing is

I somehow feel guilty and redundant 

if I do not get any projects for the weekend

as if the whole freelance thing is

no longer sustainable till the next Monday

that kind of insecurity is just eerie


but as I have chosen the path

the choice is mine

on how to pace my work well

under the precondition that..



of course client’s deadline is everything


two days ago

I was accompanying my 3 year-old nephew at play

while working on a non-urgent piece

he tried to close my laptop and

joined him at play so I did

while still working on


then suddenly something urgent came in

like the client needed it in one hour

and it’s a proposal/presentation

which I can’t afford to risk on

any mistake or further delay


so I told my nephew

of course he couldn’t get it

and he was “forcefully removed from the scene”

so that I could concentrate


that’s all for today

I am actually quite hungry since 11

all I had for dinner was some veggie soup

keep calm, and the diet plan must go on


going to bed with an empty stomach

a mind possessed with word-processing process

it’s gonna be tough to fall asleep


therefore the blogging session 

just to take off the word-load off my mind


life is work

work is life

I love my work

I therefore love my life

despite it’s slightly upside-down right now

Friday, September 25, 2015

Liu Wen X Siwon: Seoul It’s About H&M

it was kinda interesting

I have heard of one before

like fans of two individuals artists

especially a couple/former couple

in a war to defend their idols


so Siwon spoke via a

live-chat session with fans that

he is single and if

anyone know any good girl,

introduce to him


and he went on to emphasize on RIGHT NOW

and when fan replied he is lying

he stood up and took off his jacket

said see, that’s no girl hiding anywhere


and that sparkled a cyber war between

- die-hard fans of Siwon

- die-hard fans of Liu Wen

- die-hard Liu Wen X Siwon fan

  a.k.a. The Cp(couple) fan

- indifference onlookers


looked like everything everyone was saying

sound quite reasonable too

so which is which?


and the next morning

Liu Wen posted a photo

Morning, Seoul

Liu Wen 刘雯 X White Sneakers 02


that sparked off some speculations 

and today everything is revealed


they are in for H&M 2016 Lunar New Year campaign


Liu Wen has been with H&M for a couple of years

no matter what it is

good to see them back


as what Siwon was saying

he is so “versatile”

at times he is just joking

to ease the atmosphere

so we don’t really know if

he means it when he said

he is single, RIGHT NOW


even if he is

what does it has to do with us

they were in a reality show as a couple

a show is after all still a show



every single day

there are male and female artists

working together for such shooting

it doesn’t necessary mean they are a couple

although a large group of fans wish they are

Liu Wen 刘雯 X Choi Siwon 崔始源 H&M 016Liu Wen 刘雯 X Choi Siwon 崔始源 H&M 2016 01Liu Wen 刘雯 X Choi Siwon 崔始源 H&M 2016 02

as posted by Liu Wen on Weibo

Liu Wen 刘雯 X Choi Siwon 崔始源 H&M 2016 04

anyway she posted a different photo on

Facebook and Instagram

with a more official caption too

Liu Wen 刘雯 X Choi Siwon 崔始源 H&M 2016 05


so I kinda mark myself

in between a fan of Liu Wen and

a fan of the couple if

they are really one


because of Liu Wen

I am suddenly following the

Big Four Fashion weeks 


instead of what’s being showcased

on the runway

what attracted me more is

her street-looks

instead of what’s being showcased

on the runway

Liu Wen 刘雯 X White Sneakers 08Liu Wen 刘雯 X White Sneakers 03Liu Wen 刘雯 X White Sneakers 04Liu Wen 刘雯 X Sneakers 03Liu Wen 刘雯 X Sneakers 05Liu Wen 刘雯 X Sneakers 06Liu Wen 刘雯 X Sneakers 07Liu Wen 刘雯 X White Sneakers 05Liu Wen 刘雯 X White SneakersLiu Wen 刘雯 X White Sneakers 07[3]


just perfect!!

Liu Wen 刘雯 X White Sneakers 06


how difficult it is

when Siwon started being serious

and retweeted his stance on LGBT

it sparked off some back-fire

people were upset


he posted another 5-6 Tweets of

apology statements

and soon deleted everything

some of them went like this:


I apologize for my inconsiderate choice

to retweet Rev.Piper’s tweet

Reason I echoed Rev. Piper’s thoughts was

because I wished to voice a plurality of opinions.

However, now I realize that my comments were

hurtful to those whom I hold dearest :

my fans, and their friends and families


Whoever is careless with the truth in

small matters cannot be trusted with important matters.

- Albert Einstein


he once posted this

2 weeks ago

which was deleted too


poor Siwon

he could be quite confused too

wonder if he has a personal

Social Media assistant to handle

4.95m fans on Twitter

16m on Weibo

2.2m on Instagram


not forgetting

numerous official and unofficial fan pages

dedicated to SJ, Siwon, Siwon X LiuWen

etc etc etc


that makes an interesting case study

from a PR perspective



thanks to H&M for

bringing them together again

always looking so lovely together

Liu Wen 刘雯 X Choi Siwon 崔始源 H&M 2016 03

Thursday, September 24, 2015

CD/成都/07: Mt. Emei 峨眉山 2/2

A quick glance on

how to get to the peak

the tourist version


Estimated time


in RMB

1. Hotel – Main entrance 3 min via bus Entrance 190
2. Main entrance – mid-hill 1.5 hour 2-way bus 90
3. Mid-hill – Cable car stn 30 min walk - -
3. Cable car stn – Peak stn 3 min 2-way cable 120
4. Peak stn – The Peak 15 min walk - -
5. Mid-hill – Wan Nian Temple 30 min walk /
Cable car
2-way car
6. Mid-hill – monkey area not-really-sure tourist cart 20+


of course the other version

would be the free-and-easy hiker’s version

like 3 days 2 night?


we booked the 2-way bus ticket in #2

from the hotel 

which costs 160 RMB instead of 90 RMB

which is also inclusive of

- morning call at 4am

- breakfast & lunch

- tour-guide service


so we were at the main entrance

before 5am to catch the earliest bus

in facts there were quite a lot of folks

I bet most people took the tour package

from the hotel we were staying,

there were already 20+


the ticket office was not even opened

basically everyone was standing outside

in pretty heavy RAIN!!


took the 1.5 hour bus trip

sound asleep basically

despite the winding journey


8am, mid-hill

on the way to the cable car station

under that kind of weather

thank goodness it wasn’t that cold

Mt. Emei 峨眉山Mt. Emei 峨眉山Mt. Emei 峨眉山


got to the Peak by 8:40am

not getting any better

Mt. Emei 峨眉山


that was considered quite okay

Mt. Emei 峨眉山

as the next minute

it could go this way

not to mention the drizzle

which went on and on

Mt. Emei 峨眉山


the four features of Mt. Emei

the sea of cloud(雲海)

the gleaming Buddha(佛光)

the sun rise or at least the sunshine(日出)

the holy light, that’s for night time(聖燈) 

I thought I could at least see one of them

most probably the first two


Mt. Emei 峨眉山Mt. Emei 峨眉山Mt. Emei 峨眉山Mt. Emei 峨眉山 


making our way down by 10am and

guess what

the sky was starting to clear up

Mt. Emei 峨眉山Mt. Emei 峨眉山Mt. Emei 峨眉山Mt. Emei 峨眉山Mt. Emei 峨眉山


there were 2 options available

for the second half of the tour after lunch

#5 as above – to Wan Nian Temple(萬年寺)

#6 as above – to the Monkey area with the tour guide


I took the third option

left the tour group after lunch

the other 5 who left were like 70+

3 old men and a couple

kinda cool if I can still travel like them

if I ever live that old


the tour guide asked me to

help them out to see them

getting on the right bus

but seemed like they know better than me 


that’s actually my first time of

signing up a day-trip package in China

with mixed results

Mt. Emei 峨眉山


the tour guide of ours

in a way pretty fine as

she wasn’t exactly guiding

she left us to go free and easy


did a quick explanation on the bus 

collected some money and

she hopped on to another bus half way

basically most of the time

the explanation was on payment too

nothing much on the attraction itself


but for the old folks

this wasn’t good at all

we were left on our own

most of the time


what she did was to collect money and

buy tickets on behalf

after distribution,

okay, see you there on XX a.m.


and she had 50 members all to herself

that’s way too out of proportion


2-hour bus journey back to Chengdu

the bus terminal is directly located at the foot

the other option is high-speed rail

stuck in a jam and it took us 4 hours

Mt. Emei 峨眉山


to sum up the

2d/1n Leshan/Mt. Emei trip 

3000m, checked

another UNESCO World heritage site, checked

natural factors: rain/fog

unintentional manmade factors: lost purse/heavy jam

local factors: lousy restaurant/overworked tour guide 


life is not a bed of roses

a trip is no exception of course


I actually can’t wait to

get back to Chengdu

the cosy hotel room

the spicy dumpling soup

the busy yet easy-going streets


how fast that is to

fall back to the comfort zone


at least, I may put a tick for 2 mountains from

the lists after this Chengdu trip

and pretty convinced that

that’s just a beginning of a life-long journey

  1. The Five Great Mountains
    1. East Great Mt (Dōngyuè): Tài Shān
    2. West Great Mt (Xīyuè): Huà Shān
    3. South Great Mt (Nányuè): Héng Shān (Hunan)
    4. North Great Mt (Běiyuè): Héng Shān (Shanxi)
    5. Center Great Mt (Zhōngyuè): Sōng Shān
  2. The Four Sacred Mountains of Buddhism
    1. Wǔtái Shān
    2. Éméi Shān
    3. Jiǔhuá Shān
    4. Pǔtuó Shān
  3. The Four Sacred Mountains of Taoism
    1. Wǔdāng Shān
    2. Lónghŭ Shān
    3. Qíyūn Shān
    4. Qīngchéng Shān

from Wiki page - The Sacred Mountains of China

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