Thursday, February 27, 2014

Stephelle’s Kitchen: Baked Bean Pasta

baked bean pasta


suddenly craving for baked bean

I had stock, thank goodness

being the only canned food I store


because I saw the recipe on 12 tomatoes

my goodness

8-12 hours in a slow cooker to

make baked bean from scratch


it’s alright

I shall stick to canned bean


baked bean always reminds me of home

because it is a favourite dish of my sis

so my mom will only cook it

when she is around

ie: Monday or Saturday



if I happened to be home

which is rare

that would be a holiday then

that makes baked bean suddenly memorable 


I think I am such a bad food blogger

because all I write is

what you have already known


(i) bring the veggies cubes to boil

(ii) stir in a can of baked bean

(iii) pour them over pre-boiled pasta


I bought this light version of baked bean

50% less sugar

which makes all the difference, indeed

sweetness is the essence of baked bean


however I introduced some new flavours

the tomato enhances the sourness

chilies sauce which added tinge of spiciness


having cooked the whole can

I store half of it in the fridge

to become part of my lunch box tomorrow

baked bean pasta


some friends wonder

how on earth can you still

find energy and time to cook?

not to mention

to blog about it


well frankly speaking

work life is a mess

love life… do not mention it

now it’s even worse than Single-Available-Desperate


the process of preparing my own dinner

the simple yet warm dinner are

where I seek solace from

it makes me feel humane, again

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Stephelle’s Kitchen: No-Blend Pekingese Yogurt Smoothie

I found the way to

replicated the superb yogurt from Beijing

yup.. that one which was served in glass bottle


I got cheated at Wang Fu Jing Food Street

they displayed loads of glass bottle

so I went and

they gave me the one in plastic bottle

saying that glass bottle is not for you

it breaks easily

and I was charged RMB 5 each


I later found the same thing

yogurt in plastic bottle at

7 Eleven for RMB 2.50



the old-school type is available at

corner stores with 

the friendly storekeepers of

the neighbourhood


it’s RMB 4.50 if you are taking it away

RM 3.00 if you drink on the spot

RM 1.50 being the deposit of the glass bottle


so here you are

Beijing yogurt drink in glass bottle


yet it is more about the fanciful design

no.. fanciful is a wrong word

its traditional design


the taste is just somehow

standing above other yogurt / yogurt drinks

I have tried else where


it’s in between yogurt and yogurt drinks

creamy texture yet

drinkable with a straw


a little sweet, but not too much

a little sour, and a little taste of fragrance


you may doubt that

the taste is artificial

I know I know

all the notorious cases of Chinese food

yet given the all-so-traditional bottle

it is difficult to think that

this is actually artificially flavoured


so I would call it a yogurt smoothie


and outside the store

you may see stacks of bottles

being arranged orderly

waiting to be recycled


so it’s not difficult to

track stores which carry

the glass-bottle yogurt

well.. if I would have realized this

I wouldn’t get cheated

it’s okay.. being an experience


oh my

I spent 300 words

talking about yogurt drink in Beijing

and not even touching on the

product of Stephelle’s Kitchen yet



so actually

it’s that easy


mix yogurt drink with plain yogurt

the proportion is to your liking

and ladies and gentlemen

a Beijing yogurt smoothie is

ready to be served

yogurt smoothie


my yogurt drink is the

least sweet of all available in the market

so is my plain yogurt


for people who do not understand

the world of plain yogurt and

original flavour yogurt drink

I can assure you that

this is just heavenly

把我寵壞 X 是你的壞:女剩的錯愛























抱著一點"looking forward"








你吃過了嗎 沒吃趕快去吃


當然 我並非一個吃貨


我很暖 很窩心




:你幹嘛吃這麼少 也不吃肉


:你有沒有把tag帶上 我來幫你開門




茶是酸得不行 我那晚幾乎胃疼

但 甜在心頭的感覺 依然猶新






“是不是你 你干嘛欺負她”!




走過他的辦公室 突然會抬頭來看

若他不在 或是其他人發現了

就快快低頭 繼續走






我會想 該死




剛才放工時 就發生了耶

他不會覺得 我那件外套很滑稽吧






嘻嘻 好壞







因為 他讓我突然有了去上班的動力






that’s right
















哇靠 有夠衰的












每天 騎著一輛小機車 去上班









相信我 只要和另外一個人一起

我真的不介意 是搭公車 還是是機車

但 在我們能力許可的情況下

還是 買輛車唄



有一天 要我能騎在他的機車后面

一起來上班 該多好



一前一后 走進各自辦公室





我怎么知道 他一定是騎車?

就那天 下班撞見了他

看見他拿頭盔了 幸好只是一個










還有但愿 他永遠都不知道



就算全世界與我為敵 / 陳綺貞

Monday, February 24, 2014

Stephelle’s Kitchen: Yogurt Crackers

at times I crave for ice-cream

on my way back from work

so why don’t I get some yogurt instead

and decided to give Iranian yogurt a try today


not everyone could stand plain yogurt

I have come to realize

but I just love it so much

the more sour it is, the better it gets


Iranian yogurt is totally a different experience

the texture is less runny,

more like soft bean curd or that

bean curd desser 豆花 we have

taste wise, it is not sour at all

not as creamy as Greek yogurt

so it’s basically closer to the texture of

a dessert and less “scary” for those

who couldn’t take the

sourness of plain yogurt


I actually used it as dressing for crackers

just perfect

creamy top, crunchy bottom

a little sour on top, a little savoury at the bottom

yogurt crackers


adding topping was printed on the

tin can of the crackers as

suggestion of serving

but I bet they are suggesting mayo


a serving of 3 crackers with yogurt is

just fine for my dinner appetizer

it is almost a must to have

pre-dinner light meal like this


because after reaching home at 7

I have to spent at least 1 hour

for shower and cooking

so dinner is usually served after 8

by then I was already starving like hell

and eat in such big gulps and swallows

you wouldn’t wanna see it


so a light filler meal like that

do me loads good

at the same time

satisfy my sweet tooth for

something cold


next up is to buy this

fava bean a.k.a. board bean which

is an Egyptian staple food 

served with bread

something like Dhal I assume?

ful madammes


life is good to

try one new thing a day

Cross Borders X With "Brother": Random Shoppers

Me and Mag Mag

took a bus journey

from one end of the island to another:

Tampines to Woodland


but anyway because the island is

after all not that big

so this is not the longest bus route

I have taken so far

and traffic is smooth on a Sunday morning

on top of the tip-toe road conditions


but sitting in a bus

is a good way to catch up

double-decker front row

being my favorite

and it happened to be empty


and can just talk non stop

it provides a different angle

for sight seeing too


So we met up with

Ms Manager at Woodlands

should be the final one

before she heading to London In March

in front of Woodlands CC

one good place to shop in Singapore is

those community bazaar

I walked in thinking to

look for something for stuffs

for the kids back home

then ended up falling for a

"not so authentic" Julius mini backpack

mini backpack is great for

day trips during travels

and you appeared less "tourister"

compared with a large one

It's navy blue in colour

wish I could find sample

in quilted pattern

the face of Julius being half

at the bottom corner

But it wasn't of good bargain

the guy just simply quoted SGD 25 and

since you like it SGD 23 then

that's not my preferred mode of

buying and selling

so it's alright

then we ended buying this

really cute rainbow cropped tops

Yay for our first ever island/beach trip

although we don't have a single clue

when it is going to happen for real

rainbow cropped tee


Then we crossed borders to JB

to The mall within walking distance

from the custom building

City Square has apparently went through

major revamp since

the last time I was here


original plan was to catch a movie

Golden Chickensss

but timing wasn't as good as planned

so we had a long good lunch


I think this was one of the

most filling Jap meal I ever had

Because Mag gave me her

miso soup, that steamed egg thingy and

corn which she kinda has phobia of

i don't even know what's this is called


While we talked on

I realized that she had long finish

her meal while i was still

busy with the cutleries

all she needs is rice and

me is the exact opposite


time for some calories burning activity

and I was yet to get stuffs for the kids

hence we ended up in FOS

and I spotted something

even better than the one

we gave up just now

Mickey waterproof backpack


those two on the left

are definitely a big no

in between sky blue and army green

I actually prefer army green

because it's more masculine

and blue has a higher chance of

clashing with my outfits

given the high proportion of blue clothes

in my wardrobe


so it's you

army green mickey backpack


Did I end up buying something

for the kids?

just a shorts for Brother Jay

Sister Jaz gonna get upset again


I vow I should stop

using the excuse of buying things

for them to shop for myself


When we started talking yesterday

I was like hey Mag

you should have gotten the red one

they go well with our rainbow tees


and now she actually wanted to

grab one during her next trip


It's always good to have

partners in crime


Sunday, February 23, 2014

City X Always Busy: Triggering Memory

back to the city where

when I was residing here

everything was so unfamiliar

however as I return as a short traveler

everything seems to be so familiar

the local-accent Mandarin

which I had already picked up and

could still spoke pretty well

the never ending busy train stations

guess they are still one of the best

in the world

although it took me time to study the

new Circle Line

I don't know

once you have tried walking in

more and more different cities

suddenly this place which is

so well-urbanized suddenly has got

some credits of its own

am I thinking of returning for real?

yes maybe

no maybe not

35 months down the road until

I am a free person to

determine where am I heading


I once thought that

it's such silly idea to talk about

identity and destiny

because you are born with it

until I reach some points

whereby I wish I have got another

nationality, hence a new identy

with a totally different destiny

Arrgh.. That's not something

as easy as rhyming the words together

but yet…

can we actually use but-yet side by side

thought they mean the same thing


hope and ambition are still running

underneath the everyday mundane life

sunset view from Stadium

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Hi!! X I am So High: Ready to Fly

Slept at 2 plus

yet woke up at 4

then the next round I looked at the time

What?? It's only 4:44

forced myself to sleep back

until 5:50


that will never ever happened

on a weekday

which I wouldn't be dragged out of bed

before 6:20


even the OT yesterday night

until 11 something

didn't make me grumpy


pretty much thanks to the fellow who

stayed awake to pick me up

and we actually headed for supper

and a proper breakfast (later)


on a weekday

I would even like

oh it's 6:18

let's listen to another song before waking up

and another and another..


heading to concert

oh yeah!!

flight is at 2:20pm


supposedly thinking

I have to enter office in the morning

but my colleagues were like

no you should just go


the funny kid even told

the other (not-so-close) colleague:

hey any of her work

you come and find me tomorrow

she is not coming


and he told me if

I ever turn up

he will give me a good slap



probably this job is not as bad

given all the sweet colleagues around

I mean male and female alike



but still

I have to go back

because I left my boarding pass

in the office


no worries

it's a good day

good good day

Stephie Selfie

Thursday, February 20, 2014

無人島的 X 自唱自和:時間的歌














完整的歌單 并且能直點

















0:00 旅行的意義

2:14 告訴我

4:25 還是會寂寞

6:12 孩子

8:43 太聰明

11:02 距離

12:38 九份的咖啡店

13:57 慢歌3


17:17 倔強愛情的勝利

19:15 失敗者的飛翔

20:46 太多

24:00 嫉妒

27:15 會不會

29:13 狂戀

30:53 太陽

34:47 self

37:02 吉他手

38:26 讓我想一想

39:50 躺在你的衣櫃

41:48 煙火

44:43 1234567

46:27 腐朽

50:11 我親愛的偏執狂

52:00 孤獨是等待

53:31 孤島

56:31 下個星期去英國

58:20 每天都是一種練習

1:01:09 寫一首歌讓你帶回去

1:02:28 小塵埃


1:06:42 sentimental kills

1:08:23 飄著

1:09:58 越洋電話

1:11:14 after 17

1:12:15 表面的和平

1:13:42 迷霧中跳舞

1:14:52 一起去巴黎

1:16:59 下午三點

1:18:14 最初的起點

1:19:08 小小校歌

1:20:02 天天想你

1:21:45 不應該

1:23:35 靈感

1:25:48 蜉蝣

1:27:10 華麗的冒險

1:29:16 80%完美的日子

1:31:31 靜靜的生活

1:32:15 我的驕傲無可救藥

1:34:05 情歌

1:35:59 微涼的你

1:37:36 花的姿態

1:39:29 雨天的尾巴

1:41:24 就算全世界與我為敵

1:43:20 小步舞曲

1:45:16 慢歌1






陳綺貞 X 五月天:私奔到月球


私奔到月球 / 五月天 陳綺貞



私奔到月球 / 五月天 陳綺貞 / Live






雨水一盒 / 陳綺貞


流浪者之歌 / 陳綺貞


柏拉圖式愛情 / 陳綺貞


家 / 陳綺貞

Peace & Revolution / 陳綺貞

時間的歌 / 陳綺貞 / 音樂特輯


陳綺貞 魏如萱 盧廣仲







but l like it so

Determination X Yet Hesitation: Concert Leave Application

When I caught a glimpse of

the event proposal back in jan

"my whole world went collapsed"


20th-23rd Feb??


I have bought concert ticket

way back in Dec for

22nd feb, which is on a Saturday


Oh man

so I told Mag

kindly just give me your

account number and I shall

transfer the ticket fare to her

I am not going to turn up as promised


but she refused to

thinking that I should

just give it a try before giving up


I asked my senior colleagues and

they told me the same thing


So it set me thinking

should I take the risk of

booking the flight ticket and

submitting along with the leave application

so it would appear to be more credible


It's all or nothing

so let's say I do nothing

I lost the concert ticket and

looking all grumpy throughout the event

probability is 100%


Let's say I book a flight ticket and

attach it, along with the concert ticket

to the leave application


chances are 50% : 50%

I got the approval and fly my way or

landing on a bigger loss


Then after the press con last week

because I know if that thing

went on well

my chance is higher

and it did


I finally decided to

submit the application

moreover after that Pre-event function

I realized that

maybe I think too great of myself


so many fishes in the sea

what role do I have to play

even I have,

it is not something pivotal


I am just a seaweed which is

hidden at one corner

struggling to keep afloat

*i actually modify some lyrics

of a song to Illustrate this*


so one fine morning

I checked with the PA if

my boss is in good mood and


so there I went

it looked a bit bleak in the first place

because she asked

why didn’t I apply earlier


I told her I was trying hard to

sell the ticket but failed

so basically this is a last resort

"well.. Yes I didn't lie about this"


Then she said that

normally they won't allow

except in special case



she will bring this up to

the senior management because

she is not the one who can approve


after getting back to my desk

I was like

oh this is a gone case

she is the vice president of the group

i.e. the senior management

I refuse to believe that

patty little things like that

she has to bring it up to

the board meeting?



that's just her appeared to be

less nasty way of

rejecting the application


but oh come on

maybe it's a 50% 50% again

she just wanted to see my performance

for the week to come or


she just have to show that

you see.. Leave application is

not as easily as you imagine

so don't ever try it if

you don't have any life-death emergency


until two days ago, Tuesday?

she gave me back my application form

with a tick beside

the "Approved" column


Oh man..

Oh man...

Oh man...


Happy flyday!!!

No in fact it's a Saturday

I am still working half day on Saturday


and it's glad to think that

my boss is actually not that bad

after all

not that I thought she is


Assume the worst

prepare the best

that's my "crisis management"

motto these days



I have even drafted a formal letter

which was badly written

thank goodness it wasn't even printed


it’s a déjà vu

I actually remembered this scene

from my dream


the other time it was vice versa

gangs flew over for concert

and I was like

how could it be possible that

I will do something as crazy as

flying to another city for concert

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Ride X A Bike: One Day, I Might

baby blue foldable bike


One of the guys

not the one in the picture

who always takes the same bus

in the morning


came with a foldable bike

which i was eyeing with envy

and it’s baby blue!!

Hey not too bad right

so he can actually cycle the 5km

back home after work

but the more troublesome part is

the carrying to and fro the

"final destination"s

let’s say, I am staying at level 9

working at level 4

yes there's elevator

but still..

the transportation of the transport is a hassle

How I wish this city comes with

those public bike-for-rent service

you could just rent one and

return at any other bike kiosk of

your destination

and when we alight

the guy actually rode it in from the road

overtaking everyone else

who was secretly competing on

a walkathon to the main entrance of

our lovely company

Arrgh.. attention seeker

but imagine if he doesn't ride it

he has to carry it

So attention seeking is a most

Time to go

let's see if he brings the bike today or

he has already given up

Monday, February 17, 2014

Mind Wondering X Thought Wandering: Monday Rambling

I took out a new skirt to wear

and forgot that I left the price tag

hanging in the air

thank goodness my mom saw it


I ordered two pieces of Thosai for breakfast

the boss asked if two pieces on

separate plates since

there were two of us

just one of course

and he looked at me in disbelief


I bended to put some papers

I have read on the floor

so I lost my balance and

almost fell off the chair



I tuned into Hito radio at 10a.m.

hoping to catch the premiere of

Khalil’s new song: Dangerous World

but the stupid network is poor

as usual

so I only managed to catch

like 3 phrases?


I wanted to pour water into

the bucket beside the water dispenser

but ended up pouring into

the waste bin beside

thank goodness there's

a trash bag inside


I wanted to type the name of

a college starting with S

then I ended up typing Sleepy


I was so tired but

I won’t sleep anytime early because

probably I will end up waking up

In the middle of the night if

I sleep too early


so it's better to stick to the

11 to 6:30 routine or

end up being trapped in

a bad sleep cycle


it's Monday

I am sure everyone pretty much

suffer the same thing as I am

because weekdays which is

supposed to be utilized to

pay the sleep debt is

Used to snowballed into

a even heavier debt


and I doubt if

I really wanna get into relationship

because I don't even have

enough time for my family


unless he blends into our circle

which I doubt will happen anytime soon

father-daughter who raced their ways

under the hot sun to

reach home from their Sunday walk


I don't know what this post is

directed to

It's like i can go on rambling about

3 things over and over again:


waiting for bus,

wanting a boyfriend and

wandering away in Beijing


but forgive me

as a person of small social circle

I don't really have much in mind


oh ya I have got my dumbbell

recycled from yogurt drink bottles

almost ready


so maybe I can start

working out tonight

No.. too sleepy

tomorrow morning maybe


I wanna build up so badly

so that I look nice in peplum


in fact now I can handle the

19 liter water bottle

fixing it onto the dispenser

without any help


but I do it when no one is around

because I think that scene

looks kinda masculine



what's next?


no.. actually I

still want a boyfriend

who likes my dad and vice versa


he says he's sending me to

those take-me-out show of

mainland production

I don’t mind actually

provided that they accept me


I am dead tired yet

must stay awake until 11

to harvest my plants and

another premiering of Dangerous World is

happening after 11

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sun-kissed X Joy-Reaped: Weekend-Feed

Super duper heavy Sunday

8:30 am

walking downtown on feet 

a bit of hiking, breakfast and flea market


my dad was all of a sudden

wanting to explore coin collecting because

he started to regret 

getting rid of loads of old coins

which we found out actually worth something in

the eyes’ of coin collectors

coin collection at flea market


Dropped by the mall

while my dad was

having his quick power nap

at the fountain area

they got rid of all the koi fishes

too bad


wanted to catch a bus back yet

we waited for 30 minutes

and my dad was already cursing

hey imagine i am going through this everyday, daddy


walked back under the sun around

12 noon for 20 minutes

superb absorption of Vitamin E


back home for lunch

and napped for like 3 hours

here’s some Sunday snack before nap

found that I still have

quite some stocks

since I bought for the toys and

not so much of the candy itself


someone came and took his share

actually he was the one who

directed my attention to the chocolate

and I didn’t know if

it's the chocolate

he started puking all over



evening segment was

heavier than expected

grocery shopping with mom


I think I should be spending

more time with her

since I stole her hubby away

for weekend dates and vacations


I found something I wanna buy

but can't really afford:

A baby housekeeper

Just like this one 


every corner she went

she just took a few items down

and put them on the floor

from spices & herbs, dairy products to chips

poor parents

when she saw some 3D ambient ad on the floor

of some cows for dairy products

she was like… showing the frightened face

that’s supposed to attract kids, right?

little miss busy


okay I got this

Yup.. a baby blue toothbrush holder

i realize blue coloured brands are always given priority

when it comes to selection of products

Oral-B being one of them

Oral-B toothbrush holder


the danger with free gift

you will suddenly come across

the non-free-gift version

selling at a lower price

then you start consoling yourself

It’s okay..

this comes with a free gift



what's the point of a FREE gift if

you are paying extra price for it

but hey.. look this is a limited edition



then another quick trip with my daddy to

grab something at the pharmacy

and i popped by Kitschen where i have done

a heavy shopping two days ago at

another branch of theirs

All I Want is X Some Grocery: V’s Day Shopping


hey what's going on with that

the white patch of paper and

i am that kind of shopper

let’s say i got a mark-down item

i will tear the price tag off to

find out the previous recommended retail price

so how can i leave this alone


It was something like this

two days ago


When i got home on Friday

then I realized I didn't get the

20% off as listed

but I didn’t manage to go back

so I actually made the right decision of

not going back

because they would probably directed me to this one


Bumped into something

goodness it's them

Little Miss and Mr. Man


so I got the two mini gifts for the gang

on the upcoming meet-up next week

yeehaaa… across the sea here i come

but isn't it a but unfair

one being so mini


Or probably I should collect more

before I give it out

McDonald's SpongeBob SquarePants plush 2014


i completed two sets of collection for her previously

so there shouldn’t be much of a problem

except the fact that i am already quite sick with

the taste of the food

probably the Patrick Shell Shock, maybe

2014.02.17 SpongeBob Square Pants Underwater Adventures X McDonald happy meal


arrgh when are they bringing this one

Super Mario x happy meal 

I found a pirated version back home

Oh my but he looks so sharp in photo

I called him StarfishBob, because

in terms of Mandarin, it sounds similar

SBSP is pronounced as Hai Mian Bao Bao

StarfishBob is Hai Xing Bao Bao

pirated SpongeBob


and more time with the kids

fooling around with Jayden BBrother Jay


a weekend without “I Am a Singer”

something is amiss

someone who misses the show actually

cut G.E.M.'s photos out of the newspapers

slotted them in her pink purse and

and declared she has found an idol

i told her, my idol is G.E.M.’s boyfie

Big J and her idol


Weekend is so short

but it's always worth the wait

is it Monday tomorrow?


yes it is

but I am quite resistant to it

oh really?

stop posting depressing stuffs, won’t you


yes i won’t

next week is definitely promising

苦等那碟菜菜 X 不如先來個果派:人艱不拆的無奈


人 有

生 些

已 事

經 情

如 就

此 不

的 要

艱 拆

難 穿


給 Mag Mag 發了一則微博

































泛黃信紙 X 深藍信封:





Snoopy: Dear Valentine,

Snoopy: Happy Valentine's Day!







主菜來了 反而帶倦意






第一次 不信邪




第二次 好玩兼貪吃




第三次 假裝過敏期已過

結果還是 戰勝不了




Sorry 我真的挺喜歡你











高抬貴手 請不要再問我





我知道 我都知道。。
















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