Friday, April 28, 2017

5 Months of Photos X with Duplicated Names: All Gone!!!

last week

felt it was lucky enough that

i savaged a 3 GB+ picture folder

with 53 sub folders and

2522 pictures in there

from the recycle bin


that particular folder

was named as

“2016 sorted in album”


goodness knows

how it ended up there


then today

was browsing through

photos transferred from my phone

to realize that those

recently transferred batches

were gone, seriously


pictures from Sept to March

were nowhere to be found


then i realized

i know what is going on here

IMG_0001 – IMG 9999


the naming sequence will be

auto reset as IMG_0001

so that was how i actually

didn’t manage to transfer

the photos with duplicated names

but deleted them away

just like that!!!


the last photo is

taken on Sept 22

named IMG_9858


and the next photo

in my phone is


taken on 13 Feb


there’s a 3000 gap



thank goodness

i have actually

transferred all the

photos snapped during travel

into separate folders


and those parked under

stand-alone folders

for blogging purposes


i couldn’t exactly remember

what are the photos missing

actually i was looking for

photos of a dress bought

during January


because i couldn’t believe that

i had actually bought

  • a dress
  • a shirt
  • a pair of sneakers
  • a wristlet

and that’s about all

since the beginning of 2017


the missing photos

probably consist of

daily food, shopping,

the kids, flea market

and ………………



a 5 month memory gap

what have i have done

and i actually hardly blogged about

my daily life during that 5 months


as mentioned

i have 53 sub folders

parked under

“2016 in sorted albums”



i have none for 2017

while 1/3 of the year

is almost gone

procrastination is a bitch

Thursday, April 27, 2017

中女的難搞 X 大男孩的苦惱: Love off the Cuff 春嬌救志明






自憐自艾的attention seeker

Love off the cuff 春嬌救志明 12















Love off the cuff 春嬌救志明 01Love off the cuff 春嬌救志明 02Love off the cuff 春嬌救志明 03Love off the cuff 春嬌救志明 08Love off the cuff 春嬌救志明 09










加起來 也沒有八年吧






收集東西 那不是長不大



“一個嗜好很多 能力很小”


或簡稱為 kidult


















台北的劇情 有點少

可惜了 春嬌的pop-up繪圖本



Love off the cuff 春嬌救志明 13

Love off the cuff 春嬌救志明 04





Love off the cuff 春嬌救志明 05Love off the cuff 春嬌救志明 10Love off the cuff 春嬌救志明 11Love off the cuff 春嬌救志明 14






Love off the cuff 春嬌救志明 07














Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Journey to Wudang 02: Prince’s Slope 太子坡/復真觀

was hesitating if

i should lump the attractions together

with a quick overview


or do a quick individual post

for every place as

i doubt i’ll come back again

who knows…


Prince’s Slope 太子坡

Prince’s Slope 太子坡/復真觀Prince’s Slope 太子坡/復真觀


the name:

Princes are sent here for

“further studies” during

the Ming dynasty


as seen from the picture above

the entrance is actually a slope

as it is built following the

nature slope of the mountain


that’s what Taoism is about

(according to me)

live in/with/by nature


the official name of

the temple is

Quanzhenguan 全真觀


i was suddenly proud that

i am able to remember the name

after almost one month later

until I googled it



Quanzhenguan is the one

at Qingcheng Mountain 青城山

somewhere near Chengdu


the official name of

the temple is

複真觀 Fuzhenguan

i.e. Fuzhen Taoist Temple


what’s cool about it:

the choice of colors and the architecture

are Royal-exclusive

resembling those found in

the Forbidden City and

the Summer Palace


what I really like about it:

they have kept

the building intact

in spite of the

chipping paints


you have no idea

how much i appreciate it


it’s like

seeing a make-up free face

with a natural skin tone

despite the flaws


instead of covered in

layers of thick make-up

which smells chemical-like



Prince’s Slope 太子坡/復真觀Prince’s Slope 太子坡/復真觀Prince’s Slope 太子坡/復真觀


and the slope actually

looks different

every time you look back

from a different angle

Prince’s Slope 太子坡/復真觀



glad that i finally decided

to split the attractions

instead of lumping them all

into one post


i might wanna come back here again

who knows….


i actually got

very strange ideas about

Mount Wudang after my visit

to the Prince’s Slope


this place actually

makes quite a good location

for couple/wedding shots



from an advocate of bachelorism?



this is a backdated post

posted on 5/5/2017 12:04 AM

so that all the Wudang posts

are next to each other


more than a week delay

since i uploaded the first post

on 25/4/2017

what have I been doing then

Journey to Wudang 01: Transport & Stay Overview

Transport to Wudang

(1) High speed rail (recommended)

- Wudangshan station 武當山站

- Shiyan station 十堰站


Shiyan station is further away

30 km from the mountain


yet the trains are more frequent

as it is a bigger station

as compared to Wudangshan


i made the mistake of

searching for trains between

Wuhan (Hankou / Wucang station)

and Wudangshan station

instead of Wuhan - Shi Yan


which ended up

making me real panic

as the tickets were limited

and the journey took 6-7 hours


in fact

the trains running between

Wuhan and Shiyan are

really frequent and

it takes approximately 4 hours


(2) Airport

Shiyan Wudangshan Airport



not recommended

as the city is always

cladded in heavy fog

flight cancelation is a norm


how lucky am i to

bump into one

so i ended up

taking the train instead

Journey to Wuhan 08: Flight Cancellation



public transport

between the airport

and the mountain is

not frequent (once / day)


by this point of time

if you are already confused

over Shiyan and Wudangshan


Shiyan City 十堰市

is the city where

Wudang Mountains is

hence they name the airport

after Wudangshan


Wudangshan Town 武當山鎮

a small town where

Wudang Mountains is


i.e. in hierarchy

  1. Hubei Province 湖北省
  2. Shiyan City 十堰市
  3. Wudangshan Town 武當山鎮
  4. Wudang Mountains 武當山景區




visitors shall spend at least a night

in the mountain area itself

for catching the sun set,

early hike etc…


there are people

who choose to camp there too

Wudang Shan 武當山


there are plenty of hotels

at the main transport hubs

in the mountain itself


i didn’t book it in advance

since i wouldn’t know if

the location is strategic

i don’t want to end up

booking somewhere in

the middle of no where


what i had in mind was

as we got here around 1PM

will try to cover a few

attractions along the way

and settle down at

somewhere convenient


before entering the mountain

there are such tourist information booths

along the way leading to the

ticket counter

Wudang Shan 武當山


i got a quick brief

on the route

Wudang Shan map 武當山地圖


and ended up

booking my hotel from them



i found out later that

the price was

way much more expensive

than online booking


i got no complaint

as it was within my budget

and the room was pretty good

Wudang Shan Xianghe Villa 武當山祥和山莊


i topped up 20 RMB

for these view

View from Wudang Shan Xianghe Villa at South Cliff 武當山南嚴祥和山莊View from Wudang Shan Xianghe Villa at South Cliff 武當山南嚴祥和山莊


and it would be

much better than

walking clueless-ly and

definitely cheaper than

walk-in price


by the way

for the purpose of

catching train, flight etc

there are plenty of hotels

in the vicinity of Shiyan city

i.e. where the train station is


transport in the mountain

the main form of transport

is a shuttle bus

ferrying passengers

between 5 transport hubs


the fare is inclusive

in the 240 RMB entrance ticket

i.e. you may take the bus

as frequent as you like

Wudang Shan shuttle bus 武當山公交車


Transport Hub

these (except the peak)

are where the bus terminals are

as well as main attractions and hotels

Wudang Shan Transport Map 武當山交通地圖


so the hotel recommended

is located at Nanyan


day #1

visited the attractions

along the bus route, i.e.

Taizhipo, Ziqiaogong, Nanyan

and spent a night at Nanyan


day #2

checked out early in the morning

hiked to the Peak

the 4.7 km route

can be done within 2.5 hours

if you are fast enough


not for me though,

it took me almost 3.5

or maybe 4


for our way down

took a cable car ride to Qiongtai

caught a bus to Taizhipo

transferred to another bus uphill

to collect our luggage at Nanyan


before making our way downhill

and spent the night at Shiyan city

Monday, April 17, 2017

Journey to Wuhan 08: Flight Cancellation

after 4 nights in Wuhan

we switched to a cheap

apartment hotel with

really small room

for storage purpose


before we left for Wudangshan

for 3 days 2 nights

the next morning at 6 AM


were ready to go by 6AM

since our flight was at 8:50 AM

and touched down at

Shiyan Wudangshan Airport

an hour later


there was supposed to be 

an express bus to Wudangshan

but was told that

it had departed



from my research

the bus departs at 9:50 AM

just once on a daily basis


while our flight is

scheduled to touch down

at 9:50 AM too

i know right…


so as suggested by

a driver for the express bus

of another route heading downtown

i may take the bus to town

and change to a city bus to

Wudangshan instead


okay then

i didn’t catch what

he was saying properly

in his local accent


so when he dropped me

somewhere in the middle of the city

i found that there were

actually no direct bus

to Wudangshan from the city


and i had to catch

another city bus to Shiyan train station

for the bus to Wudangshan


and the bumpy bus journey

took us 1 hour and 30 minutes

Wuhan - Shiyan - Wudang


it kinda got me mad

as it made me felt that

i have planned the journey

all wrong from the very beginning


we were staying right opposite

Hankou Railway Station


it would have taken us

4 hours via train to get here

at Shiyan Railway Station

then we catch a city bus to Wudangshan


but taking flight means

an early rush to the airport at 6AM

1 hour flight to

Shiyan Wudangshan Airport


missed the direct bus to Wudangshan

and i ended up at

Shiyan Railway Station

as if I have taken a train


flight didn’t actually

save us much time

but anyway

we managed to make it there

at 3 PM in the afternoon


everything related to Wudangshan

would be parked under

a completely different

set of posts later


two days later

we were suppose to

catch a flight back to Wuhan

departing 10 AM from

Shiyan Wudangshan Airport


at 10:30 AM

was told that the flight

would be delayed due to heavy fog

Shiyan Wudangshan Airpot 十堰武當山機場


overheard conversation

saying that the flight

would probably would be canceled

since the plane which was

suppose to fly us to Wuhan

actually didn’t manage to land

and flew back to Wuhan


true enough

by 12 noon

the flight was officially cancelled

Shiyan Wudangshan Airpot 十堰武當山機場


the earliest train

back to Wuhan was at 12:10 PM

nobody could have made it

and the next one was

at 5:00 PM


my connecting flight

back to KL was 12:30 AM

thank goodness


Shiyan airport

arranged a bus transfer

for everyone who would like to

head back to the city


so we got back to the city


in the middle of nowhere

Shiyan 十堰


and caught a local bus to

the Shiyan train station

history was repeating


the frustration

i felt during the beginning

came back to me


what the hell

i was staying right opposite

Shiyan train station

on the night before


i could have just

crossed the road

grabbed a train ticket

and got a good sleep

during the 4-hour journey

back to Wuhan

Shiyan Train Station 十堰火車站


instead of

waking up early

going to the airport

got panic over

flight cancellation


and got back here

with 4 hours to kill

before i boarded the train at 5 PM

Shiyan Train Station 十堰火車站


we alighted at Hankou

4 hours later and

ran back to our

backup hotel

with only 30 minutes

to pack and go


managed to get to

the airport Station by 10:30 PM

finally took a deep breath

at least we were in the vicinity

of the airport 2 hours before departure

Wuhan Tianhe Airport 武漢天河機場



the rush was not over yet

caught a shuttle bus to the airport

it stopped at Terminal 1 (domestic)

and was told that

the bus would not proceed

to head to Terminal 2 (international)


you either have to

wait for another shuttle bus

or walk your way to Terminal 2

we actually walked our way there


Terminal 2 was

relatively way smaller

than the domestic terminal

these are the only counters available

Wuhan Tianhe Airport 武漢天河機場


it was almost midnight

yet it was super busy

at the departure hall

the 3 water dispensers

were out of water supply!

Wuhan Tianhe Airport 武漢天河機場


four flights were heading to

South East Asia

90% of the passengers

were on holiday mood

Wuhan Tianhe Airport 武漢天河機場


flight refund?

what a pity

it was 1/5 of what

i initially paid for

as taxes and fees

as well as the compulsory

hotel promo vouchers were

apparently not refundable


Flight refund Ctrip


but anyway

our loss has already been

minimized to the max

being able to make our way back home

psstt.... This is a vintage Woodstock


Journey to Wuhan 01: Almost Mid-night

Journey to Wuhan 02: Yellow Crane Tower 黃鶴樓

Journey to Wuhan 03: Hubu Alley 戶部巷

Journey to Wuhan 04: Jianghan Road Pedestrian Street 江漢路步行街

Journey to Wuhan 05: Hubei Provincial Museum 湖北省博物館

Journey to Wuhan 06: Wuhan Museum 武漢博物館

Journey to Wuhan 07: Changchun Taoist Temple 長春觀

Journey to Wuhan 08: Flight Cancellation

Journey to Wuhan 07: Changchun Taoist Temple 長春觀

saw this Taoist temple

while browsing through

attractions in Wuhan


but kinda reluctant to

place it in our itinerary

since it’s quite

in the middle of no-where


the closest attraction being

Yellow Crane Tower which

is like 1.5 km away


thank goodness

we passed it by

during our long bus journey

to the Hubei Provincial museum


managed to drop by

on our way back

a good way to warm up

before our journey to Wudangshan

Changchun Taoist Temple 長春觀, Wuhan 武漢


the air was particularly crispy

after the rain

Changchun Taoist Temple 長春觀, Wuhan 武漢Changchun Taoist Temple 長春觀, Wuhan 武漢Changchun Taoist Temple 長春觀, Wuhan 武漢


the layout of the main halls

is kinda closely packed

one locations leading to another

yet they are different from each other

Changchun Taoist Temple 長春觀, Wuhan 武漢


glad to see that they

get additional space to develop

despite being in the middle of the city

along a super busy main road

Changchun Taoist Temple 長春觀, Wuhan 武漢


Journey to Wuhan 01: Almost Mid-night

Journey to Wuhan 02: Yellow Crane Tower 黃鶴樓

Journey to Wuhan 03: Hubu Alley 戶部巷

Journey to Wuhan 04: Jianghan Road Pedestrian Street 江漢路步行街

Journey to Wuhan 05: Hubei Provincial Museum 湖北省博物館

Journey to Wuhan 06: Wuhan Museum 武漢博物館

Journey to Wuhan 07: Changchun Taoist Temple 長春觀

Journey to Wuhan 08: Flight Cancellation

Journey to Wuhan 06: Wuhan Museum 武漢博物館

Wuhan Museum 武漢博物館

is smaller in scale as compared to 

Hubei Provincial Museum 湖北省博物館

since it’s a city-level museum


located at Qingnian Road 青年路

within walking distance from

Hankou Train Station 漢口火車站

and the metro station

under the same name


it opened at 9

but we were here by 8:30

since we were staying nearby

and ended up at the park next door

cherry blossom?


it was really cosy and quiet here

Wuhan Musuem 武漢博物館


an interactive wall

where you may vote for

your favorite exhibit

Wuhan Musuem 武漢博物館


some of the featured exhibits

artifacts unearthed from

a palace and tombs of a lost city

Panlongcheng 盤龍城

which existed some time

between 1700—1300 B.C.

Wuhan Musuem 武漢博物館


some stories about Wuhan

during the 3 Kingdoms

all the way to the industrial revolution

during late Qing dynasty

leading to the modern history of Wuhan

Wuhan Musuem 武漢博物館Wuhan Musuem 武漢博物館


potential loots spotted

Wuhan Musuem 武漢博物館Wuhan Musuem 武漢博物館


final loots

failed to prevent my dad

from buying the chopsticks

he said it’s fair enough

i found mine and he found his

that set of chopstick

can buy 25 of this paper art

Wuhan Musuem 武漢博物館

Wuhan Musuem 武漢博物館


Journey to Wuhan 01: Almost Mid-night

Journey to Wuhan 02: Yellow Crane Tower 黃鶴樓

Journey to Wuhan 03: Hubu Alley 戶部巷

Journey to Wuhan 04: Jianghan Road Pedestrian Street 江漢路步行街

Journey to Wuhan 05: Hubei Provincial Museum 湖北省博物館

Journey to Wuhan 06: Wuhan Museum 武漢博物館

Journey to Wuhan 07: Changchun Taoist Temple 長春觀

Journey to Wuhan 08: Flight Cancellation

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