Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Side Braid X Nerdy Spec: Sensible Steph

look of the day

black tank top x flora skirt

black tank top x flora skirt


the nerdy spec

finally found it after so long

removed the lenses

because they were scratched

therefore blurring the vision

the nerdy spec


so it was one year ago

time flies

I looked chubby

and the two thick black bushes

the only thing is back then

I was not bald

one year ago


I have never really tied braid

first of all

I don’t really know how to tie it

so have to get somebody to tie it all the time

since some kind-hearted soul is willing to help me with it

I am seen with side braid most of the time

side braid


and the combination of two

side braid x nerdy spec


the sensible Steph

but not so sometimes

a bit cranky still

side braid x nerdy black spec


okay I know

I have been taking too much photos of myself

why not

and thank goodness

I have the gang to do it all the time

The Corner Girls!!!

The Corner Girls


thank you my hairdresser

the foggy photo


the effect is due to

coming out from a super cold room

so the vapour effect

awesome, right

Corner Girls



that’s how much we love photos

the flora duo

Playing Camwhore x Standing Camera: iMirror

okay fine

I always say that I am not jealous of iPad 2

because my iPad is working so well for me

I love my iStephru and she loves me too


but since there are two iPad 2

being around, near me

just admit it


I kinda like the front-view camera

and the fact that with the smart cover

you can make your iPad 2 standing on its own

so basically it is a perfect mirror


sample photos

actually I took quite a lot

but some people are just so evil

he chose to upload the stupid looking one only


what’s next for iPad 3

I don’t know

better camera?

even lighter weight?

phone call function?

I don’t know


yummymy highnessthe dog (bitch)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Wait a Lil’ Longer x Get a Lil’ Thinner: The Re-Encounter

a side-post from the Mid Valley trip

too much to write about

that I forgot to upload

loots of the day

yes we bought exactly the same thing

same combo


here you go

less than 70 rm in total

baby blue shorts asymmetrical LBD


remember the super crossover last year

there’s this asymmetrical LBD too


but that wasn’t all

finally I can recall

last Oct

Roxy Friends & Family Sales

grabbed this for my sis

Roxy Train Dress


no wonder…

triple the price

but I actually think that mine is even better



comparison chart:

  • I shredded some weight… woohoo
  • the skin tone is roughly the same, just the lighting issue
  • Mr. Oly vs Mr. Lexis, the latter rocks in low lighting

2011.05.29 LBD


therefore I strongly believe that

one day

I will bump into Remake It look alike too

better price and even better design

Roxy Remake It


and this pair of NB I missed

at Mid Valley too

NB 754


just saw the ad shared on Facebook

OMG can I have these ??


New Balance “The New Classic 574”


this is how life is

you will never expect

somebody just walked into your life

but you think you have known each other for long

oh good gracious..

how great if we have met earlier


the gain and pain,

is always achieving a new balance against each other


this is the encounter

you will know later

Stephelle’s Kitchen: POM! Power-Oat-Milk

there is one kind of foolish cook in this world

who doesn’t know how to cook much

yet still want to mess around


I have been drinking miloat

milo x oat

yes..and it’s not merlot

every morning and sometimes at night

perfectly happy with the smooth, filling taste

but somehow

sometimes i just wanna play around


ingredients needed:

  • ready-to-drink packet milk
  • black bean nutrient drink powder
  • instant raw oat



isn’t it ridiculous

all the ingredients are all the ready-to-eat/drink

yet bothered to waste energy to cook them


final product


it tastes okay

oat with sesame, blackbean flavours

coated with sweetness of milk

creamier than the usual oat drink

not extraordinary

just fine, just fine 

POM!!! power oat milk


but this thing is so so filling

that I wouldn’t even crave for something to munch


more about Greenmax

a whole range of such drink powders

different combinations of grains

even some I have never seen or heard of

available at organic shops, Tesco etc


I hope they don’t lie

in the statements as described

Greenmax black bean & whole grains mealthe nutrien valuesthe ingredients

Saturday, May 28, 2011

happy meal x Surprise deal: Spongebob & Peers

CMSC: to my sweethard manager

2011.05.09 Spongebob


first of all

apology for the previous empty promise

failed to get any one of them

2010.12.05 Spongebob KFC


therefore this time round

must get the complete collection

promise said is always much easier than done

therefore decided to keep it as a surprise first

until (if) I managed to collect them all

Spongebob @ McDonald's


I always eat McDonald’s for the sake of toys

and not the food

thank goodness for happy meal

the serving size is still fine for me

and for drinks, there is a choice of

Minute Maids / Ribena / Milo

the much-abhorred fries

can be substituted with Dole’s fruit cup as well


and one good thing about happy meal

is the meal paper box, of course

the colourful, fun filling boxes

sometimes in conjunction with movies

I usually don’t feel like throwing them away

unless it’s already stained

Let the party begin!


well instead of for the sake of keeping

of course the box can be reused as a mini trash bin

underneath your writing desk

mini trash bin


7 sets of happy meals

4  McDonald’s branches

mission accomplished

aha.. 47, isn’t that your lucky number too

Spongebob cup & strawbuddy cup & Patrick strawblushing Spongebob & Patrick watergunCaptain Spongebob's speedboat


why am I doing this?

because that’s what a friend is for



and actually it makes a misrepresentation

to people around me that

I actually like Spongebob

which is not quite so

it’s just 100% “peer-pleasure”

he is always in my iPad huh

Miss The Bus X Nobody to Ask: Back Home, Last

we were already at the Mid Valley train station

before 8.30 pm


this clock display

is the only clock which lies to you in this world

because the departure time

kept changing and changing

a delay after another

that you would soon give up

KTM display board


and as usual

the train was packed to the maximum

I was carrying this cup of Ribena

the cup was crushed

and oh damn, before I knew it

sticky, sweet juice started to leak through the plastic bag

thank goodness grabbed a plastic bag in time

and wrapped it up


luckily reached Serdang train station by 9.15 pm

my condo bus is supposed to be here by 9.30 pm

heaved a sign of relief

far too early

because the bus didn’t come at all

what’s wrong?


okay this is the first time

I was waiting for this particular bus

at this particular time

did it few times on Sunday

the bus was never late


oh damn

don’t tell me

they have canceled this Friday night service

because too little people are using it

or maybe they just substitute the bus

with a mini van or something

maybe the bus was here, earlier on


anything anything

the truth remained

the bloody bus won’t be here anymore

since it was already 10 minutes past 9.30 pm


okay chill

think of something

somebody who would pick you up

some place nearby to bunk in for a night

some public transports to get home 


last resort is of course

the cab!!

yeah I will never know cab service is that important

always thinking it is for the rich foreigners

till the time I really need it


there is this taxi counter outside the train station

so this is what they do

just tell the clerk your destination

pay for it

and she would issue a receipt


basically, it’s a pay-before-riding system

standardized fare

which I think is pretty reasonable

and relatively safer


the cab driver even asked me

since he saw me walking to the

how much did the guys in front was asking from you?

forty bucks?


no I didn’t ask them

I just missed my bus

guess he mean the other taxi drivers

touting for business out there



it was a darkened moment

but did not last long

the cab receipt


on the cab

I already thinking

how I gonna compile this post

just can’t wait to reach home

early and safely


why would I let such a petty issue

ruined my perfect day


saw a great car

while being driven in another great one

saving me from commuting on two buses

saw another baby blue one, too

too far to be snapped

great car


the great gift

which was quite a surprise

thanks, man

cola can glass - pink


a great note in baby blue

written with great care

reminding what I am not supposed to forget

during my trip back home

reminder note


not forgetting the great food

peanut butter milk toast


the great loots

and the great mission accomplished

the loots


and more importantly

the great friend

the great friends


why bothered to let one single things

ruin the seven good things I have had today

the choice is all mine

oh my, i camwhored a lot today


and on the other hand

30 bucks is nothing

just imagine


if I lose my camera, Mr. Lexis

with all the great photos in there

that would be more devastating, isn’t it

High Calories X Low Spending: Mid Valley

just browsing no shopping

not much surprise at Zara, Mango, Topshop, Roxy

@ Mango@ Zara


since both of us were wearing one piece plus belt today

that’s the reason

we were too lazy to try on clothes

therefore it’s a good thing always

to wear something troublesome to undress

during shopping


sorry the dim-lit fitting room was a little creepy

obviously I took so much photos of myself today

because I am so in love with this mini dress

will wear it on every 27th

and I am always telling everyone with pride

this dress costs me rm 15

flora mini dress x leather belt


one and only stop we went into the fitting rooms

Cotton On


asymmetric LBD

totally in love with it


asymmetrical LBD


and played around with the LBD

with the baby blue shorts

baby blue pants x aasymmetrical top


then we ended up

buying exactly the same stuffs

being the only loots of the day

same combo


but something weird happened during the fitting session

Cheryl told me, her LBD is quite loose, size M

but mine is tight fitting, size M too

weird, isn’t it

so she took the trouble to look for another one

then when I was home

I realized that

no wonder.. hers is loose and mine is fitting

because what I got is XS actually

so sorry for the confusion caused


it’s more about eating today really

lunch at Domino

now that I think I prefer Domino’s

due to the softer bread sticks

and of course, the soup refill

spaghetti carbonarapersonal pan Veggie pizzacheesy bread sticks


“teaner” at Kim Gary

French Toast, Milk Peanut Butter Toast

Coconut Milky Mango dessert

irresistibly fattening 

tea time @ Kim Gary


and after the teaner

time to burn some calories

grocery shopping..

it’s just too good to be green

I shopped for veggies again

green shopping


last but not least

some looking around

summers collections are all in

mostly colourful / nautical


adidas Chry tunic

some adidas that doesn’t look adidas at all

but the price almost kills me

rm 499, baby

adidas white top


display featured of the month

Pirates of The Carribean

pirate ship display


they got the Lego set too

complete with the landscape

damn I forgot to take photo of it

skeleton on board

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