Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fake Sufferer X Mind Poisoner: Attention Seeker

this has been a very popular term

among my circle recently

even brought up in lecturer just now

why are people sharing and talking exceedingly

over the social network sites?


after going through the information as below

they are all so true

what the hell…

I just feel like puking

there are way too many people like this

to fit into each and every category

and even myself

is committing some of these behaviours

The following styles of attention seeking have been identified:

  • Extroverted positive overt style – associated with narcissism, bragging and boasting. May also include shocking exhibitionist behavior such as streaking.
  • Extroverted positive subdued style – similar but more subtle such as wearing designer clothes, wearing sexy clothes or dominating the conversation.
  • Extroverted negative overt style – to gain pity and reassurance.
  • Extroverted negative subdued style – making a negative statement to the world by, for example, dressing in an unusual style.


Different characteristics:

  • sufferer
  • saviour
  • rescuer
  • organizer
  • manipulator
  • mind poisoner
  • drama queen
  • busy bee
  • feigner
  • false confessor
  • abused
  • online victim
  • victim

The sufferer:

this might include feigning or exaggerating illness,

playing on an injury, or perhaps

causing or inviting injury,

in extreme cases going as far as losing a limb.

Severe cases may meet the diagnostic criteria for

Munchausen Syndrome

(also know as Factitious Disorder).


The illness or injury becomes a vehicle for

gaining sympathy and thus attention.

The attention-seeker excels in manipulating people

through their emotions, especially that of guilt.

It's very difficult not to feel sorry for

someone who relates a plausible tale of

suffering in a sob story or "poor me" drama.

The saviour:

in attention-seeking personality disorders like

Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy

(MSBP, also known as Factitious Disorder By Proxy)

the person creates opportunities to be

centre of attention by intentionally causing harm

to others and then being their saviour,

by saving their life,

and by being such a caring,compassionate person.

Few people realise the injury was deliberate.


The MSBP mother or nurse may kill several babies

before suspicions are aroused.

When not in saviour mode,

the saviour may be resentful,

perhaps even contemptuous,

of the person or persons she is saving.

The rescuer:

particularly common in family situations,

(s)he's the one who will dash in and "rescue" people

whenever the moment is opportune -

to himself, that is.

he then gains gratification from

basking in the glory of his humanitarian actions.

he will prey on any person suffering misfortune,

infirmity, illness, injury,

or anyone who has a vulnerability.


The act of rescue and thus the opportunities for

gaining attention can be enhanced

if others are excluded from the act of rescue;

this helps create a dependency relationship between

the rescuer and rescued which

can be exploited for further acts of rescue

(and attention) later.

When not in rescue mode,

the rescuer may be resentful, perhaps even

contemptuous, of the person she is rescuing.

The organiser:

she may present herself as the one in charge,

the one organising everything,

the one who is reliable and dependable,

the one people can always turn to.


However, the objective is not to help people

(this is only a means to an end) but

to always be the centre of attention.

The manipulator:

he may exploit family relationships,

manipulating others with

guilt and distorting perceptions;

although she may not harm people physically,

she causes everyone to suffer emotional injury.


Vulnerable family members are favourite targets.

A common attention-seeking ploy is to

claim she is being persecuted, victimised,

excluded, isolated or ignored

by another family member or group,

perhaps insisting she is the target

of a campaign of exclusion or harassment.

The mind-poisoner:

adept at poisoning peoples' minds by

manipulating their perceptions of others,

especially against the current target.


The drama queen:

every incident or opportunity,

no matter how insignificant, is exploited, exaggerated

and if necessary distorted to

become an event of dramatic proportions.

Everything is elevated to crisis proportions.


Histrionics may be present where

the person feels she is not

the centre of attention but should be.

Inappropriate flirtatious behaviour

may also be present.

The busy bee:

this individual is the busiest person

in the world if her constant retelling of

her life is to be believed.


Everyday events which are regarded

as normal by normal people

take on epic proportions

as everyone is invited to

simultaneously admire and

commiserate with this oh-so-busy person

who never has a moment to herself,

never has time to sit down, etc.

She's never too busy, though,

to tell you how busy she is.

The feigner:

when called to account and outwitted,

the person instinctively uses the

denial - counterattack - feigning victimhood strategy

to manipulate everyone present,

especially bystanders and those in authority.


The most effective method of

feigning victimhood is to

burst into tears,

for most people's instinct is

to feel sorry for them,

to put their arm round them or

offer them a tissue.

There's little more plausible than real tears,

although as actresses know,

it's possible to turn these on at will.

Feigners are adept at using crocodile tears.


From years of practice,

attention-seekers often give an

Oscar-winning performance in this respect.

Feigning victimhood is a favourite tactic of

bullies and harassers to

evade accountability and sanction.


The false confessor:

this person confesses to crimes

they haven't committed in order to

gain attention from the police and the media.

In some cases people have confessed to

being serial killers, even though

they cannot provide any

substantive evidence of their crimes.


Often they will confess to crimes

which have just been reported in the media.

Some individuals are know to the police

as serial confessors.

The false confessor is different from

a person who make a false confession and

admits to a crime of which

they are accused because of

emotional pressure and

inappropriate interrogation tactics.

The abused:

a person claims they are the victim of

abuse, sexual abuse, rape etc

as a way of gaining attention for themselves.

Crimes like abuse and rape

are difficult to prove at the best of times and

their incidence is so common that

it is easy to make a plausible claim as

a way of gaining attention.

The online victim:

this person uses Internet chat rooms and forums to

allege that they've been the victim of

rape, violence, harassment, abuse etc.

The alleged crime is never reported

to the authorities, for obvious reasons.

The facelessness and anonymity of

the Internet suits this type of attention seeker.


The victim:

she may intentionally create acts of

harassment against herself,

eg send herself hate mail or

damage her own possessions

in an attempt to incriminate

a fellow employee, a family member, neighbour, etc.


Scheming, cunning, devious,

deceptive and manipulative,

she will identify her "harasser" and

produce circumstantial evidence

in support of her claim.

She will revel in the attention she gains and

use her glib charm to

plausibly dismiss any suggestion that

she herself may be responsible.

However, a background check may

reveal that this is not the first time

she has had this happen to her.


In many cases the attention-seeker is

a serial bully whose behaviour

contains many of the characteristics

listed under the profile of a serial bully,

especially the Attention-Seeker.


stages of attention seeking:

  • Awareness
  • Approach
  • Escalation
  • Extreme Escalation
  • Catastrophic Collapse Into Autism


1. Awareness

Here, the creature (child, dog, cat, horse) first

becomes aware that the shortfall exists and

begins to look around for a likely “other”

who may fulfil this need.

2. Approach

The creature will get up and

start approaching the other and

make some minor signs that

it is in need of some attention.


In an animal,

that would probably be just

coming over and presenting themselves

whilst looking at the other.

3. Escalation

If the other ignores

“refuses to provide the attention energy”

this subtle approach,

creature A will now escalate

its behaviours to “break on through”

the barrier of ignoring –

make sounds, push physically,

engage in behaviours that

have previously worked to “gain attention”.

4. Extreme Escalation

If these higher level behaviours are also ignored,

the need turns to a pain and

will now drive consecutively

more extreme behaviour in turn

in a direct cause and effect relationship.

If the need is high enough,

the creature may even attack.

5. Catastrophic Collapse Into Autism

If still no energy is forthcoming,

the system collapses in on itself

in a catastrophic implosion which

causes severe neurological damage;

the stage beyond rage is autism,

where the creature can

no longer elicit the energy required nor

process it when it is being offered because

of the damage sustained by

the receptors of the energy processing system

during the catastrophe.

Passive attention seeking

  • laziness
  • depency
  • tired
  • shy
  • fearful
  • self-indulgence
  • charmer
  • clinger
  • good looks

2011.09.29 Passive attention seeking

to read more:

The complete table of Passive Attention Seeking


Tactical ignoring,

also known as planned ignoring,

is a behavioral management strategy used

in response to challenging behavior that seeks to

receive attention or to gain a reaction from others.

Guevara X Britannia: War Propaganda

Keep Calm and Carry On

was a poster produced by the British government

in 1939 during the beginning of

the Second World War,

intended to raise the morale of the British public

in the event of invasion.

keep calm and carry on


2,500,000 copies were printed,

although the poster was distributed only

in limited numbers.

The designer of the poster is not known.


The poster was third in a series of three.

The previous two posters from the series,

"Freedom Is In Peril. Defend It With All Your Might"

(400,000 printed)

"Your Courage, Your Cheerfulness,

Your Resolution Will Bring Us Victory"

(800,000 printed)

WWII British poster


Mao Zedong,

also transliterated as Mao Tse-tung and

commonly referred to as Chairman Mao

(December 26, 1893 – September 9, 1976),

was a Chinese Communist revolutionary,

guerrilla warfare strategist,

Marxist political philosopher, and

leader of the Chinese Revolution.


He was the architect and founding father of

the People's Republic of China (PRC) from

its establishment in 1949,

and held authoritarian control over the nation

until his death in 1976.

His theoretical contribution to Marxism–Leninism,

along with his military strategies and brand of policies,

are collectively known as Maoism

President Mao


Ernesto "Che" Guevara

(June 14, 1928 – October 9, 1967),

commonly known as El Che or simply Che,

was an Argentine Marxist revolutionary,

physician, author, intellectual, guerrilla leader,

diplomat and military theorist.

A major figure of the Cuban Revolution,

his stylized visage has become a

ubiquitous countercultural symbol of

rebellion and global insignia within popular culture.

Che Guevara


Rosie the Riveter

is a cultural icon of the United States,

representing the American women

who worked in factories during World War II,

many of whom worked in the manufacturing plants that

produced munitions and war supplies.

These women sometimes took entirely new jobs

replacing the male workers who were in the military.

Rosie the Riveter is commonly used as symbol of

feminism and women's economic power

Rosie the Riverter


Uncle Sam

is a common national personification of

the American government

originally used during the War of 1812.

He is depicted as a stern elderly man with

white hair and a goatee beard.

Typically he is dressed in clothing that

recalls the design elements of the flag

of the United States—

J. M. Flagg's 1917 poster


based on the original

British Lord Kitchener poster

of three years earlier,

Lord Kitchener Wants You. Join Your Country's Army! God save the King.


Japanese Propaganda


the one in Thai

as you can see

there’s Malay boy, Chinese girl and

Indian boy in turban


looking like Malaysian poster

calling for unity

Japanese Propaganda


Poster of Manchukuo

promoting harmony between

Japanese, Chinese, and Manchu.

The caption says:

"With the help of Japan, China, and Manchukuo,

the world can be in peace."

The flags shown are, left to right:

the flag of Manchukuo; the flag of Japan;

the "Five Races Under One Union" flag.



Nazi Propaganda,

the coordinated attempt to influence public opinion

through the use of media,

was skillfully used by the Nazi Party

in the years leading up to and during

Adolf Hitler's leadership of Germany (1933–1945).

nazi propaganda


Nazi propaganda provided a crucial instrument for

acquiring and maintaining power,

and for the implementation of their policies,

including the pursuit of total war and

the extermination of millions of people

in the Holocaust.

nazi propaganda 2


The pervasive use of propaganda by

the Nazis is largely responsible for

the word "propaganda"  itself

acquiring its present negative connotations


"We shall defeat them!"

A French war propaganda poster of 1916

We shall defeat them


Side by side - Britannia!

Poster showing Uncle Sam arm-in-arm with Britannia,

accompanied by a lion and an eagle.

dramatic reminder of the long and fruitful alliance

between the United States and Great Britain

Side by side - Britannia! Britain's Day

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Flight Searcher X Deal Scouter: Skyscanner

winter plan taking a turn

now there’s someone who is willing to travel

and her schedule is 100% the same like mine!!

next question

where to head to?


we spent the whole afternoon

in lab during the free and easy class

researching where to go


but it’s not so easy

since it is already late September

with RM 200, the furthest we can go is Langkawi



if you are booking much in advance

under RM 200 can bring you to

Asean and some Asian destination already


or to maximum the fun

we can go as far as our budget allows

summer at the southern hemisphere for RM 1.2k


winter at the northern hemisphere

which was my initial winter plan

but at RM 2000+


and the AirAsia website

which always screws up

during promotion period

they direct you to the waiting room

and it’s never-ending


non-promotion period

they keep returning the error code

whenever you are trying to

refresh the page to another date

just to look for better deal


fret not!!!

here’s your savior


external flight search

for airlines all over the world



and it’s even more efficient and stable

than Airasia

when it comes to searching Airasia flight



there is this monthly view

daily price are displayed


and you can even make your search

crossing months and year

going on Dec, 2011

coming back on Feb, 2011?

no problem


which Airasia always returns error code

because they have two servers

one for those flying before 1st Jan

one for those after 31st Dec

so what if I am flying on 30th Dec

and returning on 2nd Jan

error code is what they give you



I think I am being addicted to this

Skyscaner monthly view flight plan

been playing with it for different destination


Japan this winter?

less than a thousand ringgit?


Skyscanner monthly-view search



Skyscanner doesn’t lie

when I cross-check with Airasia

both ways are promo prices

and perfect take-offs on Sundays

Kuala Lumpur - Japan



before that I thought Kuwaits Air gives

the lowest on earth at RM 2.6k

wait a minute

this is even cheaper

Skyscanner London search



cross-checking with Airasia again

both ways promo

both ways promo


therefore the total is..

accurate as provided by Skyscanner

they are way faster though

and directly giving you the price

tax, what what surcharges included

London-Kuala Lumpur


and even if you do not know

where you really want to go

just go for the Everywhere search

and they give you a list of places you can go to

2011.09.27 Skyscanner Everywhere


so how??

RM 200 langkawi or

RM 2000 London

this is a tough decision to make, really


it’s no longer about

how expensive the flight ticket is already

  • do you have the time
  • do you have the right companion
  • do you have the travelling plan

Too Hot X Fear Not: Sunburn Spot


sunburn spot

sunburn spot



pineapple + yellow powder

from chinese medicine hall

pineapple + some yellow powder


apply as frequent as you can

I applied twice

over two weekends

then everything is gone

now my arms are as good as new



I didn’t actually apply any sunblock

on my arms

I just wanna see how dark can I get

I know this is crazy

but the result is awesome

and lots dead skin peeled off too

day 0 after the sun

Monday, September 26, 2011

To Live X Is to Believe: A to Zen of Life

A-Z of Life by Dalai Lama


Avoid negative sources, people, places and habits


Believe in yourself


Consider things from every angle


Don’t give up and don’t give in


Everything you’re looking for lies behind the mask you wear


Family & friends are hidden treasures, seek them and enjoy their riches


Give more than you planned to


Hang on to your dreams


If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door


Judge your success by what you had to give up in order to get it


Keep trying no matter how hard it seems


Love yourself


Make it happen


Never lie, steal or cheat


Open your arms to change, but don’t let go of your values


Practice Makes Perfect


Quality not quantity in anything you do


Remember that silence is sometimes the best answer


Stop procrastinating


Take control of your own destiny


Understand yourself in order to better understand others


Visualize it


When you lose, don’t lose the lesson


Xcellence in all your efforts


You’re unique, nothing can replace you


Zero in on your target and go for it


Live One Day at a Time – Dalai Lama

何處有淨土 X 哪裡無寒露: 完美孤獨

when I posted the song 《天使藍》 yesterday

I was trying to say something

but insufficiency of words


喜歡看書 就看到日出

[if enjoy reading

then just read till the sun rise]


thank goodness I heard this song on radio



this is what I meant and mean to say



I am fine with staying single myself

without any interruption to my life

and having things at my own pace


yet there is always this indignation

to see people around coupling up

if they can

then why can’t I have one

am I lacking of something

don’t I deserve something better than this



it’s your own psychology that matters

just like if I am not interested in designer’s bag

even if you tell me your L-VEE bag costs you

like a price of a small car

I would be indifferent still


anyway back to the song

the striking two lines

which put a poetic ending to the lyric




no matter where you are

there are things that constantly

remind you of imperfections

that you can’t

lay your hands and mind off


unless you choose to be

completely shut yourself off

do not go anywhere

and do not watch and listen to anything


if you just don’t give a damn

nobody and nothing

can influence or even harm you

in anyway

as they like it


god of lyric… 林夕

I wish to just get down on my knee

and pray to him


完美孤獨 / 莫文蔚


完美孤獨 / 莫文蔚



編曲:Terence Teo



再沒有誰的臉色 須要照顧
也沒有誰的難題 須要應付 嗚
一個人睡著 或睡不著
喜歡看書 就看到日出 嗚

再沒有人有機會 讓我受苦
也沒有人有能力 讓我認輸 嗚
何必再等誰 一起訴苦

各自忙碌 有甚麼好處 嗚

可是說 伴侶是身外之物
我又不甘 不服
我希望覺悟 又害怕麻木
單身的好日子 有沒有虛渡

嗚.... .......

一切心血再不會 白白付出
所有時間怎麼過 由我作主
愛過的愛人 一個個數
誰給過我 這一種滿足 喔

可是說 伴侶是身外之物
我又不甘 不服
我希望覺悟 又害怕麻木
單身的好日子 有沒有虛渡

嗚.... .......


Sunday, September 25, 2011

不為難 X 隨自然:天使藍


it’s doesn’t really matter at all

life goes on

with or without

just take it slow


戀愛難 不想更難

苦戀那時 不得已


天使藍 / 何韻詩


天使藍 / 何韻詩



編曲:英師傅 for double c music group

監製:英師傅 for double c music group


不再相信天使 卻信凝望你時
本性難移 凡心會動過不已
只要戀愛幾次 誰還能像幼兒
不會懷疑 無知到像個天使

若插翼難展翅 情願因你脫下純白羽衣
戀愛難 不想更難 苦戀那時 不得已

慢慢地學會化身 普通人
還怎能 無償地 拼命愛別人
慢慢地明瞭情感 的陰暗
才可跟你 走得更近

天國跟我很遠 情人留在眼前
不會團圓 迷戀也有福 不敢抱怨
不會視而不見 純真總被歲月 去污染
反正 誰都會有這一天

若插翼難展翅 情願因你脫下純白羽衣
戀愛難 不想更難 苦戀那時 不得已

慢慢地學會化身 普通人
還怎能 無償地 拼命愛別人
慢慢地明瞭情感 的陰暗

慢慢地學會化身 普通人
還怎能 無邪地 撲入那風塵
慢慢地墮進無底 的深吻

Friday, September 23, 2011

Real Insight X Smooth Ride: Melaka Tour Guide

from the previous post

Fine Character X Faith Factor: Funeral Director


this is my first ever website

a tourism website

invested helluva of time and effort


yet it doesn’t pay

my poorest subject of the semester

despite the one I spent the most time with

curse it

now can you at least understand

why I just wish to get rid of Photoshop


I am really sure I deserve a better score

although there are flaws

yet giving the photos and information

everything taken and written on my own

rather than copy-pasting from the net


now you understand

why I would rather becoming a funeral director

this semester


life is always like that


therefore set no expectation


Homepage of MelakaEatPlayStayWayAbout

Fine Character X Faith Factor: Funeral Director

stephysiology - the dark version

supposed to design an individual website

reflecting my dream career

never really take a fancy in it


becoming a writer?

with an open-book design?

nay I have already done it last sem

and Her Highness is doing that design already


people think of a profession

then design the website

but for me,

it is just another way round


I want to do an all-black design

a job not everyone is doing

then came up with this job

Funeral Director!!


quite happy with the design

except the fact that

my lecturer insisting the coffin on the homepage

since the first criteria of a homepage is

it must reflect CLEARLY what your profession is


at first I was planning to insert this

which reflects the road to be taken

the winding journey ahead




just glad that it is over now

the fact that I spent a few hours in lab

patching up the website

comparing to the hours stuck at home last sem

this is already a pretty good leap


am I seriously

considering funeral director as a job?



Homepage copyService copyAbout copy2Blog copyContact copy

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Non-Stopping X Shoes-Hopping: Dream-Shopping

dreamed of going shopping with Cheryl last night

and it was in conjunction of CNY

every single details is all so clear


the location

it doesn’t seem like a particular place

I know of for real


items that I bought

iPanema flip flops

exactly as what I have seen in real life

there were at least twice occasions

I thought of buying

yet considering the fact that

I still have a few pairs

just gave up for the time being


how come I am buying them in my dream??

IPanema flip flops


ballet flats from Nike

something similar to the one in the photo

I like them so much

because they do not look Nike at all

I even plan to get rid of the lace

after I get home

Blue ballet flat


an iPad sling bag

there isn’t any price tag

except a USD 23 tag

therefore I went to the counter

to scan the product

and decided to buy it

since it is only RM 54



then my mom is here

seeing me buying the sling bag

she said it’s fine

since it’s something practical

but not knowing that I am planning to buy

the other two previous items too


no.. in real life

I never lie to my mom about my shopping

I just choose to tell her

in a delayed manner

revealing items one at a time


then Cheryl has to leave

since it is CNY

and she has to meet up with her relatives


is there any sign

to dream of shopping??

or it is just normal

since that’s what I do the best during day time

Monday, September 19, 2011

Stephelle’s Kitchen: Tomyam Laksa

this is rice noodle

meant for cooking laksa

the northern version with fish

rice noodle


the instruction written is

1 hour of soaking in hot water

indeed soften the noodle itself

is taking longer than usual

even longer than cooking brown rice

soaking and boiling of more than 1 hour


tomyam paste + homemade sambal paste =

Tomyam laksa

Tomyam laksa


somehow everytime

whenever I am trying to

cook something soup-based

it turned out that

I have to boil a kettle of water

and pour into my dried-up pond


perfect treat for a rainy day

and it actually got me sweating

on a the cold breezy evening

希有之事 X 以戒為師:五濁惡世


  • 命濁是眾生因煩惱叢集,心身交瘁,壽命短促;
  • 眾生濁是世人每多弊惡,心身不淨,不達義理;
  • 煩惱濁是世人貪於愛欲,瞋怒諍鬥,虛誑不已;
  • 見濁是世人知見不正,不奉正道,異說紛紜,莫衷一是;
  • 劫濁是生當末世,飢饉疾疫刀兵等相繼而起,生靈塗炭,永無寧日。

























  • 不殺生
  • 不偷盜
  • 不邪淫
  • 不妄語
  • 不飲酒



  • 不杀生:谓不杀害一切物命,即是止杀之善。非但不杀,还当行放生之善。
  • 不偷盗:谓不窃取他人财物,即是止偷盗之善。非但不盗,还当行布施之善。
  • 不邪淫:谓不行邪淫情欲事,即是止淫之善。既除邪淫,还当行清净梵行之善。
  • 不妄语:谓不利用虚言诳惑他人,即是止妄语之善。既不妄语,还当行实语之善。
  • 不两舌:谓不在中间挑拨离间,即是止两舌之善。既不两舌,还当行劝人和合之善。
  • 不恶口:谓不粗言恶语骂辱他人,即是止恶口之善。既不恶口,还当行柔和软语之善。
  • 不绮语:谓不阿谀奉承、花言巧语,即是止绮语之善。既不绮语,还当行质直正言之善。
  • 不贪欲:谓不贪着情欲财富、贪得无厌,即是止贪之善。既不贪欲,还当行清心寡欲之善。
  • 不嗔恚:谓不生暴躁、忿怒之心嗔恨于人,即是止嗔之善。既不嗔恚,还当行慈悲忍辱之善。
  • 不邪见:谓不持邪见偏见异见、执非为是,即是止邪见之善。既不邪见,还当行正信正见之善。

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Appetizer X Getting Better: Smurf’s Grabber

Smurfs' Grabber


pretty straight forward and easy-to-play game

1 minutes game of

grabbing the ingredients on the floor

to produce the material

as displayed in the recipe tab


white mushroom + orange + red mushroom = blue potion

Papa Smurf's Lab


the end-products for each game

XP earned + materials created



the material collected

can be traded among each other

for the rare one

Smurfs' Store


and eventually for the different Power-Ups

it’s actually quite fun to do the calculation

Power-up Trading



character items function
Baby Smurf bell rattle increase chance to get rare recipes
Baby Smurf ball rattle increase recipe timer
Hefty barbell slows down the ingredients
Brainy glasses double all XP collected
Jokey gift random powerup
Vanity mirror double the materials you collect
Painter brush get 1 ingredient automatically



the stork will fly by,

holding the power-up item

click on it then the item will fall

then grab it

the stork


how the power-ups work:

a few power-ups can work simultaneously

for a specific duration across different games


Vanity’s mirror and Painter’s brush are working to

double up the material (two blue potion can be created at once)

get 1 ingredient automatically (a green tick for the green mushroom)

Papa Smurf's Lab Power's Up


with the XP collected,

you may get level-up

and create new materials

Level Up screen


at level 10

you get to enter Greedy’s Bakery

which is more difficult than

the game in Papa’s Lab

Greedy Smurf's Bakery


and Smurfette’s Garden

at level 20

obviously, the most difficult among all

Smurfette's Garden


the difficulty level differs by:

  • similarity in the ingredients, you ending up collecting the wrong one
  • more ingredients are needed to create a rare material
  • the ingredients shift place more often
  • flowers which is smaller in size, requires precise grabbing


grabbing tips:

focusing on the shadow of the ingredient


actually in the first place

i did not find the game interesting

but out of curiosity for this

content for my Smurf’s Village???

i continued playing

Content for Smurf's Village


now that it was revealed

you can create some orange colour items

for your Smurfs’ Village

that’s all???

but i have already fallen in love with the game

that i would continue playing

despite of the disappointment for this

quite good-for-nothing content for my village

Smurfs grabber Smurfs village Trading


to maximize the power-ups and

getting rid of the limited game restriction

many people complained that the game is a trick

since you can only play a game of 1 minute

for every two hours

or you should buy the coin for playing


which i never will

Next Free Coin in...


but for me

i just pace the time for playing

1 coin for every 2 hours

maximum coins collected in 5 = 10 hours

therefore i play the game on a 12 hours basis

once in the morning, another at night



playing 5 games in a row

can fully utilize the power-ups

since some power-ups can last up to 5 minutes


easier trading

if you find it difficult to recognize the

various type of cupcakes and desserts

or the different bouquets of flowers

identify the colours of the plate then

or for the flowers: the bouquet holder

store trading 

Smurfs’ Grabber trailer

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