Monday, April 27, 2015

Can’t Ask X for More: Thank’u All

went out with missC

haven’t met for quite awhile

like at least a year


went round and round

and stopped by for some snack


after about 3 hours

we were about to part

she took out a small box



she kept the precious cake for all three hours

and afraid of getting it crushed all the way

she could have just given

there you go but

she kept it till the very last


a big little surprise

sob sob…


and got a text from Mag2

exactly at 12 a.m.

wishing me happy birthday

sob sob


meeting her up next week

I mean later this week

loads to catch up too


earlier this week

my niece drew me a birthday card

at first she borrowed my pencil case

then she slotted something in there


when she returned the case

saying she got something for me in there

there I saw

it’s a birthday card


so I got them all

thank you, ALL

being a recluse is not so alone, after all



= back to square one


8:30 AM

turned on my PC to

find more surprises


Personalized!! indeed

that explains why I am a fan of Google

(that doesn’t include Android, though)

2015.04.27 Happy birthday


as well as on Skype!!

least expected of all

a client from Macau

wished me happy birthday too


she is one of the best client s

but you don’t expect client to do that

do you?


feeling loved!!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Apr X 20th: 3-Months into Reclusion

just to make myself better

for being an absolute social recluse

I may not have gone


for the past three months


I go out, at times,

with nobody else

except my intimate families


have not stepped foot onto any other houses

except my own

with the exception of my sister’s

and the tomb of my grandparents


have not talked to anyone on the phone

except it’s totally urgent or necessary

eg: helping my mom to pick up her phone


but at times

I will just let calls to be gone

well… I didn’t walk fast enough

there goes a missed call


have not been active on Whatsapp

for at least 20+ days I guess

because it’s clearing my chat history

or optimizes it, whatever

and asking me to clear photos for

storage space


what makes you think

I’ll be bothered to do it

one day I shall clear it

when I am ready to go on

another trip


what they say it’s true

I longer crave for

getaway, wanderlust, escapism… etc

because I no longer have anything to

run away from


I am quite happy with

watching some short documentaries by CCTV

100 episodes of 6-minute clips on Forbidden City

known as《故宮 100》

and tonnes of National Treasure Files 《國寶檔案》

and be quite contented with it


go YouTube for them and

I regret for not doing enough homework

before visiting the Forbidden City as

everything looks all the same to me


no worries, Beijing

I will be back, I promise


I have never felt that truthful to myself before

I have never appreciate thing as much before

I have never worked that hard before


as much as I want to be

leading a normal life

like everyone out there

I am too comfortable with

being with myself 


therefore officially declare that

the three-months probation period is over

I am not going back to the crowd 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Night Tales X Best Heal: Grimm’s Fairy Tales

my niece started watching these

Grimm’s fairy tales on YouTube

Japanese animation, Mandarin dubbed

Grimm Fairytales animation (japanese, mandarin dubbed)


then I hopped on

like we watched it together

whenever time allows

and at one point of time

even if she wasn’t’ around

I watched it all by myself too


I am not sure

if it is out of craving for the stories or

I merely miss the time I spent with her

when she was away


some stories are pretty entertaining

especially those which

involved animals


so not too long ago

I started digging the books as well

copy-right-free Gutenberg version are

handily available and read


frankly speaking

this is the first time I pick this up

such a good stuff which is way too long overdue 

all my life this is the very first time

I am reading Grimm’s unabridged version


and it wasn’t too long ago since

I got to know that

they are brothers instead of a person


I read one story with my niece

made her read a couple of pages and

explained it in Mandarin

that story was Golden Bird

then I lost patience and skipped her reading part 

I retold the story in Mandarin to her instead


somehow it doesn’t make sense to

read fairy tales at the age

you cease believing in fairy tales


but somehow it is a good read

to put yourself to bed with fairy tales


however to be read with cautions

some stories are pretty gross

yeah the last story I read yesterday was

The Robber Bridegroom which

touches on cannibalism

oh man, but my eyelids were about to close

doesn’t allow for another story

so I fell asleep feeling rather odd


in short, not all are the happily-ever-after

prince-princess type of stories

and those exactly are the one which interest me

Mon Ami, those about human nature


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