Monday, August 31, 2009

Final Shopping, Seriously…

this is seriously my final shopping

because something bad happened

i lost a bag of Roxy loots

i was carrying it in my

fuschia MNG ‘singlet’ bag

the biggest possibility is

it fell off while i took out

either my pouch or water bottle


i didn’t have the energy to

go around all the places

we have been to

just the two most likely one

Bossini and Burger King

then that’s it


what’s in there

  1. a boardshort, Bicoastal
  2. a small pouch, Ridges

i like this pair of short so much

when i came back to tidy up my wardrobe

i actually found a few pieces of tops

which i think go perfectly well with it

oh gosh, so damn sad

bright pink board shorts with rainbow stripes but it's already gone


yesterday i went back Roxy

to buy the pants again

the last pair

been sold off

no more….



other items i bought

puma bag

which cost me rm 23.90

we asked the sale person to confirm the price

and quickly paid for them

the original price was rm 179.9

the logo is pretty hidden  


yesterday i went back to check it out

there were new one available

with the price of rm 80+

oh my…

Puma handbag


3 for rm 50 shirts

these shirts are meant to be

worn with some scanty tube top

but i think i seriously look weird

but it’s ok

it’s actually to please my mom


we went around hunting for

plain white T for such a long time

some are over-priced,

ranging from rm 25 – 50

but my budget for a white T is below rm 20


i even went to the kids department

to hunt for one

(since i been shamelessly buying kiddy tops)

these days

people just forget the beauty of simplicity

Aries Gemini Pisces


Big Bird top

i thought of owning one of these shirt

from Sesame Street by Bossini

but rm 69 is too high a price to pay

for a cartoon shirt

clearance price of rm 24 sounds much better

 yes.. totally agree 

when i showed Ah B

this shirt of mine

she actually took out another

Big Bird shirt of her

and said they are the same

but i have a difficult time

trying to teach her that

the yellow bird is named Big Bird

she equates Sesame Street with Elmo

so she jus said this is an Elmo shirt

Big Bird


i got the record of

going shopping alone at JB

travelling with bags of stuffs

on public transport

and returned back to SG safely


but this time round

i am really ashamed of myself

  1. at a familiar place
  2. with a friend
  3. a small bag of stuffs


how can this ever happened to me

maybe what Teddy was saying is right

this is a sign

thing happens for a reason


threfore Steph is

seriously quitting shopping




please kindly show this post to me

to remind me of the painfulness

if i ever tell you that

i am going shopping…

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Roxy Day…

today i wore Roxy out

from head to toe

actually i am a great fan of Roxy

not because of


or vanity

entrance reflection

lift reflection


let me show you

what it takes to be a Roxy girl



#1 enjoy the sun

#2 take more walks

#3 appreciate the nature

#4 smile in the most natural way



#5 drink more water

#6 do your house chores

#7 say hi to your neighbors


my daily walk awesome shades like those small plants clutching to the huge trees wild.. life clear blue sky let the sun shines on me the path back home sharp yet harmless flowers the stony path more "thorn" flowers pine treehuge leaves forming a shadeis it fern, gosh my botanical is lousy welcome to my neighbourhood jogging trackroses among the thorns growing taller and taller



that's me

Stepheleo Kitchen – Fried Noodle

i officially declare that

from today onwards

the Stephelle Kitchen

is disbanded


here come the new crew

Steph, ms. Elle

and put your hands together

for the new member…..

mr. Leo

my new pan


  1. steam the noodle
  2. then fry it with the other ingredients
  3. serve it while it’ hot

 noodles heating it up frying it  

what other ingredients i used

  • carrot
  • tao-key fishball
  • egg tofu
  • ikan bilis
  • pickled vegie in olive oil (as my oil too)

no time to trim the carrots


serve it and enjoy

yum yum smell and taste good


actually i thought there was a lot

but i managed to finish

because i spent too much time

waiting for the hotplate

to heat up

the old hotplates are

without any cooking instruction

which switch for which hot plate

which direction for temperature adjustment


please wash your utensils immediately

after cookingbathing time


after consulting my neighbours

who always cook

came up with this

the old hotplates are

without any of these

my piece of artwork 

p/s actually prior to mr Leo

joining our team

i have tried fried rice once

on the day before KLavings trip

just anyhow took the utensils there

borrowing without permission

i am a thief

 more carrots pearl-like rice

My Tropicana Wardrobe

i wanted to do my wardrobe housekeeping

for 2 weeks already

but i am a bit busy

but i am cleaning the drawers

but i am in the process of re-washing clothes

but i am in the process of shopping


so this is the closing chapter

to my shopping marathons

it’s time to remind myself

how much i have bought


basically i have clothes of all colors

except red


P8244061 P8244062 P8244063 P8244066 P8244067 P8244068 P8244070 P8244071 P8244072 

actually my wardrobe is open air

been doing this since last semester

  1. it’s easier to find clothes
  2. the cabinet is not enough for my clothes
  3. the cabinet is a bit gloomy and poor-lit
  4. let my clothes enjoy the sunbath everyday

the Tropicana Wardrobe

P8244075 P8244076

P8244077 P8244079 

say goodbye the old clothes

which are going to be transported home

actually i got lots of stuffs

to be brought home this time roundP8244082


my shoes

really few




another round of cabinet housekeeping

in the evening…

can you see the empty gap for drawers?

P8093104 P8244107

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