Tuesday, September 11, 2018

2018/09/11: Awwwhgust

i had a crazily low month

back in July

then all of the sudden

crazily busy during August


and guess what

hitting another trough in August

but not as bad as July

at least


i think next time i should

probably write this earlier

instead of procrastinating

for such long time


because it will take me

quite awhile to recall

what actually took place


i already had two staycations

in September and

that’s all i remember for now


okay let’s see

let’s see

maybe it will help if i

can actually look through

emails and pictures to see

what actually happened


10 minutes later…

sorry i really can’t

so let’s just concentrate on

whatever happened

during the 2nd half of the month


11-18 August

ya man i was in Jeju Island

with the gang

i wasn’t very busy

no staying up late


but still kept the habit of

waking up early

before sun rise

which was like 6 AM


then i came back

nothing much


juggling between work

and family time

and probably some shopping too


yeah that was it

and there came September


this must be the worst post ever


i will try to add on

when i manage to recall


till then

i shall write my September post

earlier next month

really I will



yeah on the night

before we flew to Jeju

it was a Sunday night

i didn’t sleep and was working

on an urgent task I received like

on a Sunday evening

while watching Pitch Perfect and

a Premier League match

at the same time


so i got myself really exhausted

so that I fell asleep throughout

my journey to Jeju

which i did

except then it was time to eat


so i was quite used to

rubbing my eyes

after a nap


forgetting that my contact lens

were actually still in my eyes

i rubbed so hard that

one of the lens actually

fell off and got stuck on my finger


my toiletries bag wasn’t with me

washroom was not permitted

due to turbulence


so i actually

opened my bottle of water

and soaked the lens

in the cap

after washing it

with the water itself


and went to the washroom

to wear them back properly

until we touched down like

5 hours later


till then

stay healthy :/

Our first Airbnb in Jeju

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