Friday, April 18, 2014

Black X Ain't My Full Identity: Putting Some Floral Print

That's me
Post work look 
I get used to wearing 
An extra layer out there 
Because I hate getting close contact 
While being pushed in a crowd 

Okay I think it has been awhile 
Since I last cleaned the lense 
Let's dig for the mini cloth 

I call this "柳暗花明"
Somehow means at the end of tunnel 
You suddenly see light 

I need a proper pair of pants 
The only pair was too haggard 

A pair of Jeggings 
But somehow it's a little weird 
Because of the elastic material 
Loads crumples have been formed 
Or isn't because my legs are 
Too short for this

Oh damn 
What's with the missing sock

When I earn your own money to shop 
I take one week to survey 
Another week to try it on 
With a gap of two weeks in between 
Then more weeks to ponder if 
I can get a better choice elsewhere 

And quietly went back to the 
Super market grocery shopping 
What's wrong with me 
It's just a pair of Jeggings 
Just buy it 

Jeggings with only elastic band 
But no zip and button 
No wonder it feels a little weird 
Lack of that assured feeling of
putting on a pair of denim 

There are some proper jeans 
Too bad black is missing 
Chambray / classic vintage blue / grey
I want all of them 

But how would I expect myself to wear 
A variety of Jeans 
If I have to stick to corporate dress code
Six days a week 

My existing wardrobe is already 
Witnessing a competitive fight 
Among my clothes to get picked 
On Saturday evening and Sunday 

Poverty kills generosity   

All I want is a pair of simple 
Super skinny 
Smart casual jeans 
Preferably doesn't look too denim

Well the simpler the item is 
The more difficult to find the right one 
Trust me 

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