Tuesday, June 19, 2018

2018/06/19: Frustrated, Max!

5:30pm yesterday
Was working at the courtyard
Outside my room
At Lijiang Old City

Was working on this task
With the word count I was informed of
It was supposed to take me 10 minutes
But it took longer than expected
Because there was error with the
auto generated word count

Was a bit anxious to finish
Because I promised to deliver at 6
So I was all focused

My phone was in the room
Because the battery was flat
After a whole day of
picture snapping and roaming

So I totally ignored the possibilities of
Other incoming emails
Because I just wanted to get this done
As soon as possible

And I didn't have the inbox
Opened at the next tab

Once I was done
I opened my inbox
And found an email
Sent 18 minutes ago

Can you imagine that
A relatively easy task of
3000 words just flew away
Because I didn't check my email
Within the last 18 minutes

And this was actually Unforgiveable
Because I actually have Internet access
Like all day long even when
I was outside and

Now that I was back at the hotel
How could something like this
Ever happen?

And you have no idea
How frustrated I was
As I have been going through
a pretty bad month
Like all the tasks so far
Have either been small, tough,
Or both

Well what else can I say
Good coincidences make a lucky day
Bad coincidences make a bad day

But anyway life had to go on
Went out to explore the Old City
For our final night here at Lijiang

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