Thursday, March 7, 2019

2019/03/07: Not Lucky Enough!

let me take some time to

mourn over a 1k USD worth of project

which flew into my window

but kinda disappeared because

i was too tired and slept early


had a super long day yesterday

started at 4:15 am

and working none stop for

almost 12 hours before

i paused for late lunch

cum early dinner


so i was already in bed

by 8 something and

fell asleep before 10 am


waking up at 6am

to find that

a large volume (easy) task

landed in my email on 11pm



6am was like too late

already assigned to

someone else


what can i do with

1k USD

one month living expense

one week trip to somewhere near

one easier month as

there is less pressure on sale


anyway what to do

i have my phone all the time

even if i am travelling

not because i am

a social media addict

but given incidents as such

from time to time

you can totally understand



from now on

even sleeping early

gives me a sense of guiltiness



to make myself feel better

i mean not getting 1k

is better than forking out 1k

for some damage done


it’s like landed on a lucky space

but ended up with nothing

instead of landed on an unlucky space

and ended up with a penalty


i am not not lucky enough

but not unlucky



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