Thursday, November 15, 2018

2018/11/15: October, Can’t Get Any Battle

Greeting from Wuyishan

and I finally have found time

to write this down

Overlooking the mountain!!!


the month started busy

ended even crazier

yet with a bit of fun

all the way


since I was working from home

from 7-19th October

from Siem Reap to KL

and also in Taipei


those 4 nights in Siem Reap

i woke up at 2, 3, 4, 5

just to get work done


during the final night

i decided to camp on the sofa

to avoid getting too cosy in bed

2 hour sleep and life went on


but the perk of working of

working from home is sometimes

pretty good

don’t you think so

and the room is super huge


then one night transit at KLIA2

i chose to stay at their transit hotel

it was my first actually

being a person who is quite used to

camping at the airport


well when you are alone

you need to work and sleep

at the same time

it wouldn’t be too wise a choice


i was thinking to

loiter at the mall area

in the evening but

a jinxed project

got me stuck from 4-10 PM

and i was all exhausted

to actually go out


by the time i started to

feel sleepy it was already

past 1 AM and

i wouldn’t even dare to

really fall sleep

so I woke up at 3+ to continue work

also to check on my travel mate

who was supposed to depart at 4

from another city

i wish to


and can you imagine

it followed me throughout

the entire trip from

Siem Reap to Taipei

damn damn damn


Taipei was all fun

2 day music festival in Puli

a small town near Taichung


it was crazy how

my whole person just died

on the night after the concert was over

sleeping at 12 AM

which was considered early

given my crazy hours over

the past week


then for 3 subsequent night

back in Taipei

i was alone after

my concert mate left earlier

I just realize the Monkey is a friend, instead of her pet


it was unimaginable

i slept at 11 PM, 9PM and

during the final night

i was already half sleeping

at 7 PM, seriously


the same applied to the

the whole week

after i went home

sleep debt is no joke


but which was actually

a good thing to

prep me for the final

crazy battle before

the month ended


those were some crazy days

i had to put every task

along with deadlines and

volume on a list

which is pretty rare

unless really necessary


not forgetting

some usual routine

before the month ended



it was one good month

and i think it really helps a great deal

in lowering my target for Nov & Dec

before the year ends


it’s raining outside

don’t think I am able to see the sun

but thank goodness

i have managed to catch once


it’s super duper cozy

i swear I have never slept that well

since that concert hang-over in Taipei


thank goodness

it was a all chill minimum itinerary trip

because work was a bit tricky

for the past 2 days

can you imagine

i started at 4 PM, and

only managed to go out after 12 PM


thank goodness

finally today is a no-rush morning

even though it’s our

last day in Wuyishan


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