Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Sorry Wally X for Being Selfish: You’re Such a Fine Fish

flipping through photo database

gosh this was actually taken on

2013 Sep 24th

so it has been 9 months already


and this post,

dated 2013 Aug 24th

Lomography X Where is Wally?: La Sardina Wally Watcher Edition


exactly 10 months ago I fell for you

and 9 months lapse since we met

yet we haven’t progressed


somehow feeling that time flies

yet I have went through so many

during the past 9 months


and man!

I explored at least another 3 cities

without bringing Wally along

are you serious?

Where's Wally X La Sardina


what beats the excitement of

unboxing something as

cool as a La Sardina

a Where’s Wally X La Sardina

Where's Wally X La Sardina


the smell of ocean

I can feel we are somehow near, Wally

no worries

Where's Wally X La SardinaWhere's Wally X La SardinaWhere's Wally X La SardinaWhere's Wally X La Sardina


by the way, Wally

planning to get a pair of matching flops

just for you

what do you think?

havaianas X Where’s Wally: So Pretty

Havaianas X Where Wally 01

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