Friday, April 29, 2011

High Five X Early Bright: No Sleep Last Night

Hello people

good morning

it’s 6.37 am in the morning

it’s pouring like meow and woof out there

that’s why I am wearing a hoodies

hello people


what did I dream of yesterday?


or something something else?

ahuh?? I don’t wannat talk about it

dream on


goodness me

then I realized

I didn’t sleep at all

I came back at one

I blogged till 3+

I hanged around Facebook

I showered and did my laundry at 5

and after 6

here I am

and the worst of all

I didn’t even make an attempt to sleep



chill Honey chill

maybe I was too excited over my new grey sneakers

my new grey sneakers


you like those sneakers, don’t you

just admit that

but nobody gonna steal them from me

at least not you.. wicked minded!!

i heart my grey sneakers


and I gonna bring my Roxy bag home

so that I can pack my Bikinis and board shorts in there

you know… well preparation for the summer vacation

baby blue.. baby blue.. I love you

Roxy baby blue eco bag


I gonna leave by 8 am back home

so gonna chill for a couple while more

then I will go pack up

goodness heaven

what’s wrong with me

I go back home every week

what’s here to get hyper about?

anyway I gonna wear specs

no contact lens

because I know my dark circles will be obvious

the dark circle shield


and Mama always says

the bad guys will leave the nerdies alone

especially the creepy baldy nerd



by the way

in the Roxy bag

I found these

a pair of Quiksilver flip flops

what I gonna do with them?

I will give them to Pa

he will love them

I am sure he will

Quiksilver flip flops


that’s all from me

for the time being

it’s almost 7 now

I have to get my backpack packed

I have to get my diary written

I have to make sure I don’t leave anything behind

then wake my housemate up at 7.30 am

then have my breakfast

the last 3 pieces of wholemeal bread


speaking of breakfast

I am quite hungry now actually

no sleep - do thing - consume energy

that’s why

and that’s what I had last night

wait a minute

why should I tell you what I had last night

go click on the previous posts

and you will know


till then…






enjoy your weekend

and thank you for not closing the page half way

and thank you for the effort to scroll all the way

good day, people

Deal Hunter X Good Lucker: The Grey Sneakers

I missed the pair at Vans

because they failed to find the right size for me

and just to name a few, earlier on

those at Cotton On, Top Shop etc

Sneaker Realm X White Beam: The Vans Dream

girlish Vans


but you will never know your luck

we were actually doing grocery shopping at Tesco

the potato people


and Pearlyn wanted a pair of flip flops

what the heck

she broke her Havainanas

so I wanted to show her these

the Disney Princess flip flops I wanted so much

yet got a No-no from mom

the reason being is obvious

I got too many pairs

these are too childish, right?

Disney Princesses flip flops


and what a rationale she gave me

she said it brings bad luck

to actually wear portraits of people

and step on them and walk around

okay.. fine


these flip flops were displayed

at two different spots

yet both are together with children shoes

haha you know what it means

even the Little Mermaid design


but I bumped into something really good

plain simple grey sneakers


everyone was trying hard

to find the right sizes

because all started with the digit four

the blue one looks cool too

but somehow I was more attracted by the grey one

shoes trying


because blue sneakers do not mean

to look like this to me

they are supposed to be even more simpler

just like these

blue Kungfu shoes


and I found a pair of size 40

and you know

actually I kinda like men’s sneakers, sometimes

due to the more comfortable fit

fit in nicely


that applies to my Puma Jetsetter

guys’ size 6

terribly comfortable

I mean terrifically

Puma Jetsetter


goodness me

I am so proud of the grey fellows

that I brought it into my room

grey sneakers vs home flip flops


RM 33 with further reduction of RM 10

1/5 or even more of the branded one

price tag


this is the story of

how you have looking highs and lows

for something you really like

but what belong to you

will ultimately come to you

just like the one man

I am waiting for


bonus issues:

from the Mango Outlet at IOL

this is funny

before that the price tag for the leather colour one

was rm 59

now it has risen to rm 119

then the black one is still surprisingly low at rm 59

Mango black shiny heels


how about mine???

I got them for 3 digits you know

and I don’t think I will even get a chance to wear them

in near future

MANGO black suede heels


then I found the answer

no!! these are totally different quality

mine is the unique suede designs

and these shiny one are not!!

just plain black heels…

chill… chill


by the way

I wore a pair of heels to school today

the Summit denim heels

my first ever heels at school


climbing up and down staircases

struggling with the shallow shoe spaces

balancing on the slanted, unstable heels

ending up with blisters

but thank goodness no falling or tripping

I think I will leave them alone for quite awhile



3.36 am in the morning

and I am still awake

with the contact lens

which have been in my eyes since 8 am

and I am leaving from here at 8 am, in 4+ hours

can I make it home on time?

yes.. I definitely would

safe and sound… in my grey sneakers

Can’t Hide X A Surprise: Belated Birthday High

I thought I can just quietly escape the day

like what I have doing for the past “sixteen” years

so that was what I did on my birthday

Sssshhh.... my birthday


for the past “seventeen” years of my life

this is the first time like for real

people celebrate birthday for me

my seventeenth birthday


OMG… apologies to the girls

because I didn’t even let them know

it was my birthday

till the day was almost over

when I was already fast asleep

behind the closed door

and they discovered it on their own

via the wishes on Facebook


you see..

that goes on to prove

how you can no longer hold any secrets

with the invasion of social networks

there are stalkers, spammers, spectators

and sensors

nothing can escape


so I woke up, the next day (Thursday)

Cat was rushing assignment in the living room

she told me,

we are going out for movie tonight



I thought I am going back home

right after class

so I asked whether they have booked the tickets

she said they did


so I will just cancel off the secret-meet-up

with Cheryl back home

and stay for another night instead



haha her acting was so poor

she let out that

they wanna celebrate my birthday for me

belated birthday, to be exact


so we were here at IOI

didn’t manage to catch the Donnie Yen’s movie though

all full house already

so went for dinner

and discussed about the next stop

MNG outlet


so I suggested Tesco next door

since it’s nearby

it’s practical

it’s economical

grocery shopping is a good exercise

to digest the dinner

before the next round

basically, all kinds of shopping are good for you

especially window shopping

the freezer mirror, even


so we landed ourselves at Tesco

did loads groceries shoppings

and some stupid photo-ing

Tesco Puchong, shoes department


then the second round

Café hang-out

I didn’t expect anything

just normal hang-out, as usual

yes.. and I didn’t fake this

till a birthday cake was presented

cake toppings


really thank you people

the effort and the time,

millions of appreciation, really

The C110 gang


more photos on Facebook

sssshhh.. Burfday Ystday

Thursday, April 28, 2011

平淡樂觀 X 承擔彷徨:雀斑


有些埋怨 卻帶點忘記

有些錯誤 卻帶點成長



有些慵懶 卻帶點態度

有些平凡 卻帶點深刻



有些傻勁 卻帶點聰明

有些好玩 卻帶點步伐



有些瑕疵 卻帶點動人

有些黝黑 卻帶點陽光



有些叛逆 卻帶點骨氣

有些反派 卻帶點幼氣



有些曖昧 卻帶點不理

有些渴望 卻帶點堅決



有些浪漫 卻帶點耍壞

有些瘋狂 卻帶有理想



有些失控 卻帶點智慧

有些后悔 卻帶點自豪



有些依賴 卻帶點獨立

有些安靜 卻帶點穩重



有點彷徨 卻帶點期待

有點疑惑 卻帶有樂觀


幸福的重量 顯得那麼淡

也許有一天 我不再徬徨 也不去計算

以後的樂觀 到底要怎樣去承擔

風吹雨散 剩下我的 不安

你們的太陽 照亮我的 雀斑

雀斑 / 盧凱彤


雀斑 / 盧凱彤

作曲: 盧凱彤@人山人海

填詞: 盧凱彤@人山人海

編曲: 梁基爵, 盧凱彤@人山人海

監製: 梁基爵, 蔡德才@人山人海, 盧凱彤@人山人海

很想 在牆上 寫髒話 來敷衍你
不然 就向臉上 揍一拳 來靜止這混亂

我們翻來又覆去 我也走不太進去
你那無堅不摧 過去的圍牆
就算我能看得穿 就算透明像月光
回憶游來游去 卻不散

早上太昏暗 濃得這麼淡
顏色的璀燦 曾經的遺憾 我不敢去想
愛得那麼狂 微弱的吶喊
風吹雨散 剩下我在 泛濫

不管 有多遠 的距離 都只會映照出灰藍
悲傷 就像海洋 能淹沒 我一切的夢想

我們翻來又覆去 我也走不太進去
你那無堅不摧 過去的圍牆
就算我能看得穿 就算透明像月光
回憶游來游去 卻不散

早上太昏暗 濃得這麼淡
顏色的璀燦 曾經的遺憾 我不敢去想
愛得那麼狂 埋葬了微弱的吶喊
風吹雨散 剩下我在 泛濫

幸福的重量 顯得那麼淡
也許有一天 我不再徬徨 也不去計算
以後的樂觀 到底要怎樣去承擔
風吹雨散 剩下我的 不安
你們的太陽 照亮我的 雀斑

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Another Day X Just Play: Ssshh… My Birthday

just another day to go to school

I am so afraid that people will know

it’s my birthday today

grey flora mini dress


took a nap during the break

and was captured red-handed on camera

oh damn it

the rest..

I don’t wanna show it, please



and when I woke up

the culprit even acted sweet

with a note written like this

arrrrgh… curse him

sleep well!


it’s ain’t anything special

365 days..

there are people celebrating birthday every single day


glad that there are still people writing on my wall

despite my birthday date is not even on Facebook

thank you all



and we shall call it a day

just like any other day

go on and decay

振奮鼓舞 X 繼續領悟:大同 《15》

方大同 - 15


除了期待 還有更多的疑惑














可能就是比較 Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz 那種













直到 《好不容易》的面世


















好朋友 李玖哲都封王了

難道就說 方大同不如李玖哲了




做出好音樂 總會找到知音










回到 《15》這張專輯





再到在電臺聽到歌曲 preview

哇 太小看方大同了








R&B, soul 是平常玩開的音樂

竟然還有 folk, rock, hip hop, gospel




光講不聽 大概怎么形容



preview 都只是聽 bridge 和 chorus 部分













幸好 幸好












從七十人的弦樂到 guitar jamming

只聽歌曲的intro and outro  音樂





靈感無所不在 《因為你》

宣揚世界大同 《Gonna Make A Change》 《Take Me》

單親媽媽的故事 《曇花》

假設葉問的心聲 《張永成》

輕松唱濫用迷幻藥 《無菇朋友》





愛得浪漫 《好不容易》

分手后怎辦 《Over》

四三最后剩下 《二人游》

農夫再下一首溫馨小品 《情勝策略》


還有找來徐佳瑩的合唱 《自以為》



詞卻在唱反調 有點諷刺






方大同 - 15 03





方大同 - 15 白色球鞋鼓手一丁


smile on

as long as there is good music

the awesome life goes on

方大同 - 15

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

They Can Last X Yet Forgotten Fast: Objects of The Past

not only I was watching

Opera of the Past


I started to dig objects of the past too

this new mirror of mine

the plastic one broke

okay I left it on my bed

leg accidentally “touched” it

and it went broken

couldn’t stand on its own anymore


how about this??

flip-able, pressure resistance

the old mirror


and remember this??

the scenery design at the back

mirror with scenery design


when collecting branded sneakers

is quite beyond my means

how about these??

kung fu sneakers


and the plain blue design

without the irritating “tick” or “NBB” logos

just a cute penguin

kung-fu shoes


buy 10 pairs then only

it amounts to these

white sneaker


this is not something to be ashamed of

we always hand wash clothes back home

although there is a washing machine

we use the “spinning” function only

somehow clothes increased in volume recently

since grandpa is staying with us

the plastic one will no longer fit

so the old metal one is being used

big metal pail


but secretly

I curse a lot, doing laundry recently

more clothes, have to split into two rounds

and the bloody metal pail is so freaking heavy

arrrgh.. no choice


but I guess metal pail is considered quite advanced

back then, people use wooden one

back back then, people don’t even have tap water

back then, family size is whole loads bigger than mine

maybe I should just shut up


and the phone

I have been using for more than 6 months

no complain

excellent phone

and guess what

I found a gang at school

but mine looks much haggard

with the keypad prints all faded

the phones from the past


and learning to live without iPad

not that I want to

just that I left my charger at home

no choice but to bear with it

life of no Loltop

laptop on lap, tablet on palm

the battery that died


vintage is not about just another trend

for spending more money

more importantly

I think it’s more about your daily life

  • going back to the uncomplicated basic life
    • hence consuming less energy
  • using longer lasting stuffs
    • and hence creating less waste
  • recycle your old goods
    • once again, reducing waste


Can’t Multi-Task X No Telecast: Opera Show of the Past

last Saturday

went for the Chinese Opera

in town annually

in conjunction with the celebration of

deity’s birthday

in my neighbourhood

the Opera show going on


well.. quite standard story based in palace

an evil wife of the emperor

vs the good, kindhearted one fighting


the Hokkien dialect being used

is not actually that difficult to understand

just that when it was sung in the opera tune

plus the vocabulary which is not what we use

in daily conversation

thanks to the subtitle in LED display by the side

I still managed to follow the show



you know in the middle

I felt like fast forwarding the singing part

or maybe I can just search the titles on Youtube

and watch it at my own free time

or even much faster

Google the titles and read the stories

okay, that’s it

Chinese Opera title list


that the problem of people like us today

we do too many things at the same time

especially right now

in front of the computer

music player is on

internet surfing

MSN chatting



and not even on one device

instead of laptop

I jumped on the bandwagon of


laptop on lap, tablet on palm

the Loltop master


when we are made to sit down

and do just one single thing at a time

it' is killing me, really

how about you


yeah not forgetting

snapping randomly with the camera

watching the cute chubby boy sitting in front of me

the cute chubby boy


dad kept saying

they simplified the thing already

they used to come out

paced around in the way they are supposed to

and the whole show lasted for 4 hours

4 hours???


and two sessions, another one in the afternoon

I guess now even the golden folks wouldn’t be here

if there is a afternoon show

they are busy catching Hokkien dramas on TV


so I stayed for whole two hours

being the only young person around

11.30 pm end of the show

the long awaited midnight supper

and this is, most of the time,

the only time

we get to talk for real

naan & teh tarik 


by the way

the grand palace upstairs

Tian Hou Palace, Melaka

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