Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Preppy X Sporty: PREddiesm

the 7th dosage of Eddiction drug

for October, 2012

Esquire / fall-winter issue

Esquire 2012 秋冬號 - Eddie 彭于晏 01Esquire 2012 秋冬號 - Eddie 彭于晏 02Esquire 2012 秋冬號 - Eddie 彭于晏 03Esquire 2012 秋冬號 - Eddie 彭于晏 04


coverage of previous months

way too gorgeous

彭于晏 迷人的反派 A Charming VillainEddie Gucci / Men's Uno

probably something so not related

but Fred Perry is always preppy

the essentials like Polo tee, plain sneakers



it is not that easy to bring forward

that preppy “aura”


Eddie used to wear

quite a bit of Fred Perry


then I realize

what differs

between any A,B,C who

wears a Fred Perry on the street

with Mr.Eddie who wears one

is the muscle on the biceps


probably that sounds

a little superficial

put it this way


it’s the sportsmanship

that matters that differs 


(i) maturity takes on an unbelievable revolution on him

(ii) shorter the hair, the more gorgeous the man is

Fred Perry Eddie 03Fred Perry - Eddie 2010 02Fred Perry Eddie 01


the last one is somehow interesting

man in Fred Perry cooking…

the boys were hilarious,

yet he didn’t mess up

and they actually won 4:0 over the ladies

in this mini cooking competition

2011.07.28  型男大主廚 Stylish Man-The Chef / Complete Episode

Fred Perry Eddie 05Fred Perry Eddie 04


this is supposed to a PSA

but my eyes couldn’t help noticing the shirt

no.. I did pay attention to what’s he is saying

Fred Perry Eddie 02


To Youngsters PSA / Eddie Peng

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

UniqSet X CasuAct: Fridge Magnet

most worth-it buy ever from

Daiso, 100 Yen store


plain magnets

initial plan was to use it for the

mock press con on Friday

to display the posters and stuffs


oh yeah

I am the “creative director”??

why me??

Vintagopia X MagMania: No Longer, PS Phobia


then I got this idea of

turning the magnets into merchandise

along with the leaflet and etc

for our event


all you need is

a permanent marker or paint marker


from left to right

in the chronological order of liking

it just went on to proof

my handwriting really sucks

can’t even write a simple sentence right


but on the brighter side

does it actually mean that I can draw??

ha.. maybe


this makes a good gift indeed

but unfortunately

this one and only set

would have to be submitted in 3 days time

goodness knows what they do with

students’ submission


I am so into this GMO campaign

this is going to my first individual design portfolio

along with the poster, flyer, pamphlet 


you do the best at what you like the best,



*GMO= Genetically-modified organism

practically any food that’s not natural

the way they are

and the list is surprisingly long

and some are quite shocking


GMO fridge magnet / badge

D-I-Y fridge magnet / badgeD-I-Y fridge magnet / badge with markerD-I-Y fridge magnet / badge with marker

Sunday, October 28, 2012

獨立制 X 自由式: 悠滄假日








































happily ever after


我不孤單 孤單只是 情緒氾濫

我不孤單 孤單只是 不夠果斷


practice makes perfect

right attitude for the perfect solitude


我總是一個人在練習一個人 / 林宥嘉


我總是一個人在練習一個人 / 林宥嘉 /

acoustic version


我總是一個人在練習一個人 / 林宥嘉





一個人去上班 又一個人去吃飯
話才說到一半 沒有人聽完
我不孤單 孤單只是 情緒氾濫

一個人出去逛 又一個人躺在床
不夠分另一半 愛已經用完
我不孤單 孤單只是 不夠果斷

寂寞是腳跟 回憶是凹痕

寂寞是腳跟 回憶是凹痕


Soft Lighting X Laidback Setting: Hotel-Camwhoring


the mirror in (most of the) hotel room

can make someone looks more awesome

fairer, skinner, brighter, sharper, whatever

maybe it has to do with travelling mood as well


this was in Ibis Marne La Vallée

Spring, 2012

lacey X orange dressi love these eyebrows, probably it's time to trim tomorrow morning


too bad

that wasn’t the right weather

so ultimately, have to give way to

hoody + varsity

even the juicy nose looks sharperthe plait-enthu


I overestimated my camera

and left the charger at London

and damn…

still wasting the battery on camwhoring

battery was completely flat for Versailles

road sign to Versailles


post Disneyland

even the low resolution lousy camera

can takes good photos under the lighting

the 12 Euros Minnie headband I borrowed

Minnie Headband


that was in early May

I can’t believe how much my appearance deteriorated

within the 6 months

goodness, I hate to use the word “aging”

but I can feel it slowly creeping over already


despite the short term spent abroad

I think I can gradually understand

why some people are dying to migrate

the quality of life in Europe is indeed better

cycling in Paris


going through the photos

I don’t mind eating plain white bread everyday

save up Steph!!!

for Milan, Rome, Amsterdam, Prague, Berlin, Stockholm

I can probably go on and on


on the contrary

the darkest era of my life

summer, 2011

the bed is forever messy :pthat was the one and only time i wore that band


one thing for sure

the bed in the background is always messy



Saturday night bitter

I wanna get away so badly

Friday, October 26, 2012

Mr. Happy X Lil’ Clumsy: Boy Next Door, tEddie

this 2007 movie

My DNA says I Love You 《基因決定我愛你》

My DNA Says I Love You 基因決定我愛你


the movie itself,

is way better than I what I have imagined

a relatively new theme for love movie

the storyline and cast are pretty solid

and certain resonances for reflection


I did not really skip the non-Teddie scenes


tEddie Boy Next Door

the name of the character is Little Bear 小熊

he looks sincere and quite innocent

and he literally stays next door

always there, ready to fix stuffs,

sending the wrongly delivered letters

My DNA Says I Love You 基因決定我愛你  - Eddie Peng 彭于晏 06My DNA Says I Love You 基因決定我愛你  - Eddie Peng 彭于晏 04My DNA Says I Love You 基因決定我愛你  - Eddie Peng 彭于晏 02My DNA Says I Love You 基因決定我愛你  - Eddie Peng 彭于晏 05My DNA Says I Love You 基因決定我愛你  - Eddie Peng 彭于晏 13My DNA Says I Love You 基因決定我愛你  - Eddie Peng 彭于晏 01My DNA Says I Love You 基因決定我愛你  - Eddie Peng 彭于晏 03My DNA Says I Love You 基因決定我愛你  - Eddie Peng 彭于晏 29


the hilarious-turned-warm scene

that baby blue shirt with cute pattern

“#$%()(&%^&^%*@#$@$ ORZ”

My DNA Says I Love You 基因決定我愛你  - Eddie Peng 彭于晏 22


Teddie cutie

My DNA Says I Love You 基因決定我愛你  - Eddie Peng 彭于晏 14My DNA Says I Love You 基因決定我愛你  - Eddie Peng 彭于晏 15My DNA Says I Love You 基因決定我愛你  - Eddie Peng 彭于晏 18My DNA Says I Love You 基因決定我愛你  - Eddie Peng 彭于晏 17My DNA Says I Love You 基因決定我愛你  - Eddie Peng 彭于晏 21My DNA Says I Love You 基因決定我愛你  - Eddie Peng 彭于晏 24My DNA Says I Love You 基因決定我愛你  - Eddie Peng 彭于晏 25



the movie posters which

do not reflect the storyline at all

he is not the slob and

did not even keep that golden mane

he appeared in a way cuter and sunny scene

in that Mr. Happy tee!!

what’s more

that’s not the girl he was going after

My DNA Says I Love You 基因決定我愛你  - Eddie Peng 彭于晏 07My DNA Says I Love You 基因決定我愛你  - Eddie Peng 彭于晏 11


Mr. Happy goes like this in the movie!!

My DNA Says I Love You 基因決定我愛你  - Eddie Peng 彭于晏 09My DNA Says I Love You 基因決定我愛你  - Eddie Peng 彭于晏 28


bonus trivia

this role earned him an nomination for best new actor

in the 44th Golden Horses Film Award

that’s good enough

he was up against Tang Wei in 《Lust,Caution》



My DNA Says I Love You / trailer

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Preppy Hood X Lady Look: Any Loot?

solo day

spent like 4 hours in the mall

well, 2 went to the movie

1 went to school purchase

minimum is dedicated to marketing survey


(i) default look

love this mini hoodies

because it reads “girl can boogie too”

but somehow it’s always difficult to find something

which goes well with it

nautical stripes dress x mini hoodies


(ii) chambray dress

the colour is fine,

not too dark and too rugged

there are 3 designs available

asymmetry-shouldered and bare-back

but it’s best to keep it simple

yes, simplicity is the right thing to do

why did the designer choose to add

another piece of cloth onto the dress

which makes it looks like an apron 

chambray spag dress


(iii) beige mini dress

love the colour and the plait

and the dual textures 

can imagine it goes well with braids

but should I?

it’s something probably for keeping’s sake

formal functions and all that sort

which I avoid to the max

so why bothered?

there are at least 5 dresses I can think of

which fall into such category at home

but still, it’s so lovely right?

beige mini dress


IV baby blue oxford

ain’t no ordinary oxford,

it’s checkered

more over,

it’s grid check, which is

you know I do not really own one

grid check oxford shirt


loot of the day

can’t resist the detailed finishing

blue strands for the buttons and

edges of slanted stripes,

which also come in different patterns

and this is properly

something I can wear every single day

shirt finishing


once a preppy

forget the lady!!

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