Friday, May 28, 2010

The Long-Winded Journey of A Jumper Skirt

passed by this shop

at least 5 times a day

all the clothes are very lala, ah lianz

even the shop name

Cute Girl Collection

… OMG…


whenever i passed by

what was in my mind was

who will buy clothes like that

till recently whole shops going on sales

all rm 25

but it didn’t change my mindset

towards this shop


till the very very recent

i guess yesterday

they suddenly put up a rm15 corner

right outside the shop

but still i wasn’t tempted

because the clothes are just

not my cup of tea


but everyday passed by so many times

my eyes wandering around as usual

and caught sight of a blouse

pink, with heart shapes all over

erm.. not bad

so for the 2 rounds to walk by

i gave it a fond scan


then here came the trap

at 8.30 pm while i went to

throw the dirty water

saw another jumper skirt right beside

oh my it was so cute

my mind was so busy

running to and fro

between to buy or not to buy


here’s the monologue

i had within myself

while spenind the next 20 mins

washing stuffs in the toilet


Yes you should buy it

it’s cheap


No this is always your excuse

but do you wear all the cheap clothes you bought?


Yes because you can create new look

mix and match it with plain tank top, sailor like..

or maybe your new Polo shirt


No it wouldn’t last that long

how often do you wear a shirt

it is better to buy pants


Yes it’s so unique

so many pants you own

so few skirts


No i am going Mid Valley tomorrow

who knows i will shop there


Yes that’s why you should buy

after you shop today

tomorrow you will feel restrained


No i shall wait till

i m back on Sunday


Yes rm 15 is for sure a last piece

what if it is already not there


No i will still wait

and see the fate between me and her

whether she is predestined to be mine


Yes the design is so unique

stripy jumper skirt

putting aside the jumper design

you don’t own any stripy skirt, do you?


No i don’t have any money

left with less than rm10


Yes you can always go to the ATM

it’s just in front


No no matter how much i took out

i spent them all


this is such a hard decision to make

in the first time in my life

for a rm 15 skirt

if it was last time

i would have bought

within a blink of eyes

consideration time


back there

i wiped and installed everything

with the speed of thunderbolt

usually i just took my own sweet time

because i hate to hang around doing nothing

while the other dear colleague of mine

is always sitting comfortably, FB-ing


so done…

10 more mins to do the next task on the list

took out my purse

stared at the Atm card

wait.. i saw two rm 5 notes

so i may have enough money

without going to the bank at all


let fate to decide

the destiny of this skirt

dug out all the rm 1

darn… there were only 4

dug out all the coins

yeah… finally

there were enough


so here i went

carrying along the rm 15

with only rm 0.65 left

in my purse

so many receipts

no money at all

my whole properties


tried out the skirt

yeah it fitted me

there were other customers in the shop

there’s no one to be the cashier

but it was time for me to go back

walao.. Cinderella meh

9.35pm is the time to keep the gelato


so i told the girl

“i going back to work first

come back again later

after i finish work”


“what time”




“ok, i will wait for you”


so i went after work

late a bit. 9.50pm

she already packed up the clothes


just dug out all the money

and handed to her

pretending to say

“sorry, i have lots small changes

if you don’t mind… ””


so she landed safely in my wardrobe

left me a penniless girl


finally tomorrow is the day

a day off from work

and the day for KHALIL FONG


just hope that i don’t shop at alli

i am still in repentance

for what i did last summer


Kawaii ne

a jumper skirt

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

下星期去英國… 不是我啦




只有一杯 rm 3.5的gelato


































在外國 可能不是和紅毛談戀愛那種啦





















image image P4291825 P4291826








下個星期去英國(go to England next week)

詞 陳綺貞 曲 陳綺貞





Farewell 4 PG, Yet I Shopped

today went to work early

because mom had got something to do

Piggie told earlier that

he gonna be at MP,

final shopping before

he is leaving for UK

so went over to the main entrance

to meet up with him


since it took time for him to walk across

i just browsed through

the Polo clothes on sales

and i found this blue plain blouse

with 70%

once again tempted


it was a temporary promotional area

so the fitting room was like a tentage

a bit spooky

and the payment counter was just beside

can hear two guys chatting

about adjusting some wires

privacy concerns, peeping toms

so just made it quick



all i like about this blouse

is the coloured logo

usually it’s in one colour onlyPolo logo     looks different here


p/s can anyone tell me

is Polo equivalent to Ralph Lauren?

can’t be right, the price gap is too great

but the logos are all the same

and on the global site

it is Polo Ralph Lauren

enlighten me please


then here came PG

if he had got here 15 mins earlier

i wouldn’t have got the shirt

bliss or bad


i was so poor

only treated him single scoop

of peppermint gelato

guys really like peppermint a lot

all of my guy friends who stopped by

ordered peppermint


soon enough

it was 1pm

he wanted to leave already

15 mins quick farewell

all the best in UK

don’t forget our “souvenirs”

us.. in front of Igloo

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Express Malacca Trip in 3 Hours

continuation from You’ll Never Shop Alone

after shopping went for tea with XH

he received call from a lecturer

asking him to plan a Melaka trip for him

and find him a Baba Nyonya style hotel

with a budget of rm 60-80?? erm…


so we decided to walk through the few tourist sites

A’Famosa – Stadhuys – Jonker Street

and check out hotel rates at Heeren Street

here we went walking

4pm, under the hot sun


i guess people would really think

that we are tourists

with the SL cam and backpack

isn’t it a ridiculous thing to do

but i do believe

many Malaccans have never taken photos

around these sites

which attracted tourists from all around Malaysia


skipped A’Famosa because

we were still busy licking our sundae cones

didn’t go up St. Paul Hill too

because i don’t wanna get burnt again


IMG_0023IMG_0026 IMG_0027 IMG_0028 IMG_0029 IMG_0030 IMG_0031 IMG_0032 IMG_0033 IMG_0034 IMG_0035  IMG_0037  IMG_0039


Heeren Street

went into 2 hotels

one budget hotel

room rate can go

as low as 88 per night


met an artist sketching

this stretch of the road

amazingly detailed

and capture the buildings

from the right angle

didn’t take photo

you know lar

ang mo very particular about this issue

called copyright and intellectual property

later we kena sue

IMG_0045 IMG_0046 



Puri Hotel

i guess recently it has gained popularity

among tourists as the aunthentic

Baba Nyonya style hotel

discovered that

all building along this street

are double storey

except this

so they renovated and constructed

the 2nd storey

but the roof on top of ground floor

looked a bit curvy

is it just the original design

or bent by the extra weight from 2nd storey


2nd storey is the exact replica of

1st storey

except it has shrunken in height

what a waste to tear down the

original roof to construct it

or did they actually preserve all the tiles

and reinstall them back

after 2nd storey was built

IMG_0049 IMG_0050


a mansion

remind me of a dark night

with lightning flashing across the skyIMG_0051 IMG_0052


read from papers before

actually these calligraphies on the door etc

are priceless pieces of work

attracting academicians from mainland

most are motivational quotations

i was curious

what do these 2 phrases mean

found it hereIMG_0055

imagine last time

you can always say hello

to your neighbour from hereIMG_0056 

finally no car

chop chop took these photosIMG_0058 IMG_0059


then went over to Jonker

XH said this is the first time

he came at such early time

but no differences

all pasar malam stuffs lar

seems that

i so anti Jonker Street nowadays


walked back to Dataran Pahlawan

around 7

supposedly wanted to hang around

the playground for awhile

but i saw my dad and Ah B there

my dad cycled there


fortunately he didn’t see me

the wrong scanty top

(i came out wearing a cardigan)

so just quickened our paces

and sneaked through


wanted to go Bt Cina for dinner

either the corner wantan noodle

or the 3 roses mamak

but all the shops were closed

oops i forgot

the festival at the Gudwara

had begun

for 3 days, Sikhism devotees will

flood the whole vicinity of bt cina

and jalan laksamana cheng ho


went for wantan noodle at

Bunga Raya instead

the roadside stall


here marked the end

of our Melaka impromptu express trip

although the few iconic tourist sites

were already covered

it would never be sufficient

to truly discover Malacca

and not forgetting all the nice food

it will take weeks to taste them all

but takes a lifetime to forget

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Reebok F/S Hi

Dec 2005Adidas Superstar WII

May 2009

Nike Steady


June 2009Puma Jetsetter 

May 2010

Reebok freestyle hi - layered

resting at my home


saw it months ago

but didn’t buy because

there was no sales

then today i walked into Royal Sports House

just to check whether there are

any bargain for Ipanema


when i was about to walk out

i told XH

now i own three pairs of white sneakers

then.. 15 minutes later

i am a proud owner of

4 pairs of white sneakers


thought i will never shop

because i had less than 20 bucks in my purse

but when i was so excited

withdrawal is the right thing to do


and best of all

this manager of mine at UK

she got exactly the same pair

for 24 pounds

lol.. we are just same gang

must wear it back when

we are meeting up 2 months later

privacy issue..

Saturday, May 22, 2010

You’ll Never Shop Alone

Friday, finally another off day

i been hiding in the Igloo for two weeks

time to go shopping

this time round i went with a mission

and nothing more

because i was supposed to shop alone

so just grab whatever i need and ciao

  1. spending the rm10 cash voucher from dees
  2. replenishing my con supply, wearing the very last pair now
  3. grabbing a HDMI cable so that i can rewatch Ip Man over and over again on bigger screen


felt a little miserable

because i have to shop alone

that’s the plight of not keeping enough friends

but the day turned out to be a bright one


1st stop, Optometrist

rm 50 flied away as deposit

a bit heavy hearted to part with her

here my shopping budget was shrunken


i thought i have one rm100 note

hidden in the secret pocket of my bag

but it turned out that

there were two

so the budget was increased by rm 100

by accident


2nd stop, Dees

trying to buy more pants

i realized the ratio of pants to tops

in my wardrobe is

7:1 (rough estimation)

or even higher


i can’t remember when was the last time

i grabbed a 3 quarters pants

but this one looks great

a bit hip hop

and it comes along with the belt

can't believe it

this pair of pants is actually cheaper

than the belt that i bought on its own

3 quarters pants


went on to browse the tops section

hold on, shouldn’t i just pay

it’s already enough to redeem the rm10 voucher

ok ok i need matured chic tops

to balance up my florally wardrobe

here i spotted this

stripped top


then another one that i thought

will go perfectly well with the 3 quarters pants

and with a cap and white sneakers

bad galz in da house… lol

long top

the bow that attracted me


two stripy tops

same gray-white colours

should i choose another colour?

should i give up the 2nd one?

but i like grey the best

but i like both equally

grab grab…


there is a similarity

among the 3 items i got

they come with accesories

so with under rm 100

i got a pair of pants, two tops

two pairs of necklace and a belt

rm100 combo


and i got this

that means another trip again

this marketing strategy really works

at least on me

rm5 voucher


then i stopped by Mango

there’s no particular intention

to buy anything

i just wanna check out the brown leather bags



the salesgirl discriminated against me

she was following me

this is the 1st time being followed in Mango

i think it was because i was all alone

and with a big bags of Dees clothes

she must be thinking

this is a shoplifter,

taking the big bag as decoy/disguise


oh, this girl who bought from the cheap boutique

she can’t afford anything in Mango

we are the most expensive boutique

in the whole mall


then i was checking out one leather handbag

and she started to speak

“oh this one got offer”

damn it

so i was right

that bag costs rm 55

heart shaped one

i am sure frequent Mango shopper

would have some impression seeing it


then i saw this darling of mine

and best of all it costs two digits

so i bring her back

it’s not on discount

no nothing

i always think

buying Mango stuffs

without discount is a bit stupid

but here i committed it

her name is Bolso P.. Mia C

for simplification, i will call her Mia

my darling


another side


then at F.O.S

that day i saw their stocks

near fitting rooms

boxes labelled 50%, 30%

so expecting a sales quite soon


chic simple tops

this is 50% off

it’s from Vane Regazza

Regazza means girl in Italian

black top


there are quite a lot of pants

on sales too

i need to the gap of the pants-top ratio

so how can i miss this opportunity

this is the 4th pairs of skinny jeans for 2010

and it’s so so emo-youth-like


the boy who took this for me

i said i want the smallest one, 28

because all the others are over 30

then i couldn’t even fit it

the size is UK 8

i guess he must be laughing

“you think you very slim, want the smallest one”

then upsized to 30

but i couldn’t fit in too

it created a panic in me

what? i couldn’t fit in a 30 pants?


should i just give it up

the boy for sure will laugh

when i was going out and

asked for upsize again

then i saw, this one is still UK 8

so they did the conversion roughly

scared the hell out of me

so finally i fitted in a UK 10


prusian blue


reminded me of G2 and F21

14 pounds?

i got it for rm 30++



then i met up with XH

he ffk (fong fei kay) me

wanna come with me

now i already done only he came

but we went for a lovely afternoon tea

and a Melaka half day tour

all the way to Jonker Street


once i got the photos

will cover it here asap

yup, i forgot my camera again

even i did bring camera along

also must use his one

people got pro SL

my poor little Oly is nothing


conclusion of the day

never enter Mango

with a bag of clothes from

cheap boutique

especially you are alone

they will nail you down

as if you are a thief

but maybe i was wrong too

because on the receipt

it was printed served by 4 Liwen

maybe she was just going after

the commission

since i entered with a bagful of stuffs

she sensed that i am a highly-potential buyer

otherwise she won’t offer to let me

try out the pair of denim pants

if she thought i am a thief

or mere window shopper

i am miss brightside ^_^


that pair of 3 quarters pants

is pretty nice

skinny + faded denim

but it costs 3 digits


i didn’t take down photo

because i don’t have the intention

to buy it

so i not anyhow try out clothes

and camwhore like a freerider

i only try out those i am interested in

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