Wednesday, December 30, 2009

To: Someone…

i kept playing this song

the new version by Jam

after picking up your call yesterday night

wanna apologize that

i only pick up during the 7th call


plus super duper sorry

that on Monday afternoon

i didn’t see your sms

start to hate myself for

napping like a pig

in the afternoon

miss the chance to meet up


i know that

things will not be the same again

the first thing is

when i want to type you a quick sms

i couldn’t do so anymore


i couldn’t expect

some sms from you

that make me laugh

like missing the bus

and ended up seatless on a bus


oh my

i am such a little emo queen


take care

and enjoy

that night out


紀念 / 蔡健雅


紀念 / 蕭敬騰


紀念 / 蔡健雅


作曲:Tanya Chua

編曲:Adam Lee

想念變成一條線 在時間裡面漫延 長得可以把世界切成了兩個面
他在春天那一邊 妳的秋天剛落葉 剛落葉

如果從此不見面 讓你憑記憶想念 本來這段愛情可以記得很完美
他的樣子已改變 有新伴侶的氣味 的氣味

那一瞬間 妳終於發現 那曾深愛過的人 (嗯)~~
早在告別的 那天 已消失在這個世界

也許那一次見面 是生命給妳機會 瞭解愛只是人所渴望的投射面
只是渴望會改變 他的愛已經不見 已不見

那一瞬間 妳終於發現 那曾深愛過的人 (嗯)~~
早在告別的 那天 已消失在這個世界

那一瞬間 妳終於發現 心中的愛和思念 (念)~~
都只是屬於 自己

曾經擁有過 曾經擁有過 曾經擁有過 的紀念

Mum’s Kitchen: Ondeh-ondeh (Coconut Balls)

sweet potatoes     added in tapioca flour      e ingredients      wasn't it last week that we make "tang yuan"          boiling...      keep rollin'     served


actually this is one of the simplest kuih

to make

this is my sis’s fav


how do i define

satu biji ondeh ondeh yang

betul-betul best


“the splash and the chewiness”


first of all

put it in your mouth

squeeze it

but don’t bite it


let the gula melaka erupts

and splash out

then keep chewing and chewing

till the gula melaka being fully absorbed

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Mum’s Kitchen – Crispy Apam 曼煎糕

frying peanuts the color was a bit uneven... coz i was sms-ing       grinding peanuts the old way         here we go...         in process...        sprinkle the peanuts        hot n crispy    peanuts + margarine getting crispier why this is called 笑口糕       12 in total


this is one of my favourite pasar malam snack

but i hardly taste any great one

sometimes tastes a little bitter

especially after it cold off

my mom said it is due to excessive soda powder


saw this pak cik selling it at Larkin Terminal

sometimes been running for bus

wait till i really want to buy it

the stall was no longer there

since then 

i miss the snack more than ever


the one from Hot n Roll is not too bad

the choc syrup + peanuts

but rm 5.90 is way too pricy


actually there are two version of Man Jian Kuih

the  traditional thick one

and the modified crispy one


got the recipe from Ohbin’s

mine was in between the two versions

neither thick nor crispy

a thin “kuih” texture with crispy side 

but my dad prefers it thick, the traditional way

for me, of course i like the crispy one better


one good thing about making this

is that it is 95% oil free

except the margarine that i applied

before sprinkling the peanuts

fried all the 12 pieces

without a single drop of oil

and the pan did not even get “chao tar”


swinging the pan around

to make the dough as round as possible

is such a fun and challenging stunt


satisfying Sunday afternoon

just hope that

my baking camp

will never ever end



saw some recipes translate Man Jian Kuih

as Apam Balik

but the nyonya Apam Balik is kinda different

with coconut milk and durian

my mom’s Apam Balik is great

but it will only be made once a year

during the season of durian harvesting

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Stephelle Kitchen: X’mas Ice-cream Treat

actually i’ve been wanting to make ice-cream

kept sending the recipe links to my mom

till i found this very very easy one

i was all motivated


besides camwhoring

during Home Alone X'mas Afternoon

at least i did something useful


i have a sweet tooth

adore ice-cream and choc

choc ice-cream… superb

the homemade ice-cream of mine

is healthier coz

at least i know what is melting in my mouth


this was our supper just now

Saturday night is always our snacking night…

had a jolly great time with dad

after the night out

just like the good old days


coming up next..

a all-time-favourite Kuih

and it’s gonna be great

in process     final product the long-anticipated 1st scoop yum yum       can i have more pls    smooth texture

Friday, December 25, 2009

Home Alone X’mas Afternoon

was all alone at home

nobody to go out with as usual

even though it is x’mas


trying out my new high cut denim shorts

want to make sure i still can fit in

after one week of slacking days at home

managed to squeeze in


but then…

the tummy is kinda obvious

don’t care

just wait till 2010


with my new hair cut

didn’t do much

just the fringe


wanted to try out more

but mom was back

that’s all for my

X’mas edition

Retro Camwhoring


merry x’mas

high cut denim shorts X flora blouse like this effect so burnt oh the shorts are bursting the flapping arms not even bothered to clear the mirror.. retro right oh.. won't you get tired of mirror one-piece formal dresspink flora i think it's too short to be worn on its own

Mum’s Kitchen – Nestum Cookies

lazy afternoon

if i don’t find something to do

i will end up napping after lunch

all the way till tea time

decided to go for some simple baking


prepared the dough on Tuesday afternoon

then put it in the fridge

left it till next morning


we didn’t use mixer

just the ladle to stir

because Miss Jazmine was napping


no equipment is not

a valid excuse for

not learning to bakestirring the mixture pre-baked         in-baking      2nd tray, more shapy freshly-baked         the top 5


at least, it tastes like cookies

with Nestum flavour

actually the basic ingredients

butter, flour and sugar

as long as we get the proportion right

it’s up to us to modify

the flavour, fillings, toppings


the spokeperson, Ah B

@ our old backyard    figuring out how to open it      thanzz a lot ya        i didn't force her to pose

Monday, December 21, 2009

Jonker Street 雞場街

after our 7 hours of shopping

it’s time to go to Jonker Street

actually nothing much

just that i have never been to this place

for at least 3 years


used to come here quite often

when it first started

with my dad

we frequented antique shops


now that there is flee market

on Sunday morning

we no longer come at night

and my dad always says

all are petty little stalls

selling food, toys etc

it feels more like a night market

actually he is right


actually the place has been transformed

i would not comment

whether the transformation is for good

or the other way round


the place is more lively

crowd everywhere

maybe because it’s school break

but heard that even during ordinary weekend

the crowd is quite huge as well

when we walked along

it’s difficult for us to walk even with usual pace



it’s more like a pasar malam to me

it’s no longer Melaka-ish

loads of Petaling Street stuffs

and toys, hate the irritating rubber chicken

then the fragrance of freshly baked pineapple tarts

the penetrating grilled cuttlefish smell

it has been too too commercialized


the shops also have been transformed as well

catering to tourists and younger shoppers

fashion stores

those shops selling souvenirs,

mainly imported from Thailand and Indonesia


and the interconnected street

where  Geographer Cafe is

Hai San Street

is saturated with bars, bistros

meant for foreign tourists


end of the journey

end-trip photo

Sunday, December 20, 2009

I’m Not The Shopping Queen

heavy jam

heavy rain

but that’s not going to

stop our determination

12pm, here we started our expedition


haven’t thought of what name

to give to our team yet

and a slogan too perhaps

shortie in the middle


1st stop

my auntie’s shop

everyone ended up with something

so happy


this is the first time i buying clothes from boutique

  1. if don’t buy and walk out, feel paiseh due to the services provided.. may be shown a black face too
  2. they sometimes price clothes unreasonably
  3. limited range of choices at one stop
  4. they practice the art of persuasion.. so it’s very unlikely that you will walk out empty-handed


before that

i only passed by

never enter

thought that its logo a bit like MNG lor

opened two months ago

got a bit additional discount for me


speaking from the viewpoint of a niece

i must say with confidence

“hey, must support lar, very good boutique”


speaking from the viewpoint of a ordinary shopper

i shall say with openness

“ok lah, not too bad”


speaking from the viewpoint of a non-boutique shopper

i would say with low voices

“but i prefer retail outlet leh…”


thought of Craig David’s song

“I’m walking away… to find a better day”

you know how hard is it to walk out of boutique

especially your auntie’s one

without buying anything

but anyway it’s still a new store

so die die must support


advertisement time

Ming Concept

Dataran Pahlawan

beside A&W

opposite House of Gift

(my cousin’s one, must support also, k)

Ming Concept


irrelevant intervene

my auntie said

heard i got bf already

ask me where is he from

nope, auntie

don’t spread gossip

in a big family like mine

rumours spreading is far and wide

7 aunties, 5 uncles

wait till i find a presentable bf

Gonna Show’em All


Roxy and Padini

didn’t bring much yield

next stop is Nichii

i think due to the influence of Sue-yin

i like Nichii more and more

for very long been shopping at Padini

and got bored already


how can we miss the Group Thirty Six Add-on

this is where i got my 23.90 Puma chic bag

of course will come back for more

they house a range of brands at discounted price

Puma, Nike, Adidas, Converse

and usually rare items that you possible won’t find

at RSH or Al-Ikhsan


see whether got any mistagged items

got a pair of Adi flip flops at cheap price

rm 30 only

paid and wore on the spot

for long shopping trip

flip flop is still the best

Adidas Orgiginal Flip Flop


Adidas for Adidas

fair enough

but i was very cautious with the pair of sneaker

in the bag

my neighbour wore Crocs for shopping

changed into new pair of newly-bought

left the Crocs at Macs

and here it went missing

and this belongs to my daddy

on a rest


saw a lot of fake Roxy flip flops around


this is so jialat

i got mine at 69.90

they copied even the hanger

the whole world will be wearing Roxy soon

so it’s wise that i got a pair of Adidas insteadpirated Roxy


our loots

taking a break at Kitschen

together we stand as one


we discovered

Nichii and Kitschen actually belong to

the same group of company

brand saturation (forgot the actual term for this strategy)

that’s what they are doing

now we have got

Voir, Soda etc etc (i quit on them long ago)

Padini, Seed, Vinci etc etc and not forgetting the misc brands at Brand Outlet

Nichii, Kitschen


the clothes sold here are not bad

i am aiming for the short denim here already

have already seen a few i like



how can we forget Dees Simplicity

for shopaholics on budget like me

this is a very good choice

price range of under rm 50

they are expanding so fast

2nd huge store at Pahlawan

and then i guess another one at the new Aeon


Dees is going to stay on our must-go list

for a very very long time to come

but a word of caution from Sue-yin

wash with care, especially bright or dark colour clothes

cheap clothes doesn’t mean low quality

but sometimes well…



we shopped all the way till 7pm

then back–to-back headed down to Jonker Street

to be continued…


it’s time to display my loots

high cut denim shorts

from Ming Concept

and a belt too

this pair of shorts fitted me nicely

so it can act as the benchmark

once i grow fatter by one inch

then i can’t fit in anymore

high cut denim shorts huge belt



from Group 36

Adidas Original for rm30

Adidas SuperFlip


from Dees Simplicity

ok i’m going to wear this

for my cousin’s wedding

along with my long-sleeping Guess Bag

flora tube dress 

a 3 for rm50 shirt

from Jonker Street

managed to control myself

during my encounter

with the rm10 M&M, Smurfs, Sesame Street T

but i know that once i buy

i will never stop with one piece

but know a bit regret

see how it goes thenthe so-called handmade tee


shopping list for next trip (perhaps)

1. a HP shirt for my grandpa, it is his birthday soon
2. a pink mini dress from Dees

struggled over which one to buy
rm 22.90 only, along with the white inner top
for the old me, i would have got them all
but but
i have turned over a new leaf
wiser thing to to
is to capture the photos
then compare and consider again

consulted Carly
she said the brown and the blue one
look like maid
the pink one is the best
thanks Carly
 brown?? blue?? pink.. perhaps
3. a pair of cheap sunglasses

for once
i was tempted to go Optical 88
so that i can meet Melvin there
but this is just a fantasy
the dream when i was young and innocent
at the age of 18

back to reality
just cheap one will do…
4. some other items that linger in my mind
can do without them
but you know
the shopaholic spirit is still burning within me

   - big Rip Curl bag
   - rm10 cartoon shirts from Jonker Gallery
   - Kitschen short denim pants
   - black high heels to go with my new tube dress
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