Saturday, December 31, 2011

Curtain Call 2011: Look of The Month(s)

01 January, 2011

Bamm-bamm oversized tee


04 February, 2011

CNY = red flora skirt


23 March, 2011

a simple dress from all-time fav, Zaza


28 April, 2011

a troublesome spag top with the V


25 May, 2011

fav tank top of the year


01 June, 2011

mini plaid x mini flora


18 July, 2011

blue polka romper.. too bad i don't own this


18 August, 2011suspender shorts x baby blue


10 September, 2011

beige LBD


20 October, 2011

mini blue x navy blue

24 November, 2011

backpack x skinny jeans = travelling


31 December, 2011

couching around, the festive recluse

bun hair x thick spec

Friday, December 30, 2011

Surprise Appearance X Sneaker Alliance: Achieving new balance

x’mas shopping with my mom

nope I didn’t buy anything

although mom almost encouraged me to



instigated my mom

to buy New Balance

this is not the right word to use


she was looking for casual shoes

we saw New Balance on sales

all I did was

further recommended it

by emphasizing on the light-weight-ness

she was looking for


she wore them once

thought they were still a bit tight

therefore for the time being

my task is to

wear the shoes

on behalf of loosen them up


this is what we call

achieving a New Balance


I don’t have to shop

yet fulfill my dream of

having New Balance at home


mom will soon

get a more fitting pair of

“New-Balanced” sneakers

win-win situation


it is beige in colour

I almost got her to buy the blue pair

too bad the size did not fit

new balance in beige


new balance GM500LB


for the sake of helping mom out

I will wear them real soon

new balance GM500LB

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Asian Size X “Affordable” Price: Burberry Blue Label

from the previous post

Giant Pocko X Raw Potato: Gifts From Hokkaido


the “jealousy” continued to burn

when i took back my dear Lexis

to transfer the photos



Burberry Blue Label

less than ten Blue Label store wordwide,

seven in Japan

till quite recent, one in Hong Kong


When Burberry Blue Label was founded,

the target consumer was

a young Japanese female looking for

unique products sold specifically in Japan.

The products are more affordable because

their target customer does not

have a large disposable income.


and it specializes in

smaller Asian size


but i guess for bag

sizes do really matter

for some

as long as the logo is visible enough


read more here:

Burberry Blue Label

Burberry Blue Label Opened in Hong Kong


i buy flip flops and toys

but this woman buys designer’s bag

each and every trip overboard

this is too much!!!



she is the boss

and i am the poor slave

what to do


just hoping hard that

she gets tired of it real fast

and hand-me-down

next season..



Burberry Blue Label Denim Handbag


it appealed to me

not because it’s a Burberry

it’s the Blue Label…

and the non-Burberry design



who looks for design which

doesn’t reflect the brand at all

just like these…


they look lovely


they look neither Jeremy Scott

nor Longchamp


Greetings From Paradise

Jeremy Scott for Longchamp – Spring 2012

retailing at HKD 2,380 each

jeremy-scott-paradise-recto jeremy-scott-paradise-verso



i can’t afford both

i am more than happy

to stick to my cloth bags


every girl has a dream bag

(at least one, i mean)

let it remains a dream then



mine is ________

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Giant Pocko X Raw Potato: Gifts From Hokkaido

gifts... not for me


this whole thing

goes to my niece, Jazmine

she was all excited

especially over the boots


after her mom bought her

the gladiator sandals from Taiwan

she was so proud of them

calling them “Taiwan Shoes”

and wearing them every single day to school


she gave up all the Crocs-alike

for the pair of “Taiwan Shoes”

till very the very recent Angry Bird slippers took over

Gladiator sandal vs Crocs


and this time round

OshKosh B’Gosh boots

Oh my gosh

it must have cost a fortune

but they are really lovely

and looks good with her usual legging-look

OshKosh B’Gosh boots


my only concern is

when is she going to wear these

not on Chinese New Year, definitely

boots + hoodies

is not a wise combination

for the 30+ degree Celsius weather back here


next up..

the giant Pocky

when I saw it

it was just wrappers and empty pack

about to be disposed of


thank goodness

I was not too late to save it

it’s actually an One Piece cross-over

with a chess board

Pocky X One Piece


although I am not a huge fan of it

as a person who collects

“trash” as you may call it

I think it is kinda wasteful to throw these away

therefore keeping it


who knows I got to sell it

at an auction years later

“in your dream….”


that’s the part for Jazmine

for me

not too bad



I am about to sound sour

if my gifts were to be

compared to the hoodies and boots


a facial wash

oh so so good

I know right

at least it is from Kose

be thankful

softymo facial wash from Kose


and save the best for last

a couple of raw potatoes




I wish I have a Christmas gift for real

somebody who really knows

what I want

a small inexpensive thing will do

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Home Deli X Less Grease: X’Mas Wish List

frying with less / no oil

Philips AirFryer

Philips Airfryers - How It Works


smoke free BBQ

less grease too


Sanyo BBQ GrillElectric Indoor Barbeque Grill


preservative-free soybean

for my dad

Soyabella Soymilk Maker


home-bake bread

with loads and loads of seed

sesame, pumpkin seed, almond, walnut……

Zojirushi Bread Maker


smooth and creamy ice cream

with less fat and sugar

can it make citrus sorbet too?

Kenwood Ice Cream Maker


hot popping corn

Pop Corn Maker


home made customized pizza

roasted to perfection

Pizza Oven


hot chocolate

with foam that form a mustache


Cadbury Hot Chocolate Maker

2011 Curtain Call: Loots of The Year

Item I regret buying:

nice to see,

not so keen to wear

favourite heels


Item I regret not buying:

tie-in sales

two for 100 bucks

I don’t really need two of these

sorry, given up

Polka dot jumpsuit


Best Buy:

the mission of 1 pair of sneakers / year

finally, Vans is listed in my wardrobe

Vans Authentic Navy


Most Random Buy:

do I need a backpack? Not really

do I have one? I think so

just because it is navy colour

and my bottle fits in the side pocket perfectly



No Pain No Gain:

been thinking of buying another all-black watch

and wearing them on alternate basis

yet one dies off too young

finally giving up hope on blackie

replacing with another Black


Not My Kind of Loot:

then why did I buy

baby pink canvas shoes

it is not my intention, really

I wanted white,

yet it runs out of the proper sizes

out of yellow, green, baby pink

this is the most soothing colour

and I can’t resist Puma, sometimes

just like the backpack (as above)

pink canvas


Big Surprise!:

a gift from my boss

adidas Originals yummy



if there is one thing I gonna buy on 2012

it will be this one

and only this (maybe…)

Navy blue blazer


Shop of the year:


where I bought five dresses

and the total bill is less than 100 Rm


I owned two of the dresses below:

dresses display


most worn mini dress of the year:

for 15 rm

only from Zaza

grey flora mini dress


most consecutive shopping:

4 days in a row

at times twice per day

to Jungceylon mall

Jungceylon night view

no worries

I bought nothing at all

but groceries

Grocerry shopping @ Big C 


grocery shopping is the

alternative therapy which cures shopaholicism

effectively than anything else

Tesco Shopping

Friday, December 16, 2011

2011 Curtain Call: Shopping Sheet

Jan, 2011

Denim Heels X LBD: First Shopping of The Year

Black Heels X Grocery Hill: It Feels So Unreal


Feb, 2011

Malls Hopping X Strez Shopping: Siam Weekending


March. 2011

From Fashion X To Children: The Shopping Lesson

First Crocs X Colour Toss: Mummy is The Big Boss

More Gossiping X Less Shopping: Smooth-road Smurfing


April, 2011

Blue Pouch X Slouch Blue: The Blue Touch


May, 2011

High Calories X Low Spending: Mid-Valley


June, 2011

Lovely Cardie X Raining Heavily: Once Again, At Mid Valley

Shopping Rally X Driving Me Crazy: Again, It's Mid Valley


July, 2011

Financial Crisis X Acting Good Sis: Spending Most, Buying Least

Can't Decide X Jumpsuit I Like: Zaza High Five


Aug, 2011

Souvenir Hill X Shopping Nil: A Backpacker's Budget Bill

Merdeka X Pre-Raya: Accidentally Bought Puma & Zara


Sept, 2011

Real Nice X Just Buy: 3 for 49

Holi-Friday X Usual Way: Hunt That Pays


Oct, 2011

adidas Originals X Swarovski crystals: Cambridge Watch's Late Arrival


Nov, 2011



Dec, 2011


I am writing it down right now

because I am pretty confident

to keep this record clean



Mini Dress
Super Love
Cotton On


White polka
blue bare back
blue top-black bottom
grey flora
blue polka with laces
One Sided LBD
Grey with V

beige top + black skirt
b&w stripes
Tank Top
Rip Curl

Old Navy
5 in total
Twin Towers

Zashka baby blue
Cotton On


dark blue

thin Chambray
thin White

Navy blue
Nichii One-sided floral
Flip Flops
Rip Curl
Cotton On

Baby blue
black base, pink strap

baby blue, grey
blue-red stripes
Rip Curl
Cotton On

Padini Auth.
high waist chambray
blue polka dots
Scenic board shorts
Blue board shorts
Rainbow board shorts

Prussian blue
suspender pants


Crocs navy McWinter

Grey, Vans Alike
Tekkies Brite canvas


Earth Month

”Breathless” nautical
adidas Originals Cambridge




mini dresses – 11

tank top – 8

blouse/tunic – 5

romper – 1

cardigan – 3

shorts - 9

bags – 5

flip flops - 6

heels – 3

sneakers – 3

pumps – 2

watch – 1

bikini – 1


36 items for the 1st half

20 items for the 2nd half


then second half of the year…

it actually improves…

except for a couple of slightly costly items


the detailed report for 1st-2nd Q of 2011:

No More New Entree X Time to Examine: My Shopping Entr'acte


I refrained from buying

since October

because from the record I have been keeping

I thought I am 3 bucks away from the budget


I just realized

actually I forgot to key in certain items



I am actually 27 bucks

exceeding the budget already


pardonable, right

at least

I vow to keep my hands off

till the end of the year  

and this new budget I set

was actually way lower compared to last year


last year:

much higher

in terms of quantity, cost and variety

Curtain Call 2010: Loots of The Year


2011 pros:

  • this year I spend more time considering
  • there are less regretful & ruthless shopping
  • more Zaza, less Zara


2011 cons:

  • the not-so-practical high heels
  • repeating flip flops


2012 resolution:

I don’t think

I can further reduce this budget


I will try my best

2011 Curtain Call: Most Listened To..

2011 煲得最多嘅碟

麥浚龍 - 無念余文樂 - 不是明星RubberBand - Dedicated to…方大同 - 15林宥嘉《美妙生活》周柏豪 - 本体分裂C Allstar - 新預言書Swing - 到盡




只得兩首歌嘅係EP (嚴格d講)

30mething Scary



A Woooh! Selected Works



講完 係咁先

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