Thursday, May 30, 2013

Vintage Peanuts X Stussy Kids: SS 2013

Stussy × Kids Peanuts # 1 College Skate Tee ¥ 4,410 01Stussy × Kids Peanuts # 1 College Skate Tee ¥ 4,410 02Stussy × Kids Peanuts # 1 College Skate Tee ¥ 4,410 03Stussy × Kids Peanuts # 1 College Skate Tee ¥ 4,410 03 backStussy × Kids Peanuts # 1 College Skate Tee ¥ 4,410 04Stussy × Kids Peanuts # 1 Family Tee ¥ 4,410 01Stussy × Kids Peanuts # 1 Family Tee ¥ 4,410 02Stussy × Kids Peanuts # 1 Family Tee ¥ 4,410 03Stussy × Kids Peanuts # 1 Family Tee ¥ 4,410 04Stussy × Kids Peanuts # 1 Family Tee ¥ 4,410 04 backStussy × Kids Peanuts # 1 Family Tee ¥ 4,410 05Stussy × Kids Peanuts # 1 Judge Tee ¥ 4,410 01Stussy × Kids Peanuts # 1 Judge Tee ¥ 4,410 02Stussy × Kids Peanuts # 1 Judge Tee ¥ 4,410 03Stussy × Kids Peanuts # 1 Judge Tee ¥ 4,410 03 backStussy × Kids Peanuts # 1 Judge Tee ¥ 4,410 04

Stussy × Kids Peanuts # 1 College Skate Ballcap ¥ 4,410

Stussy × Kids Peanuts # 1 Judge Mesh Cap ¥ 4,410Stussy × Kids Peanuts # 1 Family Keyfob ¥ 998 backStussy × Kids Peanuts # 1 Family Keyfob ¥ 998


the one I want quite badly

Stussy × Kids Peanuts # 1 Family Tote ¥ 2,940Stussy × Kids Peanuts # 1 Family Tote ¥ 2,940 02

Monday, May 27, 2013

Gently X Friendly: Snowy!

first bumped into him

sitting on the grass

with another brown skinned doggy

(that was the first and last time I saw that brownie)

while I was walking home


threw him some McD’s fries

and it actually frightened him

oops sorry Snowy


came back after I unloaded my bag

with the camera ready

this is our 2nd encounter

and Snowy was already 

leaping, and licking

Snowy DogSnowy Dog


oh my

all the way until day five

he was practically hugging my thigh

and licking

my white tee got some muddy stain

from his paws

but I did not mind at all


so friendly that

it is advisable to stay behind the fence

while feeding

Snowy DogSnowy DogSnowy DogSnowy DogSnowy DogSnowy DogSnowy DogSnowy DogSnowy Dog


my dad did not allow a pet

since our last dog passed away

more than 10 years back

there were a few dogs way back

Blackie, Lion, Ah Dog


but he opened a can of sardine for Snowy

but no pet within the compound

how ironic


he has this long scar

from the eye

all the way to the neck

poor Snowy who did it to him

must be some sort of accident

whenever he heard heavy vehicle

such as the waste collector’s truck

he would run



hey little kid

guess what

I miss you already

the whole day



hope someone will adopt you real soon

no.. then you will no longer be (partially) mine

it would be just perfect if

I am your new adopter


talk to my dad, Snowy

talk to him

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Heart Beats X Missed: Mid Age Love Crisis

The week didn't start good
Bumped into my dream boy
Since 6 years back
Supposedly a happy occasion

Wait a minute
He was pushing a baby stroller
With an oversized baby boy,
It's tall child in there

And the child was wearing that kind of
Ralph Lauren chambray
Which I always wish I could wear one
On my baby boy

And behind the stroller
There was another girl
Both children are beyond the age of toddler
Speaking so well
With their daddy? In English

And wait a minute
There is another woman
Carrying a child in her tummy
She is quite pretty
Despite o the bump

I know
I have even mentioned it
That the fact that he is married with kids
Is a possible situation

But kids
2.5 kids fall out of my expectation

Is there a possibility that
Those were niece and nephew

Arrgh whatever it is
He looks like a good father
I know he is

Quoting the consolation advice of my manager
After all
He is someone for me to see
Not for me to eat

When is my portion going to be served
Kinda hungry now
And mind you
I will rather stay thirsty and hungry
Rather than drinking the wrong cup of tea

Charlie Brown waited long for the red haired hair
And eventually he is not even sure if she ever exist

Is that the case for my baby blue boy

Sunday, May 12, 2013

After Delays X Loads to Say: Marketing Survey

The previous marketing survey with Cheryl
Was at least three months back
Was is in January?

Have a couple of KIV items
Including a Oscar The Grouch tote bag
And a couple of dresses
But nothing much tempted me nowadays
I don't know why
Too anti social to need that much clothes

Ended up buying a card holder
I hate the pain of losing travel card
Loaded with credit
Panics while ransacking train ticket
Got the wrong bus ticket just before boarding then ended up buying a new one
And so much more

And the pencil case
I don't know
The look of it just made me grinned
Something from childhood
Now the look of Wrigley Spearmint
Is more sophisticated

Got a surprise belated birthday gift from Cheryl
And it really looked like the piece I bought
Before I "extracted" the sleeve
Thanks a lot

We actually forgot to take photo together

Saturday, May 11, 2013

12 May X Mom's Day: The Homemade Way

Encouraged my niece to
make a card for Her mom
So I made one along
Since materials are available

Years since
I used wooden colour pencils
Thank goodness they invented this
Big fat juicy one
Cover the whole area within minutes

Actually the coloring was kinda messy
The original sketch in b&w
Was the better one
Clumsy hands

And the text doesn't make sense
Mom's Love
Mom Loves
Love Mom

The one I made last year
It was themed after Peanuts gang too
Did I upload it?
Not sure
Time really flies

Years after
Then we could have the whole collection of homemade cards

Work cited:
Woodstock mom's statue
In Snoopy's Street Fair

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Heart X Head: Issue of Love Hate

Something is not right

Somehow somewhere


My third post of the night

Continuation from the previous post


If you like someone badly

Everything about him is adorable

Everything about him is forgivable


If you dislike someone rightly

Everything about him is annoying

Everything about him is sickening


This photo as below

Ed Ed x Yello Rubber Duck

If you don't like Ed Ed

Or let's say the person had been substituted into

someone you highly dislike

The comments made will sound like

#1 the scissors pose is too unbearable

#2 the photo is trying to tell the whole world that you're in HK

#3 red cap? Who does he think he is


On the contrary

If you like him

#1 the V pose is too cute

#2 the red cap is so sharp

#3 the white teeth are... Just so white


What's love and what's like

What's dislike and what's hate

What's admire and what's adore


And if you love someone

Is it necessary to hate the other one

But in book or TV

The one you hate always turn out to be

The one you like the best in the end


No.... Never

Books being books


You never do bump into that kind of

fairy tale situation in book

Do you


It's all in your heart or mind

Which one you are more inclined to follow?

Somehow something is

Somewhat not right somewhere


Favoritism X Patriotism: LinDanity

How much I dislike Lee Chong Wei

Main factor was the influence of my dad

Twice during Olympics

I was cheering for China

although 90% of the posts on FB

Is about LCW


In fact in every single game

Since day 1

We are cheering for China

But refrained from posting or saying something


I couldn't bear his full page ads

I couldn't bear his interview

I couldn't bear the cover of his biography

I couldn't bear the nick of world #1


Haha but he didn't swipe clean all the titles, did he?

I couldn't even bear looking at people

that bear a resemblance to his face

Goodness and there are a few of them


Or rather, we just couldn't

I was heavily mind poisoned

Since young



put it this way

It sounds offending

If I were to say that

I hate LCW (to the max)


Turn it around

I would say that

I Love Danny Lin to the max


That nickname was given by Eddie

When he posted an Instagram photo

During London Olympics game

Lin Dan Vs LCW


I adored Danny since way before

During my 15 years old

PE assignment

They called if folio back then

He was my features sport idol

My dad still keep that little stack of work


I have to dig


Oh seriously

How could you resist

He could be the Becky of Asia

No he is even better with his voice

That sounds so masculine

You will know what I mean if

You have heard Becky


and look at his opponent

Oh please..

But the opponent has got a son already

With such an ambitious name

(no I didn't intend to read the news

But it has made it to the cover page)


Danny must work harder in this case

And their sons will repeat the history

Fight the battle that their dads have fought

Twenty years down the road


And it's not too much to say that

Supporting Lin Dan is part and parcel of

My patriotism towards my "grandfather"land because

He is from the Fujian province too

That gives me 101 valid reasons to

Support Lin Dan instead of that

You know who



Lin Dan X Men's Uno 05Lin Dan X Men's Uno 01Lin Dan X Men's Uno 02Lin Dan X Men's Uno 03Lin Dan X Men's Uno 04

Spongie Box X Kitty Toy: Grumpy Meal

Saw the spongie sport series

It was pretty cute

Spotted the Squidward

With all the tentacles occupied with rackets

Spongebob x McDonalds Sport series

Spongebob x McDonalds Sport series


Although they did not launch

The whole 16 of them


Tried my luck today

Looked like I was a little late

They changed the toys every Thurs


And looked what have I got

Hello Kitty Loves Dancing


That makes two sets of Kitty

Were being featured at McDonald's right now

Hello Kitty Happy meal 2013

McDonaldland Hello Kitty Collectors Set


And saw it with my own eye

How people swept the plush

Like buying more than five



The grumpy SpongeBox

Exactly described my feeling

It's alright

At least I got the box

As a consolation

Spongebob It's the best day ever

Spongebob Sandy: Yee Haw


When are they bringing Snoopy back

When are they brining something like

Super Mario with Yoshi

Astro boy

Flintstone and Bamm Bamm

You wish

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