Monday, October 31, 2016

Long Day X to a Lovely Stay: Monday’s Gray!

hello again from China!

had to climb over the firewall

so might as well blog about today


started today early

slept at 2, woke up at 6

and were down exploring

had some street breakfast

Chaozhou City 潮州市


then it was a long way

checked out by 9 something

caught an express bus to the train station

managed to buy ticket

departing in 1 hour


that’s fine for us

but to be warned that

it was a “seatless” seat

from the billboard

looked like tickets for the day

have all been sold off


i was trying to console myself that

that’s quite ok as

it’s seatless as in

there’s no proper sofa seat with number

but with some stools next to the windows


to our horror

no there’s none

and for 2 and a half hours

we were sitting on the floor

and blocking the gates

in other words whenever

the train approached a station

we had to get up to allow other

passengers to exit or enter

CRH train Chaoshan - Putian / Shenzhen - Nanjing


this is a long haul train from

Shenzhen to Nanjin

so it’s kinda understandable

why the tickets are in high demand


our counterparts on the right door

whenever the train approached a station

we were “competing” against each other

hoping that the door will open on the other side

"Seatless" in CRH train 協和號 無座


by the way isn’t that really cool

Moomin luggage


so we got to Putian by 2 PM

and took a 45 minute bus to the jetty

thank goodness it was a short 10 minute wait

and a 15 minute ferry ride to land on the island

Ferry to Meizhou Island 海神號 客船 莆田 文甲碼頭-湄州島


the hotel management was kind enough

to drop me an email that

they provide pick-up service

from the jetty once we land


but too bad i didn’t make use of it

as i wasn’t even sure

what time will I be landing


so we paid 30 RMB

to take a electric car ride

which landed us in the middle of

an attraction and

we had to figure our own way

walking into the village

莆田湄洲島海瀾度假山莊 Mission Hills Resort, Meizhou Island, Putian


it was that kind of comfort of

coming home after a long day

lovely, really lovely

莆田湄洲島海瀾度假山莊 Mission Hills Resort, Meizhou Island, Putian莆田湄洲島海瀾度假山莊 Mission Hills Resort, Meizhou Island, Putian莆田湄洲島海瀾度假山莊 Mission Hills Resort, Meizhou Island, Putian莆田湄洲島海瀾度假山莊 Mission Hills Resort, Meizhou Island, Putian


thought that was the end of

a long tiring day

but it wasn’t


got an email from client

for a minor task

and i just wanna get it done quick


look i have a modem

and working LAN cable in the room

but still the particular website

i was trying to access didn’t work

not blocked but the connection was really bad

莆田湄洲島海瀾度假山莊 Mission Hills Resort, Meizhou Island, Putian莆田湄洲島海瀾度假山莊 Mission Hills Resort, Meizhou Island, Putian


so i had to go on roaming again

to find that the signal was kinda weak

being “stranded” on an island


got my client to send me an

offline copy to work on

but it was locked for some reasons

with quite a lot of complicated macros


thank goodness

the signal on my phone got better

when i moved to the window

and manually selected 3G network

instead of LTE/3G


but it actually took me almost 2 hours

to get these 200 words done

and got emails from 2 client

about invoicing issues


the same goes to our journey here

it took us two days to land here

in fact have visited

nothing in particular yet


but thank goodness

a really awesome room cured it all

and there’s a new

Wangkai’s series at 9PM

<When a Snail Falls in Love>


i read and finished the novel

simply because i can’t wait for it

after the series was announced


7 minutes to 9 PM

let’s hope that’s all for today

what a long day

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Deadline Rushing X Then Blogging: From China, Happy Halloween :p

touched down safely in the afternoon

40 minutes ahead of schedule

Happy Halloween


before coming

was figuring out on how to access

Google, Gmail, FB, IG, Youtube

and some solutions suggested were

VPN, email forwarding

and portable Wi-fi device


was thinking about portable Wi-Fi

but missed the chance

because i didn’t book in time


despite being a well-planned trip

and booked the other 3

in 3 different cities for the next 7 days


i actually didn’t book

accommodation for tonight

thinking to go free and easy

and you probably can’t go wrong

being in the middle of a city


this is the first time

that we walked into hotel

without pre-booking and research

and not too bad for RMB 100

Yunhe Hotel Chaozhou


had early dinner and walked in the market

market in Chaozhou


and i had a 6k word deadline to meet

there came the problem

the Wi-Fi wasn’t working


it’s the same in the lobby

and the receptionists were being frank

saying that it’s quite unstable

at the same time there was call

from guest room complaining

about the same issue


having issue with Wi-Fi

has always following me

from Seoul to Osaka

and today!


well so I turned on roaming

and that solved everything


while i was working

got Gmail app notification

wait you mean the Big Brother

had actually unblocked Gmail for good?


not really

the ultimate solution

forget about VPN and

Wi-Fi device (with limited data quota)


roam unlimited for 36 MYR a day

and at the same time

gaining access to all the blocked site

killing many birds with one stone, isn’t that


Thank you, my saviour!

p.s. this is not a sponsored post

不睡 X 沒醉:週末工作不是罪!



























追完《必娶》& 《小資女孩》後
















要不要買個 WiFi 蛋翻牆

但是有了 WiFi





太晚啦 3天前預訂呢

好吧 沒有就沒有嘛




是值得的 是有成就感的



兜圈 / 林宥嘉

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Final Quarter X Getting Smoother: Fight! October

25th Oct

i guess it’s best to

compile the monthly wrap-up now

instead of procrastinating on and on

and i will be away for one week

starting on 30th


for the past few months

the keyword “trough”

has been appearing over and over


the dark cloud remained to linger

during the first half of October

and seriously it got me kinda worried


not even hitting the minimum salary

when half of the month was over


and thank goodness it started to pick up

towards the second half

it’s kinda true that

bad/good things will come together


it feels good to be back on track

juggling a few deadlines at once


however in the middle of the hectic week

something unfortunate happened

lost a quotation of 500 USD

despite having offered

the best rate ever


and the next minute

the client was sending mass email

scouting for better deal

and i was in the mailing list too


that kind of insecurity

is beyond description

when the next minute

you’re being fired


despite being able to secure

other projects from that particular firm

the chance of securing large volume of

open-ended responses from the Chinese Market

is probably getting much slimmer


okay let’s move on

anyway speaking of China

got my very first payment

denoted in RMB


it’s an urgent task for a

university course mate in Shanghai

she was most probably

busy preparing for her wedding


oh dear, the pre-wedding shoot

done at Saipan was really amazing


so she got me to help out with

translating some slides

for an international school education fair

and everything from

quotation, delivery, payment

was done via WeChat



welcome to the

era of mobile payment


that’s all for now

and besides chasing deadlines


have finished 15 episodes of

75 minute series within a week

and about to finish another

series of 25 episodes



work + series

is seriously the best way to

get yourself out of relationshit


26th Oct

progress of the day by 8:30PM

and the night is still young

Screen Shot 10-26-16 at 08.30 PM

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Tree Hut X Wooden Watch: Slowness that Hurts

I ordered this pair of watches

almost 2 months back

during mid August


making use of their

anniversary promo at

30% off and free shipping


but unfortunately

they said i will have to pay

USD 10k for the shipping

Tree Hut Design Cart Checkout 2 - Copy


so i got them delivered

to my besties in Singapore

and in the process

it took some time too


so when it reached me

almost two months later

i have got another two new watches

in the middle, totally unexpected

and best of all

i have broken up with my ex bf


so it doesn’t make sense

to buy a pair of couple watch anymore



they are looking not bad

Tree Hut Design Theo


except the facts that

i no longer need them in a pair and

i have other new watches to

spend time with


thank goodness i didn’t go for

personalized engraving

幸福 X 兜了一個圈:《必娶女人》






可以說 完全有點意外






















最後還是會有完美結局 不是嗎




想起來 真的


想當年 腦娘可以用


現在 精力大不如前了





(1) 釜山好像不錯,我不介意列入清單







要拿照片給我看 我也可能辨認不出




必娶女人/郝萌/邱澤 Marry Me or Not / Roy Chiu必娶女人/郝萌/邱澤 Marry Me or Not / Roy ChiuIMG_0917必娶女人/郝萌/邱澤 Marry Me or Not / Roy Chiu必娶女人/郝萌/邱澤 Marry Me or Not / Roy Chiu必娶女人/郝萌/邱澤 Marry Me or Not / Roy Chiu必娶女人/郝萌/邱澤 Marry Me or Not / Roy Chiu

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Go Pink X Then Army Green: A Bit Untallied

lost two minor yet essential items

during the previous trip

during the return flight


my water bottle

i think it had drifted far backwards

as it had happened before

to our drinking water


but it doesn’t matter as

i am planning to replace it anyway

the problem is to

replace it with the same design


the second item being

my toiletry bag

due to exceeding amount of

hand carried bags from my

fellow shoppers


i was forced to

check in my backpack

so i took out my toiletry bag

as my sister needed the

contact lens case and solution in there

and place it in some other bag

which doesn’t belong to us two


so after changing it

she didn’t actually return it to me

or the person she took it from

thinking that she did return to me


nothing valuable in there

just some travel size bottles

of skin care and tooth products


thank goodness that

my new pair of spectacles

is not in there


sometimes i do put it

in the toiletry bag too


so the shopping trip of the week

is mainly concentrated to

getting replacements


and i am lucky enough to

find the same design

at the same outlet but different branch

Nike water bottle


i really dislike the

new design with the super huge logo


it’s funny how

i can get water bottle at

half the price of any volume

but still i have been

sticking to Nike


and i don’t know why is it so

the whole mall is filled with special promotion

in collaboration with my telco provider

which i am in the middle of

thinking to ditch

Digi special promotion


so i got two pairs of shorts for my pa

and a pair of Duramo Slide in shocking pink

adidas Duramo Slide pink


i know it’s always on  50% off

yet always out of stock on the official site

so i decided to just get it in store


shocking pink doesn’t really surprise myself

as my previous pair is a pair of neon pink

which had served me well

for the past two years

Havaianas neon pink


wanted to re-order from Mysale

but the sale was closed before i did

and Ipanema doesn’t look and

feel as good these days

so i decided to just go for Duramo

instead of flip flops


on another occasion

was out with my mom

she wanted to buy this long skirt


not my kind of thing

but it was kinda cheap

and i don’t mind getting one

for a change


and i grabbed along this tank top

which reads Happy Friday

to go along with the skirt

my happy Friday outfit


and i ended up buying both

plus the one for my mom

my happy Friday outfit

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Cross Province X with Serious Planning: Next Stop✈Canton/Fujian

a couple days after i have

landed back home from Osaka

it’s about time to

plan for our first/last/only

mainland trip of the year


randomly checking AirAsia

and was forced to

download the app

as i can’t even find the icon

to skip this ad

Cross Province X with Serious Planning: Next Stop✈Canton/Fujian


so i did but

the promo code didn’t work

so i got my friend to download

and she did and it worked fine

Cross Province X with Serious Planning: Next Stop✈Canton/Fujian


so i re-downloaded

and finalized two destinations

Hangzhou / Shantou

IMG_0588 - CopyIMG_0620 - Copy


we have been to

Hangzhou during spring 2014

a day trip from Shanghai

and would definitely like to go again


but it seems that late autumn

is not really an ideal season


being 100% tropics

it would be safer to head south instead


have been to Shantou / Chaozhou

last autumn via Shenzhen

and soon after we were back

they launched this direct flight

to Shantou / Chaozhou


we are therefore planning to

land at this airport as

our transit to other cities via

the high speed rail network


so i did the booking on Sunday night

being the first time

i booked via the app

as i have been sticking to desktop


so basically it didn’t take long

Saturday – first check

Sunday – tickets booked

Tuesday – visa application


and for the next few days

we had some serious discussion

on our itinerary as

we booked

with the aim to cross province

yet with no destination in mind


Day 1

transport / city planning

trip planning in progress


Day 2

added details in terms of

time and distance estimation

trip planning in progress


Day 3

tentative plan

trip planning in progress


i think my dad has been

getting a bit too ambitious

for wanting to cover

so many cities


it’s almost like

one night per city

and he even wanted to add

our hometown into the

already packed itinerary


in the mean time

i have been scouting for hotels

so that once the plan is in shape

i can book them all immediately


anyway it’s a short count down

3 weeks down the road

Travel Hack X for Maths Dummy: Quick Currency Conversion

being a Maths dummy

i am not sure if

it’s a good idea to write this


but i found that this standard method

works for me for the past

few travel and online shopping


or maybe i shouldn’t have written as all

as everyone except me

has known this a long time ago


which involves

A: Base currency, any

B: Foreign Currency, any

C: A fixed multiplier


Google for the basic conversion of

1 (foreign currency) into your (base currency)

then you will get a (fixed multiplier)


any amount in (foreign currency) X (fixed multiplier)

= equivalent value in (base currency)



1 GBP into MYR

the multiplier is 5.16 (as of 10/8/16)


take any value in GBP

and multiple it by 5.16

to get the equivalent value in MYR


1 Yen into USD

the multiplier is  0.0097 (as of 10/8/16)


take any value in Yen

and multiple it by 0.0097

to get the equivalent value in MYR


1 RMB into SGD

the multiplier is 0.21


take any value in RMB

and multiple it by 0.21

to get the equivalent value in SGD

Thursday, October 6, 2016

aSOS X Damage Done!: Two Pairs, Max!

have been constantly checking

sneakers from ASOS and

and tonight i found myself

suddenly landing at ASOS

thanks to this post by New Holiday

a travel magazine based in HK

ASOS - GBP rate -


so i clicked in

wanting to check if Gel Lyte is on sale

and damn!!


i found so many pairs of

white kicks at huge discount

and some with my size available


top three pairs which get me thinking

as you can see

i have placed Air Max in cart, already!

Nike Fibreglass Air Max Ultra on asosLe Coq Sportif Arthur Ashe Woven on asosLacoste Lancelle White Lace Up Plimsoll on asos


Air Max

  • yet to own one for 3.26 next year
  • and it’s all white
  • and it’s 50% off


Le Coq

  • yet to own one
  • Arthur Ashe is a tennis legend
  • it’s their version of Stan Smith, i guess
  • unique woven design



  • comfort wear
  • my pair of slip on is almost worn out
  • but not really that tempting as
  • i can get it at local department store


some other pairs

which have been eliminated

due to size availability etc

but i guess these are good buys too

adidas Originals Triple White Stan Smith on asosVans Nintendo Sk8 Hi on asosPuma Basket White Mid Exotic Croc Texture on asosConverse Jack Purcell white on asos


as the stock will be reserved for 1 hour

i got panic as

my Air Max has been removed

thank goodness managed to re-secure


as i was checking Arthur Ashe

my size is no longer available

except for the pair in my cart

Le Coq Sportif Arthur Ashe Woven on asos


so i got serious

and went to do a final size check

before i proceed to check out

UK 6 = EUR 40 = JP 25


in the mean time

the pair of Arthur Ashe

has been automatically cleared

from my cart after 1 hour

and it’s no longer available

it better be real


so i did a quick check

and found the same pair

under men (i.e. unisex) category

which is like 10 GBP cheaper

Le Coq Sportif Arthur Ashe Woven on asos


damage done!!

spending 80 GBP overnight

which is equivalent to USD 106

but pretty good buy, isn’t it

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Earning Down X Spending Up: Imbalanced September

The fact that September has recorded

the lowest sales figure ever

since 2016 came no surprise


that is after borrowing

a pending 300+ invoice

completed on 31 Aug

since we were expecting

some amendment to come


and it is kinda pressurizing

as i was leaving for a trip on 23rd

assuming that that would be

the closing date for the month

it felt kinda stressed up


as the date got closer and

the sales figure never seemed to hit

but eventually it did

right before i left

feeling slightly at ease


during the trip

didn’t really work hard

until the very last night

which is a good thing as

i was exhausted from the

day and night shopping

and our internet was kinda poor


i was standing on the street

12 / 2 AM utilizing public free Wi-Fi

to download / upload my 600 kb file


another reason

why it was kinda pressurizing is

spending was shockingly a lot

over the month as


my parents were celebrating their birthdays

and i got my dad a huge present

which is equivalent to

my one month income

and a proper handbag for my mom


then i got myself a new pair of specs

which is like the most expensive ever

as an investment


and other minor spending such as

getting an air purifier for the family

a birthday gift for my 10 year old niece

a farewell gift for my 20 year old nephew

leaving for studies at Warsaw


then of course i need

another sum of money

in preparation for the trip


as i browsed through my spending

(excluding travel, shopping)

it is shockingly building up

exceeding the figure i made in a year

as a junior executive back then


and the fact that another

failed relationship is brewing

kinda alert me to

earn more and save up for

a stand-alone retirement plan

all by myself



i shall always remind myself

of how lucky i am

being able to

make a living from

what i enjoy doing at

where i enjoy working

Mid-of-Trough X Making Re-Attempts: Augwardness

A summary post on August

written on 1st October

nothing but procrastination


as it was previously mentioned

in the post for July

written 1.5 months ago

Figure Can’t Lie X Yet Perfectly Fine: Crawling Through July


I am going through a

severe economic downturn

since July


things picked up a little

since August as

I made new attempts on

tough (response) coding

and video transcription

which turned out to be

not too bad after all


and kinda savaged

my sales figure for Aug and Sept too


it was so bad that

at the very moment

when i wanted to

open my monthly sales sheet

to take a look at the figure

to realize that


i have not entered the sales figures for

July, Aug, Sept

that would be 1 quarter

isn’t it?

okay will be back in 5 mins


sorry for the interruption

here I am

and during end of Aug

got a pretty huge volume

20k+ words consisting of


a 40-page investment guide

a 15-page association summary


yet half way through

the bigger documents was called off

but thank goodness

with full payment for the work done


weekends are basically

not really hectic

so that i can afford


two weekends of staycations

one in town and another in Singapore

catching up with friend and (ex) bf

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