Saturday, January 28, 2012

Mini Plait X Double Braids: Play-Head


the photos below

may result in puking, hysteria, punching of monitors

and many more unimaginable side effects

do it at your own risk


first time in life

managed to tie plaits for myself


this was the trial run

which didn’t success too much

because it fell after

I ran across a busy road

while the green light was already blinking


by the way

this is the denim top I wanted so badly

showed it to sis, mom, dad respectively

even at different locations

trio agreed that it was ugly

nobody wanted to buy it for me

denim top X plait


Day 1 of CNY:

surrounding plait x low ponytailsurrounding plait x low ponytail


then I tried it with bun hair at the back

surrounding plait x bun


at night,

after a busy day

and the bun-hair above

it got a little messy at the side

this one feels so Ching Dynasty

surround plait x pony plait


Day 2 of CNY:

more obvious

because I have done two of them

and I went to mall with them

and even put on motorbike helmet


oh my

how come I got a fat chin

just after one day of eating

double surrounding plait


this is how to appear slimmer in photos


this is how the double-plaits look like

double plaits


Day 3 of CNY:

this is very bad since it expose the forehead

yet they always say

the real beauty always expose her forehead

flower horn fish, they mean, I think

but I kind like it, still

because it feels very neat

side plait


after 3 days of experimenting

I conclude that

I love plaits, a lot because

  • there are so many ways of styling
  • all I need is rubber bands and some black pins
  • it divert attention from the balding spot


the pro-level plaits

waterfall plaitfishbone plait


and more..

happy plaiting

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Good Complexion X Home Solution: New Year Resolution

SK-II TVC has always been a huge success

throughout the years

which I think are contributed by

  • familiar faces
  • simple presentation
  • catchy tagline
  • yet, spoken in everyday language


and the new one

is particularly convincing to me

probably because

now I am at the age

to demand for the same result

as she wants


SK-II TVC featuring Tang Wei 湯唯


that’s what every girl

would dream of

a flawless skin


a miracle


looking good without make-up

is what I always want to have

not that I apply thick make-up everyday



and I am completely at confident

without make-up in public

(thick spec is the only thing

which completely crash my confidence level)


but I do use foundation

and it indeed works

to control oil

brighten and even up complexion

and also to

cover large pores and acne scar


wonderful, right

just a single product can do so more


but I don’t believe that,

as claimed by some product..

especially BBC… BB cream

application of foundation like this

can help to improve your skin

in the long run


no way!!

if it does

then people won’t have to spend thousands

on skin-care products and facial treatment

if merely a BBC foundation

can do everything good

be thankful if it doesn’t do the opposite


Make-up and skin care products

are two different things



that would be my new year resolution

if it is not too late yet


before that

I was quite relaxed about skin care

because I thought I was too young to worry

the problems, especially the oil

will cease when the time comes


well.. I am still YOUNG now of course

but I realize one thing for a fact

oil on the face and acne

can actually be prevented, calmed, got ridden

and it should be done

before acne scars remain permanently


but another fallacy I got is that

my tan skin is the best protection shield

since it just sweep all the flaws

under the carpet

I know right

that’s the damn typical ostrich attitude


to improve the condition of my skin

so that it will glow

without any make-up

glow in the natural way

minus the shiny grease


the ad below will tell you

what a woman wants for her skin:

what a girl wants, what a girl needs

  • fairness
  • glow
  • smoothness 
  • firmness
  • wrinkle-free


SK-II TVC / Tang Wei 湯唯 & Angelica Lee 李心潔


for me

more importantly

the challenge is to

achieve the goal

by much lesser cost

using various home remedies


I say

miracle is a nay

Rome wasn’t built in one day

this would be a long long way

yet great effort will always pay



*clap clap*


first step

started before X'mas last year

homemade pore strip

the result is amazing

home-made pore strip


the full schedule

coming soon….

Home Farm X No Harm: Organic Choy Sum

I went through a compilation of Asian Green Veg

Onto Dining Table X Into Data Table: Asian Green Vegetables

simply because of this post


Choy Sum / Choi Sum / 菜心

  • literally means “Veggie heart”
  • Chinese flowering cabbage
  • Sawi in Malay language
  • a relative of Pak Choy (it has got a lot of names too)
  • Chinese soup green
  • Brassica parachinensis
  • a member of the Mustard family
  • 菜薹、广东菜薹、广东菜



sprouting baby veggiesprouting baby veggie



harvesting our veggiegreen patch like this is simply a delightful sight



Choy sum soup


we harvested all

unfortunately half were buried back into the soil

(that’s how nice we treat our plants)


so these are considered the lucky one

not ending up on dining table

because there were some

insect-egg-like particles

stuck on the leaves

they could be removed through thorough washing

however my dad thought

they looked too disgusting


and one more thing

my dad hardly believe in organic veg

sold in the market..


to him

this is the real organic stuffs

and it doesn’t even have to cost much money


and my dad used to complain

I spent loads time

farming in Smurfs’ Village

should have divert the time and effort here


happy farming!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Onto Dining Table X Into Data Table: Asian Green Vegetables

it’s a question

no.. a few questions actually

I has been asking myself

for quite time already


eg: how do you say Choy Sum in English?



not the god of prosperity

that’s Choy Sun

the green leafy veggie

you found in your Wantan Noodle

how do you address it in English


01 - Choy Sum / Choi Sum / 菜心

01 菜心 - Choy Sum - Chinese Flowering Cabbage

  • literally means “Veggie heart”
  • Chinese flowering cabbage
  • Sawi in Malay language
  • a relative of Pak Choy (it has got a lot of names too)
  • Chinese soup green
  • Brassica parachinensis
  • a member of the Mustard family
  • 菜薹、广东菜薹、广东菜


02 - Pak Choi / Bok Choy / 白菜

02  大白菜 - Pak Choy - Chinese cabbage02 塌菜 - Tatsoi - Rossette Pak  Choi

02  小白菜 - Siew Pak Choy02  奶白菜 - Canton Pak Choy

  • Brassica chinensis
  • mustard family as well
  • literally translated as White Veggie
  • Chinese cabbage


4 categories of Pak Choi:

  • Chinese White Bok Choi (大白菜)
  • Shanghai Bok Choi (上海白菜 / 青江菜)
  • Rossette Bok Choi / Tatsoi (塌菜)
  • Canton type (奶白菜) / harvested early as        Baby Bok Choi (奶白苗).


03 - Kai Choi / 芥菜

03 芥菜 - Kai Choi -  Mustard green

  • Brassica juncea
  • Mustard Greens
  • is a member of the mustard family, obviously
  • more pungent than the closely-related Brassica oleracea greens (kale, cabbage, collard greens, et cetera) ……. who are them????
  • the one used for pickled salted veggie
  • 大菜 = large veggie
  • 盖菜


04 - Gai Lan / Kai Lan / 芥藍

05 芥藍 - Kai Lan - Chinese Kale

  • Brassica alboglabra
  • Chinese Broccoli
  • Chinese Kale
  • Left Broccoli


ni hao Kai Lan

the Mandarin learning cartoon

Ni Hao Kai-Lan 你好 凱蘭


I have no idea how come Gai Lan to Broccoli

I always think Broccoli is a friend of Cauli Flower

Brocolli and Gai Lan even sounds similar in Mandarin

芥蘭花 and 芥蘭菜


Gailan = chinese broccoli in English

Broccoli = Flowery Gai Lan in Mandarin

okay just forget it


05 - Ong Choi / Weng Cai / 蕹菜

05 蕹菜 - Ong Choi - Water Spinach - Kangkung

  • Ipomoea aquatica
  • a member of the Morning Glory family (Convolvulaceae).
  • closely related to sweet potato (Ipomea batatas)
  • Kangkung in malay, the one with Nasi Lemak
  • Water Spinach
  • Kong Xin Cai (空心菜)… empty-heart veg / hollow veg, why?
  • swamp cabbage
  • 應菜 / 空心菜 / 無心菜 / 壅菜 / 藤菜 / 葛菜 / 甕菜


06 - Tong Ho / 茼蒿

06 茼蒿 - Tong Ho - Chrysanthemum Greens

  • chrysanthemum coronarium
  • Chrysanthemum Greens, Garland Chyrsanthemum
  • 打某菜 / 春菊


07 - Sang Choi / 莴苣 / 生菜

 07 莴苣 - Sang Choi - Celtuce

  • Lactuca sativa var. asparagina, augustana, or angustata
  • Celtuce
  • stem lettuce
  • celery lettuce
  • asparagus lettuce 莴筍
  • 唐生菜 / 春菜


08 Yau Mak / 油麥

08 油麥 - Yao Mak - long leaf lettuce

  • Lactuca sativa var. longifolia Lam.
  • long leaf lettuce
  • 莜麦菜 /


09 - “Bitter Lettuce” / 苦麥菜

09  苦味菜 - Bitter Veggie - Rabbit milkweed

  • Ixeris chinensis
  • Rabbit milkweed
  • 兔仔菜 / 鵝仔菜 / 小苦苣 / 苦尾菜
  • 山莴苣 = Wild celery lettuce


10 - Yin Choi / 莧菜

10 莧菜 - Yin Choi - Amaranth Leaf - Bayam10 紅莧菜 - Yin Choi - Red Amaranth Leaf

  • Bayam is more common than the mandarin name back here
  • red Bayam / green Bayam
  • Amaranth leaf
  • 荇菜 / 莕菜


11 - Gao Gei Choi / 枸杞菜

11 枸杞菜 - Gao Gei Choi - Wolfberry Shoot

  • Lycium barbarum
  • Goji / Wolfberry shoots / leaves
  • we cook it as soup, with egg, just like seaweed soup
  • thorny stalk
  • 枸杞苗 / 葉


12 - Lo Kui / 落葵

12 落葵 - Lo Kiu - Malabar Spinach

  • Basella alba
  • Malabar Spinach
  • Ceylon / Indian Spinach
  • Red Vine Spinach
  • Climbing Spinach
  • yet not related to spinach
  • sticky texture
  • 帝王菜 / 木耳菜 / 落葵 / 胭脂菜
  • 帝王菜, the Malaysian Mandarin name is literally translated as Emperor veggie 


13 - Sai Yong Choy / 西洋菜

13 西洋菜 - Sai Yong Choi - Water Cress

  • Nasturtium officinale, N. microphyllum
  • formerly Rorippa nasturtium-aquaticum, R. microphylla
  • remember the street at Mongkok, HK
  • water cress,
  • because that’s where it grows
  • botanically related to garden cress, mustard & radish
  • 豆瓣菜 / 水蔊菜 / 水芥 / 水田芥菜 / 水茼蒿


14 - Bo Choi / 菠菜

14 - 菠菜 - Bo Choi - Spinach

  • Spinacia oleracea
  • 菠菱,鹦鹉菜,红根菜,飛龍菜


Popeye the sailor man…

but seriously

I have never tasted canned spinach

do you?

Popeye & his spinach


oh no

I am so dying to get the answers

3 a.m. in the morning,

day 3 of Chinese New Year

still green-googling


15 - Fan Shee Mew / 番薯葉

15 番薯苗 - Fan Shoo Mew - Sweet Potato Shoot

  • Ipomoea batatas, same name for sweet potato
  • Sweet Potato Leaves or Shoots
  • 地瓜葉 / 番薯苗


16 - Choi Dam / 菜膽

16 菜膽 - Choi Dum - Brussels Sprout

  • Brassica oleracea
  • Brussels sprout
  • wild mini cabbage
  • 甘藍小包菜 / 小椰菜


into a table:

Choi / Choy / Cai Vegetables
Choi Sum 菜心 Chinese flowering cabbage
sawi (Malay)
Pak Choi 白菜 Chinese white
Kai Choi 芥菜 Mustard Green
Gai Lan 芥蘭 Chinese Broccoli
Ong Choi 蕹菜 Water Spinach
Kangkung (Malay)

Tong Ho


Chrysanthemum Greens

Sang Choy 莴苣 /
Chinese lettuce
asparagus lettuce
Yau Mak 油麥菜 Long leaf lettuce
“Bitter Lettuce” 苦麥菜 Rabbit milkweed
Yin Choi 莧菜 Amaranth /
Chinese Spinach
Bayam (Malay)
Gao Gei Choi 枸杞葉 Wolfberry shoots
Lo Kui 帝王菜 / 落葵 Malabar Spinach
Ceylon Spinach
Sai Yong Choi 西洋菜 water cress
Bo Choi 菠菜 spinach
Fan Shee Mew 番薯葉 Sweet potato shoots
Choi Dam 菜膽 Brussels Sprout

Dunno whY X Kinda High: On The 2nd Day of CNY..

kinda out of the ordinary CNY outing

just the two of us


I was “tablet”-ing on the bed

spamming the usual gangs on FB

mom was complaining (too much too much)

that I was on the bed with iPad

right after lunch

if finger exercising counts



under the hot sun

me and dad went to a mall

not the one I was expecting

because this is further away

and we were riding bike


nothing much really

large crowd though

and we spent 40 minutes

watching Chinese acrobatic show

Chinese acrobatic girls


next stop, the hypermarket

my dad was kinda not his usual self really

he was getting a little bit too kind to buy


we were wandering the ice-cream freezers

he suggested a tub of ice-cream

how about spoon then?

he said,

no worries, I have prepared one

oh my, seriously…

there he took out his “secret weapon”

mocha ice cream


isn’t it like a little picnic

Red Delicious apples

I am not praising the apples

it’s a copyrighted name for them


my dad said it doesn’t taste as good

as Yeo’s and F&N Seasons and Drinho Homesoy

(Soybean master, he is)

Asian…. truly Malaysian flavours

ok… “foreign moon is not definitely rounder..”

soy bean x apple


and let’s see the loots back home

I can’t believe we are buying Chinese can food

in a hypermarket

cook a pot of plain porridge

then these can keep him full for the whole day

chinese canned food


some yoghurt and EVIL for myself

EVIL = extra virgin olive oil

is for my home remedies

I never thought

they are so many varieties of olive oil

available on the market


and we discovered a secret hideout

rooftop garden

breezy and quiet

with wildlife like giraffes, elephants etc

there are signs indicating “non-smoking area”

thank goodness

Aeon rooftop garden


loots of the day:

  • all food


I am more than happy

to have a picnic like this

once in a blue moon


it’s way better than


okay fine

I am an anti-socialist

who don’t really enjoy CNY

Monday, January 16, 2012

Blue Display X Repeating NAY: My Days Are Damn Grey

I am an avid “window” shopper

as in  examining the window displays

which’s new

which’s cool and not

and if possible

take photos of these window displays


here’s my favourite window of the week

taken just yesterday

navy window display



at the same time

this is driving me mad



the lady reminded me of

the denim top I wanted so badly

yet being rejected down right by my family


it’s just a top

a stupid top

why can’t I have it

even after argument, request

do I really have to beg

more story about my dream top

baby blue denim top


2ndly and sadly

the guy

nautical stripe shirt


Why wasn’t I going to see Ah Jan?

Why wasn’t I going to see Ah Jan?

Why wasn’t I going to see Ah Jan?


till then,

I am hell frustrated now

I am such a coward


Un-happiness is

has given up something,

yet still thinking about it

and nobody really knows

how much I really care about these




Saturday, January 14, 2012

Saving Kit X Smart Indeed: Zipper Fix

zipper that

  • wouldn’t zip fully
  • wouldn’t stay up
  • unzips by itself
  • has solid teeth


is damn irritating and embarrassing

especially with those

low-waist, fitting to tight jeans


here’s a quick fix

I saw from Weibo

and finally I started wearing

those pants which I have been avoiding


zipper unzip, fall, won't stay up 


just stole a couple of rings

from bunches of key

for a permanent solution


applying the same thing

you may substitute the ring

with something else


eg: a rubberband

but of course this is not so “sustainable”

especially if you are rushing off to the washroom

and may have difficulty releasing the ban

Link from... Memoirs Of A Mommy

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