Friday, September 22, 2017

Cotton On X Billabong: More from Zalora

have been wanting to

buy this Cotton On

Snoopy Tokyo tee

from Zalora

Cotton On Tbar Snoopy Tokyo Shirt


it makes a perfect shirt

for my next Tokyo trip

to the Snoopy Tokyo Museum

i mean yeah it’s going to happen


but have been

trying to find something

to combine into a shipping


then i found this

however i found it too late

to be delivered for my island vacation

Billabong Make Sense Tank Top


so i shall wait

until i am back

from the trip then

forget it if it’s gone

and shall buy it if it’s still around


there came another new issue

can’t qualify for free shipping


another 0.70 MYR

Zalora cart


then something happened

haha the Cotton On tee

had a further mark down as

it was the final piece

Cotton On Tbar Snoopy Tokyo Shirt


should i buy this

but soon it was out of stock

Billabong Atom Mini Backpack


or this

Billabong Nite Lowrider Bikini Bottom


or maybe this one

Billabong Island Dunes High Neck Swim Top



you should get over

this bikini craze

you just bought like 3 sets

within the past one month


then i realized

i have a 20% off promo code

however it will have increased

the minimum purchase to 95 MYR

Zalora Maxis Promo Code


i have browsed through

a couple of brands

Dorothy Perkins, MNG, Cotton On

oh man nothing interesting for me


and finally

decided to get

shirt from Esprit for my mom

Esprit Short Sleeve Tee


and i realized that

a dress i have KIV-ed

like months ago

is still around

Zalora Love Maxi dress with Front Tie


maybe i should just get it

as it was the very last piece

Zalora Stock


and the reason why

i was reminded of it

was simply because

Rainie Yang, my idol’s gf

wore something similar yesterday

for her concert press con

Rainie Yang 楊丞琳


so all so finally

i checked out four items

alright alright

Zalora notification


Zalora CheckoutZalora Checkout





Thursday, September 21, 2017

Lovely Krabi 11: Post Vacation Blue Treatment

I realize that

the best way to beat the blues

is to order something before leaving

so that you have something to

look forward to when you

return to reality


yeah i have three parcels

one was even ordered

very last minute

in the airport train


so i have not even

have time to blog about it yet


there you are

from Cotton On

Black Wizard X All-Time Favorite: Many More Cotton On Bralettes

All from Cotton On (Cotton On Body & Typo)


From Fred Perry

Shopping for Daddy: Like a Boyfie: Fred Perry

Fred Perry shirts


From LeSportsac

Jingle Bells2 X Parcels on The Way 04: Peanuts LeSportSac Wallet

LeSportsac X Peanuts Lily Cosmic Strip Wallet


time to work hard

to fuel for more

shopping + travelling


Wednesday, September 20, 2017


飛機延誤 心好累















Lovely Krabi 10: Being a Bag Person

okay i must say that

it’s quite a temptation

that they are selling

some kinda love bags


and there are sling bags

coming in a massive selection of

sizes, colour and designs


i got one

for my niece

which looks like



hoping that

she doesn’t like it and

i can actually keep it for myself

*as cunning as a fox*


as usually

i travel with 2 bags

this time round

Duffel X Backpack


plain and simple isn’t it

wait till you see

what i have in there

Many others in there


yeah i have a tote bag for shopping

mini backpack for day trip

mini sling bag for essentials only

mini mini handbag for phone only

packable backpack in case i buy a lot

and the rest are self-explanatory

functional case/bag/pouch etc



so i don’t think i need

another foxy bag

and i hope my niece likes it


another 3+ hours to go

not sure if my battery will

last me that long


just now there were two guys

conversing in a language i know

about me writing diary


hey isn’t it common courtesy that

you shouldn’t peep into other’s diary

but who is asking you to

write it in public


Lovely Krabi 09: Pre-Departure Note

we reached here by 10:30 AM

it only took us 30 minute

as the traffic was good

and we was taking a van

instead of bus

and there was only one pick-up after us


our flight is scheduled at 2:25, though

a few more hours to kill

Krabi Airport


but i don’t mind

it’s better to reach earlier than

rushing really last minute


my travel mate is surveying souvenir

although we have decided to

take different paths

as we have totally different paces


even in the room

i always hang out at the balcony

as she has to turn off all light

in order for her to sleep


i am cool about hanging out outside

but the glass door must be

completely shut in order for the

air-con to be turned on


so we were basically

secluded from each other

basically most of the time


and we take turns to go out too

because it’s easier that way

she takes her time to shop

i have zero budget for shopping

and i really can’t get used to

how she is being so picky


and she was applying something

either the green ointment for

her fall in McDonald’s

aloe vera gel for her sensitive skin or

cocoa butter for her equally dry skin


even during outing

she was always with her umbrella

or under the shades

while i was always trying to

get more sun


at one point

it was so awkward that

she was trying to talk to

other fellow travelers

yeah basically we are almost like

two strangers who just met

simply because we rode the same van


but i have tried to talk things out

neither are good nor bad

it’s just that we are simply different

so there’s no way

we can travel together

not to mention staying

under the same roof


and i got frustrated

when i was trying hard to

entertain her but nothing seemed to work

so i got turned off and

choose to go on silence mode


but to wrap up

it was overall a good trip

the people are nice

the hotel is good

everything goes on smoothly

so i absolutely have no complaint


except being drifted apart

instead of closer with her


kinda expect this to happen


it feels kinda childish

unfriending someone at this age

but i am nevertheless alright


people come and leave

for a reason

she is never really present

except being a hostel neighbor

for a year way back during pre-U


so instead of coming and leaving

this is more of like a crash course on

how you shouldn’t travel

with person you are not completely

acquainted with


thank goodness

the hotel was pretty good

or i can’t imagine what

would have happened


cheers to the balcony

which provides good view

on top of saving me from

all the awkwardness being

stuck in the room


and the weather was pretty good as in

the two day outings were sunny

it rained on the mornings

we were about to start exploring


also, before we left

no harm done

rain rain go away


i might come back again

not sure when though

and i receive some information

about Moomin invasion in Bangkok that

it almost tempted me to go

like seriously


oh crap

flight has been delayed to 3:25 PM

and guess what

Google was telling me

way earlier before

i received confirmed info

via email and SMS

☁藍天白雲 X 小愛情❤:我看著你的時候ツ

















曾之喬 X 炎亞綸的代班




































嗯嗯嗯 就這樣





出發 開始單曲循環模式

Till me meet again, Aonang



6:03 下班了







李榮浩 我看著你的時候00002




原來不是 去找找


我看著你的時候 / 李榮浩


Lovely Krabi 08: Aonang Street Shopping

i wasn’t planning to buy anything

but for the kids and their mom

i.e. my boss


and my travel mate

was looking at clothes

and bags

so i just followed along


but she didn’t manage to

buy much during day 1

and got hers when

she went out alone


well i guess that’s better

since we have different pace

when it comes to shopping

and everything else

so we end up going separate ways


but first

during day 1

while i was supposedly

so called companying her


i ended up buying

quite some petty stuff

while she hasn’t got any yet


shopaholic pled guilty

i should have learnt from her


like how she careful

examined every item and

later said no as

there were some flaws


and she was so concentrated

on examining the items that

she forgot to say thank you

to the seller before leaving


and a few sellers actually

expressed frustration

because she wasn’t responding

to their questions and offers


for me my motto is

just do it

as long as the item is right

and the price is within

your affordable range


and i would say that

i guess this pretty much applies to

other parts of Thailand also


the items on sale

are pretty nice looking

like it’s not something

you buy for the sake of souvenir


some are something

i actually like and

don’t mind using / wearing


and despite the stores

are offering similar items

they are different on their own


that’s one of the reasons

i adopt the Just Do It motto

you wouldn’t know if

you’ll find the same item

further down the road


and some pretty

hipster or pop culture stuff

and there was this particular store

i am almost falling in love with

everything in there

Aonang Street ShoppingAonang Street ShoppingAonang Street Shopping


my boss specifically asked for magnet

and please she definitely wouldn’t want

some 3 for 100 baht magnets

and yay

i ended up matching a pair

that i really like

it was pretty challenging

as there were less left elis

Aonang Street Shopping


Aonang Street Shopping


moreover for me

street shopping

has a lot more to offer

e.g. cool bikes along the road

i wonder if they actually get to

customize their Fino and Scoopy

because every bike is pretty unique

Aonang Street Shopping


and something to

drink and eat

along the way

from Family Mart and 7 Eleven

as well as street stores

Aonang Street Shopping


not forgetting

some cute things

got this from Family Mart



okay done for first half of Day 1

with magnets, pouch, keychains

my niece has a fetish for keychain

but she is not as hard to please

so i got her some 100 baht

elephants keychains and owl pouches


photo in the next post

as i lump my loots for the day

together with those from Night Market


Lovely Krabi 07: The Night Wave

as i arrived pretty late

as in early evening

all i got to do is to

have dinner and walk around Aonang


there is beach

right across the road

and i don't know

somehow it is beyond description


like how captivating this is

it's rough it's loud yet

it's kinda soothing

Nopparattara Beach, Aonang, KrabiNopparattara Beach, Aonang, KrabiNopparattara Beach, Aonang, Krabi


like something magical

is about to take place here

let it be a tale of pirate, treasure island

and sea guardian??

sorry i am being so damn lame

Nopparattara Beach, Aonang, KrabicofNopparattara Beach, Aonang, Krabi


and of course

i am so totally in love with my

Huawei P10 Plus

this is not a sponsored ad



when i returned again

on the final night

i somehow figured out

what's so magical about it

Nopparattara Beach, Aonang, Krabi


but sorry

it's just between me and Woodstock

haven't you heard that

magic disappears once it's known


Lovely Krabi 06: Krabi Airport Bus

As compared to my pretty bad

airport bus experience

to the airport in the previous post

Lovely Krabi 05: Airport Bus That Broke Down


the airport bus at Krabi

was way way way better

like seriously


the counter located directly

inside the arrival hall

with clear signboard and all


it costs 150 baht

to Aonang beach

Krabi Airport Bus*

i didn’t actually check the schedule

but it didn’t take long

before the bus came

but i am assuming that

since this is a pretty small airport

they arrange their buses

based on flight arrival schedule


okay it passes by

major hypermarkets

Tesco & DaiC

sorry i mean Big C

as well as Krabi Town



and while i was buying ticket

they asked me for my hotel name

i thought it was just to confirm

if i get on the right bus


but they actually

recorded each and every hotel

like dropping off everyone

at where their hotel is

along Aonang Road


and there was this occasion

at Aonang Paradise Resort

nobody seemed to be

responding to it


so the driver actually

patiently checked with everyone

about their hotel to make sure that

nobody got missed out

Krabi Airport Bus


in fact it was a solo traveler

sitting in front of me

thank goodness i didn’t talk bad

about whoever the culprit is


her hotel is Paradise Hotel

instead of Paradise Resort

but she could have told

instead of waiting for the

driver to check with everyone


so i thought

they are dropping by

everyone whose hotel is

located before the terminal

and then they are going to

stop at a terminal and

who ever who is still on the bus

will have to walk to their hotels


i am prepared to do some walking

because my hotel is further down the road

but no it turns out that

they sending each and every guest

to their destinations


oh man

what else can you ask for


home, for the next four nights

Holiday Inn Express?

no it’sactually Extravagant

Holiday Inn Express Aonang, Krabi


Lovely Krabi 05: Airport Bus That Broke Down

i have so many to talk about

suddenly i didn’t know

which one should come in next


and i think it’s easier to

transfer all photos to my laptop

and sort them out

before i start blogging


instead of looking around

for photos from my phone


okay let’s rewind

i departed on Saturday

got a 10:30 AM bus ticket

to the airport

it takes about 2-3 hours max


so it was estimated that

i’ll be reaching around 1 PM

and have some time to

lunch and loiter

before our flight at 4:15 AM


but shit happened

the 10:30 AM bus didnt’ come

because the bus broke down


so the person in charge

led us to the counter

for a refund and assumed us that

we can catch another 10:30 AM

with another bus operator


basically there are only two

which run service between

Melaka and KLIA1/2

and they kind of form agreement


company A runs buses on

10:30 AM / 12:30 PM / 2:30 PM

while company B runs buses on

9:30 AM / 11:30 AM / 1:30 PM

and so on


but someone came

saying that 10:30 AM

was not available


okay fine

you guys can get 11:30 AM

that would be still okay

i guess


so we were queuing

at Counter B for 11:30 AM

however while queuing

was told that

the tickets were sold out


so the next would be

12:30 PM with company A


what the hell

and I decided to just

catch a 11 AM to KL

and transfer to the airport train

KLIA Transit / ERL


so i got onto the 11 AM bus

a couple and a solo traveler

from China were following as

they have trust in a local like me

Delime Melaka-KL


so we reached TBS

around 1:15 PM

and i was waiting for them

i know i have to run for the train

but feel bad to ditch them

just like that


i found out that

the train ticket is quite pricey

having informed them

the solo traveler decided to

just go with bus which is like

so much cheaper


and she was not

really in rush as

her flight was at 5

and it was a domestic flight

to Langkawi


so i left

with quick pace

by the time i reached

the train station

and checked out the signboard

next arrival was like in 0 minute


okay fine there’s no way

i can make it

so i just took my sweet time

at the vending machine

and the couple caught up with me

and i bought three tickets in total

KLIA Airport Transfer ERL Ticket Vending Machine


thank goodness for the machine

or i doubt i even have enough cash

to pay for one ticket

and there’s 10% off


the next train

would be like in 30 minutes

so i took my own sweet time

i can’t remember when was the last time

i took this but it was like half the price

KLIA Transit


Melaka – KLIA by bus =  25 MYR

Melaka – KL by bus = 10 MYR


KL Sentral – KLIA by train = 55 MYR

KL Terminal – KLIA by train = 38 MYR

ridiculous right


so i just hanged out

talking to the couple

they are from Suzhou

and were also heading to



i seriously don’t know

what’s good in Langkawi

because I have never been there

chocolate and alcohol?


but i nevertheless

made it to the airport by 2:15 PM

which was like okay


grabbed some buns

and a bottle of Coke

and off we go


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