Saturday, December 30, 2017

Mr. Men X Little Miss: Happy Meal II

after 5 weeks of happy meal

i managed to collect

the whole sets

Mr. Men X Little Miss: Happy Meal :)



so i thought i can

finally take a break

Mcdonalds Happy Meal Mr. Men Little Miss 1


to realize that

oh no they are going to

launch a second collection

Mcdonalds Happy Meal Mr. Men Little Miss


and i happened to be

out of country when i saw this

Mcdonalds Happy Meal Mr. Men Little Miss


two sets of toys

launched on the same day

and it was school holiday

so i immediately texted my mom

and let her take the kids for

happy meal breakfast


so she managed to buy

at one go

which was really lucky


during week 2

i ran 2 branches

ordered 2 sets at the first

confidently thinking that

they would have both

since it was day 1

but they only had books

ended up buying 4 sets


during week 3

i ran across 4 branches

to collect both sets


the first was closed for renovation

the second only have 1 set

the third didn’t have any at all

and finally, the fourth


and here you go

Mr. Men X Little Miss: Happy MealMr. Men X Little Miss: Happy Meal


it was really a burden

to my tummy because

my sister wanted the same set

so i have bought at least 24+ sets

of happy meal over 1+ months


30th Dec X Final Shopping: Yes, I Promise

encountered minor issue

during my previous purchase from

the official adidas online store


Aug 4

ordered 5 shorts from them

received my parcel on


Aug 12

was told that part of my order was cancelled

2 shorts


Aug 25

received email regarding

request for refund detail


Sep 25

sent them email regarding

pending refund


Sep 27

was total that

it usually takes up to 21 working days


Sep 27

refund confirmed by

3rd party payment platform



it was resolved

in spite of being pretty slow

i.e. will buy again



i randomly came across

their newsletter about

free shipping for all orders

and clicked in


and on top of that

there’s additional 50% off

their marked down items sale 01


so well

what else can i say

since they “owe” me two shorts

* official store


can’t resist

indeed official store


and by the way

these are for my dad

yeah i know

final shopping

CNY clothes for dad


Maths Question X When it Comes to Shopping: Bothered, not Bothered

making entry into my shopping records

when i came across this minor issue


so last week

i bought a pair of kicks from ASOS

it costs me 75.8 USD

Screenshot_20171222-232055 - Copy


or 48 GBP

Screenshot_20171223-000729 - Copy


i paid in USD

and one week later

i am not sure if

the currencies fluctuate a lot

or they are offering a really low rate

for USD to GBP conversion


48 GBP doesn’t really

tally to 75 USD it seems

there’s a 10 USD difference

gbp to usd


so does it actually mean that

i have been charged more since

i choose to pay in USD?


and i am making entry in MYR

so the difference is even more obvious

gbp to myrusd to myr


but anyway

i did my conversion in USD and

kinda expect it costs 300 MYR

before checking out


more importantly

glad that i have managed to

keep my shopping bill

under MYR XXXX

having checked out

my last (hopefully) cart

for 2017


shopping rule #1

when it comes to currency

it’s better to overestimate

than under

because it may actually

prevent you from buying

: p


Thursday, December 28, 2017

出發 X 走吧: 避年放假

















開着電視 聽著節目












































公假結束了 公司華人都請假











挖靠 確實便宜很多












是除夕夜 就三個人看春晚



所以 出逃這件事





















親戚來了 也不好看







帶着老爺子 去海島






又是啥回事 咋搞現在






































咱不煩了 不煩了



Sunday, December 24, 2017

Christmas Eve X More Shopping: To My Chagrin

i have never got so mad

about myself for failing to

buy something online


not even when

the price of airfare

got pricey because

i was dilly dally ing


so yesterday

i was about to check out

a cart full of books


i accidentally added two copies of

Celebrating Peanuts: 65 Years

not knowing that i already

reserved a copy in my cart

since a long time ago

and it was not available

Book Xcess Out of Stock


so knowing that

this is the very last copy

i wanted to check out

it was 1:30 AM so

the payment system was down

and i was kinda lazy to try other

so as usual i was like

just waited until next morning then

Book Xcess System Downtime = =


then i actually

didn’t check it throughout today

until 10 something at night

to find that the book is out of stock

Book Xcess Out of Stock oh man


oh man

what have i done

and it’s a 500+ pages

like of all books

i wanted it the most


what a way to ruin

my Christmas’s Eve



have a great Christmas

i will just head to bed

in a short while


as they say

any problem that can be

solved with money is not an issue

i just have to fork out another 100+ MYR

to get the book

Book Xcess Celebrating Peanuts 65 Years on Book Xcess vs BookDepository


then again

i will have to find other books

on BookXcess to make up for the

minimum amount for free shipping


why is life so hard

charlie brown


Saturday, December 23, 2017

Never Ending X Christmas Shopping: HU HU HU

so it started off with

a weird feeling that

i have stayed clean for

the plus one month of so


have never bought anything

online or offline

since Black Friday


not even on 12.12

which is now known as

Singles’ Day encore sale

apparently because

i was travelling


so i was browsing through

the usual sites for the

past few days

but didn’t find anything interesting


i think addiction is

a dangerous thing

like i simply felt weird

simply because i am not buying


so i downloaded the ASOS app

i checked out a cart of

Christmas gifts from them

during Black Friday


having to find that

nobody actually raised suggestion

for a Christmas meet-up


then i started discovering

some items on massive discounts

oh gosh oh gosh

these are too good to be true


so i ended up

checking out this item

adidas Originals X Pharrell Williams Tennis HU Blue


this particular series

caught my eye

thanks to these

adidas Originals Stan Smith X Parrell Williams Tennis HU Pastel 03adidas Originals Stan Smith X Parrell Williams Tennis HU Pastel 04adidas Originals Stan Smith X Parrell Williams Tennis HU Pastel 06


well out of guiltiness

i bought my dad a Batman mug

as a last minute Christmas gift

DC Heat Change Mug Batman


damage done

so they said

this is going to be delivered

by 15 Jan next year

ASOS order confirmation


please do

so that i can bill this

under next financial year


in fact i just bill a

thick invoice this week

having working like a dog

for 3 days 2 (mid)nights


yet i felt

terribly empty

after the rush is over

like i can’t describe

why is that so

until i checked out

this pair of kicks


there’s something to

look forward to now


at least

for Christmas

for the new year

for the unknown future


online shopping

it does magic

can’t help but to agree


Thursday, December 14, 2017

Curtain Call 2016/01: Travelling

31% power left on my laptop

will be stranded onboard

for another 2.5 hours

and have already taken a nap


in fact i have quite a few

trips to be covered on blogs

like Tokyo, Krabi, Foshan+Guangzhou

and now Fuzhou+Xiamen


i can explain for that

when you have been working

on the same laptop whole day

you just want to stay away from it

instead of spending more time

blogging on it


it has been a fulfilling year

in terms of travel as

my trips were evenly spread

over different seasons

and different genres



Feb – Kaohsiung

April – Wuhan + Wudangshan



May – Ho Chi Minh

June – Tokyo

Aug – Foshan + Guangzhou

Sep – Krabi


Winter, but more like Fall

Dec – Xiamen + Fuzhou


expectation for 2018?

have booked one in Jan and March

but i am more ambitious than that


looking into squeezing one in Feb

to escape the relative visit

during Lunar New Year


looking into celebrating

my big birthday alone at

somewhere quiet and safe

in April


looking into an island getaway

with ex housemates

somewhere in Malaysia

holy crab

i have never been to

any island in Malaysia

not even Langkawi

Penang island, yes



non-strop travelling Jan-Apr


looking into bringing my mom

on a two-person trip

because it feels unfair

as i have brought my dad

for almost 15 times already


of course

to make all these possible

i have to work really really hard


2 more hours to go

but my power won’t support me

anytime further

till then,


XiaMen X to ChaoShan: Good to Go Home

it’s me again

it’s like I only get time to blog

when I am travelling on a train


4 days 3 nights in Xiamen

started off kind of bad

first my travel SIM was out of data

right after i uploaded the previous blog


it seemed weird

how on earth did i

finish 1.5 g in 4 days

with zero video watching

not much FB surfing

and 3 IG posts


then i can’t find my hotel

it turned out that

it was wrongly labelled

it was further away than expected

and Google auto location tag

was kinda misleading as

it was showing the name of

another hotel next door


so i had to search manually

by typing the address

and hell no

i typed No. 78 instead of No. 87

so i went round and round

can’t find where the place was


with less than 30MB left

i can’t go on for long

(managed to top up online

upon checking in)


until i asked a security guard (not helpful)

and walked into a clinic and

asked a lady waiting for her turn


to sum up

the hotel was quite bad

i hardly complain about hotel

because i don’t really want to

but would recommend if

a place is really good


but this place is really that bad

especially after a good stay

at their competitor’s branch

the comparison is real

and i have simply decided to

ditch this chain for real


reaching Chaoshan station in 30+ minutes

by 1:30 PM to be exact

to catch the flight at 3:55 PM

a bit tight but

should be manageable


one more thing

almost left my duffle bag

at Xiamen station just now

because i traveled with

a luggage and backpack


so the duffle bag is actually

a spare bag i packed in the luggage

so that i can fill the luggage

with my dad’s loots and souvenirs

and move my stuff to the duffle bag


well can’t think of

anything important in there

but the bag itself is

and those bags in there

fanatic about bags, maybe


Sunday, December 10, 2017

FuZhou X to XiaMen: Thank Goodness!

have spent four nights in FuZhou

no time to blog as

i had and still have work


it was kinda bothering me

but thank goodness

i managed to wake up at 1 AM

and worked all the way

until 8+ in the morning

with a short nap in between


so i have managed to knocked out

the toughest and also the largest

item on my work list


learning from previous experience

purposely came to the station yesterday

to get our ticket in advance

Fuzhou railway station


so it kinda shortened our waiting time

and still managed to

visit one last attraction

before checking out by 12 PM

and then caught the 2:19 PM train


FuZhou is a surprisingly friendly city

in spite of the unfamiliar dialect

i can’t understand a word of


what i mean by friendly is

people say you are welcome

when you say thank you and

people say it’s okay

when you say sorry

that’s all i ask for


till then

i better catch some sleep now

just to beat the Monday’s blue

deadlines deadlines and more deadlines

Fuzhou railway station


Wednesday, December 6, 2017

ChaoZhou X to FuZhou: With Guilt of Time Wasting

blogging from a High Speed Rail

heading towards Fuzhou

High Speed Rail


the trip has been smooth, so far

except for a small hiccup today


stranded at the railway station

for almost four hours

at the best time of the day

12 PM – 4 PM

since the earlier tickets

were all already sold out


and the station is

in the middle of nowhere

30 km away from the city


lesson learnt

should have checked out earlier

like 9 AM instead of 11 AM

we went to the market nearby


and spent like 300 CNY

i.e. our budget for train tickets

happily shopping away

buying fruits

preserved fruits and



and busy eating brunch

like roasted goose at 10 in the morning

followed by fruits like

persimmon, papaya, mandarin orange

to get rid of the oil


i know right…

i don’t do this often

and the parts on the left

i don’t even know what’s that

Chaozhou Roasted goose


and more importantly

should have gotten the tickets

at the ticket window in the city

at least we can kill some time

going around after check-out


the ticket window is right next to the

ticket counter for railway station bus


obviously for a reason


and that’s not all

it will take us another 3 hour

to reach Fuzhou

i.e. after night fall


i should so totally

buy my ticket for Fuzhou – Xiamen

in advance to avoid the same mistake


also to make sure that

i  can secure tickets

for Fuzhou – Xiamen

instead of Fuzhou South – Xiamen North


or either one

i.e. Fuzhou – Xiamen North or

Fuzhou South - Xiamen

which are both further away from city


so i got the idea to

buy my tickets here at Chaozhou instead

the queue wasn’t long luckily

yet I was told me that

they are only selling tickets for

today and tomorrow

okay fine….


my laptop wasn’t fully charged last night

like seriously

i purposely charged laptop

instead of phone

since i do have a power bank


but woke up to find that

it wasn’t plugged in

both were not


by the way

our train is bound for Fuzhou South

instead of Fuzhou

12 stations away via Metro

from where we stay


enquired about the ticket for Fuzhou

the earliest would be past five

longer wait, like 5+ hours

but shorter traveling to the city


so i just went for Fuzhou South

shorter wait, like 4 hour

but longer travel to do



simply hoping that

i will able to check in by

9 PM tonight


gosh there are two pieces of work

due tomorrow morning / afternoon

maybe i should head back to work now

to avoid more time wasting moment

i.e. can’t seem to be ready to go

since i am rushing with work


or i can catch a nap now

to prepare myself to stay up late

or get myself really exhausted

so that i sleep early tonight

and get up real early in the morning


that’s how travelling

helps me in better planning

when it comes to work


i think the fellow passengers around me

must be assuming that

i am typing something serious

until they see the photos i got



by the way

now i kinda dislike the idea of

spending a night somewhere

as a transit or whatsoever

because you spend the same

amount of time (un)packing

as compared to spending more nights

Travelling with Kermit


Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Nivea X Tsum Tsum: Lip Holder

Nov 17

first saw this on Hermo

but i thought i would

wait a little longer to

check out with other stuff

i may need along the way

Nivea X Tsum Tsum: Lip Holder


as i still have promo code

for certain amount of purchase

in fact i did check out the same

Original Lip Care last month from Hermo


Nov 23

by the time i had time to

check out what I want to buy

on top of these two

both designs were all

out of stock

Nivea X Tsum Tsum: Lip HolderNivea X Tsum Tsum: Lip Holder


and in the mean time

i have checked on Watsons

but it wasn’t available


but according to Nivea page

this is actually a Watson’s exclusive

to be launched on 25 Nov


on 22 Nov

they were finally available on Watsons’s

but out of stock as well

like what the well

Nivea X Tsum Tsum: Lip HolderNivea X Tsum Tsum: Lip Holder


sob sob

Nivea X Tsum Tsum: Lip Holder


i tried checking in-store

i went to 1, 2, 3, 4 Watsons in town

and no luck still

what to do when you are

staying in a suburb city

with low population


i checked on Watson’s online

from time to time

and towards end of Nov


Nivea X Tsum Tsum: Lip Holder


but there came another problem

not both sets were available

like seriously is it a tactic

when Set 1 was available 

Set 2 was not

then when Set 2 was restocked

Set 1 was out of stock again


and i actually need to

purchase a minimum amount of

150 MYR for free shipping


officially given up

until i remember

there is a Watson’s at the airport

who knows

because these outlets at airport

usually sell souvenirs-like items


there you are

at the specific area for

travel-related and exclusive items

and they had plenty of stock still

Nivea X Tsum Tsum: Lip Holder


unpacking them on the plane

Nivea X Tsum Tsum: Lip Holder


and they look perfect

four in a pack

Nivea X Tsum Tsum: Lip Holder


the only thing is

the manufacturing date is March 2017

assuming that the shelf life is one year

i have to finish using all by March

Nivea X Tsum Tsum: Lip Holder


frankly speaking

i don’t usually use one


Oh No X Not Again: Missing MupPet at Airport

decided to also bring along

my new favorite

Kermit, the Frog along

besides Woodstock

since he can act serious well

Kermit TY Plush


some photo at the bus terminal

before heading to the airport

wait till i figure out a story for them

Kermit TY Plush


on the way to the airport

i decided to transfer him

for a more comfortable position

as well as allowing him to

see the world as I am

Kermit TY Plush


us having breakfast at Mcdonald’s

Kermit TY Plush


during custom clearance

his position was kinda insecure

because after my laptop was removed

my bag was no longer that bulky

so he wasn’t held as tight


but then

right after clearance

i put all my stuff on a trolley

to get everything in place again


then everything went smoothly

but i actually didn’t check

if he was still around

until i was safety seated onboard


damn my bag looked kinda empty

oh no

not again

must have fallen off somewhere

and it was too late to go back


i took super a lot of his photos

was this kinda of like farewell


same TY beanie

from the same BFF

at the same airport

heading to the same country

is this sort of like a curse???

devastated seriously


i was so going to find one from eBay

by hook or by crook.. or PayPal

as a replacement because

this is a barely one month old gift

and is that how i should treat it


until i opened my bag

there he was

oh my thank goodness

Kermit TY Plush


i can’t remember when

did i actually place it

back in the bag

but anyway

thank goodness


and a good lesson learnt



Mr. Men X Little Miss: Happy Meal :)

finally after five weeks

Mr. Men X Little Miss: Happy Meal :)



i thought of collecting

both books and toys

Mr. Men X Little Miss McDonalds Happy Meal


this was supposed to be smooth sailing

after the wave of craze

for Hello Kitty X Tomica

which were sold out really early on day 1

i managed to buy during week 1

and well forget it…

i actually did a quick research on

the advertorials all over Facebook

which i guess kinda led to the craze

Tomica X Sanrio: Happy Meal, Shall We?

Sanrio Tomica Happy Meal


but i wasn’t really bothered

as i was collecting for my sis anyway

mission failed and she requested for

the whole set of Mr. Men Little Miss

which meant that i probably have to

give up on the books


so during week 1

i got two sets of toys

giving up the Mr. Strong book

Mr. Men X Little Miss: Happy Meal :)


during week 2

i went on Thursday (Day 1)

and got a book and toy

because i wanted to see if

the book is the same as the original set

and this was a special edition in

local language, i.e. Malay

Mr. Men X Little Miss: Happy Meal :)


then Saturday

i went again for

the second set of toy

there was a birthday party

so the kids got all the toys and

left me with none

Mr. Men X Little Miss: Happy Meal :)


guess what

my 10 year ago crush

was there at the party

with his kid

putting the toy into their Quechua bag

i want!!!!!!!!!!


so i ended up getting

two Mr. Happy books

and had to return to another branch

during the next day for the toy


during week 3

i decided to

get a toy and a book

before returning for

another set of toys


because Mr. Tickle looks

kinda cute and

i wanna have his book


but they told me

they only have toys

but no book

like seriously


alright i officially gave up

on getting the books

and Mr. Strong’s book

during week 1 was no longer

available, anyway


and during week 5

the final week

finally decided to

head for breakfast takeaway


and gave a set to

my neighbour who

collected DHL while i was away

at least breakfast set

doesn’t look like happy meal

so he wouldn’t know

Mr. Men X Little Miss: Happy Meal :)


because it has been

weeks and weeks of

fries and Coke

which wasn’t a bad idea

for myself to end the week

but not for my waist


5 weeks

12 sets of happy meal

i mean it’s nice of them to

pack two figures as one or

i would have eaten double

Mr. Men X Little Miss: Happy Meal :)


and this one for my sis

i am not going to

buy her any Xmas gift


Mr. Men X Little Miss: Happy Meal :)


by the way

i found their official channel

on YT and am revising the show

amusing… but somehow sad : (


and wait…

there’s part ii

Mr. Men X Little Miss: Happy Meal II

Mcdonalds Happy Meal Mr. Men Little Miss



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