Saturday, June 21, 2014

Gees X I WAS Pissed: Ignorant is Not a Bliss

Zthis is a memorable day

never in my life

I shall be that foolish again



sorry it may take you a little time

to read on this interesting conversation

but trust me

it’s worth your time



10:49:24 AM


Inditex Group SALE ad

10:49:29 AM

ME: Jom

ME: Haha

10:56:14 AM:

Noob: Mv?

11:01:10 AM:

ME: Ok kot

ME: Haha but no p&b

11:01:38 AM:

Noob: P &b?

Noob: Pull and bear?

11:01:47 AM:

ME: Pull & bear

ME: Haha

ME: Haiya

11:02:02 AM:

Noob: One u got both

11:02:26 AM

ME: Bershka

ME: I KIV a few

ME: Hehe

11:05:13 AM

Noob: This season zara got a lot nice one

11:06:21 AM

ME: Walao their price ex alr

ME: I think exchange rate

ME: what time? Ha

ME: u come pick me can ah


ME: I can go off at 1

almost 30 minutes later…

I was still waiting for a reply

11:32:54 AM

ME: Hey how? Reply leh

11:38:36 AM

Noob: U wan go mv or one u?

11:38:52 AM

ME: one u no Berskha kan

ME: Mv la

ME: Nearer

11:39:08 AM

Noob: One u got berskha

11:39:19 AM

ME: Big Bo?

ME: I mean big or not

ME: Haha

11:41:26 AM

Noob: Same as mv

11:42:01 AM

ME: I prefer mv

ME: Haha good old mv

ME: Oh ya

ME: TL wanna tumpang me buy a bag at mv

11:42:42 AM

Noob: Ok

Noob: Thn mv

11:43:00 AM

ME: U come here not far kan

almost 30 minutes later

still negative response

12:14:11 PM

ME: 1pm we meet here can?

12:15:15 PM

Noob: Okay

Noob: Wan call ur bro? Lol

12:16:06 PM

ME: ur bro

ME: X Nak la

12:16:12 PM

Noob: Later he know we din jio him

Noob: Then emo

Noob: Lol

12:16:16 PM

ME: One time called him

ME: Melaka only

ME: He said walk until wan die

ME: Walao go die la

I am being the bitch here, look

12:16:45 PM

ME: Tell him I meeting Kat kl

ME: So we happened to meet

ME: He said de mah.. Ystday

ME: Oh meeting at kl can go mv or times

ME: Macam budak2

ME: Hahaa

ME: Okies?

ME: sorry u hv no idea.. Working in a tough

environment have turned me into Maleficient

ME: Haha

ME: I am kind yet evil

12:17:52 PM

Noob: Lol

Noob: Last week I go viva home

Noob: Got fos sales

Noob: All 70%

12:18:50 PM

ME: Sian la that mall

ME: Haha furni mall

ME: I think a lot ppl first time going

ME: Thanks to doraemon.

ME: I used to work there

ME: Or else also dunno such a Hulu place

12:22:35 PM

Noob: Macam mlk the store

Noob: No ppl one

12:53:44 PM:

ME: I am good to go

ME: so when u r here just text me

more than 30 minutes later

I got kinda impatient

1:32:29 PM

ME: boss where r u

1:43:02 PM

Noob: With tt now

1:44:11 PM

ME: so r u coming anytime soon?

1:49:23 PM

Noob: Huh?

fuck.. I think he misunderstood that

we are meeting right at the mall

1:49:44 PM

ME: ok it's ok nvm

1:49:54 PM

Noob: I tot tomorrow

1:50:07 PM

ME: No worries

ME: Forget it

ME: Btw I made u a birthday card

ME: Maybe I jus fwd u a soft copy then



I apologize for the miscommunication

I couldn’t really find the point of time

where the word “tomorrow” is

being mentioned by me or

by the other party

hence the miscommunication was

regarded as a mishap of natural

will of god


as Adrian Mole was always saying

just my luck that

I have friend like this

and I used to like him so much that

I was willing to let myself being

disappointed and frustrated

once more


there were at least 3 birthdays

which I was trying to do something

for him yet ended up

in similar situations whereby

we didn’t talk for long


but I was stupid enough to

break the ice again

after some time


just my luck



here’s a copy of

the birthday card I made you

soft copy attached as below



and that was how it looked like



and I actually abandoned my work in hand

to get this piece of card done

which I shall be catching up with

tomorrow, on a Sunday morning


never ever…

be that fool again

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