Saturday, June 27, 2015

Fix: “iPhone thinks headphones are plugged in even when not” after a “Water Spill”

my niece accidentally spilled water onto my phone

and to my frustration

she wiped her lovely leg instead of my phone


I am not sure if there’s a causation link

within less than 30 minutes

my phone went cranky


can’t hear anything in a phone call

unless speaker was turned on

or headphone was plugged in


and when I was adjusting volume

it was shown that I was on headphone

in fact I wasn’t


so I found this thread with the above mentioned title

it dated back to 2012


old trick is good trick

as long as it works


Q-tips a.k.a. cotton swab

did the trick well for me

without moving on to the paper-clips trick


stuffing a cotton swab into the headphone jack

to clean it

then sliced it off in a 45” angle

to form a sharper tip and

did another round of cleaning

cotton swab to clean headphone jack


some dirt was unearthed

and my phone is working again

without thinking that

I am on headphone in fact I wasn’t


small trick that saved the day

I thought of a few solutions



hearing through loud speakers all the time

is the quickest solution

I don’t get that many phone calls anyway



plugging in headphone all the time

is the 2nd solution

but isn’t that kinda troublesome

bringing a phone along is in fact already

quite a hassle to me



send in to fix it

Where?  Who?  For how long?

I would rather stay with (1) or (2) then



getting a new phone

which is not in my 2015 budget

(as if I have one…)

I would rather go for another travel


speaking of that

shouldn’t I start blogging about

my previous trip

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Ouch.. X My Snoopy Pouch: Lost & Never Found

one week since I am back from Chengdu

still can’t get over the fact that

I lost my favourite Snoopy coin pouch 


it was just within minutes

got my tickets to LeShan from Chengdu


stuffed the 8 bucks change into the pouch

thinking that we should have enough small change for

more bus journeys to come


glad that the departure time is within 30 minutes

went through security check

placing my backpack and woven bag

into the scanner thingy


found seats nearby and

trying to settle and get things in place

then I realized the pouch is missing

during my regular check for

the pouch, phone and camera



just within minutes

ransacked and ransacked all over

went around looking with not much hope

asking around at the security check booth

and the information counter


I didn’t even know how I lost it

and where it was last placed



fell and got stuck in the security check conveyance belt?

fell on the floor and got picked up by someone else? 


and this was just the beginning of

our 2-day-trip to LeShan and Mount Emei

I didn’t even feel like going anywhere now!


at least 100 RMB in there

that doesn’t matter

but this pouch has spent the last 10 years with me

at least…


I lost a pencil case of the same design

at the library, misplaced it

so I got this pouch and

vowed to keep it right


and since then it has followed me

as a petty cash / card / key purse

especially when I was abroad

it’s on the must-bring-list

can say that it was sort of a talisman


despite its shape

which is not that proper for

petty cash in the form of notes

because of its size

something it could get quite disorganized


and quite bulky too

but I like the “handy” feel

the security of holding it in my hand


lost it on June 13 and

spent the next week missing it and

the last resort was to at least find a photo of it


yesterday the last resort was to

dig old photos from an old hard disk

spent the next 30 minutes to look for the hard disk

and at least one hour browsing through photos

with no luck


looking to buy another one online?

with no luck, too


quite depressed and drew this

before the memory was gone

2015.06.20 Snoopy Coin Pouch


and finally remember for

snapping petty little thing

(that was its status back then)

it is more probably that I used my phone

instead of camera



That will do for now!

2015.06.20 Snoopy Coin Pouch 01


at least..

I hope this is the very last time

I write about missing item during trip

especially favourite items of all forms

2015.06.20 Snoopy Coin Pouch 02

Thursday, June 4, 2015

SKYPE FIX: WhrTH is My Notification

was having so much problems with

my Skype on Window 8


can’t pin the program to taskbar

can’t create desktop shortcut

can’t show it on the notification area


no notification for missed calls, texts etc

and where can I enable auto sign-in?

and where are all the menus?


and it seems to be not really user friendly

just like that annoying Start Screen

in spite of the sophisticated design

Screen Shot 06-04-15 at 10.42 PM


I want the old version back

or even better MSN Live Messenger


it’s alright

it’s alright

until there’s this new client of mine

really huge apologies


she tried to reach me

three times via Skype

and I only got to see it

really late in the evening and

the tasks had already been

assigned to someone else



finally found the solution

to download another version of Skype


to download Skype for Desktop

instead of Skype for Windows


from Skype community

Skype Windows 8 can't see notifications/calls outs...

goodness this topic has been achieved

since it’s inactive for more than 6 months


then how I ended up

downloading the wrong version


the notification and shortcut issues are now solved

and the menus are all back

however what I dislike about this version is

there are ad panels…


Screen Shot 06-04-15 at 10.43 PM


such community is undeniably helpful

few days back I was having issue with

Windows Live Writer

not being able to connect to Blogger


telling me that the account is not found

or the username / password is wrong

that kinda scared me out


not again

there was issue few weeks back

which I was glad to get it solved

right here *Unblocked*


until I found this post

error "notfound: not found" posting from windows livewriter

on Blogger help forum

so it’s not just me, thank goodness  


discovering new things everyday

isn’t it?

Monday, June 1, 2015


my first sneakers/shoes/footwear purchase of the year

after being totally “detoxified” from the addiction

and it’s actually for my dad

SKECHERS shopping


have been looking for almost a month

at least few weeks in a row

have been to all-in-one sports outlets,

departmental stores, shoes stores etc

never seem to find the right pair


which matches the criteria as listed by dad: 

      • slip-on

      • non fanciful colour

      • non white sole

      • soft texture (yumms?)


      and a few pairs which were almost matching

      found at 3 different stores

      were out of size

      I guess his shoes size is pretty small for a guy


      finally decided to try Sketches SKECHERS

      where I dropped by last week and

      identified a few pair which kinda meet the criteria


      so a week later

      here I was, dragging my dad into Sketches SKECHERS

      with high hope

      yeah he likes those shoes

      yet out of size, again??


      thank goodness my fellow shopper

      reminded me that there’s

      another Sketches SKECHERS outlet

      at another mall nearer to my place


      why don’t we give it a try

      although we may end up being disappointed

      because I really got no idea

      where else should I bring my dad to


      so we ended up in another

      Sketches SKECHERS store

      which is nearer and

      found the same pair of shoes

      with the right size available


      I just realized that

      I have been spelling SKECHERS as SKETCHES

      does it mean that I have always been

      pronouncing wrongly as well?!!!


      by the way, this is the once we got

      which matches the criteria of

          • slip-on

          • non fanciful colour

          • non white sole

          • soft texture (yumms?)


          on top of that there are.. according to them

            • high REBOUND energy in EVERY step

            • MEMORY FOAM for unrivaled comfort

            • lightweight and breathable FITKNIT

              Skechers Go Walk 3


              lightweight is undeniably my top priority

              (with the exception of Vans)

              you can always see me

              with this ridiculously act of

              throwing the shoes on display

              from one hand to another

              or just trying to throw and catch it

              as if I am juggling a ball

              which is a sign of approval


              in terms of the lightweight-ness of the shoes

              and I would say that many SKECHERS shoes

              have past my “juggling” test 


              one extra feature I found is

              that although-initially-looks-funny-to-me hole

              at the heel

              alright I guess it serves the function of

              preventing heel blisters which

              bug me all the time

              just to clarify that doesn’t mean

              I am tempted to get the shoes

              Skechers Go Walk 3


              basically we spend at least twice a week

              in the vicinity of this mall

              during our evening walk


              but have never thought of

              dropping by this particular store

              went round and round different places

              even to somewhere further and

              finally ended up here and found what we want 

              that’s how life is, I guess


              the next pair is coming really soon

              as I paid with a certain bank card

              which I actually has never used and

              intended to get rid of real soon


              it actually came with extra reward of

              50 MYR  voucher with purchase above 300 MYR

              exclusively for purchase which is paid

              with cards from this particular bank


              I haven’t used this card since it was collected

              not even randomly trying it out or activating it

              thank goodness it didn’t embarrass me and

              I may reconsider

              (has already decided, actually) to

              keep it, after all


              and guess what

              just realized that

              31-May-2015 was actually the last day

              for this promotion campaign


              oops I had accidentally shared this out

              and my besties said she intended to go

              my bad…

              or perhaps she should be thanking me



              I have not owned any pair of Sketches SKECHERS

              and didn’t expect I would

              and the very first pair at home

              actually goes to my dad


              the next pair is coming real soon

              as I have to spend the 50 MYR voucher anyway

              should goes to another pair of

              Go Walk 3 for my mom



              I can’t wait to see the sight of

              couple shoes for my mom and dad


              happiness is

              shopping… for my family

              and we are so ready for

              our outing next week

              I mean this weekend,

              to Mount Emei

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