Sunday, June 22, 2014

Stephelle’s Kitchen: Summer Solstice Smoothies

21st June is marked as summer solstice

the longest day of the year and

the official beginning of the

hot summer

Yo Gabba Gabba Winter Solstice


the similar occasion, Xia Zhi (夏至)

marked by the Chinese Lunar calendar

happened to fall on the same day

CCTV Lunar Calendar Summer Solstice


Dole diced peach

haha it’s actually the side-dish substitute for

French Fries of McDonald’s happy meal

Peach mango yogurt smoothies with cereal


perfect blend of

sweetness and sourness

flavour and fruity scent

with bits of cereal crunch

Peach mango yogurt smoothies with cereal 02



what a good way to

kick start an awesome summer ahead

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