Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bumpy X Draggy: Daily Journey

kicked start with a

doubly, triply hectic schedule


the first vacation job experience

which I do not work for

the sake of having some fun


this is how my daily routine would go

26 Nov – 10 Dec

before the actual event kicks start

which would be a totally different scene


6 am – wake up

7.10 am – go down to catch a bus

7.20 am – the bus would be here

8.00 am – catch the 2nd bus

9.15 am – drop off at the train station

9.30 am – hopping onto the 2nd train at interchange

9.45 am – reaching office in quick-paces


6.30 pm – leaving office, quick

reverse the whole routine of daytime all over again

8.30 pm – reaching Carrefour, grab something, anything

9.00 pm – the bus back home

9.20 pm – finally reaching home


the bus journey is at least 1 1/4 hour

provided that there is no traffic jam

it’s from one terminal to another, all the way

and if the crowd is huge

then ended up standing throughout the journey


standing comes with technique too

keep the swinging to the minimum

and maximum protection of oneself

from pickpockets, and you-know-whatever


by the time I am done showering, it’s 10 p.m.

my feet are soring

eyes are painfully tired due to the long-hours


5 hours on public transport

I salute myself


by the end of the winter break

I think I could have written a

more than 3 pages ethnographic observation of:


dumb driver who read in the car and

took so long to respond when the light turned green

phone conversation in bus which is so loud that

I can’t help but eavesdrop


eyelids are drooping

I miss my pre-good-night novel-reading

which seems like a luxurious hobby right now


keep going!!

since you have already chosen it

heading to work, the backpacker’s way

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Trans4mation X Great Edpectation: Weekly Eddition


how can it be possible

from the chocolate monster

at the beginning of the week

that hair is super duper cute

2012.09.20 巧克力怪物大復活2012.09.20 巧克力怪物大復活022012.09.21 巧克力怪物大復活03


to the denim hunkie

at the middle of the week

Eddie Peng X Cold War TW 03Eddie Peng X Cold War TW 01


the all serious Joe Sir

Eddie Peng Cold War Interview I


Eddie Peng Cold War Interview II



the perfect gentleman during weekend

Eddie Peng X Golden Horse Award 金馬獎 01


#1 spot for male guests on the red carpet!!

no it wasn’t me (alone) who said that


Eddie Peng X Golden Horse Award Red Carpet


I expected the Love Triangle trio

on the red carpet, though

neither has won,

nevermind, it’s alright

I would have banged my head on the wall

a long time ago

given that my award “wish-list”

usually, normally, most of the time

does not turn out alright

Love Triangle 彭于晏 郭采潔 陳意涵


and after one year

still couldn’t get over

why did not Ashin win last year

while Monk can win two years back?


the Ashin we saw on red carpet last year

is exactly the Joe Sir of Cold War

still in theatre right now

Eddie Peng X Golden Horse Award 金馬獎 03


then who is this new character?

we gonna see him soon in theatre during 2013, right?

the great expectations for 2013

Eddie Peng X Golden Horse Award 金馬獎 02


1.01 a.m.

end of the post

I have to wake up at 6 a.m. still later

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Vinyl Doll X Bobble Top: Funko Pop!

Funko, or FunKo,

is an American company that

manufactures and produces a wide array of

licensed pop culture toys.


Pop! Vinyl

Features both vinyl toy figures and bobble heads,

modeled in a Japanese kawaii style.

Over 300 different characters have been produced such as

Mickey Mouse (Disney Pop!) and Bart Simpson (Pop! TV)

to movie icons such as

Michael Myers (Pop! Movies) and Darth Vader and

musicians from Elvis to Tupac (Pop! Rocks).


Those i spotted in Borders

those Yo Gabba Gabba! are so so adorable!!!!

Funko Pop! Sanrio Hello Kitty & Keroppi Funko Pop! TV Vinyl Yo Gabba Gabba! DJ Lance Rock & Brobee Funko Pop! TV Vinyl Yo Gabba Gabba! Muno Funko Pop! Sanrio Badtz-Maru Funko! Pop TV Yo Gabba Gabba Toodee Funko! Pop TV Yo Gabba Gabba Foofa


the least i am least willing to

yet bought this, still

as Thanksgiving / X’mas gift

Funko Pop! Sanrio Hello Kitty


we wish you a merry X’mas

and faster get married!


yes!! Borders actually have a whole Hello Kitty corner

Hello Kitty and Daniel wedding plush



if the price is more student-friendly

probably the psychology is

something you spend quite a bit on

you tend to appreciate more

then you are gonna use it

like really making good use of the planner

therefore it may be worth it, after all

Moleskine Peanuts and Le Petit Prince



more than books!



please make this available by January

because it makes a great birthday gift

Funko Pop! Mr. Krabs Funko Pop! Mr. Squidward Funko Pop! Patrick Funko Pop! Sandy Funko Pop! Spongebob

Cool Sound X Hot Sight: Last Friday Night

Last Friday Night at Mixx, Melaka

that was the beginning

X Play Party 2012 Melaka 01


my first party-experience in Melaka

it took quite awhile to get the Melaka people

into party mode


everyone, including me 

was hanging around there

quoting what the MC has said

“do not think you are in Starbucks”


but XPLAY managed to do it

with the line-up of show

on top on the highlighted girl DJs

there were dancers, the fire-eater and etc


the crowd built up,

along with the party-ing noise and heat


XPLAY 2012

The 3 DJs who spin the night at Mixx were

DJ KEKKA from Italy

DJ TENASHAR from Singapore

and our very own DJ VERA C

how is it possible to look hot

and at the same time do something cool



miss the fun at Melaka and Kuching?

no worries

log on to the XPLAY official site to

catch the upcoming one at KL, Penang and KK



also, log on to the FB fan page

for photos and events update

X Play Party 2012 Melaka 04X Play Party 2012 Melaka 05X Play Party 2012 Melaka 06


thank you XPLAY

please bring more such events!!

Turn Melaka On!

this is definitely a happening city

more than just a world heritage site



found myself

found myself there

X Play Party 2012 Melaka 03

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Countdown X SignUp Now: XPLAY in Town

5 cities,

featuring 15 of the hottest all-girl DJs

around the world

XPLAY 2012Celcom XPLAY 2012


first stop:

Venue: Mixx Club, Melaka

Date: 23 November 2012

Time: 8pm till late

Admission: free

just sign up on the XPLAY official site

for the free passes


check out the site to

unlock special privileges such as

free drink vouchers,

chance to meet the DJs up-close and personal

plus loads of other freebies all day long


XPLAY, let’s play!!!

Monday, November 19, 2012

The Queen X And i: Final High (no longer saying hi)

last Friday
officially the last day of school (not yet)

two more days of examinations
wait a minute
I am supposed to be studying right now
and she is flying off on Wednesday night itself

Merry X’mas
Happy New Year
Happy Valentine’s Day
see you next year, Your Highness!!

she loves pink
she watches horror movie
she enjoys family vacations at Dubai
two totally different kind
who share the only trait in common:
both are quite anti-social

but she is better than me
at least she tries talking to people around

when two anti-socialists get together
they can be quite whacky too
the Queen and ithe Queen and ithe Queen and ithe Queen and ithe Queen and ithe Queen and ithe Queen and ithe Queen & i

how to convert your Kleenex
to a 2-in-1 hair bow and bow tie 

long live dirty white canvas!!
baby blue X white canvas as usualbaby blue X white canvas as usual

this was two weeks back
my hair was quite messed up
and wearing the cap throughout

and she knew I was wearing one, of course
but later on
I was queuing few positions away behind her
in line for printing
after she was done, and heading out of the line
I waved at her
and she got a fright
thinking I am a random guy
never thought my disguise is that successful!

the Queen and ithe Queen and ithe Queen and i

without her
I would have died horribly for
all the group assignments
there goes another semester, another year
long live the Queen

goodness knows
why did we plot such a storyline for our
Friday camwhoring for that particular day
the Queen and ithe Queen and ithe Queen and ithe Queen and ithe Queen and i
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