Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Half Day X No Stay: Eating Along The Way

half-day Melaka eating trip

wasn’t really a good day

traffic jam all over

queue all over



turned out to be fine

covering the major hotspots and food

positive feedback from the “participants”


the easier way is to

dine at the off-peak hours and

have as much walking as possible

  • avoid driving and got stuck on the road
  • the difficulties of finding parking lot
  • sight seeing along the way
  • faster digestion for the next meal



late lunch: pork satay @ Kampung Hulu

walk: Holiday Inn – Pahlawan Mall

high tea: Nadeje mille crepe / sold off

walk: back to Holiday Inn

early dinner: Satay Celup @ Jalan Ong Kim Wee

walk: Kota Laksamana beach

2nd dinner: Pak Putra Naan / Raya break

walk: Melaka River front

pre-supper: ordering fried oyster at Bunga Raya

walk: Bunga Raya – Jonker Street

dessert: Cendol @ Jonker Walk

walk: Temple Street – Kampung Hulu

pre-supper: in time to collect fried oyster, no waiting


Melaka Pork SataySatay Man


eating at the not-so-famous Satay Celup store

the baby abalone mushroom tastes great

Satay celup


simple Cendol

love to have it here

partly thanks to the

“For Display Only” collection here

coke cans collection


a tummy to feed

get a local to lead

half day is all you need

it will be worthy indeed

Deep Blue X Day Route: Phi Phi Cruise

8.00 a.m. Rassada Harbor

Rassada Harbor


8.30 a.m. Taking off



9.30 a.m. towards the deep blue sea

to the sea


10.15 a.m. - Phi Phi Don

dropping off for those who are taking

day tour package

Tonsai Pierthe boat transfer


10.40 a.m. ___ Bay

one of the bays

I am not too sure whether this is

Loh Samah Bay or Pileh Cove

one the the Phi Phi bays


the filming site of The Beach is at Maya Bay

which is at the other side


towards 12 p.m. - Viking Cave

There were found some paintings

that are believed to be made by the ancient vikings.

Today in the cave

there is lots of bird nests that

the locals collect for the birds nest soup.

Viking Cave



here lies the difference

for the 2X price you are

paying for a speedboat package

can actually get closer to the cave

the same applies to Maya Bay

speedboats to Viking Cave


after 12 p.m. – Monkey Beach

snorkeling around Monkey Beach

Monkey Beach


this is where waterproof camera

comes in handy

for the snorkeling purpose

and also the beach

since we had to swim to the beach

Monkey Beach


but I don’t swim

floated there

with the help of my manager

post floating


12.30 p.m. - Ko Phi Phi Don

lunch + free and easy for two hours

my buffet lunch

feels so good to have food

after the long floating on the sea

seafood spaghetti


largest of the Phi Phi Islands

the only island in the group

with permanent inhabitants

the small town of Ko Phi Phi Don


it is indeed small

yet it is “double-sided”

one side of the island

where the pier is

is known as Ton Sai Bay



the other side of the island

lohdalum Bay,

recreational beach

lohdalum Bay, Phi Phi Don


2.30 p.m. departure from Ko Phi Phi Don

back to civilization



afternoon siesta and sunbathing

listening to the daddy sitting behind me

entertaining his son

so not tropical skin colourFANTAtic


4.30 p.m. back to the harbour



mini van transport back to Patong

reaching after 6.00 p.m.

due the heavy town traffic


along the way to and fro the harbour

is Patong Old Town

which is quite worth-seeing as well


got a rough idea

of how the town is like

before venture on the day trip on bus there

Walking Around X Heritage Found: Phuket Old Town



sign up for a Phi Phi package

hotel-pier transfer would be included


- Book online:

-local tour agent:

daily tour agent


pick-up from hotel is at 7 a.m. sharp

because the pier is quite far from the beach

and the cruise takes off at 8.30 a.m.


two type of packages are available:

Speedboat Versus Cruise
S-P-E-E-D speed easy-breezy
less passengers, better photos flexibility walk and look around on the deck
stop-by at minor islands destinations two stops for snorkeling and lunch only
2X the price price affordable

Bare Feet X Tropic Heat: Patong Picnic

the sea, the sky

and may be the both

the beachthe night-fallthe fade-away


the sand

the cooling-awaythe sand artist


the sunset

the macrothe final light


the picnic basket

the Hello Kittythe healthy


the people

the brothersthe vendormore vendorsthe loversthe familythe lonerthe camwhorerthe manager & client


the doggies

the pamperedthe hungrythe buddiesthe chilling


M for the memory

the memory

Walking Around X Heritage Found: Phuket Old Town

Sino-Portuguese architecture

which pretty much reminded me of home


similar to the Straits Chinese cultural  

a blend of localized Chinese practice

with affluent colonial influence

Sino portuguese buildingTai Yuan = surname of Wangsurname Chenwell preservedmansionP1090443Phuket Chinese ClubChina Innantique furniture Hainanese association


Local Eateries:

a get-away from “globalized” restaurants and

fast-food outlets at Patong

small cafelocal foodroadside snackvegetarian foodcourt near temple


Getting In:

take a mini bus or songthaew

to and fro major beaches:

the service runs till 6p.m.

the bus stop is near the roundabout

a songthaew at Phuket Town


Airport Transfer Bus:

the most affordable way to travel

since there’s only one route


it doesn’t directly bring you

to the major beaches


the final stop at Phuket Bus Terminal

you have to transfer to a local bus


If you are of the hiking/backpacking type,

the local bus station,

which will take you to Patong etc.

is about twenty minutes away.


When exiting the bus terminal,

make a right onto Phang-Nga Rd.

Continue down Phang-Nga until

it terminates at Yaowarat Rd.,

then turn left.


Within a few steps

you will see a roundabout.

(the same roundabout mentioned above)


Once at the roundabout, keep right.

Phuket Old Town rounadabout


By keeping right, you will find Ranong Rd.

Within 100 to 200 meters

you will find the local bus stop.


for more info

once again

giving it a miss to visit

a Thai weekend market


Phuket Jatujak (Chatuchak) Weekend Market:

Opening Hours:

Every Saturday and Sunday from

mid afternoon until 21:00


Near Wat Naka on Chao Fa West Road


if you are taking the city bus

look out for the the Central Festival Mall.


get off at this junction, then head south -

look for the Dara Hotel,

you can see it from the junction,

a colourful building -


walk past that and about another 800m,

the turning to the left leads to the market -

follow the crowds!


so far yet so near

I was at the junction

on the bus back from Phuket town

the colourful Dara hotel

at the background


yet thinking that

bus service back to Patong runs till 6p.m. only

we decided to give up

and went for a final picnic on the beach instead


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