Saturday, February 26, 2011

Forgotten Names X Let’s Games: Famicom Flame

The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)

is an 8-bit video game console

that was released by Nintendo in

North America, Europe and Australia in 1984.

Classic NES system

In most of Asia, it was released as

the Family Computer,

commonly abbreviated as the Famicom

Nintendo Family Computer


that is like the 2rd game console

that appeared at home

bought by my bachelor young uncle, of course

the very first one was

I never really remember

or too young to know the name

the Pacman machine with the steerings, Atari



the most vivid Famicom games

as far as I remember

been playing it throughout my pre-school era

Super Mario BrosIce ClimberBattle City (Tank 1990)BombermanCircus Charlie


the sports/ racing

City ConnectionTrack & Field (Hyper Olympic)Excite Bike


those I didn’t quite understand

demanding higher intellectuality

and better command of English

Dr. MarioThe Legend of Zelda


the cute categories

colourful, sweet melody, easy to play

Antarctic AdventureDig DugBalloon FightPooyan


the ladder-puzzle games

going ups and downs

Donkey KongMappyMario BrosPopeyeSuper ArabianWrecking Crew


the I don’t quite fancy

anyway have played

boyish fighting games

Formation ZGalaxianKinnikuman Muscle Tag MatchSpartan XStar SoldierXeviousContra


not forgetting

bang bang bang

the shooting games

NES zapperHogan's AlleyDuck HuntWild Gunman


those I am not too sure

whether I have played

because all the adventure games

used to look all the same to me

Hudson's Adventure IslandGhost N' GoblinsUrban Champion


I remembered seeing this on a PC

the first Window OS computer,

the very first colourized game

at my uncle’s house

then everyone was rushing for their turns to play



something I just discovered yesterday

and am having a whale of time playing

Snoopy's Silly Sports Spectacular


it’s quite fun

finding all these games back

because as I said

I didn’t really know the name

just rough memory of how the game looked like


hence there’s one missing game

shooting game,

playing as a policeman

going after the thief who can

take the escalator freely

what’s the name of that game??

or player is supposed to act as the thief

running from the police force???

Friday, February 25, 2011

Solemn Tone X Witty Talk: Ah Jan, The Way He Is

if you gonna make me explain for

everything I am crazy about..

from persons to toys

arrgh… it gonna be a long list definitely


admiration for Jan Lamb

will be on top of the list,

labeled “unaccountable”


he is just cute, witty, stylish

multi-talented smart boy (man)

in white sneakers, and cap


like the way

he is analyzing issues in his solemn tone

and in the middle of no where

his sense of humour slipped in

still keeping the serious tone


“what are you laughing at?”

“what did he just say?”


sorry, it’s not repeatable

just a small joke I caught

it would not be funny anymore

to be repeated through my mouth


in fact I am still listening to him

every morning 8.30 to 10am

despite the fact that some local issues

seemed so far-fetched to me


it feels just comfortable

he will still always puts a smile on my face

a kidult,

who matures at mind and eyes

but always a kid at heart

MOOV Live 2001 / 林海峰

A Closer Look at 安多分與我 / 林海峰


A Closer Look at Woooh / 林海峰

A Closer Look at 太空沖天反斗兵 / 林海峰

A Closer Look at 左擁右抱 / 林海峰


安多芬與我 / 林海峰


安多芬與我 / 林海峰





痛痛痛我有水泡發痛 鞋帶綁到痛 享受每吓酸痛
我最愛喝兩支水當餸 忘記身體重 勤力擴胸
緩步徑內我急衝 做隻飛馬跑跳碰 碰到兩塊碎石為我起哄
榕樹兩旁做觀眾 沒有比賽去兜風 聽一首歌向前衝

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na
流完汗就喝水 流成頭汗是壯舉
安多芬打氣話 留下腳毛迎風去

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na
寧願休克都去 就快死去 停完又再追 我抽筋都有趣

重重重對腳收工最重 神經都放縱 飛落馬路由街燈歡送
我嘅節奏靠呼吸放送 立體聲出眾 音波氣功
路見馬田鬥追風 大腳踩氹水最勇 我踢爆我隻鞋視作英勇
濃烈臭汗再吹風 令我吹上了高峯 拉傷小腿嗌成功

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na
流完汗就喝水 流成頭汗是壯舉
安多芬打氣話 留下腳毛迎風去

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na
寧願休克都去 就快死去 停完又再追 我抽筋都有趣

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na
流完汗就喝水 流成頭汗是壯舉
開支奔肌慶賀 然後快樂回家去

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na
淋花灑鬆鬆佢 在被窩裡 仍然在壓腿 再起身跑過去

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Act Cool X Stay Good:7 Random Trip Must-Do

#1 stalking hot dudes

and figuring out from where he comes from

he looks Adam


#2 feet-shot

especially sun-burnt one

in a park


#3 browsing through the channels A-Z

and watch something you will never watch at home

Cartoon Network @ New Delhi


#4 pets surveillance

just to make sure everyone is doing fine

Bangkok residence area


#5 M&M’s surveying at airport

oh man, these are damn expensive

M&M's Historical Figures


#6 plane shot

the sun, the cloud, the mist

self-created fish-eye view


#7 find the familiar brands

yet with localized elements

7-11 bread vs Meiji milk

Faded Warmth X Vanished Security: The Lost Cardie

the one incident that ruined my weekend

I lost my lovely brown cardigan

from United Colour of Benetton


first time in my life

something so affectionately close

it’s less about the monetary value

the sentimental warmth attached with it


a cardigan is like the security blanket of Linus

always wrapping around you

cuddly giving the warmth you want

the coils of sleeves, flexibly adjusted


you don’t rotate it as often

as you are rotating your clothes daily

so it actually smells like you too


the very last sight of it

was on the plane,

half-acting as pillow

it is either I left it there

or at the airport,

while I was changing into flip flops

or fell off somewhere along the long journey

too many possibilities


it remained lost

no matter how hard I tried to trace back


let’s put it this way

thank goodness it wasn’t my grey hoodies

thank goodness it wasn’t my camera

thank goodness…


hope it is doing fine out there

in memory

dear cardie, goodbye foreverone thing about dark colour cardie.. it goes with everything

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Malls Hoppin’ X Strez’ Shoppin’: Siam Weekending

day one, Friday

headed down town, Sukhumvit

where all the major shopping malls

like Central World, Siam Paragon are located

you name it, all the familiar brands are available

Amarin, Bangkok


these luxurious shopping malls

are catered mostly to the middle-upper class locals

young ladies queuing up in  Zara

and there ain’t any sales at all

Zara, Siam Paragon


1st stop: Naraya

the local bag specialist

well-known for the their

design variety, good quality and affordability

one of the must-buy from Bangkok

Naraya, Central Worldthe basic models of Narayadeity of land


there were so many shoppers in there

basketful of loots

conversing in the familiar languages and slangs

mostly Singaporean, Taiwanese and Hongki

all Easterners


for them

these bags are crazily cheap

there’s one Naraya store at Vivo City, Singapore

never check out the prices before

but I believe that it would at least cost 50% cheaper

to grab these bags at Bangkok

and these bags make good souvenirs too

affordable and practical

i just realized, that girl looked like my besties


but for us

it’s merely okay

not as great as to the point

to grab like four of the same designs

just look at the young lady in the photo

can I grab one of the shopping basket instead

the nautical shopping basket


the children collection

and the gingham collection on display

Naraya bagpack & hat


after going round and round

waiting for my mates

finally I grabbed two as well

well.. as souvenirs

that’s the trap

if you don’t buy

just leave the shop and wait outside

or out of no reasons

you will ultimately end up buying too


walkway shopping

there are vendors everywhere

but it’s up to you to judge the quality of the goods

and whether you have made a good bargain


just like this one,

3 for 100 baht tank tops

tank top vendor



hosting hundreds or even up to a thousands of small shops

around the middle price range



it is a maze of small shops

and it’s not difficult to bump into

two shops or even more

which sell exactly the same clothes

semi-traditional clothings


not too sure if you will shop till drop at Bangkok

for me, I didn’t

but for sure

walking in these shopping district

shuttling among the crowd, under the hot sun

is a very good experience indeed

to tone your leg muscle with a tinge of burnt


last stop

Khao San Road

not exactly a shopping district

but more of a night market

Western backpackers’ favourite hang-outs



Havaianas imitation

various designs tee shirts

for 150 baht, or lower perhaps

all up to your negotiation power

Khao San Road night market


this is the one thing I hate, negotiation

not a very fair trade, isn’t it

happily walking down the street

you will find another vendor, offering the exact shirt

for lower price, with more fanciful design

or the other way round

you give up something really nice

thinking you would have found it round the corner

but once missed, it’s gone

awwww… how irritating is that


during the last day

my mates travelled down to Chatuchak market

I gave up, hanging around at airport instead

it’s not worth it to hunt for petty bargain

ending up all sweaty and dusty

and rushing to go abroad the flight

had a good sleep and breakfast..

heaving a sigh of relief

this is how Sunday morning should always be

at Suvarnabhumi Airport


final sum-up

all the loots over the weekend


#1 Naraya hand pouch

I am not too sure why am I buying Naraya

just in case as souvenir

if no “in case” then it would be mine

reluctantly, unwillingly be mine

Naraya hand pouch


#2 Naraya 3-in-1 detachable multi-purpose cases

Naraya casescan be detached into 3 individual cases


#3 tank tops, 100 baht per set

tank tops


#4 Polka dot short pants with bow, 99 baht

polka dot pants


#5 high-waist denim short pants, 120 baht

love love baby blue denim

high waist denim short pants


#6 nautical bikini set, 190 baht

not too sure why am I buying this,

nautical print is just too irresistible

hoping to get cheaper one at Phuket then

nautical bikini set


#7 headbands, 100 baht per set

the price is like 1/6 of what Zara is selling

I need the black one desperately for my balding forehead



#8 tank tops, 100 baht each

okay just confess it

I am so vain to buy Lacoste imitations

so I got 6 tank tops in total,

and the one without the fake logo costs 1/3 of these

and the original one in Lacoste store would cost at least USD 30

I hate comparisons…



plain, ordinary stuffs I got there, huh?

the purpose of the trip

is not for shopping

therefore it comes to no surprises

just as a stepping stone for

further back-packing trips to come


and Malaysia and Thailand are just neighbours

running at the similar development stage and pace

therefore things can be relatively cheaper

but definitely can’t make you shop till drop


frankly speaking

this is not really my type of shopping

I hate uncertain, all fake-up negotiations

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