Friday, July 25, 2014

Hey Fat X Who Always Make My Day: Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Snoopy Woodstock

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Solo X is Better Than Wrong Duo: Let’s Go!

you ready?

Woodstock Ready to Go 02


muacks to those who

send their safe-trip regards


muacks to those who

promise to bring me food

after the break


clarification to those who

are saying that I am doing this

simply as a protest of rebel to

the family I recently

broke free from


excuse me

I have been wanting to do this

since a long long time ago


and anyway

it’s just Hong Kong

a warm-up for the

upcoming more adventurous travels


instead of telling myself

I gonna find a life-partner with whom

I gonna travel the world with

I would rather start the traveling and

he may hop on soon

while he explores on his own too


then we shall have loads to share

when it comes to the right time

for us to meet and

we suddenly find ourselves

having similar or

maybe totally different experience

at one particular city


or we may find our top-picked

is actually the same city and

there we go

we shall travel there once more



or maybe his favourite city is

somewhere I have not heard of

you would bring me there, wouldn’t you?


or maybe he has such bad impression on

my favourite cities, eg: Beijing

let’s get rid of this, may I?


Shall we?

If you are looking for the love of your life, stop; they will be waiting for you when you start doing things you love

無意回答 X 入耳即化:嘩!



XXX (品牌)?


















臨走前 又在他的座位














Thinking of you

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Life’s Better X in Summer: Wayward Hong Kong


an eager girl

with a small compact camera


since then,

every year,

this time of the year

she makes sure that she travels

Wayward Hong KongWayward Hong KongWayward Hong KongWayward Hong KongWayward Hong KongWayward Hong KongWayward Hong KongWayward Hong KongWayward Hong KongWayward Hong KongWayward Hong KongWayward Hong KongWayward Hong Kong

Monday, July 21, 2014

Non-Coffee-Drinker X Can’t Get Any Vainer: The Mugger

was informed that

I have parcel which I

have to collect

yet I almost forgot

what’s there for me


then I remember

I actually ordered a Starbucks mug

although I don’t know why

(so sleepy….)


okay there you are

drooling over the black matte


Starbucks mug.. black themeStarbucks mug.. black theme


I supposed this is authentic

still, 26 MYR is just too tempting

Starbucks mug.. black theme


and just yesterday

I just bought this in store too



fortunately their roles do not clash

Black Matte is for official usage at work

the time I need a boost of energy

Superhero Snoopy is meant for smoothies

at home, the more fun side


it has even been dispatched for

a delivery of blueberry smoothies for Fat

Fat, please treat my Superhero good k

Superhero Snoopy typo Mug


basically the two mugs are

kinda interlinked

I first saw the Superhero on

typo official site and I sent it to Fat

telling him that I want this badly


then I was browsing some other mugs too

the Mr. Men and Little Miss series on eBay

he told me he wanted a Starbucks one


so I was telling him

I will get him one,

at the next city I travel to


hence I bought this black matte

with the idea at the back

of my head saying,

this one I shall give it to Fat


this black MATTE finishing is

indeed really nice


I referred back to the site and

this has been sold out

I have bought him quite

a bit of things recently and

I am sure he wouldn’t mind right


hey he got the privilege to

drink from my Superhero mug

which me myself hasn’t even use

Tag Besties X with These: 36 Little Miss(es)

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