Friday, March 31, 2017

Accessing Gmail in China, Not Again

As a person who has always been

bumped into issues with

internet access

no matter where I go


accessing my Gmail

in mainland China

is something i need to

have 100% assurance of


some I decide to

ditch Outlook for QQ

have tried QQ once


but can’t really remember

why did i give up



I am having difficulties

accessing my Outlook (web version)

both on mobile and PC

Screen Shot 03-31-17 at 10.15 PM


so i decided to forward

my mail to QQ Mail instead


i can’t seem to

log in to my old QQ account right now

so i created a new one

and hey now it came with

proper name instead of 

[9 digits]


have done all i can

to make sure that

if either one of them fail

I still have another alternative


by making sure that

I am able to access my Gmail

via mobile on the go and

via PC so that I can work

Mobile App
(Accessing Gmail)
QQ Mail
Mobile Mobile site
(Mail forwarding)
Pop folder
QQ Mail

PC Mail forwarding
Pop folder
Pop folder
QQ Mail
QQ Mail (not working)


have spent the last 30 minutes

sending emails across

my Gmail, QQ and Hotmail

with the same username (luckily)


to make sure that

I am able to

receive as well as

preferably send mail under

my Gmail identity



of course everything is okay right now

will never know how’s the actual result is

until i touch down in China

another 12 hours later


till then

i am finally

taking some time off

after rushing through deadlines

one after another over the week


worst comes to worst

I can always turn on my

mobile data to roam

to climb over the

Great Fire Wall

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Not Just a Feeling X a Good Good Month: Marvelous March

March, 30 – 11:06 PM


Less than 48 hours before our flight

just got my hotel booked

don’t ask me about the rest

such as packing up and

what else is there to do?


I still have 3 pending deadlines

no, 4 in facts by end of tomorrow

and i am supposed to wake up

by 5 AM tomorrow

as the first deadline is due at 10


and they actually consist of

various forms from

overlay, link checking, coding

and of course, translation


and a couples of invoices

to be sent out by end of tomorrow

as well as leave notice


hehehe since

my first flight booking with Ctrip


wait i started off this post

wanting to blog about my

hotel booking with Ctrip


but somehow

it is turning into a

monthly job review post



but i am not suppose to

write this until i get these

work submitted by tomorrow


till then

good night

as tomorrow is going to

be another long long day to go


and guess what

i may be hitting the

highest sales jackpot again


the recorded was last written

on April 2016

that kinda got me worried

as I will be away for the

first 1/3 of April


let’s do this together

just the three of us

me, myself and I



in case i didn’t have time

to come back for another post

that’s it

this will be the monthly review

Thursday, March 23, 2017

How Sure Are You X Confused Mode: Booked for Good

To Book or Not to X More Travel Blue: Good Timing Rules

i have almost 100 screenshots

taken since Tuesday evening

that i seriously don’t know

which is which


to keep the story

short and simple

on Tuesday evening

since we confirmed that

we have two expired passports

we should just proceed to

book the other five tickets


that’s the price for five

Ctrip / JAL/MAS / KL-Tokyo

Ctrip flight booking


then I realize that i actually

don’t have enough balance

to pay for the full amount

after a transaction fee of USD 46 USD

is being added during the final step

CTrip / KL-Tokyo

Ctrip flight booking


so i went back to Traveloka

and accidentally found that

they have similar fare

minus the transaction fees

Traveloka / JAL/MAS / KL-Tokyo

Traveloka flight booking


some dilly dally took place

and i wasn’t able to

find the same fare again



Traveloka / JAL/MAS / KL-Tokyo

Ctrip flight booking


it was suddenly jumping to

Traveloka / JAL/MAS / KL-Tokyo

Ctrip flight booking


then i decided to

go back to CTrip and

proceed with 4 tickets instead of 5

Ctrip / JAL/MAS / KL-Tokyo

Ctrip flight booking

and they were telling me like what

Ctrip flight booking


after rounds and rounds of

failure to secure tickets

at the same price

kinda clueless what’s next


then decided to given up

and give it another try

next morning, on Wednesday


where i finally managed to book

four adult tickets

at the best combo available

Traveloka / JAL/MAS / KL-Tokyo

Traveloka flight booking

for this price which is at

an average of MYR 1366 per pax

Traveloka flight booking


well done Traveloka

haha MYR 25 coupon

is almost like nothing, isn’t it

Traveloka flight booking


and would have to

book the remaining

1 adult and 2 children’s

at a much higher price

Traveloka / JAL/MAS / KL-Tokyo

Traveloka flight booking


passport renewal

was not as smooth as expected

my client was chased out

because her romper was above knee


and there was a slight delay

during payment as it was their

day 1 implementing card payment

what a waste because

i actually found this on CTrip

while we were waiting to be called

Ctrip / JAL/MAS / KL-Tokyo

Ctrip flight booking


and within the next 24 hours

the price remained at 4.9k for three

and decided to just proceed

Traveloka / JAL/MAS / KL-Tokyo

Traveloka flight booking


that would make 10.4k for

7 tickets to Tokyo

an average price of 1.5k per pax

which is considered reasonable

giving the season, timing, airline


there makes a 1.7k difference from

what we KIV-ed at 8.7k

in the first place last Saturday

Traveloka / JAL/MAS / KL-Tokyo

Traveloka flight booking


but it’s alright

at least everything is secured

and we are on our way to

Tokyo this Summer!!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

To Book or Not to X More Travel Blue: Good Timing Rules

this is a real story

about trip planning which

land me in quite a headache

like never before given

the amount of people

flight booking on Traveloka


that’s the price

we actually managed to KIV

last Saturday which is not too bad

Traveloka – MAS – KL-TOKYO

flight booking on Traveloka


for flying during peak season

on a full service carrier

with good timings too

although the amount looks

slightly daunting for a start

Traveloka – MAS – KL-TOKYO

flight booking on Traveloka


peak season is the period where

you don’t expect good deals

and it can even be more expensive

to travel on a low cost carrier

one left? at that price?

on top of meal and luggage fees?

AirAsia (Official) – KL-TOKYO

flight booking on AirAsiaflight booking on AirAsia


then I went on to get busy

as last Saturday was

one of the busiest weekend ever

juggling 3 deadlines, due by EOD

all with zero progress

and managed to get some bookings done

My First China Domestic Flight

But First, Off to Silverland Jolie



i didn’t check it

throughout the whole Sunday

was outside almost the whole day

since it was first my work-free Sunday

for more than 2 weeks


and when I clicked open

9 something on Sunday night

shoooot i forgot

that’s the MATTA Travel Fair week

Traveloka – MAS/JAL - KL-TOKYO

flight booking on Traveloka


was texting my sister

trying to tell her

but she thought i was

trying to tell her something

unimportant and pretended that

she wasn’t around!!


and yesterday

the price didn’t fall, obviously

and i was busy the whole day again


and that’s the current

cheapest flight available

Traveloka – SQ(Indirect) - KL-TOKYO

flight booking on Traveloka


12 hours transit?

no way!!

Traveloka – SQ(Indirect) - KL-TOKYO

flight booking on Traveloka


the same tickets we KIV-ed

last Saturday would have cost

Traveloka – MAS - KL-TOKYO

flight booking on Traveloka


that’s almost a 5k difference in MYR

Traveloka – MAS - KL-TOKYO

flight booking on Traveloka


the other alternative

would be splitting the booking

into two bookings

and secure whichever tickets

at a lower price before the rest


changing dates is not feasible

as we are travelling with kids

and not every working adult

in the group is a freelancer like me


that’s the cheapest solution for

flying one day earlier

Traveloka – Cathay - KL-TOKYO

flight booking on Traveloka


yet the timings are not ideal

and flights operated by Dragon Air

is pretty small, similar to low cost

Traveloka – Cathay - KL-TOKYO

flight booking on Traveloka


almost giving up already

then i remember CTrip

no harm trying

who knows

or i can just see

how ridiculous the price

can actually get



this is actually not bad


flight booking on CTripflight booking on CTrip


and even better

if we are okay with

shifting the dates one day earlier


flight booking on CTripflight booking on CTrip


just out of curiosity

how much would the same flight

cost on the official website?

i did this exercise once

and let’s do it again


MAS (official) - KL-TOKYO

flight booking on MAS



but then

1 adult and 1 child are holding

expired passports right now

and I am given the instruction to


proceed with the other 5

instead of waiting for them

to get their passports renewed


moral of the story

- flight booking is a now or never thing

- would be great to survey on different platforms

- make sure your passports are active!!!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Excuses, Excuses! X Ray of Sunshine: To or Not to Buy?

was looking at purses on Radley

because I have this

mini sling bag from Peanuts

which is so so mini that

my current long zip around wallet

can’t actually fit in there



so i visited the Radley website

have always taken interest

in their wallet but

was hesitating to get one


as i don’t always have money anyway

it’s not justifiable of why should I

buy a leather wallet for myself


and when i am out for travel

i prefer using cheap wallet

which doesn’t look good

and even if … wood touching

i lost it in the process

it wouldn’t make me

feel so bad


as I had the experience of

losing a 10 year old pouch in

a not really busy transport hub

within minutes


so i found this one

it’s called “Excuses, Excuses!”

hahahahaha an excuse is the best way

to justify for your shopping ,isn’t it

Radley Excuses, Excuse!Radley Excuses, Excuse! 2


and another one, called Whitfield

with a plainer design

Radley Whitfield Medium Zip Purse


then i came across this series called

“Little of Sunshine” which looked really cute


but too bad

the purse in this series doesn’t

come in the zip around design

Radley Little Ray of SunShine Travel Card HolderRadley Little Ray of SunShine Passport CoverRadley Little Ray of SunShine Medium Zip Purse 1


i prefer because I like

everything to be in one place

and i think it’s quite difficult

to look for $ as

the compartment is quite deep

and there are too many card slots

i literally only have and use one card?

which is the most basic card ever

Radley Little Ray of SunnShine Medium Zip Purse


but hey

since the $ compartment is deep

nobody would ever notice

how poor you are

that’s a plus point, isn’t it


as i was looking for a photo

of the mini sling bag

i found this

hey wait….



the dimension is H9 X W18

the average dimension of

a medium purse from Radley

is H9 X W14

so that solved my concern

if a Radley purse is

still too big to fit in


and they are actually

offering extra 10% off sales items



would have proceed to

check out immediately if


i am given this design

Radley Little Ray of SunShine Midnight blue

in this format

Radley Excuses, Excuse! 3


but hey

actually this design is

not that bad too right

“The Radley Made Me Do It”

“Excuses! Excuses!”

Radley Excuses, Excuse! 4


“The sling bag made me do it”

“Excuses! Excuses!”


“The sale made me do it”

“Excuses! Excuses!”


“The additional 10% off made me do it”

“Excuses! Excuses!”


“The free shipping made me do it”

“Excuses! Excuses!”



just realize that

we are 2/3 through March

and I have spent quite a bit

a pair of Gel Lyte and

almost 1,000 MYR at Aeon

mostly on Wacoals for

myself and my mom


and yesterday alone

had booked

a flight for two to Wudangshan

as well as hotel at HCM City


and the concert tickets of

Li Yong Ho is opened for sale

starting next Tuesday

and i need a ticket to

fly in to Singapore

should i successfully

grab the concert ticket


and my sis is talking about

a family trip to  XXXXX

in the summer


and it’s funny how

i never hesitate to buy

Fossil, Lacoste wallets for

people around me


while I hesitate so much to buy

myself a proper wallet

that’s the Charlie Brown’s mentality

Charlie Brown Happy Mentality

From H.C.M. City X to Changi: But First, Off to Silverland Jolie

booked some flight tickets

in the afternoon after i got

the first task of the day done


then I blogged about it

in the evening after i got

the second task of the day done


and randomly booked a hotel

after midnight after

i finally got the third and

toughest task of the day

done done done


were supposed to

discuss about our hotel to HCM

half way doing my work

and can’t really participate


until the Purple Unicorn

finalized it and

there came me to the rescue

for booking and payment


this is the first time

clicked in the link via Whatsapp


landed in the web version

and was awarded

with a 10% app coupon

Agoda 10% app coupon


best of all don’t have to type in

just  select it from the promo tab

and without much restrictions such as

maximum discount, limited booking period

Agoda 10% app coupon



IMG_3645 - Copy


if you have decided not to proceed

and restarted with another booking

no problem

the coupon is still available

Agoda 10% app coupon


while checking out the hotel

there came another problem

i kept thinking that our trip

will be in early May

i even told the Purple Unicorn that

thank goodness the date doesn’t clash

Li Rong Hao An Ideal Life World Tour Concert Singapore



in fact it does!!!!

we will be touching down late!!!!

so there’s no way I can make it!!!!



that isn’t too bad right?

and thank goodness Singapore Expo

is one station away from Changi

H.C.M to Sg via Traveloka


even before I know about the clash

when i first saw the concert

and started making plan

i was thinking to

stay overnight at Changi

after the concert



now it makes even more sense


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