Thursday, July 17, 2008

Gone with the Wind

Just finish reading this book

Quite interesting…

background is the American Civil War.


But the only thing is it's slightly long,

It took me 2 weeks plus to finish the novel.

But imagine the writer using 10 years to complete it.

So should pay her tribute for her great effort.


I think is very appropriate for the writer to

Make Scarlett the protagonist in the story.

Her characters portrayed are so real

and at certain points,


I thought I share some similarities with her.

Head-strong, arrogant, unforgiving, jealous…

The other characters in the novel

are quite real and impressive as well.


The love story part is so so long…

Supposed Scarlet gets the chance to marry Ashley

but she married Charles

out of fury for people who have been gossiping about her


two months later

she found herself a pregrant widow

gave birth to a son


then she escaped from the war scenes

with the help of Rhett

a rough man, known to be a rogue


after the war, she was trying to rebuild her home

out of desperation for money to pay tax

she marries her sister's fiancé, Frank

takes control of his business

her business tactics makes her an unpopular figure

then Frank is tragically killed by KKK members


Remorseful after Frank's death,

Scarlett marries Rhett,

who is aware of her passion for Ashley

but hopes that one day she will come to love him instead.


Scarlett eventually comes to realize that

she does love Rhett,

but only once the couple has been through so much that

Rhett has fallen out of love with her.


so she never really meet a true soul mate

she married thrice

all three are not the man that she loves

ultimately when she came to realize her mistake

it was already too late



is it true that

in our life time

we will only meet that particular one once

and if you miss that only chance

you will miss it forever



if we have missed the previous one

we should forget about him/her

and learn to receive another new person


love is…

a funny little game

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Internal affairs 無間道

Today I finally finish watching

3 episodes of internal affairs.

It took me 1 years plus to finish the movies.

I am not a regular movie fan,

not going after those latest movies in the cinema.

The desire to watch a movie always comes all of a sudden.

The main attraction for the movie is

My favourite actors, Tony Leung and Shawn Yue.

And it is so so awesome that

they were acting as 1 character in the movie.


After finishing episode three,

I had to go through the first

and second episodes again

to understand the storyline better.


The story is still intriguing.

Now, I wanna summarize the story in my own way

I think the best way to tell the story is to explain

how a person in the story died.


Brief intro

Murdered / killed by

Location of death


Yan (Tony Leung)

An undercover police, working under Wong Sir

Lam ka tong, a police

In the lift, while meeting Meng

To gain the trust of Lao Sir

Lao Kin Meng (Andy Lau)

A police, but working for Hon Sam

Chen Dao Ming, a China Guy

p/s he didn't die

In the police station, confrontation with Yong sir

His real identity was discovered, he shot Yong Sir

Yong Sir (Leon Lai)

A police

Andy Lau

In the police station, confrontation with Lao Sir

Lau Sir made a big mdy istake, his real identity was disclosed

Hon Sam (Eric Tsang)

A Taiko

Andy Lau

In the car park, confrontation with Lao Sir

Andy lao shot him

Mary (Carina Lau)

Hon Tsang's wife

Andy Lau

Airport, while flying to meet her husband

She rejected his love

Ngai Weng Hao (Francis Ng)

A Taiko, inherited from his father

Wong Sir

At a hawker stall, confrontation with the police

He took Hon Sam as hostage

Wong Sir (Anthony Wong)

A police

Hon Sam's gang

On top of a car, after meeting Yan, flung to the street from building

He planted an undercover

Lok Sir (Hu Jun)

A police

Wong Sir's best friend

Explosion of Wong Sir's car,

The bomb was intended for Wong Sir

So Kiong (Chapman To)

A gangster

Yan's best friend

Died in car accident

Injured in gunfire


The chronology of the deaths

Hao's father

The other Gangster Heads


Lok Sir


Wong Sir

So Kiong

Hon Sam


Lam Ka Tong

Lao Sir & Yong Sir


Summary of the story adapted from wikipedia

Internal affairs I

Infernal Affairs is about a cop named Chan Wing-Yan (Tony Leung Chiu-Wai), who goes deep undercover into the Triad, and Triad member Lau Kin-Ming (Andy Lau Tak-Wah), who infiltrates the police department. Each mole was planted by the rival organization to gain an advantage in intelligence over the other side. The more the moles become involved in their undercover lives, the more issues they have to cope with.

The Prologue opens with the introduction of Hon Sam (Eric Tsang Chi-Wai), a Triad boss and the primary antagonist of the film. Sam is sending a number of young, green gangsters to the police academy as moles-- amongst them is one called Lau Kin-Ming (whose younger version is portrayed by Edison Chen Koon-Hei). At the same time another person named Chan Wing-Yan (whose younger version is portrayed by Shawn Yue Man-Lok) is shown joining the police force. Although he manages to impress the Superintendent Wong Chi-Shing (Anthony Wong Chau-Sang) and the police academy principal Yip, Yan is expelled from the academy. In reality Yan becomes an undercover reporting directly to only Wong and Yip. Yan's undercover job becomes stressful while Ming, on the other hand, is slowly raising up the ladder in becoming a top cop.

The film begins after Yan and Ming converse at a hi-fi store where Yan works, neither of them knowing who the other is. Soon after, Yan attends a funeral. It is revealed that Yip has recently died and that Superintendent Wong remains as the only person who could identify Yan as a cop. Later a deal between Hon Sam and a Thai cocaine dealer is interrupted by Superintendent Wong and his team due to Yan's tip-off using Morse Code. However, Ming alerted Sam of the bust with enough time for Sam to order his minions Tsui Wai-Keung (Chapman To Man-Chat) and Del Piero (Dion Lam Dik-On) to dispose of the cocaine so the police would not have any real evidence on the drug deal. Now, both Wong and Sam realize that they each have a mole within their respective organizations, putting them in a race against time to root out the other mole.

Later, Sam converses with Ming at a cinema with Yan watching. As Sam and Ming leaves, Yan tries to follow Ming. At the crucial moment, Yan's phone rings and he is forced to back off, thus losing his chance to capture Ming to the police department.

At the same time, Yan and Ming are both struggling with their double identity. Yan is starting to lose faith in himself as a cop after being a gangster for ten years; while Ming, on the other hand, becomes more and more used to the life of a righteous police officer and wants to erase his criminal background.


Later Yan meets SP Wong a second time on the same rooftop unaware that Ming has his subordinate, CIB Inspector B (Gordon Lam Ka-Tung) and his team tracking him down. Sam, after getting intel from Ming, sends Keung, Del Piero and a gang of henchmen to confront them. Inspector B informs Ming and he sends an OCTB squad to attempt to save Wong. Yan eventually escapes the building by taking the crane but Wong is caught by Del Piero and is thrown off the roof. As Yan is about to escape, he witnesses Wong's fall to death, and is stunned. As the police close in, a shootout between the police and Triads breaks out, resulting in the death of 3 Triads, one of whom is Del Piero. In the aftermath of the gunfight, the OCTB squad arrives with Ming and Wong's second-in-command Inspector Cheung (Berg Ng Ting-Yip) on the scene, but they are too late to save Wong. Yan and Keung manage to escape from the gunfight. As Keung drives away with Yan, he crashes the car, and finding that he is wounded from the gun battle, Keung dies in Yan's arms.


Eventually, Ming retrieves Wong's old cellphone and makes contact with Yan. They reach a deal to foil another one of Sam's drug deal. Inspector Cheung does not want to cooperate with the operation at first because of Wong's death, but he is later convinced by Ming to go ahead with the operation. With Yan's help, Sam's drug deal is interrupted and Sam is killed by Ming. Much of other Sam's gangsters are arrested. Everything seems to work according to the plan: Yan could now return to his true identity as a police officer and Ming has successfully erased his criminal connections by eradicating Sam and his gangs. However, back at the police station, Yan discovers Ming was the mole, and leaves immediately. Ming realises what has happened, and erases Yan's identity from the police computer records. Yan spends an evening with his therapist Lee (Kelly Chen), who he was falling in love with, and sends a compact disc to Ming's wife Mary (Sammi Cheng Sau-Man) with a recording that Sam kept between himself and Ming. The two agree to meet on the rooftop of the building where Wong was murdered earlier. Yan manages to disarm Ming and holds a gun to his head. Inspector B arrives on the scene shortly afterwards and threatens Yan to release his boss.


The film ends with Yan entering a lift backwards with Ming hostage, when he is suddenly shot in the head and killed by Inspector B as he moved his head from behind Ming. Inspector B reveals that he was also a mole for the triads. He asks Ming for future protection and benefits since he is the only one who knows his true identity. As he and Ming enter the lift going down to the lobby, Ming shoots him dead thus ensuring his identity remains a secret.

The original ending climaxes with Ming identifying himself to the police as an officer, and paying homage to Yan at his funeral, where he is buried next to Superintendent Wong. A flashback reaffirms the point that Ming wished he had taken a different route in his life.

An alternate ending of Infernal Affairs was created for mainland China, Malaysia and Singapore. The alternate ending has Ming exit the lift to be informed by Inspector Cheung that the police force have found evidence that he was a mole. He hands them his badge and is arrested without protest. This ending was meant to please mainland officials by affirming that crime does not pay. Versions of the DVD of the film may have one or both endings.

Internal affairs II

The film opens eleven years prior to the original film in 1991, with Inspector Wong Chi-Shing discussing the death of his first partner in the line of duty with an initially unseen companion. This is revealed to be Hon Sam, the triad boss from Infernal Affairs. At this stage in the saga he is a follower in Ngai Kwun's triad family, and is Wong's informant. Ngai Kwun is then assassinated in Mongkok by the young Lau Kin-Ming, who works for Sam's wife, Mary Hon, because Ming is attracted to her, but is unwilling to express this due to his lowly position in the gang. Mary ordered the killing because she wants Sam to take Kwun's place as leader of the triad. But she did so without Sam's knowledge and urges Ming to lie low for a while before he attempts to join the police force and become Sam's mole.

Kwun's middle son Ngai Wing-Hau rises to take his father's place as triad boss, as he is the only Ngai sibling directly involved in the crime business. Chan Wing-Yan, a police cadet coming to the end of his training is confronted by Hau and his henchman Law Kai-Yin. Hau reveals to his half-brother that their father has died. Yan is discharged from the Hong Kong Police Force due to the use of his mother's surname to hide his family connection to the Ngai triad family (Yan's full background was not revealed in the first film).

With Kwun dead, the triad bosses known as The Big Four and Sam debate not paying their tithe to the supposed weakling Hau. But Hau proves himself to be an adept and understated heir to Kwun and blackmails all four with his knowledge of their mutual betrayals one by one. Sam has covertly remained loyal to Hau and acted as an agent provocateur in this affair, much to Mary's dismay. Ming joins the police force, whilst Yan is offered a way by Wong to remain a cop; by going undercover into prison.

The second act takes place in 1995, with Yan out of prison as a small time gang member and Ming as a rookie police officer. Yan's continual association with Sam leads his girlfriend to have an abortion.

The ruthless yet honourable Hau wishes the troubled Yan to be integrated back into the Ngai family and invites him to his daughter's birthday party, where he brings him closer into the gang business as well.

Wong's partner Superintendent Luk Kai-Cheung learns that Yan is the police mole and questions where Yan's true loyalties lie; with the police or his brother. Yan reassures him of his dedication only to the mission.

Hau tells the Big Four and Sam he is retiring to Hawaii with the whole Ngai clan and to divide the Ngai crime business between them. He rewards Sam for his years of loyalty by sending him to a drugs contact in Thailand with the promise of total control of the cocaine racket, a business opportunity that the Big Four have not foreseen, and which he believes Sam will become a master of.

Mary is revealed to have conspired with Wong in the assassination of Kwun. Luk has had his own informant in the Ngai gang for 7 years, who tips him off about a change in Hau's departure plans. Hau is arrested by Luk and Wong making a drug deal, but it transpires Hau feigned this; the two men he met turn out to be private detectives he hired to investigate Kwun's murder. He was taking delivery of the final evidence; videotaped surveillance of Wong and Mary discussing the assassination in a hotel room, which is leverage to prevent the cops interfering with his business.

Hau's real plan was to assassinate the Big Four and Sam, whom he believes is Mary's co-conspirator. Mary phones Sam in Thailand revealing at the last minute that she arranged the hit on Kwun. Sam escapes the ambush, taking one of the Thai gangsters hostage in the process, with the help of various ailles and Tsui Wai Keung who battles poorly with twin pistols. When Sam arrives at the airport, he tries to strike a deal with the Thai hostage while Keung attempts to warn Sam about trusting him. Sam offers his own gun to the gangster, believing in their friendship. The Thai regretfully apologises for his orders and shoots Sam.

Ming saves Mary from Hau's assassin and they go into hiding for two months, where he reveals his true feelings and offers to protect her. She rejects him as she is the boss's woman, and goes to Kai Tak Airport to fly to Thailand to find the missing Sam. But as she arrived, she is hit by a car at the airport in a hit and run apparently orchestrated by the bitter Ming.

Luk goes to Wong's apartment after he's acquitted in a tribunal hearing and forgives him for the murder conspiracy, but is then killed by a car bomb meant for Wong.


Law is shot dead by Hau in the aftermath of the assassinations, as he knew that he was Luk's informant and an undercover cop. Hau then shows Yan the hidden wire in Law's jacket.


The third act is set in 1997 against the backdrop of the handover of Hong Kong to China. Ming is one of the officers involved with the ceremony, Yan has taken Law's place by Hau's side.


Hau is attempting to make the family respectable and go into politics, but is arrested at a government party, as the police now have enough evidence to bring him down. They are aided by a star witness - Sam, who survived the shooting in Thailand and is brought back to Hong Kong by Wong, who reintroduces him to the newly promoted Ming.

Sam escapes police custody with Ming's help and confronts Hau and his gang, alone. Hau has kidnapped Sam's Thai wife and child to prevent him testifying. But Sam outmanoeuvres Hau by revealing that his Thai friends are holding the entire Ngai family hostage in Hawaii, and the Thai woman Hau holds hostage is actually just his maid.

The climax of the film is a standoff between Hau's gang and the police, with Hau about to shoot Sam. Wong shoots Hau dead instead, who dies in Yan's arms, but not before he tragically discovers in his dying moments the wire in Yan's jacket and that his half-brother was an undercover cop.

Sam's Thai friend asks whether the Ngai case should be "closed", and interprets Sam's statement that he doesn't want to go too far as a tacit order to execute the entire family, including the women and children. Wong revealed to Sam that he has enough evidence to put Hau away for life and Sam should not have confronted him alone.

The pieces are set in place for the original film; Sam replaces Hau as the triad boss as Mary had wished and is now Wong's new foe; Ming is a police inspector, still working for Sam. And Yan is forced to remain as an undercover agent in Sam's gang. As the handover ceremony takes place, Sam is able to finally shed tears over the loss of his beloved Mary.

Internal Affairs III

Like Infernal Affairs II, Infernal Affairs III uses parallel storytelling, flashing between the past and the present. In the past, five months before the death of undercover cop Chan Wing Yan (Tony Leung), Yan seeks to uncover the link between Triad boss Sam (Eric Tsang) and the mysterious mainland triad boss Shen (Chen Daoming). In the present, ten months after the events of Infernal Affairs, former Triad mole turned top cop Lau Kin Ming (Andy Lau) struggles to whitewash his past and keep his cover, while trying to determine whether corrupt Security Division agent Yeung Kam Wing (Leon Lai) is another former mole out to execute anyone who could give him away. A battle of wits develops between Ming and Yeung as each tries to learn the other's secret.

Meanwhile, Ming's sense of identity collapses as he begins to lose track of reality, wrestling with his deep guilt. His continuous use of sleeping pills and pending divorce with Mary added to his misery.


At the end of the second film, Sam Hon became the triad boss due to Ngai's death. Because of Ngai's attempt to kill him, Sam is suspicous of all of his followers' loyalties and he tests Yan by asking him to smash an ashtray on Shen's follower, resulting in Yan being arrested by Yeung. After being released Shen crashed a bottle of liquor on Yan's head and called truce between his gang and Sam's gang.

At the same time, Yan is prosecuted by the police for violent behavior. His superior Wong manages to persuade the court to allow Yan to go and see a psychologist instead of being sentenced to prison. Yan thus begins seeing Lee regularly for psychological therapy. The two subsequently begins a romantic relationship.

Later, Sam asks Chan to deliver illegal arms to Shen but he himself and other members of the gang did not turn up. Yan delivers the cargo but Shen's gang discovers it is just empty boxes and both gangs begins firing gunshots at each other. Shen and Yan shoot each other in the battle, but both aim at the limbs. Shen thus discovers that Yan is a cop just as Yeung arrives at the scene. Yeung then tells Yan that Shen is not Shen (but actually an undercover cop from the mainland). Yeung also tells Yan that it was due to Yan leaving the police cadets that he gained top honours, thus revealing that Yeung knew Yan is a cop. The three shake hands and wait for the mayhem to die down before returning to their bases.

Ming steals and hacks into Lee's computer and finds Yan's file. He learns about Yan and begins to think he is him. Lee brought Ming back to her office and hypnotises him. Under hypnotisation Ming reveals to a shocked Lee that he is Sam Hon's mole.


Ming continues to suspect Yeung is related to the mainland Chinese gang and Sam. He breaks into Yeung's office and steal tapes from his safe. He thinks he hears tapes of Yeung relating information to Sam and he leads his team to the Security Division to arrest Yeung, just as Shen arrives. As Ming plays the tape, voices of himself and Sam is played and his second-in-command Inspector Cheung tries to arrest him instead. Ming suffers a psychotic break, asks for a chance to be a good man, but Yeung declares that "I am a policeman." the same way Yan did. Ming yells "I am also a policeman!" and fires at Yeung's forehead, killing him instantly. Ming is then shot by Shen who snuck a gun behind his back in case a fight would break out and he falls on the floor. Ming then attempts suicide by shooting himself, but fails.


A series of flashbacks then plays, as it is revealed that Yeung and Shen, upon the death of their friend Yan, wanted to avenge for him by finding out who the mole was. Shen suspected Ming and Yeung broke into Ming's office and found the tapes of Ming's conversations with Sam, proving Shen right. Yeung subsequently put the tapes inside his safe.

Yeung is buried next to Yan in the police cemetry. Shen and Lee pay their visits. Shen said to Lee: "Events change men, but men do not change events. But these two men are extraordinary because they changed events."


Ming ends up crippled and catatonic, lost inside his own mind, haunted by the spirit of Mary Hon (Carina Lau) and locked in his own personal "Continuous Hell". His divorced wife Mary visits and tells him, "Our baby can say "pa pa" now." As the picture fades into the next scene, the camera pans down onto Ming's finger, which is tapping out in Morse Code, "H-E-L..." (and then the start of another 'L' as the picture dims).

But right before the movie ended, it showed one final flashback of when Yan and Ming met for the first time in the audio store in the first installment of Infernal Affairs.


Well.. I think I like this movie…

And there were a few very impressive scenes

Such as the scene when Ah Hao died

and discovered Yan's identity.

But the only thing is that Yan didn't deserve to die.

And his death was not significant and impressive enough,

shot by a small character.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Crazy bout Khalil Fong

Since khalil didn't win anything for the GMA,

feel that I have the need to sooth my saddened heart.

Browsed his official site for the first time in my life.

then his fan club

his blog

Hk fans club


while, he is not those dashing handsome-looking guy.

But he is definitely an attractive guy

and talented too.

A cute soul boy.

大同 is a rice cooker brand in TW

19th 金曲獎 GMA

Last Saturday I was watching the 19th GMA

But I didn't watch the complete show.

When I tuned in, it was Ah Mei's hot performance.

Then went out for dinner,

The dinner took longer than usual.

Went out at 8.20, came back at 11.

The focus for the show was the best male singer award.

My favourite, Khalil is one of the nominees.

Besides 'Love Song ' was nominated for song of the year.


I missed out both part when the winners were announced.


Nominees for song of the year


達爾文I《Goodbye & Hello》/亞神音樂娛樂股份有限公司


Love Song《Wonderland未來》/華納國際音樂股份有限公司



And the award goes to



Nominess for best male singer





曹格/Super Sunshine/滾石國際音樂股份有限公司



And the award goes to曹格

Arrgh… sob

My first choice for the award is Khalil,

then Eason…

Gary is the last person I would like to see to win the award.


Khalil didn't win anything, kinda disappointed.

But thank god I missed the part which

Gary was receiving his award.


He is such a hateful-looking guy.

Unlike khalil, so humble , shy and practical.

If khalil has won the award,

it definitely will be a great penetration for him

Into the Taiwan market.


But nevermind, keep up the good work.


Looks like Jay is the big winner of the year..

《青花瓷》 won all the major awards away.


Tanya is doing not bad as well,

winning the best producer award.

She looked kinda shocked

when her name was announced as the winner.


the complete winners list

where quite a huge chunk

is so unfamiliar for us



  • 最佳年度歌曲獎
  • 最佳國語專輯獎
  • 最佳台語專輯獎
  • 最佳客語專輯獎
    2007 BANANA/貳樓音樂工作室
  • 最佳原住民語專輯獎
  • 最佳作曲人獎
  • 最佳作詞人獎
  • 最佳編曲人獎
  • 最佳專輯製作人獎
    蔡健雅/Goodbye & Hello/亞神音樂娛樂股份有限公司
  • 最佳單曲製作人獎
  • 最佳國語男歌手獎
    曹格/Super Sunshine/滾石國際音樂股份有限公司
  • 最佳台語男歌手獎
  • 最佳國語女歌手獎
    蔡健雅/Goodbye & Hello/亞神音樂娛樂股份有限公司
  • 最佳台語女歌手獎
    詹雅雯/人生公路 深情海岸 專輯/雅雯工作室
  • 最佳客語歌手獎
    黃連煜/2007 BANANA/貳樓音樂工作室
  • 最佳原住民語歌手獎
  • 最佳樂團獎
  • 最佳演唱組合獎
  • 最具潛力新人獎
  • 最佳專輯獎
    托斯卡尼 我想起你/風潮音樂國際股份有限公司
  • 最佳專輯製作人獎
  • 最佳作曲人獎
    周杰倫、Terdsak Janpan/琴房《不能說的˙秘密》/杰威爾音樂有限公司
  • 最佳音樂錄影帶導演獎
  • 評審團獎
  • 特別貢獻獎

Thursday, July 3, 2008


It's So Cool...

I have been a mario fan since i was 5.

But it's kinda difficult to collect mario goodies back here.


These cakes are so lovely..

But there's a shortcoming with the wedding cake..

Peach is obviously taller than mario..



i got a dino back at home

who looked like Yoshi..

i just made believe that he is Yoshi...


Just could not find him for the time being

will share his photo

when he is found.


Here i found them

Yoshi and Kuppa


I will never get tired of Mario.

Mario kart, Mario tennis, Mario party series

are equally fun


long live mario

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Metamorphosis by Frank Kafka

Last week I was reading this book,

The Meta… (forget bout the spelling)


it started off in a very typical novel-like setting.

It's about a guy named Gregor

who refused to wake up from work.

He has got some family debt,

and work is really torturous for him.


Suddenly he found his own body was transformed into a bug.


So he thought it was a dream

and tried to get some sleep.

But it was true.


From this point onwards

I thought this story sounds a little ridiculous.

Then the story goes on to illustrate

how miserable his life is as a bug.


No one in the family is bothered to care for him.

He is treated like a monster and

was locked up in his room.

The most intolerably part is

his father threw an apple on him

to chase him back into his room.

He got terribly hurt.


Since he is the financial support for the family,

His parents and sister need to be independent now

and they too have to work in order to survive.

Since they are busy with their own work,

they hate Gregor more and more.

They even think of getting rid of him.


Finally he died.

The family didn't mourn for him.

Instead they feel as if a burden is relieved from them

and go out for a walk.


Arrgh, what a tragic story.



The conclusion is life is a sad journey

which is full of struggle.

Support from others is important,

especially your own family.

For Gregor, his struggle is not worthwhile

since his family is not showing any appreciation.


Problems can be settled

if a family is standing together.

But if there is no love,

then it would be a little tough.

Poor Gregor,

all along he has been alone in his suffering.

Sudden Point of Emptiness

1st of July, what a day for me.

It's really been quite awhile since I blogged here.

First of all, I need to explain my whereabouts during this 6 months.

The last time I blogged, I was still in room G3-03 of Inti-UC hostel.

(I am even not too sure whether the room number is the right one.

For the past six months, I been working like a dog.


My 1st ever job started on the 15th of Dec.

It only lasted for a short 1.5 months.

So… there was not a happy ending.

Then I took a CNY break.


15th of Feb, I went for an interview.

On the 16th, I immediately attended for my second job

at Straits pharmacy Melaka.


Yesterday was my last day at Straits.

It has been a great experience.

Lots of new stuff to learn and great colleagues too.


Actually there are supposed to be many new experiences

to be shared here.

But since everyday I worked from 9am to 7.30pm,

I was already sleeping like a log by 9.30pm.


This was the main reason why

I have gained some weight too,

on top of new knowledge.


In the mean time, there were also some new records

written in my love life.

I kept them neatly in a diary on my pda.

But I not gonna share it out here.

Cause all these will definitely sound stupid

from the eye of an outsider.


It was sweet and bitter.

But now there isn't any new story to tell.

The chapter is closed.


For the next 2 weeks,

I guess I will be spending most of my time here.

Friends have already left for their studies.

So I am all in solitude, preparing for a new life ahead.


I am kinda in a dilemma now.

Straits pharmacy and the people

there still lingered a lot in my mind.


But of course I look forward to new life at NUS soon.

So between leaving an old familiar place

and entering new environment,

I am not too sure what my feeling is now.

Just drift along, and wait for time to go by.


Before I forget, I wanna say happy birthday to two person.

Justin lo and Hong Kong.

I don't know either one of them.

But just wanna show that I care to remember their birthday.


Thank you to all the good friends at Straits.

Shall I list them all out?

My headmaster and mistress, Mr and Mrs Steve Loh

My monitor, Kak CT

My good buddy, Mei Yen

My swimming friend, Amie

My caring kak Shikin

And the new colleague, Ah Hong.


Last but not least, promoter jiejie-s

who are willing to teach and share.

Lynette Lucas Lewis, Alice, Alice and Alice

(ya, there were actually 3 Alices there),

Irene aka Rachael.

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