Saturday, December 28, 2013

Denim X OMQ: Supposed It's Quite Few

final loot

before leaving Taipei

at the Old Master Q

50th anniversary exhibition


a tote bag

it was a bit pricey actually

for the price of a cotton tote

Old Master Q 老夫子 tote bag

Old Master Q 老夫子 tote bag


and it's not at so huge after all

but it's a special edition

I wouldn't say limited edition


although indeed the stock is

quite limited

mine is actually the final piece

the displayed item


was pondering between this

and another set of

Old Master Q X The Beatles tee shirts

Playing around with

"The Abbey Road", "Hope" and etc

老夫子 X The Beatles tee shirts


finally took the bag

instead of the tee because

i don't know

cartoon tees of mine are

overflowing the wardrobe


actually just fitting everything in

quite compact


And I finally found some

really nice notebooks for my niece

and a Cattish friend of mine

Friday, December 27, 2013

沿著地圖 X 放慢速度:台北漫步












哇塞 今天過12點才醒














都不下雨 甚至有一點點陽光

到了中午 陰晴不定


浪費早晨的時光 多可惜




好的 明天報到

圓山 大龍街臺北故事館 Taipei Story House臺北花博公園臺北行天宮臺北漫步

Rollicking X with My Monster Sling: Boxing Day, Like a Boss

what a Boxing Day

which was split into 4 parts


(a) religious/cultural

early morning

while my travel mate is still sleeping

I went to explore two famous landmark

which is the Confucius temple and

another old temple nearby


Confucius Temple, Taipei 臺北孔廟大龍峒保安宮


(b) cultural/historical

visited the Palace Museum

ensued by C.K.S. Memorial Hall

臺北故宮博物院 & 中正紀念堂

Taipei Palace Museum 臺北故宮博物院C.K.S. Memorial Hall 中正紀念堂


(c) calories-collecting

it was almost 5 by the time

we left the memorial hall

super hungry after the long walk

and the nearest place

I could think of is XiMenDing 西門町



Let's go, folk

(a) half of Hot Star chicken cutlet 豪大大雞扒

(b) Ay-Zung rice flour noodle 阿宗麵線

(c) Han Lin bubble tea 翰林茶館珍奶


"the proclaimed-inventor of bubble tea"

they actually went to the court

with another similar outlet for

the copyright of bubble tea

so bubble tea actually originated from

a classy place like this




I had an extra large cup

all by myself



my travel mate went on to eat

(d) spring roll ice cream wrap

(e) Sushi Express sashimi



so in between the digestion time

we gotta walk right

to burn the calories and

to empty out tummy space for her Sashimi

which I have not tasted a single piece

all my life

Sushi Express


and here came the trap

we ended up in the toy store

which I kind of place

an item on my KIV list

toy store, Taipei


okies let's get it

since I don't see this somewhere else

although merchandise of the Monsters

are everywhere on the street


yet this is not one of them

Monster Mike bag

it double acts as a sling bag

Or a backpack

adult size but of course

it's a children-friendly size


we continued on

while my travel mate go

look for her KIV-ed stuff at Uniqlo

Uniqlo 西門町


it's a plain cardigan for her dad

unfortunately we searched

high & low

and went from one level to another

which landed us at Level 4


Then I was like:

Hey ABC mart is just

One level up

Let's go


ABC is a sneaker chain store

originated from Japan

with all the major brands

you name it



with loads good deal

good deals at ABC-Mart


this is the 4th of their stores

We enter, I think

And shopping is a contagious thing

both of us found something

we really like, so finally

at different end of the shop


We belong to the different camps

Hers is always red Converse

while mine is Vans in blue


So she ended up with with

A pair of Jack Purcell

In this dirty dark red shade

In mandarin we call it 豬肝紅

Literally translated as

"Pig Liver Red"

Jack Purcell


while me

still hesitating over this

really cute pair of

Classic Skool Hi in navy blue

Classic Skool Hi in navy blue


My concerns

(a) it's too Converse like

With the patch of white in front

(b) the red shoe laces are disturbing

(c) it's too cute, ie childish

(d) I still have this pair of

New-in-the-box Vans Oxfies


But hey look

(a) it's a crossover

(b) on top of the 50% off

(c) isn't foldable canvas something

I always wanted for

(d) the red shoe laces can be

Easily-got-ridden of


So I ended up

with this pair of

rollicking X Vans which was

the cutest ever pair so far


I actually found out

Rollicking is a proper word

which means lively


but this particular RollicKing

is a niche Japanese brand which

specializes in vintage fashion

so this is a Japanese edition after all


the walk wasn't sufficient yet

to burn the calories

we walked on across the road

to a chain boutique

Which is known as 50%

Fifty Percent


50% Basically

they label all their products as

The market price: xxx

50% off price: half of xxx


we walked all the way up

to level 4

since that's where the men's section is

and she wanted to grab something

for the bro


and I ended up falling for

another piece of man's clothes

androgynous is just so in me


Isn't it cute?

A like-a-boss mustache gentleman

Pullover knitwear top 

mens' shirts are too tempting


I know I know

I am not supposed to shop

budget for the year is exhausted


even before stepping into Taipei

I foresee the unexpected conditions

so I have declared that

any extra spending would

be dumped into FY 2014


and hey it's Christmas

So these are considered

gifts from Santa for..

for whatever bad things

I didn't commit


looks hey Loots

Monster Inc Mike backpack

50% like a boss pullover knitwer sweaterVans X Rollicking Classic Skool Hi in navy blue



definitely looks better with white laces

Vans X Rollicking Classic Skool Hi in navy blue


this is too child friendly

my niece fell for it and

this is now hers

one and only time

Thursday, December 26, 2013

其實想 X 漫步雨街: 好一個吐槽結


毛毛細雨 也不太冷















真的 節奏都被打亂了
不過是 brunch 







Monday, December 23, 2013

歡度佳節 X 真的不是我不屑: 聖誕結








我不在 他可會想念我
















沒期待 哪來失望呢?

























Friday, December 20, 2013

Curtain Call 2013: Spec-tacular

on top of the spec, i got a haircut too


got myself a new pair of specs

after being pressurized by mom

because she thinks it’s bad to wear

contact lens for long hour, who isn’t


and we are those who wear

because we don’t really have a choice

but of course there are another group

with perfectly good eye-sight

who choose to wear colour lens

for aesthetic purpose


going for Ray-ban

probably because I was pretty impressed with

the Never-Hide ad series

Ray-Ban non-glossy frame


I told the optician

I want a no-frill all black frame

and she quickly narrowed it down to

Ray-Ban and Lee Cooper


Lee Cooper had a pretty “eye-catching” campaign

featuring Union Jack flag and

other vintage elements such as

double-deckered bus, Mini Cooper etc


anyway ad campaign is not the

sole determinant when it comes to

picking a right frame


but it seems that

the range of frames both have

are pretty close in terms of design

and quality too, according to the optician

however in terms of price

Ray-Ban is of course higher


in fact since the first pair of frame

was shown to me

until narrowing down to

the final “candidates”


the optician kept pushing Lee Cooper

I guess probably because

the profit margin is better


decision had been secretly made that

I want a Ray-Ban because

Ray-Ban equals to eyewear 

while any other brands like Lee Cooper

produce everything from

canvas shoes to tote bags


but I went on really slow

as if I am having a tough time

making up my mind


it’s a game of psychology

I learn from bargaining game

if you in the first place

show great interest towards a

particular items


then it’s less likely that

the seller will offer as much discount

as he/she can

since you are going to take it anyway


this is not a two-dollar frame

from road-side stall for play

making a good bargain counts

but I am real bad at oral bargaining

so… I hope this hesitating process helps


or maybe she would start sympathizing

poor kid.. wanting a Ray-Ban so badly

but couldn’t afford



so I ended up with a pair of new spec


it’s non-glossy frame

which my mom was like:

it looks worn

glossy frame looks more lively


well she says the same thing

for everything of mine in

suede, chambray, straw colour


for a person suffering from

severe short-sightedness and astigmatism

the lists of taboo while wearing contact lens

are emerging fast as

the patient grows older in age


direct sunlight, no!

air pollution & haze, no!

exposure to different sources of light

during night time, no!


okay fine

stay indoor then, yet

dryness in air-con room, another no!


long live my precious eyesight

new year resolution:

kill the habit of reading in bed

wear more glasses if I can

take good care of my new specs


I am that kind of person

who wake up asking:

where did I leave my specs last night


oh here you are

right under the pillow

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Curtain Call 2013: Stephy-Selfie








even fatter


the fattest is yet to come…

Curtain Call 2013: FavAlbums of the Year

dedicated to Summer

the journey to rule

the sea vs the stage

they rein, in their own ways

Jack Johnson - From Here to Now to Youkaty-perry-prism


dedicated to Fall

the journey of self-growth

蘇打綠_秋:故事曲婉婷 Say the Words 我為你歌唱


dedicated to Winter

the journey through the World

coldness makes your mind sober

藍奕邦 優與美陳綺貞 時間的歌


dedicated to the long days and nights

the lonely self-talks 

陳珊妮 低調人生蔡健雅 天使與魔鬼的對話


dedicated to the “eightiesan”

the journey through Renaissance

who said cantopop and mandopop are dying out?

who said pop idols are the only survivors?

who said singing contestants will never

make it with their own music?

C AllStar Cantoposibility林宥嘉 神游


dedicated to the only drama

I watched this year

its songs which I loop

long after the “dramarathon”

蘭陵王 電視原聲帶 OST


way forward 2014

Yoga Lin

Juno Mak

Khalil Fong

Jason Mraz


Curtain Call 2013: Shopping Sheet

Shopping Trips

Jan 2013:

More KIV X Insider's Tips: First of 2013


Feb 2013:

Chambray Fever X Hyper Tribal: The Hunt’s Over


Mar 2013:

Here X There: Buying, Where?

Tour MisPresence X Weak Resistance: New & Balanced


July 2013:

Tribal X Naval: Out from Social Withdrawal


Oct 2013:

Accidentally Ahem.. X Walking into H&M: Ended Up Looting’em

PromoCode Offer X Cant Get Clumsier: Double Order at Quiksilver

Long Bought X Almost Forgotten: Batches of Loots, Unreported


Dec 2013:

Nauti X Monkey: Pair of Sweaters for Me

Items Purchased

Category Total purchase Description
Dress 6 tribal print
royal blue mullet
black jumper dress
nautical stripes
Shirt 2 Peanuts UT (gift) X 2
cropped blue
tribal tee (gift)
cropped black slogan
tank 3 beach essentials
grey tribal pink
white spag top
5 plain white Oxfie
navy blue jumper
grey cardie
nautical jumper x 2
Shorts 3 tribal print
baby blue
blue plaid
Shoes 2 tribal canvas
black flats
Sneakers 2 NB u420
Vans Oxfie
Flip flops 1 tribal black
Bags 2 QS duffle
QS backpack


Summary of Performance

way less compared to 2012

Curtain Call 2012: Shopping Sheet

dress category still tops the list

but has been cut down from 17 to 6

bags from 7 to 1


it still exceed the budget set

a harmless 10% excess

I therefore conclude

it wasn’t too bad a year


the amount of items are greatly reduced

and there are a few items which cost

quite a bit of dollars

which mean that the spending are made

based on quality more than quantity


Factors leading to the Reduction

less shopping trips

thanks to the Saturday class and

dissertation writing


frankly speaking

my wardrobe is kinda saturated already

besides tribal prints

I don’t see myself diverting from

wearing blue, black, white, grey


being anti-social is

in a way good for your budget


but wait, there’s online shopping

I made my first ever purchase of clothes

those bags from QS

which is considered vow-breaking

because I have promised that

I would never buy clothes online


and being in the critical stage of


at times I really don’t know

what should I be wearing for my age

so I might as well stop buying and

get contended with what I have


first half of the year

until late summer

I found myself struggling to fit in

some pairs of jeans and shorts


so I started some workout

which worked out pretty fine

and so I found myself “resurrecting”

some clothes I thought I will never

be wearing again


in other words

working out is good for

your shopping budget too

since you will be happily fitting in

the pair of 18 year-old skinny jeans

so why bothered to buy new one?


shopping is turned into a form of reward

after a long routine which

produces results


any clothes are more likely to look good

provided you have got a lovely shape

that’s for sure


Looking Forward 2014

the only item in mind right now is to

replace the pair of plain black bikinis I lost


sheer stupidity

Lost X Never Found: My backpack on the Ground


the rest just let it be

since I have similar items

which makes the loss less painful


I started to have this feeling

it’s a form of punishment for

having too many items

buying one after another

although they appear to be similar

so it’s a lesson to teach me

one is good enough


why bothered to buy a new backpack

if the old one is still alive and kicking

so the old one is meant to be lost

the same goes to the royal blue dress

and the pull string bag


may the loss

teach me something good


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Trend Setting? X Ordinary Being?: Something about Clothing

from the list via Huffpost

<23 trends guys hate, but women love>

  1. peplum
  2. beanies
  3. wedge sneakers
  4. floppy hats
  5. open-side shirts
  6. bright lipstick
  7. heavy eye-makeup
  8. bandeau bikinis
  9. pointy toes
  10. “fake” nails
  11. high-wais\ted jeans
  12. high-waisted shorts
  13. high-waisted skirts
  14. fold-over ankle boots
  15. ultra-high heels
  16. pantsuits
  17. drop-crotch pants
  18. hair bows
  19. bangles
  20. oversized sweaters
  21. mullet dress
  22. leggings
  23. shoulders pads


I totally agree with the list

some correspond with my list of

“Items I will Never Ever Wear”

such as leggings, wedged sneakers


well except for the high-waisted


that’s so unfair they are listed as 3 items 


and oversized sweaters

they are such comfies 


ultra-high heels and

pointy toes

I love seeing other women wearing one

but I am not a big fan of them

except for special occasions


bandeau bikinis

why not

if you are already wearing bikinis

does the strap make any different, really?


so little crime that

I have been committing

according to the list

yet I could not find a boyfie for long


it just went on to show that

it has no direct co relation between

what you wear and

whether man loves it


you can criticize a girl for

all the things that she wears

you can even call her a whore

but what if her bf really likes it


and how refined you think your taste is

shut the fup

because no one in the world

hell appreciates what you wear


okay chill

but the less crime I commit from the list

it may be something to be proud of


yet it is written

trends that guys hate yet women love

if I equally hate those items on the list

wait a minute


does it mean that..

I have not been dressing and thinking like

what a woman should


does it mean that

I have been too masculine all these while

goodness me


the same goes to the opposite

I have always been saying

I love guy in

baby blue / plain white shirt and

also white sneaker


the other day I was in mall

and suddenly I got this though

these items are available all over the place

sometimes I feel like buying one

which means there are actually men who

buy and wear these, isn’t it?


yet I couldn’t seem to see

the right person among the crowd

how is that supposed to be? 


if you were to ask me to list down

ten items that I hate seeing a guy wearing

yes.. I have got the list


but it’s alright

why bothered to list down

what I dislike


they are all over the place on street



trend setting or ordinary being?

all a man or woman can care for

is that one person who looks right

Long Bought X Almost Forgotten: Batches of Loots, Unreported

curtain call 2013

about time to re examine

my loots of the year


looks like I didn’t shop too much

this year round


wait a minute

before that

I guess I miss out a few items

which I didn’t really talk about


not that I wanna hide them

simply missed out the timing to

talk about it


08 Oct

my QUIKSILVER duffle and backpack

which were ordered online

I deem them as a pair of couple bags

Quiksilver Mens Zig Bag 01Quiksilver Mens Ublo Backpack 01


are already put in use

so in love with them

the skateboard straps for the backpack

they are in fact useful

slotted my shoe bag onto it

oh ya the Winnie the Pooh sling bag

they made a good trio

cabin bags


19 Oct

Pre-concert shopping

Vans Authentic lo pro Oxford Wingtip

baby blue instead of b&w because

they a little more girlish

these are man’s model in fact

but I can’t really imagine

a guy in these baby blue oxfies

Vans Authentic lo pro Oxford Wingtip


look, this was launched back in summer last year


yes they are yet

it was not too long before

I got my pair of navy-blue Authentic

Vans Era lo pro and Authentic lo Pro Wingtip Oxford Sneakers Summer 2011


bumping into them a few times since then

some other pairs of sneakers joined force

so I was prepared to give them up


so fate had it that way that

we met again

in a huge outlet

something like factory outlet

where all the “backdated” sneakers come

before they were sent to

I don’t know where


“backdated” yay

that’s a different between

backdated and outdated

backdated simply means

it was launched some time ago

classic models will never go outdated, ever


nautical dress

this was after I bought the pair of Vans

Mag Mag was like

hey look this will look good

while you carry your QS backpack and

wear the Vans oxfie

and soon it was my loot

nautical dress


Mag was kinda baffled:

wow that was very fast of you


this was something totally unplanned for

erm.. how much shopping are

actually planned for ?

a pair of plaid shorts huh?

a little concerned it looks like pajama shorts 

well.. yes, actually

more concerned what am I gonna to match it with?

well.. black top I guess

Vans Boardwalk plaid shorts


but what makes it irresistible is

it’s a pair of Vans shorts

brand loyalty, you may call it 


11 Sep

buy one free one dresses

yet another LBD

I was too addicted to LBD at

one point of time

there are at least 3 pair of unworn LBDes 

but yet…

LBD sheer sleeves


the sheer sleeves are really annoying

no worries…

LBD without sheer sleeves


buy one free one

so there’s the second pick

first ever mullet dress

this is a little tricky

low at the back,

longer in front, instead

thank goodness

it wasn’t too obvious, the unevenness 

royal blue mullet dressroyal blue mullet dress


one time of mullet dress

are they even called mullet dress

which I couldn’t really bear are

those of two layers design,

eg: inner layer is a short skirt

while outer sheer layer is long

something like this

this is even worse since

both layers are of different colours

double layer dress


16 Dec

MNG Jeans oversized cropped slogan tee

not specifically needed or wanted

a gift from my sis

“C’est Magnifique”

that’s magnificent!

C’est Magnifique MNG jeans cropped tee


somehow oversized cropped tee is

quite a popular item in my wardrobe

a pair of Pebbles and Bamm Bamm

tied-knot plain tee, in blue & white

and some other which fall in between

cropped or none-cropped



that’s all for now

really to do my closing for 2013


am I that sure I won’t buy anything

for the next 13 days to come?

well not very

but there’s way to..

there’s a term for it

what firms do in order for their account to

appear better to stakeholders


no it’s not cheating

it’s some sort of decorating work..

damn what is it called?

do I really have to go digging up the term

in my A-level Business Studies textbook


to cut short the story

what I can do

I mean just in case

just in the not-so-possible case if

I buy something before 2014


I will bring these items forward

to the next accounting year

-the end-

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