Sunday, July 29, 2012

Seven-Sinner X Time Killer: Adiós Summer

it was a particularly

fruitful yet sinful summer

and probably the last one,

where I get to loiter around as

an undergrad student (hopefully)


for the past few summers

I wrote the whole summer plan

during late March or early April

but, sometimes

things did not turn out as planned


just like last summer

bless me

of course it wasn’t planned that

my grandpa was going to pass away


adding insult to injury

flight tickets abandoned

fell for the person I was not supposed to


but thank goodness

it ended up well with a Phuket getaway


fruitful but sinful, why?


Sin(Scene) I

one awesome concert,

without the knowledge of my family

safe and sound

Jason mraz on ukulele



Sin(Scene) II

Taiwanese movie/drama marathon

somehow kicked started with 《Love愛》

hunting along the line of the actors in there

and went on to dramas,

which was the very first bite of them in my life

  • Wayward Kenting 《我在墾丁*天氣晴》
  • Black&White 《痞子英雄》
  • Fated to Love You 《命中注定我愛你》

*in timing and also preference order


and damn

I have to confess

I fall badly for Eddie Peng as a man / dream boyfriend

although I like Mark Chao better as an actor

Mark Chao as Wu Ying Xiong in Black & White


after all these hours wasted

at the travel book section

I realized I picked up Taiwan travel guide

more frequent than any other destinations


I hope, soon 

Kenting, with someone I really like

because I realize Eiffel Tower is not romantic

due to my S-A-D status



somewhere near,

just the little two persons

no language barrier

that would be more than enough


Sin(Scene) III

I gained hell a lot of weight



that’s the thing

Guangzhou, the food heaven

not that I bumped into a lot of fantastic food

there are a lot of extra animal fat

which are absent in my usual eating routine

I tried to donate a generous amount to my dad

till he was staring with anger

typical char siew rice at Guangzhou


but having a father as travel companion

he does not tolerate the below:

  • skipping / combining meals on purpose
  • non-staple-food as main course
  • meat-avoidance


moreover there’s no bikini pressure / pleasure

hence have been indulging myself at home

munch munch


not only the extra fat

been munching the wrong nuts

contained in chocolate

nuts allergic is not fun



I used to laugh at warning on food package

may contain traces of nuts, milk etc..


who the heck in this world get allergic to nuts



I took up the post as the fridge vacuum

found six of homemade Oreo-Cheese cupcakes

nobody took a fancy in cheese

I ended up eating five and a half of them

Oreo-Cheese cupcakes


and oh my

I has been trying to

create miracle with my “bread-free-art”

but of course

very few were showing scene like this

yet all of them ended up in my tummy



Sin(Scene) IV

the To Kill a Mocking Bird since last semester

was still hanging at Chapter 12


I tried

I mean I did

been reading some

Mandarin classical in illustration form


classical book reading and dramarathon-ing

at the same time



that’s all I read this summer


if you consider these cute little things as books

Chinese classical comics 三國


but these are helpful indeed in

brushing up my historical knowledge of China


I made the conclusion

one reason why Chinese classics are

such a challenge to me is that

there are way too many characters to handle

ended up, forgetting who’s who


Red Chamber Dream 《紅樓夢》

wait till the day I start my forth/fifth attempt

on the unabridged version

but first thing first,

jot down all the names in a mind-map form


or something like the one

they are using for drama

Black & White relationship map 痞子英雄人物關系


Sin(Scene) V

I did not shop that much , did i ?

relatively, heavily reduced compared to

the previous years



but I was supposed to compile a

2-quarters biannual shopping report

alright would try to get it done by tonight

or at least by the end of the month


Sin(Scene) VI

abandonment of Stephysiology

I tried keeping up to the pace of a post / day


but it doesn’t make any sense

if the posting are just merely photos or

forwarded materials or

petty little happenings around


but unfortunately

that’s what I do the best recently

there is no nothing like insight, thought or feelings


my writing skill has stayed stagnant

and I hate reading back at what I have written

even feel like deleting previous posts


Sin(Scene) VII

I was on cold war(s) again

with same old person(s)

again and again 



that’s the thing

if I already know very well that

sooner or later, fights gonna happen

why bothered to start reconciling,

in the first place 


nobody’s at fault

okay maybe I was always the one

tend to ignite fight


time after time,

I hate feeling damn bad and guilty afterwards

although the faults are not all mine 



staying far apart is the only solution


this summer

damn you, time-fillers

I have made it as a solo time-killer

If I Should X And I Could: Then I Would


Why is it so?

whenever I came across Optical 88

my heart can’t help skipping a beat

my secret's secret place


especially the one in Mahkota Parade

where he used to work

just can’t help peeping

although I pretty well know that

he is no longer working there


been years

I have never seen him there

wondering where is him

what is he doing

and is it going well


2012.03.18 Sunday

was hanging around at the bench

with my dad at Aeon mall

after a bookstore shopping

pretty empty mall at noon


then till

Him.. Oh my goodness

it was him walking out of Optical 88



I have been looking for years

so all he did was got transferred to another branch


it has been years really, five?

he looked more matured since then

but I just can’t help staring


sitting and waiting

pretending to read a book

wondering when is he coming back

or he is leaving for real


ten minutes later…


12 noon


he should be going for lunch?

to washroom?

then another colleague of him walked out again


wait.. the guy was heading

in the direction of washroom

(from the signboard)

which is just eye-distance away


so definitely Mr. M was going elsewhere


it’s his smoking break, I guess


remember the back alley

was where he was puffing away

and I first had a crush on him


more then five years down the road

no positive progress in

my relationship record

hell a lot of shits which are not worth mentioning


finally Mr. M was back

probably didn’t realize anything

and I was hiding my camera

behind the shopping bag

but was too cowardice to snap


2012.07.29 Sunday

here I am again

after 3+ months


he was there..

nobody else but him

but with bunch of customers

100 watt melting smile


and I was grinning to myself


that feeling is real

seeing someone you really like from distant

is more than enough

and continuing on for years

though he does not even know if I exist


it has been awhile

since someone in reality

makes my heart to skip a beat


Food for Thought

I regret not adding him on Facebook


I managed to find the profile


can I just tell you..

how much I really like you for that long


if only

I should

I could

then I would




Friday, July 27, 2012

Cosmetic Case X Overnight Bag: Sienna Travel Set

helped my Boss to do some perfume purchase

earned a RM 20 voucher for




indirect abuse-of-power 


Rip Curl Sienna rolled cosmetic case in aqua blue

Rip Curl Sienna rolled cosmetic case in aqua bluereplaceable mirrordetachable pouchbaby blue hanger


her predecessor

a free gift from Unilever

I know right,

do not differ much indeed

just like the Rip Curl vs Zaza dresses

few weeks back 

old vs new cosmetic bag


officially poisoned by this tag

Rip Curl metal tag


Sienna is a range of travel accessories / bag

in another contrasting, Teaberry

  • cosmetic case
  • overnight bag
  • backpack
  • beauty case
  • travel wallet
  • wheelie bag
  • cabin luggage

Rip Curl Sienna Cosmetic Bag TeaberryRip Curl Sienna Backpack TeaberryRip Curl Sienna Weekender Bag TeaberryRip Curl Sienna Travel Wallet TeaberryRip Curl Sienna Travel Set Teaberry


oh my, how much would it cost

to obtain the whole thing

but these definitely look better than these

design pattern of repeated logo

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Above Perfection X Beyond Definition: Jason Mraz Live Collection

ten mesmrazing years of Jason

thank you, Jason


solo / band / acoustic / ad-lib / medley / crossover

live concert,

is never that well-defined


Mr. A-Z

is never that easy

Jason Mraz live @ Java Joe’s / 2002

Jason Mraz Live / 2003

Jason Mraz EBSHD Live / Space Gonggam,Korea / 2006

Jason Mraz Unplugged / Secret London / 2006


Jason Mraz Backyard Concert / Ootmarsum / 2007


Jason Mraz live @ Highline Ballroom / NYC / 2008


Jason Mraz live @ Farm Aid / Kansas City / 2009

Jason Mraz Life is Good Festival / 2010


Jason Mraz live @ Sophies Lounge / 2011


YouTube Presents Jason Mraz / 2012 Valentine’s Day


Jason Mraz live @ St. Pancras Church / London / 2012

Jason Mraz Qube Live Stream / 2012


Jason Mraz iTunes Live from Hong Kong / 2012

Mystery X Misery: Mr. Curiosity

I'm looking for love this time

Sounding hopeful but it's making me cry

(Trying not to ask why)

Cause love is a mystery

Love is blinding when your timing's never right

Oh but who am I to beg for difference

Finding love in a distant instant

But I don't mind

Oh love at least I tried, well I tried...

Mr. Curiosity / Jason Mraz / Live in Sydney 2011


the live version I watched

(something like the one above)

was really amazing

he jokingly said that he hoped to get it right

because he didn’t rehearse and

it was performed impromptu upon request


when it came to the climax

the super high-pitch opera solo

(is there a more pro/technical term for it? tenor?)

I held my breath…

breathtaking.. that’s what it means 


frankly speaking,

been playing that song over and over again

and never have realized he actually sings that

always thought it was another girl or someone


it’s just too difficult

not to fall in love with the man

Oh love at least I tried, well I tried...

Mr. Curiosity / Jason Mraz


Mr. Curiosity (live) / Jason Mraz / North Sea Jazz Festival / Rotterdam / July 14, 2007


Mr. Curiosity (live acoustic) / Jason Mraz


Mr. Curiosity / Jason Mraz / Live in Illinois


Mr. Curiosity / Jason Mraz / Live in Auckland / 2011


Mr. Curiosity / Jason Mraz

Hey Mr. Curiosity
Is it true what they've been saying about you
Well are you killing me
You took care of the cat already
And for those who think it's heavy
Is it the truth
Or is it only gossip
Call it mystery or anything
Oh just as long as you call me
I sent the message on did you get it when I left it
Said well this catastrophic event
It wasn't meant to mean no harm
But to think there's nothing wrong is a problem, oh

I'm looking for love this time
Sounding hopeful but it's making me cry
(Trying not to ask why)
This love is a mystery
Mr. Curious...

Come back to me
I'm a mr. waiting on and never patient can't you see
That I'm the same the way you left me, left me
In a hurry to spell check me
And I'm underlined already in envy green
And then to red
And I've forgotten what you've said
Will you stop working for the dead and return
A mr. curious well I need some inspiration

It's my birthday and I cannot find no cause for celebration
The scenario is grave but I'll be braver when you save me
From this situation laden with hearsay, oh

I'm looking for love this time
Sounding hopeful but it's making me cry
(Trying not to ask why)
This love is a mystery
Mr. Curiosity
Hey mr. please
Do come and find me, oh
Oh ,come on oh, yea yea

I'm looking for love this time
Sounding hopeful but it's making me cry
(Trying not to ask why)
Cause love is a mystery
Mr. curiosity
Hey mr. please
Do come and find me

Love is blinding when your timing's never right
Oh but who am I to beg for difference
Finding love in a distant instant
But I don't mind
Oh love at least I tried, well I tried...

Oriental Door X Italian Wall: Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall 中山紀念堂(廣州)

the building

it resembles the Chinese character (mountain)

which is exactly the Mandarin of Dr. Sun, 孫中

Dr. Sun yat-sen Memorial Hall, Guangzhou 廣州中山紀念堂


an octagonal building

which also resembles the shape of a mountain

from every single perspective

the shape of a mountain 山, literally & figuratively side view of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall


the main auditorium

3,240 seats

opened officially for commercial purpose since 1985

concerts of Roman Tam 羅文

中山紀念堂 main auditorium


Italian Terrazzo pillars 水磨石柱子

Italian Terrazzo pillars 水磨石柱子


Oriental mosaic tiles 瓷磚天花

mosaic tiles 瓷磚天花


the German skylight roof window 德國天窗

German skylight roof window 德國天窗


marble staircase 白瓷階梯

marble staircase 白瓷階梯


Oriental Octagon-motif windows

providing natural lighting to

the whole circular pathway

surrounding the main auditorium

octagonal-motif windows


Palace brass lantern 宮廷銅燈

Palace brass lantern 宮廷銅燈柱


The Golden Dome 金珀馬賽克-金頂

36166 pieces of French gold-leaf mosaic tiles

roof top golden dome


Oriental Architecture Element

photo taken from the official site

the translation was taken reference from

the information gallery in the memorial hall itself

Zoomorphic Ornaments 脊兽Bracket Set 斗拱雷公柱(宝瓶) suspended columnsparrow brace 雀替Flat chess ceiling 藻井(平棋天花)Ventilator-ceiling 格心窗Double Eave Roofs 飛檐(重檐)抱夏 45 degrees surround五羊獻穢 five goats legend of Guangzhou


Mr. Lu Yan Zhi 吕彦直

an architect graduate from University of Cornell

who won the open contest for design sketches

but unfortunately passed away

on the same year

the construction was initiated (1929-1931)

Mr. Lu Yan Zhi 吕彦直


that pretty much accounts for

the fusion of Western technology and

Eastern design in each and every element

somehow sketches in black and white like this

always amazes me because

it is how building is always built from scratch

the side view sketch by Mr. Lu Yan Zhi 吕彦直


he too contributed to the design of 

the Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum in Nanjing,

where Dr. Sun was buried

therefore in one way or another

the two significant buildings do resemble each other

information about the funeral, the mausoleum and so on

are available in this particular memorial hall

Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum in Nanjing 中山陵


one really interesting fact is that

Dr. Sun passed away in Beijing in the year of 1925

and was placed in the Temple of Azure Clouds 碧云寺

and only relocated and buried 4 years later

when the mausoleum was completed in 1929 

Funeral of Dr. Sun Yat-sen


on top of citizens all over the country,

diasporas all over the world were mourning

probably the most influential Chinese

revolutionist, politician, philosopher

ever in history 


the symbol

the name of the building, 中山堂

merged into one single character

Dr. Sun yat-Sen Memorial Hall logo 中山堂標志


The Man Behind it All, Dr. Sun Yat-Sen

clarification regarding his name

(I) Sun Yat-sen 孫逸仙

is the general address by the Western world

was obtained during his education at Hong Kong


(II) Sun Wen 孫文

was how he usually addressed himself,

his given name by birth

(III) Sun Zhong-shan 孫中山 is

how we usually address him in Mandarin today,

surprisingly, it  came from Nakayama (中山樵),

a Japanese name given by Tōten Miyazaki

Dr. Sun portrait at the main entrance



was his last word in the will

which roughly brings out the meaning of:

the revolution is not over,

comrades still have to fight tougher 

Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Calligraphy: 革命尚未成功,同志仍須努力


comrade’s note

last but not least

this is probably my favourite-st attraction in GuangZhou,

or else

I wouldn’t take the trouble to

read (almost) every single information on display

and continued on with further research

and somehow it does give me that kind of

“mesmerization” and amazement

just like how Royal Albert Hall did

ya.. I just can’t help putting these two together

Comrade Woodstock

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Eating X Living: A Bite Of China 舌尖上的中國

told cha

drama by CCTV may be hypnotizing

(China Central TV)

but undeniably

they shoot the best documentaries in the world


one of the hottest topic in Weibo micro blog 

few months back,

here you are


《A Bite Of China 舌尖上的中國?

7 episodes of 1-hour documentaries

covering the various aspects of

the culinary cultures of the Chinese


of course that is not all

since this is such an enormous land with

such huge varieties

but this is definitely

an awesome eye-opening “experience”


especially for those like me

who would like to

wake up from dramathon


seven topics coverage:

  • natural sources of food
  • stories of staple food
  • transformation of inspiration
  • taste of time
  • secret of kitchen
  • blend of five taste
  • fields of ours


food is part and parcel of culture

and the passion of food over the hundreds or

even thousands years

have brought us thus far


舌尖上的中国 / A Bite of China 9 Minutes Trailer


舌尖上的中国第1集: 自然的馈赠 /

A Bite of China Episode 1: Natural Sources of Food


舌尖上的中国第2集: 主食的故事 /

A Bite of China Episode 2: Stories of Staple Food


舌尖上的中国第3集: 轉化的靈感 /

A Bite Episode 3: Transformation of Inspiration


舌尖上的中国第4集: 時間的味道 /

A Bite of China Episode 4: Taste of Time


舌尖上的中国第5集: 廚房的秘密 /

A Bite of China Episode 5: Secret of Kitchen


舌尖上的中国第6集: 五位的調和 /

A Bite of China Episode 6: Blend of Five Taste


舌尖上的中国第7集: 我們的田野 /

A Bite of China Episode 7: Fields of Ours 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Abercrombie X Hot Hunkie: Who’s That Emcee?

what a shame

I always believe  that

after a trip

I will probably have something to share

or at least some new discovery


transferring loads of photo to

realize that

I actually do not really know

where to start from



soon after the right time to kick start,

I realize things just fade away from mind


it seems that

“marketing survey” report is

the only thing I am still capable of writing

usually done immediately after I am back home

or the day after


setting that asides

they all fail miserably

due to my procrastination



let’s go back


June 18-20

I did a few round at Mid Valley solo

no worries,

this is not yet another marketing report

ran a couple of errand, including a concert

everything ran pretty smoothly


and by the way

an extra surprise

an L’OREAL even was held

ignore that Fan Bing Bing

bottom left corner is what I gonna talk about

L'OREAL event, Mid Valley


I saw this dude in A&F tee

walking towards the concourse

of course,

hundreds of people walked in and out

what a surprise

he was actually the announcer

or emcee of the event



not that I am racist or something

usually that kind of MC’s voice

doesn’t come with this kind of look

at times, it turns out to be

a huge guy with thick beard,

yet totally cleaned-shaved head


without realizing

I was purposely

doing extra rounds surrounding the concourse

like a 360 degrees view

for two days

what the heck


and I realized

he looked pretty delicious

even from the way he stood


the not-so-attractive promotions

turned out to sound good

broadcasted from his calming voice

stalk check onetextingthe pair of mid-high blue adidasthis lady was asking for direction or somethingyet another view


what a waste

if he is just an emcee

no probably he is just a part-timer

or he is multi-tasking,

and is actually an event organizer

or is he some well-known MC

it’s just that I am too ignorant to know


in short,

it’s all wild guesses

I don’t even know what his name is, still


it’s okay


  • muscle definitely adds wow impact
  • even if it’s just a plain tee
  • gorgeousness is real, if
  • you look good even from the way you stand
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