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SH! SH! 18: Food for Good

Food: HK style Porky 4-in-1 rice &

Prawn Wonton noodle

Time: 5 p.m.

Location: KLIA 2

Price: reasonable for airport price, 50 MYR

Taste: reasonable for airport food

Remark: I think I lost my Woodstock plush here

Porky 4-in-1 Rice Prawn Wonton noodle


Food: Burger King Chicken Burger Set

Time: 1-5 a.m.

Location: ShangHai PuDong International Airport 

Price: 70 RMB

Taste: it’s fast food, what do you expect 

Remark: not a good way to start,

yet managed to comfortably sleep on the couch 

Burger King, ShangHai PuDong airportBurger King Chicken Burger Set


Food: Bread Talk buns & fresh yogurt 

Time: 1 p.m.

Location: Raffle’s Mall, RenMin Avenue

Price: 54 RMB

Taste: classic 

Remark: All the eateries were packed

definitely not worth it and

I mean you come all the way to eat Bread Talk?

the yogurt was really good though

topped with red bean and mochi

Bread Talk buns & fresh yogurt


so we were happily eating at the People’s Park

and the gigantic deep-fried squid (20 RMB)

before heading to ShangHai Museum

i ate 70% of this because

it was too chewy for my dad

gigantic deep-fried squid  



Mickey and Minnie Mouse cupcake, Bread Talk


this Raffles Mall is managed by Capital

so totally the feel of a typical Singaporean-mall

wait a minute, people were queuing up for

Secret Recipe?  Wow

Secret Recipe @ Raffle Mall, ShangHaiShiLin HotStar Chicken Chop, Raffle Mall ShangHai


Food: Instant noodle & take-away vegetarian dishes

(and my dad had a duck drumstick)

Time: 6 p.m.

Location: wet market downstairs

Price: 10 RMB for the noodle,

15 RMB for the dishes 

Taste: semi home cooked food, semi healthy

Remark:  Not too bad a way to eat

Take-away dishes are

common among the locals

the only problem is

they do not sell rice along 

Instant noodle & take-away vegetarian dishes Instant noodle & take-away vegetarian dishes


Food: Xiao Long Bao 

Time: 10 a.m.

Location: NanXiang Xiao Long 南翔小籠, Yu Garden

(supposedly the HQ)

Price: 48RMB for the Xiao Long Bao,

8 RMB each for the tiny mini side dishes 

Taste: not that impressive

Remark: and I am still hungry 

NanXiang Xiao LongNanXiang Xiao Long


but every single travel guidebook

puts this as a must-try or die

hell no!!!

and frankly speaking

I don’t really mind if

the Bao doesn’t come with 18 folds

NanXiang Xiao Long


back to back after the Xiao Long Bao



Food: Sushi Express

Time: 11 a.m.

Location: Yu Garden

Price: 6 RMB per plate 

Taste: classical comfort food

Remark: the varieties are less

if you were to compare to Taipei but

this is way better than the previous meal and

filling yet doesn’t hurt the wallet that bad

i actually wanted to go for another round,

yet didn’t get to

Sushi Express, Shanghai

Sushi Express, ShanghaiSushi Express, ShanghaiSushi Express, Shanghai


I don’t remember bringing my dad for

Jap food, this must be his first

and he actually liked it since

there’s loads rice

Sushi Express, Shanghai

two persons who only managed 8 plates

Sushi Express, Shanghai


Food: Pork knuckle & fried fish noodle

(Mine was fried fish & pickle)

Time: 5 p.m.

Location: DeXing Noodle House 德興館

FuZhou Road 福州路 (supposedly the HQ)

Price: 36 RMB for two 

Taste: the signature dish is the knuckle,

but since I am not a pork eater..

my fried fish was just okay

but the noodle is pretty good

Remark: the portion was so large

that my dad didn’t even finish his noodle

but I did manage to eat them all 

Pork knuckle & fried fish noodle


Food: FuJian style giant Wonton soup 

Time: 2 p.m.

Location: Fujian Wonton Specialty Shop

福建千里香餛飩大王 (it’s everywhere)

with simple menu of Giant / Mini wantan

Price: RMB 15 for 13 wantan 

Taste: awesome, on a cold rainy afternoon

really “thick skinny” to my liking

drop some chili powder and

vinegar to spice it up

Remark: Southern taste and

the people were actually speaking

FuJian dialect which I caught no ball

FuJian style Giant Wonton Soup


Food: HK style Porky 4-in-1 rice a.k.a

4-Treasure rice

(again? ya that’s my dad’s favourite)

Mine is CharSiew rice which they name it

after a classic joke in Stephen Chow’s movie

soul-tempting rice 銷魂飯

Time: 8 p.m.

Location: Dragon something,

3rd level of First Food Mall 第一食品 at

East Nanjing Road

Price: 94 RMB for two 

Taste: doesn’t taste up to the expectation for

the price we paid

Remark: okay, so we paid for the service?

no way, they actually forgot about my order

and served mine when my dad was half done  

HK style Porky 4-in-1 rice CharSiew rice


Food: McBreakfast muffin with coffee 

Time: 8 a.m.

Location: McDonald’s, anywhere

Price: 8 RMB

Taste: classic

Remark: sometimes fast food outlet is

where you seek solace from,

from rain, especially

and not to mention, the overnight camp

McBreakfast muffin with coffee


Food: LoHan Veggies Noodle 羅漢齋素面

Time: 2 p.m.

Location: LongHua Temple

Price: 15 RMB per bowl

Taste: really really good vegetarian food

and feel so good to be back to meat-free meal 

Remark:  I don’t mind coming back here again

but wait a minute

i have to pair for another entrance ticket, right? 

LoHan Veggies Noodle


Food: 3-courses Noodle / Rice  (Chinese Fast Food)

Time: 7 p.m.

Location: Zhen Kung-fu Chinese Steamed Fast Food

(everywhere, this was at the Hong Qiao Train Station)

Price: 60 RMB for two sets

Taste: they taste fine, what else can you ask for

3 courses and somehow healthy since

they claim these foods are steamed?

But the veggies are oil soaked, though

Remark:  First time here, should have come

so much earlier back in other cities instead of

bumping into some wrong food       

Zhen Kung-fu Chinese Steamed Fast Food Zhen Kung-fu Chinese Steamed Fast Food


You can’t miss it

i wonder if they got into any lawsuit before

for trademark infringement

300 branches nationwide

Zhen Kung-fu is actually a word play at play

“authentic” and “steamed”

are both pronounced as “Zhen” in Mandarin

20140619 Zhen Gong Fu (Guangzhoutravelguide)



Food: Soy bean & YouTiao /

Taiwanese mince meat rice set a.k.a. Lu-Rou-Fan 

Time: 11 a.m.

Location: Yong He: King of Soy Bean

New World Mall, People Park station

Price: 7 RMB each for the YouTiao and Soy bean

Taste: King of soy bean,

they claim that the YouTiao was alum-free

which vendors usually add in

but my dad was complaining about

the quality of the oil

Remark:  Therefore it’s not worth the price of 7 RMB each

Yong He: King of Soy Bean


Food: Mini Wonton Soup

Time: 5 p.m.

Location: near Yu Garden station

Price: 8 RMB for 35 mini wantan

10 RMB for a pork noodle soup,

with a really huge chunk of pork

Taste:  really good because

because i am a fan of wantan skin and noodle 

Remark: we finally found the balanced way of

mix and matching the wantan soup and the noodle

hooray, wantan noodle here you go 

Mini Wonton Soup Mini Wonton Noodle Soup


on certain days where

we bought buns or snacks from supermarket

McCormick’s HK style spicy n’ sour soup mix


so much black pepper that it made me burping


McCormick’s HK style spicy n’ sour soup mix McCormick’s HK style spicy n’ sour soup mix


floss roll served with hot milk tea

light snack before taking off

see you ShangHai

floss roll served with hot milk tea


Food for thought:

i rarely blog about food during travels

because that’s not my priority

i am more like a grab-and-go instead of

a food hunter who travel to eat


what we usually do is

identify a reliable eateries downstairs and

end up eating 4 or 5 meals there

yeah back in Beijing

we ate breakfast, lunch, dinner and

even take-away snacks at the same place


but i am quite proud of myself this time round

since my dad likes the food

and i got him to eat sushi for

the very first time


why not? 

it’s his “nationalism” pride

haha.. but if I remember correctly

all the vehicles back home are Japanese

and his favourite electronic brand

being Toshiba

nationalism huh?


and it’s actually well-balanced

in terms of rice, noodle, fast food


word of caution:

eat the “highly-recommended” with caution

over-rated, over-priced, over-packed

could bring you “down to the earth”


hey man

at least 3 people commented that

i appeared to gain weight after the trip

*with horror*

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