Sunday, July 31, 2011

High Stack X Huge Basket: Cleaning Up My Closet

I said i'm sorry mama,

I never meant to hurt you,

I never meant to make you mad,

that’s why today

i'm cleanin' up my closet...


you know it’s high time to

clean up your closet when you

  • repeat wearing the few tee shirts
  • can’t seem to find certain pieces
  • yet remember seeing it among the sea of clothes
  • the clothes stacko is almost collapsing


I have this tray

or maybe you would call it a basket

supposed to be

putting my stack of clothes

those shirts and shorts worn at home



it is always filled up

with clothes,

just freshly-washed and folded

just rejected from wearing them out

hence this is also the

“unclassified” tray

waiting to be categorized

before putting them back

with their respective kind

overfloodingclassification of clothes



the respective categories are as below:

  • shorts / hot pants
  • long pants / 3/4 / or anything in between
  • cardigan / sweater / hoodies
  • dress / skirt / romper
  • tee / blouse / tunic
  • spag / tube / tank top


one of the closets

with the Post-It label

Spag/tank/tube top


the basic tray of homewear

back to how it is supposed to look

everything else

back to where it belongs



this is just the basic step

to clear out the eyesore

yet in the respective closets

eg: the spag/tank/tube top closet

they are all mingling happily with each other

whenever I need a specific piece of spag top

then I still have to

ransack the particular closet

among the more “micro” community of

spag/tank/tube tops


and I never have the determination

to clear out clothes

which I have ceased wearing long time ago

Saturday, July 30, 2011

主力打造 X 反帶污糟:洗澡

Mag Lam’s 1st single


literally mean shower


I don’t know

the statistic of the mv seems weird

uploaded on 23 Jun 2011


not too bad, yet

2466 dislikes > 1438 likes

how come??


I think it’s not a bad song

quite a catchy tune

suits her voice range well too

compiled by Eric Kwok

my all-time-favourite


lots people think

because the lyric seems quite gross

“has not been showering for 1000 days..”

“….stink that make people puke”


should I say

it is a waste of the lovely tune

due to the unpopular lyric

or it can have make another 《囍帖街

the song of the year (2008)

which brought Kay Tse to the peak


洗澡 / 林欣彤


people are talking about Mag vs Jeanie Lee 李幸倪



If_I_Ain't_Got_You / 李幸倪

A.I.N.Y. / 林欣彤


and coincidently

or maybe strategically

the 1st single of Jeannie

is composed by Eric Kwok

and written by 林若寧 as well



just heard it on the radio

frankly speaking

I prefer Mag’s 《洗澡》 better


looks like the war

doesn’t really

there’s an ongoing one

between G.E.M. vs Mag’s fans too

regarding how Mag’s rendition

actually popularized the song

performing even better than G.E.M.



this song 《A.I.N.Y.》 talks about similar theme

terribly missing a lover

just that  the lyric of Mag’s 《洗澡》

brings it to the darker level


although G.E.M. has been around for 3 years

she is just about to turn 20 next month


if there is going to be a war

or at a milder level,

a competition between Mag and G.E.M.

it gonna be a long way to go


keep it up, girls

cantopop is not dead


A.I.N.Y. 愛你 / G.E.M.


A.I.N.Y. 愛你 / G.E.M. + Mag


洗澡 / 林欣彤

作曲:Eric Kwok


編曲:Eric Kwok

監製:Eric Kwok


已經一天手腳麻痺 以僅有呼吸隱閉在家
已經三天感覺胃痛 看一隻烏蠅戀上麵包
已經七天打斷聯絡 要找救傷車失去電話
我都開心因你頹廢 沉淪浴缸中不要向上爬

第一千天未曾洗澡 沉迷做你信徙
頑固思憶再污糟 污跡都帶愛慕
骯髒相愛記號 喊破的眼睫毛
臭到令人嘔吐 無言地控訴

懶得梳的打結頭髮 缺少你消失打理動機
懶得清的瑣碎垃圾 要跟我瑟縮於一角做知己
懶得修的指甲長到 快將要尖得抓破自己
浸於花樽死了玫瑰 無聊地呼吸你殘留毒氣

第一千天未曾洗澡 沉迷做你信徙
頑固思憶再污糟 污跡都帶愛慕
骯髒相愛記號 喊破的眼睫毛
臭到令人嘔吐 無言地控訴

毫無事情想做 毫無任何喜怒

第一千天未曾洗澡 如 同是個女巫
頑固思憶再污糟 污跡都帶愛慕
骯髒相愛記號 引證戀愛旅途
愛到比愛恐怖 你會否知道

A.I.N.Y. 愛你 / G.E.M.

作曲 Music by G.E.M. , Lupo Groinig

作詞 Lyrics by G.E.M.

編曲/監製 Arranged & Produced by Lupo Groinig


分開以後每個夜晚 格外的寂靜
滴答滴答 剩大鐘在陪著我回憶
現在只有空氣 冷寞地回應

OH 給你我的心 能否請你別遺棄
一句愛你愛你愛你愛你 能否再也不分離
OH 給你我的心 為什麼你卻給了我孤寂

就算愛你愛你愛你愛你 可能你也不想聽
你的擁抱曾經是 最溫暖最熟悉
現在一劃一筆 刺在我心裡

OH 給你我的心 能否請你別遺棄
(I gave you everything, Never Asked for anything)
一句愛你愛你愛你愛你 能否再也不分離
(I wish that you could stay, Ha! It's just my wishful thinking)
OH 給你我的心 為什麼你卻給了我孤寂
(I gave you everything, But all I got is pain)
就算愛你愛你愛你愛你 可能你也不想聽 你不想聽
(Although my heart is bleeding, You still don't feel a thing)

回憶 對你最後的回憶
(回憶 最後的回憶)
是你 慢慢走遠的身影
(是你 走遠的身影)
然後你 離開了沒有痕跡
(然後你 離開)
然後我 崩潰了放縱哭泣
(然後我 哭泣)
恨你恨你 每當我想起曾經
(恨你 每當我想你 每當我想起曾經)


OH 給你我的心 為什麼你卻給了我孤寂
(I gave you everything, Never Asked for anything)
一句愛你愛你愛你愛你 難道你也不想聽
(I wish that you could stay, Ha! It's just my wishful thinking)
OH 給你我的心 為什麼你卻給了我孤寂
(I gave you everything, But all I got is pain)
就算愛你愛你愛你愛你 不值得為你傷心 傷心
(Although my heart is bleeding, You still don't feel a thing)
Your confession remains to be my final pleading,
but the only thing that's here with me is tic tac tic tac tic tac tic tac......

9s1 X 4Every1: Levi’s 501

501 is shrink-to-fit


Levi's 501 original


Jeans were originally sold "Shrink to Fit."

because they were only available in 3 sizes.

The wearer would put them on and

go into a pool of water and then

allow the jeans to dry on them.


The result was a snug personal fit.

Shrink to Fit jeans generally shrink about 10%.

Most jeans nowadays have already been

Pre-Shrunk and washed multiple times

(at least 12 times or so).


Pre-Shrunk jeans will not shrink very much,

and will always return to their default size

about some time of wearing.

There are some brands of jeans that

can still be purchased Shrink to Fit.

The most well known, is of course

Levi's 501s Shrink to Fit.


The tag on the back pocket will indicate that

they are Shrink to Fit.

The denim will be dark indigo and

very stiff and rough.

It is recommended that you choose

a pair 1" larger on the waist and

3" longer on the inseam.


The jeans can be shrunk a number of ways.

You do not have to be wearing them to do this.

Fill up the tub with the hottest water possible and

let the jeans sit in there for about 30 minutes.

Then take them out and

hang dry them over night.

Then wash them and hang dry them again,

and finally wear them for a long time

without washing them to break them in.

Read more:


Levi's 501


The Different type of Levi’s

Levi's 501 & 514Levi's 511 & 510


501 Button Fly

you button up your jeans

instead of zipping it up

Levi's 501 button fly


501 for the girls

the boyfriend jeans

501 for the woman


all about Levi’s 501


Shawn's Blog on Honeyee

LEVI'S 501

January 19, 2011

今天收到Levi's 送來的特別禮物


所以特地送了我這一條special editon~

Thanks Levi's!!

Shawn Yue's 501


done for the mini lesson today

thanks for your time

levi's right for school

Mum’s Kitchen: Homemade Rojak

I am a great fan of Rojak

actually it is not difficult to guess

anything that involves loads veggie

eg: Popiah (veggie wrap), hotpot

a little bit of anything

tasting spicy

then it would be my kind of food



my mom doesn’t make it often

due to the prawn sauce used to

prepare the gravy

she is quite allergic to prawn

and according to her

that sauce is not very healthy

made of prawn head

it is what the chinese labels as 

“poisonous” food


“poisonous” food

in other words,

food that causes allergic,

food that makes wound heels slower


and recently

she got this vegetarian version of Rojak sauce


and frankly speaking

it tastes no different from

the original prawn sauce



  • vegetarian Rojak sauce
  • grounded peanut
  • black sesame
  • grounded chili paste


fruits / raw veggie:

  • green apple
  • apple
  • pineapple
  • cucumber
  • sengkuang / pangkuang / yam bean


suggested ingredients (not included today):

  • bean sprout
  • kangkung / water spinach
  • green mango


sour & spicy

crunchy all the way

and it is definitely a healthy snack 

the Asian flavour salad

yum yum yum

fruit rojakhomemade rojak is jolly tasty

Not Interactive X Quite Defensive: Hi-Bye-Relatives

we never had any gathering

CNY, birthday or what so ever occasions

put it in the very negative tone

we only gather as one during funeral

the previous one was 13 years ago

during my grandma’s funeral

therefore probably this is the last one

family portrait



6 sons

7 daughters

grandchildren, great grand children

in total 194 members


therefore given the percentage of people

who did turn up

it’s quite s shame



oh my

the fellows actually

blocked the road traffic

in order for the photo to be taken

clear off the road


the end

I am never close with any of my cousins

I heard stories about them

but coming face-to-face

we do not really talk


as long as there is no drama

no quarreling

then we are happy enough



Plans Killed X Always iLL: Summer Fails

summer break is ending soon

all the plans have failed terribly:

  • weekend at HK
  • novel reading
  • driving lesson


all the things I plan to avoid doing

I have done them all:

  • munching
  • shopping
  • napping


all the symptoms

of bad night sleep + wrong day eat

  • coughing + sore throat
  • neck + headache
  • dream + suffocation


at least for the last two days

I ask myself for the minimum:

  • do not leave back anything, especially chargers
  • all the clothes should be placed in wardrobe
  • blog fruitfully

炎夏 X 閑下:談武俠

武俠 戛納版海報








要不是他 就不會有一切的事









又身患劇毒 又家破人亡

有多邋遢 就給他來個邋遢

金城武 武俠




王羽 武俠







一個男主角 一個壞蛋 一個美人



王羽 獨臂刀



















全方位的close up & zoom in




還叫人愣了下 傻笑了




Friday, July 29, 2011

Khalil’s Back X Trio in Black: MOOV Live Tracks

finally arrived

or next week I wouldn’t be home

on weekdays

the Ivana’s 《I Am From Mars Concert》 DVD

belongs to my manager

Khalil Fong 《15》

this is my first time

ordering from YesAsia

attracted by the free shipping

T&C: order above USD 30


let’s take a look at the time line

21 July – Order Place

21 July – Process on hold, due to my Paypal verification

22 July – Order Approved

26 July – Order shipped

29 July – Got it


somehow I always like to track this

the delivery company is called DPEX

FDEX wannabe huh?

2011.07.29 DPEX


there is another ongoing promotion

USD 3 off for purchase of

3 Chinese Music products

then only I realized

I should have ordered the

Softhard concert DVD


next round yet


back to my Khalil’s 《15》

振奮鼓舞 X 繼續領悟:大同 《15》


this is the second edition actually

super worth it

with a DVD

10 tracks from the MOOV Live show

5 music videos

3 videos on the making of the album


super like MOOV mini concert

small stage

more focusing on the musicians

can see how much Khalil is enjoying it

he is talking a little bit more

Moov Live 方大同


by the way

such a coincidence

earlier this year

Ah Jan @ Moov Live

the same look

Moov Live 林海峰

好不容易 / 方大同 / MOOV Live


Take Me / 方大同 / MOOV Live


安多芬與我 / 林海峰  / MOOV Live


Woooh / 林海峰 / MOOV Live

車欠 X 石更: 天師之安歌


朝早聽完阿Jan ge 《晴朗》


演唱會 是但噏


到阿葛最新主持ge talk show 《吹水同鄉會》







林海峰是但噏我願意 / 2009


Softhard x Allstars: Long Time No See 2006


吹水同鄉會 / 葛民輝




Encore / 軟硬天師


Encore / 軟硬天師

作曲:Eric Kwok


編曲:Eric Kwok

監製:Eric Kwok


合: 握手我地有握過
葛: 鳴謝感激各大呀哥 (jan: 嘉賓遍座)
jan: 台後贊助已數過 (葛: 煙花爆o左)
葛: 連埋你好靚仔都聽過 (jan: 聽到short o左)
合: 點解你仲纏住我
jan:你係要 合:哎我 encore (台下: encore)
合: 喂我冇哂歌 安歌安歌哎到傻台下個個附和
冇歌唱又如何 我要多得你地玩我

jan: ay 其實點先你地收貨 (葛: 封咪拆夥)
葛: 還是志在要消磨 (jan: 好肚餓)
jan: 離別時又話捨不得我 (葛: 山頂幾多個)
合: 睇死我時日無多
合: 咪再 encore (台下: encore)

我亂唱又如何 jan: o黎求其跟住我唱en (台下: en)
葛: en en en core core core en en core encore (台下: en en core encore)
合: no no no (台下: no no no)
no more encore (台下: no more encore)
你係要玩死我 (台下: 玩死你)
沒結果(台下: 沒結果) 沒結果
仲要我encore (台下: encore)
no more (台下: 喂 散囉)
o黎喇喎 o黎喇喎
jan: 唔係喎 葛:其實要由頭
合: o黎過

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Black Strap X Metal Stripe: Swoosh Strives

few weeks ago

the little black swoosh watch of mine snapped

the mini metal rod

that holds the strap got loosened

this is the second time it happened

the first time got my friend to fix it for me


this time round

have to send in

wanted to get it fixed

at an old stall where

my late grandpa always repaired

his and ours watches

got a shock to find out that

that old man has passed away too


then sent it to a proper watch shop

it appeared it hold the strap well

jolly lucky of me

watch shop


but it did not last for long

got out of place again quite soon

always have to readjust the metal rod

then decided to take it out

have to do something about it again


this is the metal rod,

bent by the person at the watch shop

the original one has been lost

while my mom took my watch

from the praying altar

that’s the problem

I always leave everything there,

here and there, conveniently

while she hates it a lot



wired the strap in place

watch with wire


apparently it looks quite ugly

but that’s the only way

to assure the strap is secured in place

I would rather it looks ugly

than to lose the strap

which is quite impossible to be replaced

ugly yet secured 


strive on, Swoosh!!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

All Colour X Any Hour: Tank Top Grandeur

always buying tank tops

of various colours

of various brands

especial the blue strata


last week

at F.O.S.

seriously thinking of getting more

oh baby blue tank top3 for rm 23


Not the cheapest ever

but it is quite a

value-for-money buy

Old Navy

100% cotton

hip length

S-XL sizes are still available


tank top x shorts x flip flops

3 minutes

all ready to go


with cardi

(especially when back home at night)

with thin tunic

with another piece of tank


and do not look down

on the simple piece of tank top

it accentuates your body shape

from your arms, boobies

to your tummy


wearing a piece of tank top casually

is already an unleashing of confidence

Harper’s Bazaar X Smurfette Style: Accessories That Pop

Harper’s Bazaar preened up Smurfette

in luxurious accessories


She's Mad for Marc

Beret, $685

gloves, $400

fur bag, $4,695

socks, and shoes, $895


She's Lovely in Lanvin

Hat, $1,720

gloves, $790

cuff, $1,495

necklace, $1,485

shoes, $1,345


Dancing in Dolce

Bag, $995

hat, $425

earrings, $225

cuff, $225

pumps, $575


Prancing in Vuitton

Hat, $ 1,230

Boots, $ 940

Bag, by special order

Read more: Smurfs Wearing Designer Accessories – Fall Accessories on Smurfs - Harper's BAZAAR



those are the stuffs

I can never afford and will never buy



I still think she looks best

in her white mini dress and blonde hair

nothing else is as iconic


just for fun

Monday, July 25, 2011

Dumbfound X On The Ground: After all, Safe & Sound

Sponger X Crunchier: Spongebob Sandwich Maker

Spongebob French toast


actually wanted to prepare the toast

for a surprise picnic box

during my manager’s visit


yet an accident happened

sheer stupidity

about to unbox the sandwich maker

carrying it

then the box opened

and the whole thing fell

the stupid box




on the ground

to be found

cracked sandwich maker


how can I use this thing

in such state

haven’t even used it yet



the meeting up went on

without any thing going wrong luckily

CMSC: Carly the Manager, Steph the Client


actually I already showed it to her

the day before

tempting her to buy it

Cornell Spongebob Sandwich Maker 02Cornell Spongebob Sandwich Maker


then I can’t resist the temptation

and now the sandwich maker was

completely useless


Spongebob grill element



returned to the store

and they replaced a new unit for me

and to their horror

all the boxes are in the same

not properly sealed up



I am so glad

that proves that

I am not lying for the replacement

my replacement is rightly justified



I must say that

in the first place

they already promised to replace it for me



the person in charge

started with the sentence


that’s no replacement

for damages caused by fall…”


then she consulted the other guy

named Ah Chan

I guess he is the branch manager or something

he has been around for ages

and he is always free to

watch drama, soccer or whatever

in front of rows and rows of TVs on display

and once

early morning

I was there collecting stuff

saw him talking to all of the staffs


oh please

I have never been stalking him

he has been there for long, really


what’s wrong with the manufacturer

although it is a cheap small appliance

it is so dangerously fragile

it doesn’t cost them much

to seal up the box properly right

just a few brushes of gum

or is it due to negligence


can I assume that

I have done a good deed

because they immediately sealed

the few boxes they have in stock


and who knows

by  sending in the feedback to the HQ

I may have saved

hundreds other sandwich maker



this attitude of mine

is already so Spongebob-like

can you imagine

what will happen

if I swallow more and more Spongebob toast


who cares

I just hope that

our friendship

lasts as long as

Spongebob and Patrick

still befriend each other

and do the crazy things

just like them



last but not least

I like this point redemption scheme

more and more

frankly speaking

browsing through the catalogue

well it is just a normal appliance

I missed the sandwich maker

wait till I bumped into the real thing

in the redemption catalogue


and definitely

my loyalty towards SenQ have doubled

thanks to Ah Chan, too

Sponger X Crunchier: Spongebob Sandwich Maker

French Toast in 10 minutes

Spongebob French toast


during the first trial

without applying any oil on the bread

golden brownish Spongebob print


the key to a complete Spongebob print 

spongebob print on the sandwich maker


the first sight of the sandwich maker

mom was like

why the heck are you buying this

we have two of these machines

and nobody is using them


I know

yet this is too tempting:

  • cuteness
  • point redemption discount
  • those triangle sandwich makers cause overflow
  • then I shall stop ordering French toast


yet the ironic point is

I do not like oily stuffs

and the difficulty of cleaning oily utensils

adding to the trouble of

pressing the toast

in between oil absorbing kitchen napkin

before eating them 


and should I be bringing it back

to the hostel

that means

stocking up on more ingredients

to experiment with different sandwich recipe

something to look forward to

next semester


damn do not remind me

it’s starting next week

how time flies

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Happy Ending X Farewell Bidding: Hourse-Moving

bought them on 31 0f Dec 2009

New Pets for 2010

Welcome home


settled down

at the praying altar

Look, we got preened


then moved on outside

during Chinese New Year

during the CNY


till this week

dad conveyed the thought

of delivering the horses elsewhere

because my late grandpa used to advise

not to keep them at home

only temple will keep such animals statutes



we sent them away

the final bath

then we realized

actually they look best

standing among the greens

the horse along the green time to say goodbyeyet they are still chatting in high spiritsand laughing awayreally it's time to go


where to?

a better home for them

a newly established

well… is temple the right word to use?

a Buddhist centre



safeguarding the Buddhist centre

by the fountain

with water flow, green grass and sunlight 

settling in the new place


hope they will adapt to the new environment

real soon

but somehow

it feels weird

when I walk out of the main gate

without seeing them there

ever again

the empty space


but isn’t it an happy ending

  • for us: adhering to what grandpa said, even much later after he passed away
  • for the horses: sharing their chatter time and joyfulness with the public
  • for the horses: (according to dad) learning proper Buddhism education 
  • for the centre: getting a pair of welcoming mascots
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