Tuesday, December 8, 2015

暖暖的和和 X 對他好點行不:開啟【等你愛我】

always doing something

out of the blue

on a Monday


started watching this ongoing series

which just started few days back

instead of Love Me, If You Dare

in fact, was half way watching

All Quiet in Peking 北平無戰事


and I KO-ed 12 epi in a day

could have gone on if there are more

but no worries

it’s just Wang Kai’s cut

roughly about 10 mins per episode


it’s about this young prof /

a musician in music college

in the middle of divorcing his wife


who went to the States

3 years since they were married

and insisted to extend for another 2

for career reasons


and he met this single mom

who came to Beijing looking for

her husband  who’s a fraudster

yet lost her son

while looking for her son

started settling down

in a really messy state


so far until the 12th episode

nothing really climax-like

has happened yet


but would continue on

not too bad a series

although I am not watching

the entire thing


but if you were to ask me

would I be watching this

if Wang Kai wasn’t in here


alright, obvious enough


of course

Wang Kai looks really good and warm

in layers of oxford shirt and knitwear

and another outer coat


baby blue, navy, grey, beige

all it takes to look real good


yet the character is

quite different from what

I would have imagined

not a soft spoken boy


quite obstinate

like Jing Wang

yet unlike Jing Wang

he is always having squabbles

with the mom and

runs out of home soon after

等你愛我 - 曲和 王凱 02等你愛我 - 曲和 王凱 03等你愛我 - 曲和 王凱 04等你愛我 - 曲和 王凱 07等你愛我 - 曲和 王凱 08等你愛我 - 曲和 王凱 10等你愛我 - 曲和 王凱 11等你愛我 - 曲和 王凱 12等你愛我 - 曲和 王凱 13等你愛我 - 曲和 王凱 16等你愛我 - 曲和 王凱 19等你愛我 - 曲和 王凱 23等你愛我 - 曲和 王凱 24


the ex wife

don’t like her much

等你愛我 - 曲和 王凱 22

how come her aura is more like a

mistress or something along that line

instead of a wife of the prof

who has been working in the States

等你愛我 - 曲和 王凱 06

that wedding photo

can someone throw that off

along with the woman in there

等你愛我 - 曲和 王凱 09


but somehow I got the bad feeling that

they wouldn’t end up together

as there is a competitor

from a totally different “genre” as

our young prof here

等你愛我 - 曲和 王凱 01

like this single mom

100 x better than the wife

well.. that’s how the story is

intended to develop, isn’t it

等你愛我 - 曲和 王凱 15


this is my very first time

watching the trailer

having watched until the 12th episode


I didn’t see Wang Kai in the trailer

until… like 4”33

the relationship looks messier that

it is right now

and nothing on him after 10”00

intended not to be the lead actor huh


but all of the sudden

the spotlight is reversed

given there are loads of Wang Kai’s fans

who watch the series for the sake of

watching him

等你爱我 / 王凯

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