Monday, December 14, 2015

Pledge Breaking X Section Hopping: Year-end Shopping

the pledge for not to shop for a year

is being broken over and over again

during the final month of 2015

from a Puma shorts

to a Uniqlo X Peanuts tee


and today

completely gone down the drain

raining really heavily


I ended up at the mall before the rain

and my date was stuck in the jam

so I ended up wandering on my own

for the first hour

which was a pretty dangerous thing


Can you imagine this is in Mango?


it’s supposedly

not the season for shopping

with warm clothes all over the place

but OMG.. too much tempted

Lovely but not really practical pieces for us


#1 Quilt-like pullover

in fact the material is quite light

and comfortable

Dreamer Forever Quilt-like Pullover


#2 High waist skinny jeans

time to take on high waist

now that I am slightly fitter

not as fit as fiddle

yet way better than last year I guess

damn.. they are almost at Primark price

High waist skinny jeans


so I ended up in the fitting room

with the two items

got a call from my date

she was still stuck in the jam

take your time, buddy

as I am really taking mine

Pullover X High Waist Skinny Jeans @ Terranova


one thing I really like about

the fitting room of Terranova

despite the size is a little small

it’s really cozy in there

on top of the chair


there’s carpet on the floor

like at times you take your shoes off

for pants fitting and

shoes off

that really feels at home

Terranova Fitting Room


and the collage on the

really plank-like wall

Terranova Fitting Room


looking familiar there

my FREE shirt which I worn to work

particularly on Friday

hey, haven’t seen it around

for quite some time

Terranova Fitting Room


#4 denim jacket

now that my date got here

she fell for the same piece too

this is size S

I ended up getting L

if there is such a need to layer up

size S definitely wouldn’t do

Denim jacket @ Terranova


#4 Navy pullover knitwear

with fish-scale print

I officially hate wearing all black for

a shopping session as

everything goes fine with all black

Terranova pullover


realized this black vs white-collar

I call it the “maid-uniform”

is all over the place

my Unicorns and I

went quite crazy over this

after watching “Gone Girl”

that was like one year ago?




ended up buying this

for my 9 year old niece

 Terranova Kids


and a LA tee in navy for the brother

they fought over inequality all the time

not sure if these will keep them at peace

 Terranova Kids


it’s a dangerous thing to

wander alone in the kid section

and I noticed this Paddington-like jacket

has been wanting one since forever

#5 Navy duffel coat

size 10-11, boy version

 Terranova Kids Duffel Coat


tried my luck and

damn..fitted into size 10-12



and later on I found another

size 12-13 which is even better

yet 1 day later

i ended up seeing two of them

checked out two accidentally

it's alright, can give the smaller one

to my niece then


that gave me more confidence

to look for something at the kids zone

a varsity jacket!!


#6 varsity jacket

liking that expression at the back

Terranova Kids Varsity Jacket


was even more confirmed

as it could be worn inside out

wait a minute I have an inside-out

can’t find it since my October outing

Terranova Kids Varsity Jacket


practically loaded the entire shopping bag

and those are not KIV items

but 98% confirmed

I wouldn't try something I wouldn't buy

and vice versa

I would buy something I tried on

unless it looks really ugggg....

the shopping bag was being fully utilized


that is something

I imagine will look great on Liu Wen

well she is a supermodel for a reason

but anyway

it looked really shitty on me

not even bothered to check it out

in front of the mirror

because I could just feel that

the length is not right

Terranova long knitwear coat


by the way

she is looking really gorgeous

in the esprit display next door

I could be dropping by

the city of esprit next spring

probably that's the expression

LiuWen X esprit F/W 2015


got three pairs of these

two for my niece and nephew

X’mas sock with nothing in there?

and I might, just saying might

step out of wearing hidden socks

Terranova X'mas socks


I have not done this

for a long long time

probably all my life I have not

as the salesperson continued to

dig more and more out of the bag

and I actually did not notice that

I have two pieces of the same item

Terranova fullhouse


like all the shopping

I would have done for the

past 11 months are all committed

in one single day at one shop

Terranova Cash-out

448 MYR for

      • a quilt-like pullover

      • a pair of high-waist skinny jeans

      • a knitwear pullover

      • a denim jacket

      • a duffel coat

      • an identical duffel coat, accidentally

      • a varsity jacket

      • a kid blouse

      • a kid tee shirt

      • 3 pairs of X’mas socks


        I better get moving

        for a spring/autumn/winter trip

        wait a minute

        the only confirmed trip is

        an island getaway isn’t it

        I thought so too


        yet during this season

        it’s really rare to see bikinis


        alright I got guilty

        and bought this Ferrari track set

        for my nephew who has been longing for one

        Bburago Ferrari Race & Play


        I called them up

        asking my sister if

        it’s okay if I am buying

        more warm clothes


        not that she is paying for me

        but she has been stealing my clothes

        so getting a green light from her

        makes me feel less guilty


        and I told my nephew

        I am at Santa’s place

        he asked to speak to Santa

        I told him Santa only speaks English

        and promised to bring him something

        while I was busy doing my own shopping



        the case of inequality

        I am not getting much

        for the elder sister


        now wait I got her a pair of Puma

        like two weeks ago?

        alright that solves my problem


        if I ever have kids

        probably they wouldn’t

        end up in such inequality issue

        probably they would beg me to


        stop buying them

        baby blue, navy,

        all sort of other blue

        grey, black, white

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