Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Tough Decision X Given the Assurance: You’re so Ridiculous

was looking into the

possiblity of buying a phone


my iSaac which has been

with me for the past 3 years

have served me well


except the recent few months

it was at logger’s head

with the Wi-Fi at home

refused to drop any

notification for apps such as

Whatsapp / WeChat and the like


so i completely gave up on Whatsapp

can’t remember when was the

last time i logged in


being a complete

anti-socialist and

communicate mostly via e-mail

that don’t really impact me much

and those who know me

know where to find me



i wanted a new phone because

actually until now

i couldn’t rationalize it


completely not out-bound

the only purpose of my phone is

to snap good photos while

I am on-the-go or travelling


hence i started my research

based on phone with

excellent camera


and at the same time

was researhing about

a new camera too

that would be a

totally different story


so i listed down a few


LG G4, LG V10

heard it from my bestie

yet she finally settled for

an iPhone 6S due to

peer pressure during

an overseas trip where

everyone else was using iPhone


that doesn’t really apply to me

you can’t succumb to

peer pressure when

you have none


yet my issue with LG is

the LG TV back home

it’s so annoying


like the remote control

it is always either

slow responding or

responding too fast that

you accidentally pressed

the number twice


imagine if that

happen on a phone

i would have thrown that

long ago before i have

thrown the remove control

which i have not done



other than LG

there is Sony Xperia Z series

my brand impresssion

towards Sony is definitely

way higher as compared to LG


therefore i was pretty confident

that i walked into a

Sony mobile store and a

Sony Centre to check the phone out



it didn’t really impress me

like there was no love-at-first-sight

wow this is amazing kinda feeling


in fact

i struggled on

being so not familiar with Android and

there isn’t any home button on it


then i walked into an Apple store

and played with an iPhone 6S


the feeling is just different

like something I am

quite familiar and comfortable with



it was a futile trip

as i went home

feeling a little lost


why would i turn back to apple

as in the first place

my direction of research was

what are the phones with good camera

other than iPhone?



what made me

really made up my mind

for real is something so unreal


because i suddenly noticed that

Wang Kai has updated his Weibo

with an iPhone 6s instead of

the previous iPhone 6 Plus

Screen Shot 12-30-15 at 02.04 AM


and the selfie

actually looked really good

okay fine

so i will go for an iPhone 6S then


the selfie looked good

because he looked good

with or not with an iPhone 6S


yet i just needed that

assurance that

I am getting the right phone


so that’s the first part of the story

and the second part is on

how it took so long to

get itself delivered to me

In No Hurry X Yet I Want It Badly: Late Delivery


a little exhausted right now

should be

as it is 2:14 AM


ran some errand in the afternoon

and managed to finish my work

almost finishing i mean

which is due tomorrow at 5


suddenly motivated to

as i have to run to

get my sim card replaced


as i was saying

i am replacing my phone

motivated by the camera function

to capture more great moment

ahead in 2016


yet i am still thinking of a camera

in fact in the final stage of comtemplation

yet would like to wait for

the new year to come


that’s just 2 days down the road

isn’t that scary

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