Wednesday, December 30, 2015

In No Hurry X Yet I Want It Badly: Late Delivery

have never gone through

such a tormenting experience of

online shopping

and this being the

item of the highest value

i have ever shipped


bought it via 11street

fulfilled by Ezibuy Online Store


Date Remarks
Dec 21 (Mon)
1:10 PM
order and payment confirmed
Dec 23
4:18 PM
[11street] Seller has shipping your item
Public Holiday ho ho ho, merry Christmas!


okay fine

given the long weekend

heard nothing about the parcel


and GDEX parcel tracking was

so totally dead

like not giving anything at all

when I entered the tracking no.


there came a new week

Dec 28 (Mon)

that should be it

like already one week down the road


getting a bit worried

in facts my parents were more

because they don’t really trust

online shopping that much


okay fine

probably due to the holiday

but it can’t be

the item has been shipped

since last Wednesday

and it is just within

200 km away


does it actually take that long?


and waited until

Dec 29 (Tue)

still heard nothing


finally realized

it is actually better to

check via third party tracking site

in fact i tried two and

they work better than

GDEX itself


and i got a completely different

side of the story


the seller actually didn’t ship

as stated in the email


that was what was presented

via the tracking record

AfterShip tracking


Date Remarks
Dec 28 (Mon)
6:02 PM
Picked up by courier
Dec 29 (Tue)
3:21 AM
Outbound from hub


so it wasn’t actually shipped on the 23rd

it was on the 28th instead

sorry for putting all the blame on GDEX


but their forever not responding

tracking site is really in need of

some sort of improvement


and it wasn’t really showing anything

until i received my parcel

that kinda defeats the purpose


it states:

information will be available

within days after delivery date


oh man

and it’s in plural form


since i ordered on the 21st

i placed a remark:

hope to receive it by Christmas


but nevermind

at least it is in time for

the new year

Date Remarks
Dec 29 (Tue)
3:12 PM


althought i am in no hurry to

use it anway

have not even

got the sim card ready


the long process of waiting

is kinda daunting

especially given the pressure

from people around

asking if i got cheated


and sometimes I am

still pretty much in doubt

why did i buy it in the first place

under what kidn of strong influence?


hi, baby!


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