Saturday, December 19, 2015

WiFi’s Sudly Down X All It Takes is: ReEnabling It

woke up by 8:30 AM

on a Saturday morning

really pumped up to work


then realized the

the airplane mode light is on

nope I don’t remember

putting my PC in airplane mode

yesterday night


damn.. Wi-Fi was not working again

not even detecting any networks

not even having the Wi-Fi bar



let’s run through the usual routine


Control Panel > Networks & Connections

WiFi adapater is not even detected there


next up run Admin > Services

WLAN is alive and kicking

not being stopped or whatever



next up..


found this really well detailed post

from AskVG

Network Connections Folder is Empty in Windows

with 4 suggested solutions


run Registry Editor

deleted a certain Config key

nope.. not really working


I dared not move on to the

2nd method which is to

uninstall your network adapter

from Device Manager


but at least a ! is

detected here

next to the Wi-Fi adapter


yet from the information

in properties tab

found a Code 43

explaining why the device

stopped functioning


alright will search for

other solutions again

using Code 43 as keyword


that led me back to Microsoft Forum

Code 43 and wifi adapter not working


the official solution provided

you know that is not gonna work

which is to run troubleshooter


indeed I had already did

before moving on here


scrolling down to see replies

you know.. those could sometimes

be even more helpful



found one with

“18 people found this helpful”

indeed it is

I have left the 19th vote here


all it takes is…


Justin Le:

Try this:

Open "Device Manager"

Right-Click your Wifi Adaptor and select "Properties"

Disable and Re-enable the adaptor.


that’s all

Wi-Fi is back again



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