Saturday, December 26, 2015

SEOUL Random 07: Ssamziegel, Insa-dong 人人廣場,仁寺洞

similar to PMQ, Hong Kong or

Red House Mall, Ximending, Taipei


definitely my favourite spot for

souvenir shopping

over Lotte Department Store /

Lotte Mart / Nan Dae Mun

not to said those places are bad

but this is my kind of place to

shop for souvenirs


and Insa-dong is

filled with stalls selling

those mass-produced

magnet, keychain, etc

you know who they are


if you are looking for

something unique for

a special someone

this is definitely worth

dropping by

Ssamziegel, Insa-dong 人人廣場,仁寺洞Ssamziegel, Insa-dong 人人廣場,仁寺洞Ssamziegel, Insa-dong 人人廣場,仁寺洞Ssamziegel, Insa-dong 人人廣場,仁寺洞Ssamziegel, Insa-dong 人人廣場,仁寺洞Ssamziegel, Insa-dong 人人廣場,仁寺洞P1310515P1310516P1310517P1310519


found ya

a good new year gift



by the way

bought these for my Pa

along the souvenir street in Insa-dong



10,000 Won each

my sis was complaining how

expensive and not worth it


i know these are relatively

expensive compared

as compared to the

a-dozen-for 10k-item


well… beauty lies in

the eyes of the beholder

and these are of

really auspicious meaning


and i am darn pretty sure

these are not

Made-in-YiWu (China) but

something local and

probably handcrafted too


if years of experience

have not at least

taught me to tell

Chinese and Korean crafts apart

i should have right away

bang my head on the wall



where’s the wall?


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