Friday, December 18, 2015

From Windows Live Writer X to Open Live Writer: Finally Available

12/18/2015 12:18 PM


This is my very first post

from Open Live Writer

and officially bidding goodbye to

Windows Live Writer

which I have bene blogging from

for the past..

let’s say

at least 5 years to be safe


last week

Windows Live Writer was suddenly down

and was told that it is now an open-sourced

known as Open Live Writer


yet there was some

authentification issue

therefore unable to access Blogger

both from WLW or OLW


I know right

that feels tough

and I had been blogging from

Blogger online editor


for 6 posts over the week

absolutely messy layout

can’t properly resize photos

to fit in the frame

the wrong font

the wrong spacing


blogger layout


and at the same time

i do check the forum for update

everyday, like at least twice a day


open source = run by volunteers

therefore a little bit more patience

is expected in this case

despite the frustration


after more than a week

it’s finally up


finally working


and they actually imported everything

from Windows Live Writer by default

and so far everything I can see is

it’s 100% or at least 99% intact

as how WLW is

Open Live Writer is finally working


the only thing I don’t see is

to insert post label

no big deal will do it in Blogger then

having my long-time

offline blogging companion back

is more than enough

but of course if they could fix this

why not


I can see they added in Word Count


I used to ctrl C the content to

MS Word for this


in case you wonder


Windows Live Writer is officially

a history of the past

Windows Live Writer


in fact i really like WLW’s logo

probably because it’s in baby blue

officially unpinning and hand it over



12:33 PM

first post from OLW

has been succesfully published


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