Sunday, December 27, 2015

SEOUL Random 09: Bukchon Hanok Village 北村

Bukchon Hanok Village

is a traditional Korean village

Hanok = Korean house


in betweem Gyeongbokgung 景福宮

Changdeokgung 昌德宮

Jongmyo Royal Shrine 宗廟


residences for

government officials and

royal relatives as

it provides exclusivity and

accesibility given the

distance to the palace


serving the King is

not an easy task at all

as you gonna be ready

all queue up in line

early in the morning


everything looks exceptionaly good

under such a lovely weather



the village itself is

a local residential area

therefore it is quite

“open-ended” and free to explore

as long as you don’t

interfere with the properties or

create nusiance



i think the wall are

built quite some time after to

protect the privacy yet

it blends in well



well preserved tiny unit

even if it is being surrounded by

taller and bigger buildings around



a female artist was shooting a MV

with her dance crew

preview is available

as there is a long-distance camera

yet they are pretty strict about

photo snapping of the content itself

would be asked to remove the photo

if they saw anyone taking photo

even through the preview screen



love this photo



persimmon on tree



You are being watched…


Hey you!



the interior

this is a tourism centre

opened for all



this shoud capture

how’s the interior like

sorry, it’s a bad photo

and it seems that

it is the one and only i got



there are some private museums as well

some provide experience sessions

such as kimchi making, costume etc


would be quite awesome

if the weather stays like this

all day all week long



there is actually something known as

the 8 Sights of Bukchon 北村八景

for those who are interested to explore


there is a tourism centre

within walking distance from the

metro station before

entering the village

a detailed map

with suggested routes

is available at the centre


more info from the official site

Walking Tour - Bukchon 8 Views


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