Friday, December 25, 2015

SEOUL Random 05: 11 Reasons to Book Hyundai Residence

i am not sponsored / paid or whatever

to write this

out of real thought that

the hotel is real good


(1) Accessibility

Direct bus from the airport

Direction to Hyundai Residence

which requires a short 3-min walk

from the main road


(2) Strategic locations

3 metro stations are within walking distances

Euljiro 4-ga stn

Chungmuro stn

Dongdaemun Stadium stn

giving access to the major lines

attractions are one or two or

a few stations away

Hyundai Residence, Seoul 現代公寓


there is direct bus to

Nam San / N Seoul Tower

right opposite Chungmuro stn too


(3) Ample space

Hyundai Residence, Seoul 現代公寓Hyundai Residence, Seoul 現代公寓


even the shoes rack is like

which we never really did utilize

Hyundai Residence, Seoul 現代公寓


(4) Well equipped

mini pantry with fridge

and  a washing machine

Hyundai Residence, Seoul 現代公寓


(5) Even for serious cooking

available for rental for only

3,200 won per set

Hyundai Residence, Seoul 現代公寓


(6) Ample sun

other than the sunny factor

in other words

from the practical point of view

you can do laundry and

dry your clothes in the room too

Hyundai Residence, Seoul 現代公寓 Google TV


(7) wow, isn’t that Google TV

yes it is

however it was installed during our stay

for 2 nights the internet was knocked off

and i was forced to work in the lobby

7 am in the morning

eavesdropping to lots conversations

over the breakfast tables


i do turn on the TV

day and night as long as

I am in the room

that makes me feel secured

no matter where I go


there are loads of local channels

Kim Soo Hyun is everywhere

this was a PC for CUCKOO water filter

Kim Soo Hyun


no worries about the language barrier

i always ended up watching this, though

CCTV 4 :p


(7) a rooftop garden

Hyundai Residence, Seoul 現代公寓


(8) it’s a local community

instead of a tourist’s destination

you get to see how life goes on

Euljiro 4-ga and Chungmu Ro areaEuljiro 4-ga and Chungmu Ro area


(9) a local market,

Jungbu / Chungbu market

right opposite the hotel

with local delights

non-expensive household type of

souvenirs such as



ginseng products from the

old man who was watching TV

(probably much cheaper than

the price at tourist spots)

and etc…

Chungbu / Jungbu Market, SeoulIMG_9717


(10) there are 2 7-Eleven downstairs

trust me, the packed food at 7-Eleven

actually taste not bad

and the friendly old man

actually helped to heat it up

as everything is basically in Korean

including those on the Microwave


locations for quick bites

(a) in Red: Isaac sandwich bar

hidden in a lane in the middle of

the really busy home decor street

opposite Euljiro 4-ga stn exit 7/8

Hyundai Residence Food Around


photo taken from

there are some photos of the sandwiches too

it looks something like this Photo Cr


(b) in Blue: Hansot Korean fast food

inexpensive set meals

photo taken from

Hansot Fast Food Seoul Photo Cr - K-pop to K-talk


(c) Others

if you walk further down

towards Chungmuro stn

that’s actually the main road

they got loads food outlets there

including Burger King and Popeye’s


(10) Price!!

i got the triple room for

less than 100 USD per night

I am not kidding

in fact much lower than that


5 nights for 357.60 USD

the final amount was 334.84 USD

utilizing some Agoda-telco promo code

that would be approx.

70 USD per night for

a triple room at 55m2


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