Friday, December 25, 2015

SEOUL Random 06: Constantly Reminded of Siwon-LiuWen 石榴夫婦

they made the headline again

earlier this week

as Liu Wen was on that

variety show Day Day Up 天天向上


yup it is called Day Day Up

i didn’t make this up

they said so during the interview at

James Bond premiere at London

and when Craig Daniel himself

was attending the show


so when the hosts

were asking Liu Wen

about the relationship

Liu Wen said

Choi Siwon will treat

you guys for a meal


and that was assumed as

an implied consent in

admitting the relationship




that doesn’t have anything to do

with this post anyway

and the actual show was

not being aired yet

but would definitely watch


the Wang Kai episode

back in Nov

i watched like

at least 3-5 times?


i watched the matchmaking show

Let’s Fall in Love

somewhere in late August

after watchign To the Fore 破風

Liu Wen X Siwon: Plain White Made Bright!


and decided that

I am a die hard fan of Liu Wen

her kicks, her white tee, her smile


(1) Bukchon Hanok Village



in the show

Liu Wen 刘雯 X Choi Siwon 崔始源 47


and back in late September

Choi Siwon uploaded this


Buk Chon Choi Siwon She was Beauty


i did bumped into a

female artist shooting a MV

unfortunately I don’t even know

what’s her name is


(2) Bike



in the show

Liu Wen 刘雯 X Choi Siwon 崔始源 36


in reality

few months later

and it says “still practising”

with a cry-laugh emoji

Liu Wen Bike Still Practising [modelliuwen]

by the way Siwon owns a

really sexy fixie at home in b&w

always appearing as a background item

along with his dog named Bugsy

instagram - siwon1987 - goodnightinstagram - siwon1987 - Its ok buddy. Its only 2years


this is from his

Instagram @siwon1987 too

instagram - siwon1987 - riding.


(3) Tiffany & Co

greeted by these

both indoor and outdoor ad

at Lotte Department Store



i always think

there is a conflict of interest somehow

as Siwon is the ambassodor for Piaget

none of my business, anyway

Choi Siwon Piaget


(4) She was Beautiful

was being aired on MBC


that was the episode

the editor fell for the girl

and which was turned into something..

from his Instagram @siwon1987She was Beautiful Troll


(5) Jewelry box!



i showed my dad this one

not knowing anything about the show

and he was asking why didn’t i buy one

dad.. that’s something

a future father-in-law gives to

his daughter-in-law

why would you expect me to

buy one for myself


(6) Couple-lock

that was at N Seoul Tower



in the show

they did theirs at Guam


and last week i actually found

a similar lock at

a Christmas X Doraemon fair back home

sorry, the photo is of real bad quality

Doraemon Lock


by the way

Liu Wen X Siwon: Seoul It’s About H&M

H&M X Lunar New Year 2016

the sneak prev was already out


whenever I pass by

H&M or its billboard etc

staring into Joan Smalls, Katty Perrry

all i could thought of is

i can’t wait for those to be

replaced by Liu Wen X Siwon soon


that would be one month

down the road

Liu Wen X Choi Siwon H&M Lunar New Year 2016 04Liu Wen X Choi Siwon H&M Lunar New Year 2016 02Liu Wen X Choi Siwon H&M Lunar New Year 2016 03Liu Wen X Choi Siwon H&M Lunar New Year 2016


as red is not my kind of colour

the only possible item for me

is the skinny jeans


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