Monday, December 21, 2015

Timing’s Off X Supper’s On: Eating the Week Off

on top of a 3-movie-marathon

performed a food marathon

like suddenly out of proportion


if I were to keep up with this pace

not to mention bikinis for island vacation

probably would not even wear

sleeveless tops for few months to come

is that bad


loads of eating-out

including fast-food



went McDonald’s to

check out the Mario Kart

was told Mario is not available


decided to order

just a set of Filet O’Fish (go large)

shared with my dad


don’t ask me how

but we could always share


but obviously

that wasn’t filling

then we ended up at Mamak

Tosai + Mee Rebus


after that long

finally i realized how

I ended up having itchiness all over

after a Mamak session

oh come on

there’s peanut in Mee Rojak


ya i meaned Mee Rojak

always having difficulty

telling them apart


not forgetting

our ice kacang session on Tues

my dad is so addicted

we go almost once a week

no Peanut please


i tend to spell peanut as Peanuts

peanut is my biggest enemy

yet Peanuts is my biggest friend

what an irony


and a big pack of tortilla chip



i was still munching it

after 10 PM in the room

like a little rat

while my parents were right in front

watching TV


trying to be really quiet about that

they were looking in disbelief


ok let’s move on



met my nephew and niece for

a movie outing

not the one at home

the other more distant one



3 PM in the afternoon

and I was ordering a big breakfast set

by the way in other words

for three weeks in a row

(one day in a week)

I have been eating breakfast from here

Tapper's big breakfast


the other day when I was told

they serve breakfast set from 3-6

i was like who the heck will order

a breakfast set during tea time

yet I did, indeed I did


let’s move on



suddenly craving for noodle

so we went after 10 PM

despite a proper rice dinner


Wantan mee at 10:30 PM

Wantan mee



my “manager” was in town

we went for Mamak food again

Roti Kosong and Nasi Lemak


then it started raining

and we ran across to

take shelter


no actually it was planned

even if it wasn’t raining

we would drop by


tasted a cockle from shell

for the first time in my life

eww.. a bit bloody in there

and eating it without the sauce

as there was peanut in there

half-cooked boiled cockle



an entire day to explore

had a full course brunch

which was like WOW for two

old school kopitiam breakfast


and an afternoon tea

Thai papaya salad with organic tofu

minus the peanut

everything is simply good

Thai papaya salad with organic tofu


and a North Indian dinner

that’s for 4

the Pakora is real good

I had at least 3, I think

Bonani North Indian Cuisine


by the way

i just grabbed another

3 packs of tortilla chip


all i wanted is to

grab one and sneak it

into the cinema

but decided not to

as we are law-abidding citizens


yet ended up buying 3

because they gave

a free Mission water bottle

with those fanciful fruit filter

for purchase of 3 packs


that’s how easy it is

to con me into buying extra

provided that..

that’s something I want to buy


i was lingering at soft drink section

fingering at Coke Light / Zero

Coke gives me a certain kick

from time to time

I would want to have some

but ended up grabbing

a bottle of yogurt drink then


“my manager” got a shock

back in college

i was the healthiest person ever


it’s Winter Solstice 冬至 and

X’mas week, isn’t it

oh ya a family birthday is coming

and heard rumour that

we were already booked

for some afternoon tea buffet


i wish they forgot

they actually didn’t book mine

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