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SEOUL Random 10: Final Shopping Tips

SEOUL Random 10

that should be all


as you probably know

I am so really bad at shopping

that I don’t really know

where and what to shop for


Myeong-Dong 明洞 is probably

a good starting point and

it is within walking distance from

Lotte Department Store / Duty Free

Myeong-Dong 明洞


if you really want a comparison

I would say it is something like

Ximending in Taipei

especially if you are looking for

Korean cosmetic / skin care /etc

they are all here!!

Myeong-Dong 明洞


and of course

i always feel that

any trip is incomplete

without a walk at the busiest

pedistrian street in town

Myeong-Dong 明洞


there are loads eateries too

hidden in the in-between lanes

Myeong-Dong 明洞Myeong-Dong 明洞0Myeong-Dong 明洞Myeong-Dong 明洞Myeong-Dong 明洞


as for clothes

if you are looking for

something more affordable

then should head to the

university’s quarters

such as Hongik Uni

Hongik University Street


or Ewha Womans Uni

btw Ewha Uni has their own

varsity jacket which looks

kinda awesome

google image for it if you like

i don’t feel comfortable

taking personal photos of others


or if you prefer the Thailand kind of

open-air night market shopping or

concentrated vendors in huge malls

Nam Dae Mun 南大門 is the place to be

as it combines both

Nam Dae Mun 南大門Nam Dae Mun 南大門Nam Dae Mun 南大門


but please bear in mind that

you do get vendors with

not really good attitude

from time to time


unlike the one in the photo

you know sometimes

attitude has got nothing

to do with language barrier

it’s still down to the willingness to

communicate and serve

Nam Dae Mun 南大門


the indoor vendors are closed

before night falls yet

the night market starts

after night falls

well.. it all depends

Nam Dae Mun 南大門


if you need ginseng or

other kitchen-friendly souvenirs

head over to a local market

eg: Chungbu / Jungbu market

at Eujilro 4-ga station

see here for direction



i would rather trust

the old couple who are watching TV

and eating lunch from their bento box

than Mandarin-speaking vendors

standing outside and ready to

drag you in once you show

a slight interest in their products

Chungbu / Jungbu Market, Seoul


and you woud like some

Korean snack / grocery /

just to drop by ant take a look

like what you do in every city

Lotte Mart at Seoul stn

is probably the place to be

SEOUL Random 03: The Grocery Craze

Lottle Mart, Seoul Stn


needing some magnets / keychains / etc?

there is Insa-dong 仁寺洞

not forgetting the handcraft market

Ssamziegel, Insa-dong 人人廣場,仁寺洞

Ssamziegel, Insa-dong 人人廣場,仁寺洞


all i can say is

this is an overall tourist-friendly city

from the 7-11 guy at the airport to

the service of the airport bus driver to

the vendors in local market who

don’t speak much English

Seoul tour guide


and the metro stations

despite a little not really handy

during the initial rides


as for certain stations

you gotta decide

which way you are going

before tapping in

it turns out fine, anyway


not forgetting

the really shopper-friendly

self-service locker service at

major metro stations

Seoul self-service locker at metro station


-The End-


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