Thursday, December 17, 2015

Weird but.. X Prepare for Some Cuteness: 7 Days to Christmas

Making this happen

meeting up every important friends

and give away these little friends


Some have been given

some are on their ways

taking place pretty soon

all delivered by hand


my parents were looking in disbelief

of course.. birds of the same flocks


for the Spongie fans

Spongebob's Pet Gary and Patrick Superhero Plush Toys


these are being eBayed from UK

bought one initially and the quality is

really great therefore decided to

grab another one


for the Hedgie's fans

Hedgehog Plush - Miyoni by Aurora


and I hate to say

I bought this one too

well.. always making this exception

for the sake of gift

glad that it has been delivered

on the day itself when it was bought


for the Kitties' fan

Hello Kitty Bath Set


I only have that many friends?

What do you expect from an anti-socialist?

5, no I mean 4 is good enough

as two of the gifts are for the same person

who is going through some tough time now

We'll get through this together Snoopy X Charlie Brown

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