Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Clients Deadlines X Personal Timeline: Aligned!

works are suddenly piling up

towards the evening


it has been quite awhile

like at least two weeks

since I am still working at this hour


I still stay up late

but for reasons not related to work

that makes a lot of difference


somehow have the feeling that

things are all over the places

as those are of different natures

translation / editing / proofreading

across different fields


and had just spent 1 hour

giving feedback on client’s amendment

this part stresses me out sometimes

as if something old is

coming back to haunt you


and it’s time you either

defend yourself and disagree with it

admit your error and agree with it

both are equally tough


and pretty stressful too

if you are scrolling through

a long list of amendments


looking forward to

some sheer hectic timelines

at least until Friday



am glad that earlier on today

I had managed to

take some time off for

  • a quick family brunch
  • a quick bookstore loitering
  • a quick dessert session


What are my priorities?

to maximize project quantity

to deliver projects on time

to present the best quality


and at the same time

making use of the gaps in between

for my personal time



I have not watched any

clips on Wang Kai today, have I?


alright time to do so

before heading to bed

long long day ahead tomorrow

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